pajama party

Pajama party is quite popular in the West. We have the same in Russia, she appeared not so long ago, however, quite successfully caught.

Let us remember childhood, in which each of us at least once stayed overnight with a friend. Although the "overnight" it could be called a stretch, because did not want to sleep, but I wanted to talk and talk. About the most handsome boy in the class, a girl-bore, which for some reason he likes the stars of Hollywood, and how we will be great to live when become adults.

Pajama party made these gatherings girlish its charm and added them more entertaining content. Ideas pajama parties suggest that the hostess should provide entertainment, snacks worry about, because all night long and have time to pretty hungry. Based on a scenario for each participant pajama party can come up with a small symbolic gift, which will subsequently be reminded of the time spent together.

Scenario pajama party provides a lot of options and you can choose the one that will be most interesting to your girlfriends, because who if not you know their likes and hobbies.

Session movie surrounded by friends

Enjoy your favorite movies. Surely there is a film that like each of you. You can review the exciting moments and admire the main character - "What is he still handsome! "In general, it is a chat, because communication is the main purpose of the girl's pajama party. If you watch old movies did not want to, you can choose an interesting novelty and share their impressions of the show, the actors discuss the game. In this film shows, too, has its own charm.

 Scenario pajama party

Beauty salon

Hang out with my friends, to discuss the problems that have accumulated the most pleasant during cosmetic procedures. You can do a variety of hairstyles, try new face mask, pamper yourself and girlfriends interesting option manicure and makeup. Each of you can take a separate role. Someone makes the laying of all, someone develops the skill of drawing on nails and someone is engaged facial. Arranging beauty parlor at home, do not forget to buy fragrant candles, prepare a scented herbal teas and drive with quiet music. It is perfectly complement your vacation and pajama party will not only happy memories, but also benefit your health.

Go back to your childhood

During pajama party games remember from childhood. And the simpler the game, the more fun you will watch the developments. You can play monopoly and feel like a rich lady, who own a couple of factories and millions of dollars in the account. Domino, Lotto, drafts - they are also very exciting, most importantly a positive attitude and a good mood. Losers can think of a funny sentence winners - fun prizes.

Pillows for battle!

And, of course, the most exciting part of the pajama party - pillow fight. This seemingly simple exercise also requires preparation. First, clean the room, which is supposed to fight all the fragile items, because in the morning you were missing your favorite figurines from the collection of dogs. If the cushion in your house down, try to treat them with care, it may happen that the fluff from the torn cushions transform your pajama party in the contest for the best cleaner.

It is also worth thinking about the continuation of recreation, because pillow fight will be interesting to a maximum of fifteen minutes. Pick good music and be engaged in learning of new dances. Importantly do not forget about the neighbors - they do not understand all the charm of pajama parties, and in the morning you will be told about all the virtues of sleep by loud music.

Do not worry about what the rules are at pajama party - just relax! Most importantly, what fun and brighter are your pajamas, get the festive party. And do not try to collect all the entertainment one night, because in front of you a lot of time and there is always a reason to hold pajama party with her best friend!

 Scenario pajama party. Will be fun!

 Palm Sunday celebration

Palm Sunday - a great Christian holiday, celebrated in Russia since the 10th century. According to Scripture on that day, Jesus went to Jerusalem, where, and began his path of suffering, crucifixion ended.

Of particular importance this holiday has gained because he, in fact, is the last day of Lent.

Holiday History

Already BC at this time the Jewish people celebrated the feast of the Passover, which is associated with the release of God's chosen people from slavery in Egypt. That is why all those who believe in the future on the eve of Palm Sunday flocked to Jerusalem for its celebration. And since even the most ancient Jewish scriptures say that in this city must come the King of Israel, which frees the faithful from the Roman yoke, a lot of people came out to meet Jesus, when he came to Jerusalem. I do not believe in the fact that Jesus the Son of God, that day came to honor him, because legend has it that the king of Israel will move into the city on a colt, which he did the next savior.

Initially, this holiday and the following week is called Palm Sunday, which translated means the week of palm trees. The name of the festival was due to the fact that people who have met Jesus in Jerusalem, he laid out a road from palm fronds. However, in ancient trees it was not, so instead of them as a symbol of the Christian holiday began using willow branch, because it is a plant in our area after a cold winter wakes up very first.

Palm Sunday branches covered in the temple. By tradition, the congregation should depict the invisible meet Jesus, thus paying tribute to the events that occurred more than two thousand years ago. But today, many who believe just brought into the house willow branch.

Since this big Orthodox holiday falls on the last day of fasting, during his celebration not eat many foods. However, after the Palm Sunday allowed some relief: you can eat fish and drink red wine, ideally Cahors.

Feast of Palm Sunday is different from other similar Orthodox holidays because it does not actually have predprazdnevstva and podprazdnevstva. Saturday before Palm Sunday according to the Scriptures is the day.

 Palm Sunday

Traditions and customs

In the Ancient Rus in all cities in a big way we celebrated Palm Sunday: a holiday meant a lot parade, which was attended by all the inhabitants of the city and the clergy. For example, in the capital at the head of the procession was the patriarch, seated on a donkey's colt, and led the animal by the bridle the king himself. In addition, in all the towns arranged the so-called pussy-willow markets, which became a popular place of festivities. Especially these markets have been loved by children, because in addition to the actual willow they sold toys and sweets. Each bunch of this plant became attached Palm Sunday cherub, paper angel who had to protect the plant from the evil forces as long as it is not brought into the house.

Orthodox believers usually keep plants consecrated on Palm Sunday, throughout the year, believing that they protect the house. In addition, branches of this plant are often referred to the cemetery and placed in the hands of the dead, to indicate that they, too, like Jesus, will be able to go through death, to rise and meet the Savior at His coming.

The symbol of this holiday is also credited with medicinal properties. For example, it is believed that if a person eats nine lumps, all ailments and disease will bypass his party. If you put the willow into the water and swim in her sick child, he will recover quickly. And the willow branch, set on the windowsill of the house will take a thunderstorm.

Knobs of the plant treated and infertility: during the festival of Palm Sunday are baked bread for women who for a long time could not get pregnant. This could have bread and all the rest, because it was believed that he has tonic properties.

Believers also thought that with the help of willow can stop the fire, if you throw it into the flames. And people using consecrated branches will be able to get rid of their sins and shortcomings, for example, cowardice and pride.

 Palm Sunday celebration

Festive signs

Palm Sunday in ancient times associated with all sorts of superstitions. For example, if that day will stand the sun, in the summer you can expect a large and rich crop of wheat and vegetables. If on Palm severe frost will be a good harvest of summer grain.

What could not be done during the Palm Sunday, so it is to drink water, typed, where there is a plant. It was believed that demons and other evil spirits often climb into his thicket, to warm up, but when Willow begin to cover, they are all as one jump into the water. Therefore, after drinking this water, it is possible to adopt the diseases and ailments that are difficult to heal.

The tradition of Palm Sunday is closely associated with pets and agricultural plantations. If lightly beat the animal consecrated willow, some of it will be of much use to him, and will not stick any disease. After returning from church very often the owners just do not go in the house, and first planted in the city a few willow branches that were supposed to help get rich harvest.

If crops was a storm in her side and threw a branch of consecrated plant, which was to drive him. And to keep the crops themselves, several branches were planted in the field. And like a custom still exists, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Belgium, in Austria.

Willow helps to recognize evil spirits, such as witches and wizards, and does not allow them to penetrate into the house, where it is stored. A very resourceful Christians even use this plant in order to find treasures.

Feast of Palm Sunday today do not enjoy such respect: it is celebrated only the faithful and honoring the traditions of men. However, despite this, the willow branches can be found in almost every home.

Do you believe in the magical properties of this plant or not up to you, but in many recipes of traditional medicine, this plant is also commonly used for preparation of various tinctures and ointments. Its use as anti-inflammatory, and binding agent for treating varicose veins, etc.

 Palm Sunday - the holiday paganism and Christianity