French onion soup recipe


  • From the history of onion soup
  • The secret of medieval cooking soup
  • Masterpieces of modern cooking
  • The recipe for losing weight

Soup as a separate dish appeared no more than five centuries ago. Historians attribute this fact with the advent of dishes suitable for cooking food. But even when the opportunity to cook, and it happened because of the stone pot, the broth is often unused. Even the word "soup", for example, learned only in Russia under Peter I.

Before that, the Russian people only tasted the soup, and this is the onion soup, the recipe of which has undergone significant changes for today.
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From the history of onion soup

Not surprisingly, the classic onion soup - a dish French, because in Europe (France, Germany, Italy) soups are widely used in the XV century.   From there, the Latin name - «suppa», which literally translates as "bread, soaked in broth." Europe ahead of only China, where soups included in the diet for a hundred years earlier and preparing them in an earthenware dish.

The daily diet of other nations is a liquid, nutritious meal began to appear only in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Although the recipe is popular today onion soup is also closer to the version of the XVII century. In Russia, at first called only liquid soups overseas dishes, and then the name passed on the traditional soup.

Chowder in a noble class of society was unacceptable, and has long been considered peasant food. But the legend, to tell the world about how there was onion soup, gives primacy in this "invention" to the King of France - Louis XV. Ostensibly, went hunting, he found no other ingredients in their apartment hunting, and he had to cook soup of onions, oil and champagne.

The intricacies of the story today nobody remembers. Perhaps preparing themselves onion soup, he fried onions in butter and filled it with water, and was accompanied by a champagne dinner, and maybe the champagne went after onions in a bowl of soup. And it is not important, but the legend passed down by word of mouth, and probably increases self-esteem, poor Frenchmen in their own eyes that they absorb "royal" stew.

I must say that the true recipe soup really involves only one component. This could be potatoes, onions and cabbage. Later still become add onion soup and other vegetables, but so that they are not "overshadowed" flavor and aroma of the main product.

Today, we can count a hundred recipes for onion soup for every taste. In France, it is a symbol of the country is on a par with the legs of frogs, French wine, oysters and cheese. Every self-respecting restaurant the first thing your guests will offer this once poor man's food.

 secrets of cooking onion soup
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The secret of medieval cooking soup

How however diverse recipes of modern cuisine, but if you really claim that onion soup is like chowder, the soup is prepared without proper meat. At first glance, such food can cause confusion - what else is cooking ?! He threw the onion and potatoes in the water - that's ready. However, not all so simple. The secret lies in the saute onions, which must be brought to ruddy color, not too dry and not overcooked, and crystallize. This is done in a cast iron pan with a thick bottom over low heat. You can not strengthen the roasting temperature for speed cooking onions should be fried for at least half an hour. The supreme "aerobatics" in this case is considered to saute onions hour.

You can add a little flour to the onions, and not shifting into another container, cover with water. Now, in order not to distort the meaning of the term «suppa», to him rely bread crust or toast. If you have a cheese onion soup sprinkled them in grated form, you can sprinkle with croutons. It has long been preparing this soup is not large vat, and in a small bowl, from which and eat. It was believed that the shifting and unnecessary transfusions broth can harm your taste. Better after cooking to give a little infusion of savory food under the lid closed. Here's a simple recipe.

It is clear that the modern French onion soup is very different from the above recipe and preparing most of the meat broth with the addition of a variety of spices, wine, butter, garlic and mushrooms. Today, the idea of ​​onion soup since spread around the world, in search of culinary masterpiece can be found onion soup, not only in the French cuisine. Distributed recipes in English, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian soup with the addition of large amounts of onion.

 Different recipes onion soup
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Masterpieces of modern cooking

Cook onion soup in French, given the current formulation, as follows:

  • butter - 50 gr .;
  • bow - 5 pcs. medium size;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • wine (port or sherry) - half a cup (if the brandy, then 1/6 cup);
  • French spicy herbs - 1 ch. l .;
  • broth - 5 cups;
  • hard cheese - ¾ cup;
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

I must say that the number of products designed for 4 servings. The first thing fried chopped onions and garlic in butter for at least 30 minutes, as mentioned above. Saute comes with constant stirring. Next onions flavored with herbs and wine is poured. Dishes must be left open and bring the contents to almost complete evaporation of the liquid. After that you need to pour the finished broth and salt. While the onion soup is cooked, you can pre-cook a few of dried slices of bread, cover them with slices of cheese and bake in the oven to melt the cheese layer.

For those who does not advocate the use of alcohol for the preparation of the soup, you can offer the classic onion soup. In this case it is necessary to use the same ingredients as above, except wine. Additionally, you will need only a couple of tablespoons of flour. Onions fried to brownish color, mixed with spices and flour and poured the broth. This is followed by another 30 minutes to simmer. Grated cheese may be submitted to the table and trust each pour into your bowl, but who wants to, but the recipe involves pouring soup in portions of soup bowls with the addition of cheese and croutons. Thereafter, it is recommended more then a few minutes of onion soup in the oven to melt the cheese.

Can be attributed to variations and onion soup recipe with cream cheese, when together with fried onions and carrots, making the first dish a beautiful orange color. In this case, in a saucepan and add the potatoes. The last thing is rubbed on a coarse grater 200 grams of cheese, and the contents were brought to readiness, that is to melt the cheese.

Considering that is expected subsequent baking in the oven finished soup, many housewives began to prepare onion soup in a clay pot portioned, so characteristic of Russian cuisine. Yes, and each chef brings a recipe for something different: some garlic croutons natret someone add the cream to the broth or onion fry in butter is not, and olive oil. In this case, the work is to be welcomed. It is no wonder that today you can find the recipe "onion soup with rice noodles," or with the addition of whole grains and oats.

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The recipe for losing weight

Due to the low caloric content of the onions and the fact that onion soup can be cooked without broth, this recipe successfully caught on the menu everyone who wants to lose weight. Just saute in butter is excluded. For the preparation you will need a set of vegetables such as cabbage, 5-6 onions, bell pepper, a bunch of celery, tomato 1-2. All vegetables are crushed, filled with cold water and leave on a plate. Cook until tender should be content.

Nutritionists argue that this onion soup has excellent health benefits, and there can be several times a day and forget about counting calories. One can only try one of the options in the kitchen, or invent a new recipe is unprecedented.

 Royal chowder

 a quick recipe for borscht with beans


  • What kind of beans to buy?
  • Only olive oil
  • The secret of borscht, which everyone should know

Almost all people love soup, but many do not know the recipe of this delicious soup. And sometimes Ukrainian dish can even spoil. Now I am become very popular soup with beans.

It seems to be at first glance, nothing complicated to prepare. However, there are some nuances that need to be taken into account. Otherwise, turn the soup is not what originally would like to cook. Before starting to cook, it is strongly recommended to read the recipe.

What products do we need? The first step is to buy meat. It should be bright red. Moreover, after feeling a piece of beef, the arm will remain dry. Usually, we choose the young meat. In order to determine this, we must put pressure on the index finger of the carcass. If after pressing the formed pit gone, then you can buy such meat. And if not, then the meat is old and not the fact that it can be used. To prepare the soup will need about 1-1, 5 kg of beef.

 ingredients for borsch with beans
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What kind of beans to buy?

Next you need to buy beans. Some buy a ready-made canned beans. No difference. Just Weighted beans need to be soaked overnight in cold water, or 6-7 hours. Then cook for about 30-40 minutes (depending on the type of bean). When it is necessary to drain the water and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Still need beets, about 3-4 pieces. (depending on the size and number of servings). And, of course, do not forget about the potato. It is important that the potatoes were not frozen (bought eaten in winter). Approximate number - 3-4 pieces. But carrots and onions can take 1 piece. And it is important not to forget the cabbage (1 forks).

Borsch - it is a high-calorie meal. It is therefore very important product in the preparation of this soup - bacon (sometimes the recipe does not contain such a product).   1 kg of fat is about 150-180 rubles. Many people forget about tomatoes. But if you cook the soup without this vegetable, the taste will deflating. Gourmets will be able to immediately determine whether to add to the tomato soup or not (about 1-2 pieces). The recipe also includes 1-2 garlic cloves, which make the soup really tasty. Tomato paste is also an important ingredient in the preparation of borscht. It is advisable to purchase toothpaste company "Kubanochka" or "Global Village".

 cooking borsch
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Only olive oil

It is a big mistake many - add olive oil instead of vegetable. This is not to be done. Some of the girls, adding oil in a soup with beans, think that the soup will be less calories. That will have to cook borsch with an unpleasant aftertaste. The recipe requires only buy oil, it is desirable to "Oleina." It is also important not to be mistaken with vinegar. It is necessary to buy apple cider vinegar "Baltimore." A salt, sugar and black pepper, I think everyone has. Well, if it is not, or very little, it is necessary to buy. And the final ingredients - spices (dill, parsley, cilantro).

When all the products purchased, you are ready to cook borsch with beans. So, the first step is to cook a piece of meat (500-600 grams). Cook takes about 1-1, 5 hours. He was then drain and set aside to cool for a while. Then we must take the required amount of beets and grate. Next you need to put it in a pan and pour meat broth. Cook beets should be 40-45 minutes on low heat. And most importantly - do not forget the sugar (1 teaspoon) and vinegar (1 tablespoon). The simplest thing done. Now we have to put out the vegetables. Cook them too easily.

In order not to lose time and do not wait until the beets put out, you can clean the carrots. Then, it must grate. Onions should be cut very finely. A fat should be cut into small cubes. Well, then it would have to melt the lard in a frying pan (preferably at the bottom of the pan was tight) and add the onions and carrots. All this must be a good fry. There also need to add the tomatoes, previously peeled and diced. Pre tomatoes should first pour boiling water, then cold water. And do not forget the garlic. It is also necessary to cut into small pieces and fry with the other products in sunflower oil. Then add the tomato paste and a little pepper.

When the beets will be prepared, it is necessary to add the remaining vegetables and stir over low heat. Then put the mixture into a cup and let it brew for 5-6 minutes. At this time, you need to pour water into the pan and put on a slow fire. Then clean the potatoes and cut it into cubes. The next step - a "departure" of potatoes in a saucepan. Then we need to cut the cabbage (preferably strips) and add water to the potatoes. Well, when the potatoes are cooked, we must add the rest of the vegetables, previously sautéed in a pan. And do not forget the most important thing - the beans. Cooking it must also be within 5-6 minutes. You can still add salt and seasoning. The soup is ready! Serve with sour cream. The recipe is quite simple.

There are those who love not only to eat soup, but also to cook it. Of course, it contains a lot of calories, but, according to nutritionists, 600-700 calories - it's not much. For a taste of borscht just incommunicable. Doctors believe that the recipe for the soup with beans should be known to everyone. After all, this dish is not only delicious, but also useful.

 soup with beans
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The secret of borscht, which everyone should know

There are a few secrets that are used in the preparation of this soup. Before rubbing carrots should buy rasp specifically designed for Korean carrot. Of course, the taste of it will not change, but the product will look much prettier. And when choosing a fat should be a little careful. If it is old, it is in the soup felt an unpleasant taste. For gourmets and lovers eat something sharp little can be added to soup mustard. This will give the soup is not only taste but also the flavor.

This soup with beans is designed for 8 servings. Ukrainian soup can be pampered and loved one. Statistics show that men love to eat homemade borscht. And you can cook it, and together with the other half. The main thing - this effort and a great desire to cook a delicious soup. Then all must succeed!

 The recipe of delicious soup with beans