rotavirus infection in adults Treatment

What is a poisoning knows probably every person without exception. As a rule, this term people mean a variety of intestinal diseases. And often people do not consider it necessary to take any - any measure, but if there is a rotavirus infection in adults, treatment should begin as soon as possible. Otherwise, a very high risk of development of certain complications.

First, let's try to understand - what is a rotavirus infection, and how it is so dangerous. The doctors called it so infectious intestinal disease, the cause of which is the rotavirus. After penetrating into the body goes through five - seven days, after which the first signs of the disease. However, in some cases, the incubation period can range from three to ten days.

And during all this time the person is a potential danger to others, because it can be a source of infection. But after a full recovery is most often an adult produces strong immunity to the virus that caused the disease.

Ways of infection of the infection

Doctors isolated mainly food way of infection - when the virus enters the body through the mouth. This can happen when using unwashed foods or dirty hands. In most cases rotavirus get into the body with the dairy food. This is due to the specifics of their production technology.

Moreover, these same viruses are very, very persistent - or low temperatures (cold storage), no chlorination of water do not cause them little or no harm. By the way - pay attention to the fact that very often the infection occurs in the use of the "holy" water. Do not risk your health.

There is also another way of transmission - drip, sneezing sick person. It is not surprising - after all rotaviruses also lead to inflammatory processes involving the upper respiratory tract. At first glance it might seem that a person is sick with acute respiratory illness. It was only an upset stomach makes doctors suspect the presence of rotavirus infection is.

This type of infection can occur as isolated cases of the disease, and the very real epidemic outbreaks. Moreover, these outbreaks in the same way as conventional acute respiratory infections, are highly seasonal dependence. Typically, about 90% of all cases of rotavirus infection falls on the cold season - from November to April.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection

Once in the body, the virus is introduced into the mucosa gastro - intestinal tract. As a rule, most strongly affects the mucous membranes of the small intestine. Due to the fact that rotavirus starts to actively proliferate, there is a loss of gastro - intestinal tract characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestine - developed enteritis. It is because of him, and there is diarrhea.

The disease has a characteristic symptoms which allow it accurately diagnose:

  • Decreased appetite. As a rule, the sick person is almost completely lose their appetite and refuses to eat. However, oddly enough, no sense of nausea or vomiting, especially not observed. However, it is still necessary to make liquid - very small portions, but as often as possible. Otherwise, it may develop dehydration.
  • Increased body temperature. In the sick person's body temperature rises, but only slightly - to about 38 degrees. Although, of course, in some cases, the temperature may rise even higher, but not for long. On average, fever lasts two - three days, after which the normal self.
  • Loose stools. Indispensable symptomatic rotavirus infection is diarrhea. Its intensity can be very different - it all depends on the individual characteristics of each individual. The duration of indigestion can last from one to three days, provided adequate treatment promptly initiated.

 treatment of rotavirus infection in adults

Treatment of rotavirus

In the event that rotavirus infection proceeds without complications, the patient receives treatment at home. However, in this case it is important to know exactly how to help the sick person:

  • Lowering the body temperature

As mentioned above, when rotavirus infection in a human patient body temperature rises. Very often, people immediately take a variety of antipyretics, the thermometer should cross the mark of 37 degrees. However, to do so in any case not worth it - because rotavirus killed only at temperatures above 38 degrees. Lowering the temperature before you just "ease the life of" rotavirus, allowing them to continue to multiply.

In the same case, if the body temperature rises above 39 degrees, you can take steps to reduce it. And not necessarily immediately take pharmacological agents. Often, the simple folk proven ways to reduce the body temperature is not worse, and the load on the body does not have.

In that case, if you have vodka in the house, try the following method. Dissolve in one liter of cold water five tablespoons of vodka. Soft cloth wipe the entire surface of the skin, attention, giving the hands and feet. Repeat wiping can be as often as you need it - no harm. Typically, one wiping reduces the temperature by one degree.

If this measure does not help - which is unlikely - it is possible to take any antipyretic. However, please note - in any case not allowed to exceed the dosage. In the same case, if this measure does not help, call the brigade "first aid". But in practice, such cases of high temperature are extremely rare.

  • Loose stools

In order to eliminate the symptoms of gastro - intestinal disorders, you can take Enterofuril. Take it should be at least two times a day, to the dosage that is indicated on the packaging. The treatment should last at least five days, even if all of the symptoms of the disease disappear earlier.

However, before applying it is still worth to consult a doctor. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe some - or any other drug, based on the condition and health of the sick person. Most often stop the diarrhea is not too difficult. Of course, in most cases, diarrhea stops on its own. However, it's worth it safe - medicine guaranteed to prevent protracted diarrhea.

  • Pain in the abdomen

Often during his illness the sick person may experience pain in the intestines. And this pain may be of very different nature - from the sharp cramping up pulling. There is the pain of muscle spasms of the intestine, or from the excess amount of gas. By the way - flatulence is fairly frequent companion of rotavirus infections. In this case, a sick person can drink one tablet but - shpy - often this measure is sufficient to ensure that the pain completely stopped.

However, be sure to remember that abdominal pain can be tolerated only if the diagnosis is fairly well known. The same applies to the reception of any - or painkillers. In all other cases, a person who is experiencing pain in the abdomen, the sick person should be as soon as possible, seek medical help. This measure is necessary in order to eliminate the possibility of other, more serious diseases - including acute appendicitis.

  • Restoration of the intestinal microflora

Once a patient human appetite and stops diarrhea, it is necessary to begin a course of treatment aimed at restoring the normal intestinal microflora. As a rule, for this sick person be appointed by drugs such as "Linex". The dosage and duration of treatment in each individual case determined by a physician.

As you can see, if there is a rotavirus infection, treatment in adults it is not so difficult. But only if you start it on time, you can count on the fact that from the disease can be to get rid of as soon as possible. Otherwise, as mentioned above, it is very high risk of various complications.

Complications of Rotavirus

In that case, if the treatment of rotavirus infection was not initiated in a timely manner, or at a sick person to a large extent reduced immunity, possible complications of the disease. To avoid this, it is necessary to know about them and know how to act in such situations.

In that case, if the sick person has a place of severe diarrhea or vomiting, the greatest danger that can lie in wait for it - it's dehydration. To avoid this, it is necessary to drink as much as possible. The higher body temperature and intense diarrhea, the greater the volume of fluid necessary to drink. The average adult in the period of the disease is necessary to drink at least three liters of liquid. To drink a sick person should give preference to non-carbonated drinking water, juice, or broth hips.

In that case, if the sick person vomits, it is worth to try to take a few sips of liquid through a small period of time. If vomiting continues, most of the sick person is admitted to a hospital infectious disease ward, where the liquid to be administered intravenously, using droppers. In no case is unacceptable to abandon it - because otherwise it is possible even death, which may occur as a result of strong dehydration.

In addition, in the absence of adequate and timely initiation of treatment of rotavirus infection is very high risk of developing a bacterial intestinal infection. In this situation, the disease worsens tenfold. In such cases, approximately 3% occurs fatal. A completely eliminate this pathology is not too difficult - just early treatment of rotavirus infection.

No long-term effects and complications of the disease does not entail, so nothing to worry about. We have already mentioned that most often after a previous infection in the adult human body produces strong immunity. However, we must not forget that there are several different viruses, so no guarantees that you'll never get sick of rotavirus infection is not present. But you can reduce this risk, observing elementary safety measures.

Prevention of rotavirus infection

In order to best protect themselves from possible infection with rotavirus, there are several preventive measures:

  • Quality and organic products

To prevent infection with rotavirus, you must carefully monitor the quality and purity of used products. Do not assume that Apple simply wipe before use, and the default spring water is crystal clear. Nor can we forget about the basic rules of hygiene - remember that the rule requiring wash hands before eating, fairly and with respect to adults.

  • Vaccination

Recently, advise doctors began to vaccinate against rotavirus. However, this method of prevention is very controversial - firstly, there is no guarantee that the vaccine works in 100% of cases, as it started to do recently. Second, the cost of the vaccine is unreasonably high, and to find a clinic, where there is this same vaccine is not so simple.

In any case, if you suddenly fall ill rotavirus infection, do not panic - just enough to cure it. Most importantly, time to start.

 Rotavirus infection in adults: treatment, complications and prevention

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