Romantic evening for two under the stars

Here came the long-awaited day. You finally - we decided to confess his feelings to the beloved. By taking this important step should carefully consider not only the recognition of the word, but also a place in which it will take a romantic event. After all, maybe in the future it will be the companion of the girl of your life and the story of how to get your love, you will need to tell your children and grandchildren.

A perfect place for a romantic evening can be the roof of your home. Since ancient times, people drew the magic of the starry sky. The stars lies some mystery, which we humans still can not solve. The starry sky attracts beauty and fulfillment of promises cherished desires. Therefore, the roof is great for a declaration of love.

On the roof, you can arrange a romantic dinner beforehand inviting musicians or just buy the amateur telescope and took a rooftop observatory. And you can quite successfully combine both. The main concern with due attention to even small things. The first step is to determine the day of your event. After clouds or clouds can not give you a chance to watch a favorite at the constellations and comets. Of course, the weather forecasters are wrong sometimes, but - it is better to see the weather forecast for the day in advance.

So, during the day and a place for a romantic date undecided. Telescopes today is not a problem. But as the favorite lure to the roof without telling her about the prepared surprises. This problem is easily solved. Send her an official invitation, but that would be sure that it will take him seriously hire a taxi or horse-drawn carriage. Of course in this case the carriage preferable. Prepare a light dinner on the roof. You do not need anything unusual enough fruit and champagne. Invite musicians, but if you want to be alone, then just turn on soft music. That's all a romantic evening for you and your sweetheart is ready.

Maybe you're lucky, and for you that day fly by the comet. But in any case, be aware that when you watch the stars, she would rather believe what you say that to her, and you pull out the moon.

 Romantic evening for two under the stars

 Tips for a call of interest in men


  • Tips to attract male
  • Generate interest among men in any situation

The modern world is filled with diversity. This applies to the areas of services and entertainment, as well as in humans. Previously, to stand out and attract attention, it was enough to effectively put on, or stick to your particular style. Now, it will not surprise anyone, on the contrary, surprisingly cause people not to seek to distinguish themselves from the crowd. This will undoubtedly left its mark on the relationship between man and woman. Newest need to put a lot of effort and arm yourself with knowledge on how to interest the guy.

In pursuit of external beauty, many women forget about the great words of AP Chekhov: "In man, everything should be beautiful: the face and clothing, and soul, and mind."

 interest in men
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Tips to attract male

Often ladies think it is enough to put on a splendid dress, and all the men will be at their feet. Undoubtedly, you will attract the attention of the young (or not, as you like) a person, but if you can keep him?

So, read on. Read a lot, read in their spare time, read before going to bed, read in the transport. Do not give preference to one genre of works, otherwise the sense from reading novels, especially the library and never will. Read the books that would not attract your attention. To develop in all areas of life, it will make you smarter, education, and you will be an interesting conversationalist. If you read a book on psychology or any other science, do not take it as the only correct theory, get on the same topic another book, consider the issue from a different perspective. you will definitely become savvy in many areas of a person.

Reading books has beneficial effects on man's inner world, helping to uncover hidden human qualities, find and know ourselves. Agree, such a person will draw the attention of the guy.

Of course, not do without the work on the exterior. Anyone should look neat, tidy and well maintained. At least it does not repel people. Often, modern lady justify peeling nail polish and her hair greasy busy at work at the university. We will be honest with yourself: any person can find 15 minutes a day to wash the hair or delete lag with nails. It's enough to wake up a little earlier and go to sleep later. Fans of sleep can allocate this time by reducing the time spent on the Internet.

Groomed girl - she is disorganized. Optionally, all treatments are done in one day, spread them on the week. For example:

  • Monday - depilation
  • Tuesday - eyebrow correction
  • Wednesday - manicure
  • Thursday - Pedicure
  • Friday - treatments for the face
  • Saturday - body treatments
  • Sunday - treatments for hair (do not forget about the cilia!)

It will be great if you can do everything on their own, without trips to the salon, and the help of experts.

Let's talk about clothes. Anyone familiar with the phrase that meet on clothes, and it is true a hundred percent. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good flavor and delicate scent, but almost everyone can pick out the images on different occasions. A lot of things - not always good. Things should be of high quality, convenient and suitable to the face and figure. A standard set of girls includes:

  • two pairs of jeans,
  • dress
  • shirt
  • pullover,
  • turtleneck,
  • cardigan,
  • white and black t-shirts,
  • blouse,
  • classic pants,
  • skirt.

As you have noticed, this is not about drawing attention to the clothes and shoes.

So you nice underwear, neatly arranged hair and manicured nails. At the head - thinking about Shantaram, and not the last release of the controversial reality show. In the hands you hold the phone or handbag ... cigarettes? you mean! No cigarette or a glass of wine will not give you the elegance and does not cause respect from others. you are open to new people and socializing. So how does a Man interested in? Most of the work you have already done, tidying her beautiful body and soul, to do all these people are drawn.

Much depends on what situation you are in. If circumstances permit, feel free to flirt and build eyes. How interesting person you can safely engage in dialogue, expressing their point of view and not being afraid to seem stupid.

 call interest among men in any situation
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Generate interest among men in any situation

How to interest the guy on the street?

Suffice it to smile or ask the original question. Do not overdo it with wit. In case you do not know the steps, just ask to explain how to get to certain places and asked to accompany you. If during the walk a young man takes an interest in your personality or maintain a conversation, then your attempt was successful.

As a Man interested in during the conversation?

It is quite simple, you have to be as frank and open. Exclude from their conversation word-parasites and abusive cues, but do not hesitate to express their thoughts and to give their knowledge on a particular subject. Be interested in its unusual topic of conversation. An educated girl will be of interest from any guy. Among those few who knows how to listen, so it become a special person. I listened with interest to what your interviewee says and, if necessary, do not be shy to ask questions.

How to interest the guy if he was your husband?

This is one of the most difficult things in the life of every girl. My husband saw you in different states and is well acquainted with your inner world, it seemed to have nothing to surprise him. But it is not so, because role-playing games, change hairstyles, there is a new book on global discoveries has not been canceled.

Surely you have noticed that the basic condition to generate interest in people - is to be an educated person, and a well-groomed man. Then you do not need to put a lot of effort to cause anyone any interest. Watch out for them, then they will follow you.

 The girl should be fine all