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Silver Wedding - is 25 years from the date of marriage. Where did the name matter? The first wedding anniversary is called a calico, chintz in fact - is a very thin material that symbolizes the fragility of feeling young. But over the years more and more stronger feelings, the desire to be together becomes stronger and marriage - stronger. Therefore, the names of wedding anniversaries every year becoming more solid, and the 25 th anniversary already acquires the metal hardness, underlined the nobility of this metal.

However, this is not the first metal, which gives the names of wedding anniversaries. Before he already had, and nickel, and tin, and iron wedding. Meanwhile, all these metals are not noble, they represent only the fortress, but not for its beauty.

Twenty-five years of living together indicate that the young were able to carry their love through many reefs and is now worthy of such decorations as a silver ring, which is a symbol of the preservation of the Union.

Rituals and traditions - original and interesting, old and brand new, decorate each anniversary. However, silver wedding - a very special anniversary in the life of any couple, so think again about those rituals are performed in this memorable day.

 especially the celebration of the silver wedding
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Morning rituals celebrating silver wedding

The first kiss is considered the first ritual. This is a mystery that takes place between the two close friends who not only lived together for many years, but also managed to maintain the tenderness and love that had for each other in the first years of life together. The first kiss - it's very romantic, beautiful and unique. On this day, waking up, spouses wishing each other good morning and joined in a long kiss. And the longer the first kiss, the better will be the memories of that day.

After the kiss perform another rite which is called grooming. It is held too unusual. Husband and wife together collect water in a jug of silver and pouring out of it, help each other wash. In the old days for the commission of the rite wife got up very early and went to the river to fetch water. Then, holding together for a pitcher, I carried him home, where he performed the rite. Currently, the water can be piped, the main thing - to find the right pitcher. Suitable and conventional pitcher, but then he put a small silver thing, for example, a coin.

First husband washes. The wife thus picks up a linen towel and a pitcher of water and pours her husband. You need to wash three times. Each husband wipes his face with his wife handed him a linen towel. The first bath washes, he became 25 years younger. Second - washes away all the anxiety and sadness that have been during these 25 years. And for the third time my husband washes, meeting new morning and a new life. In the same way, and his wife washes. At the conclusion of this ceremony jug, which is required to leave a few drops of water, put on the balcony or on the street. Water will vaporize together with all alarms and with agitation, which may be in the future. The faster the water evaporates, the happier will be living together.

 silver wedding celebration
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The daily ritual of celebrating silver wedding

The rite of washing in the old days came to an end with the arrival of the parents. Today, you can invite the parents to a certain time in advance. Usually parents come at the time when it starts exchanging ceremony rings. Parents are first checked whether the towel and dried droplets of water in the jug and then proceed to the blessing of the young. If drops of water in a jug or a towel still wet, the parents have to wait. So the husband and wife do the ritual washing in the early morning.

The most beautiful and the main ceremony is the exchange of rings. Lived together for 25 years, exchanged silver rings. This means that they also love each other, as in the first year of their married life. This solemn event prepared in advance. Perform the ritual can not only at home but also in the registry office where the ceremony will look more festive. At the ceremony must necessarily present the same witnesses who were present at the marriage registration. They confirm the young love each other.

In order for everything to be just like the first time, the bride wears a wedding dress that she was wearing at the time of registration. However, if this is not possible, then you can do another outfit. The main thing is to fit the occasion. Normally, this ritual takes place at midday, the sun is at its zenith. There is a belief that if the wedding is going to rain, the newly married life together will be very happy. On the silver wedding all the way around if the weather is sunny - it means feeling younger for 25 years does not fade away.

Silver wedding in ancient times necessarily imply the presence of her father, who led the ceremony by all the rules, re-crowning of the young. Nowadays, if the couple are not married in the church, this anniversary is the most appropriate for this case. It ends this ceremony that the couple change their gold wedding rings on silver. Golden put in a box, where they will be stored until golden wedding. Some perform this ritual a little differently. They just put on top of the silver rings and gold are just two of the ring.

 Evening silver wedding rituals
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Evening ritual celebration of the silver wedding

Beats - it means love. This phrase is relevant even today. Silver wedding involves an exchange. At this time will prove this truth wife. The rite is performed in the evening, when the young are alone. The wife should take up the rolling pin and a little knock husband below the waist. Thus it saying: "Are you Bill me, hubby? Now I'll show you all my love. " This husband should not dodge the "beating". This ceremony is different from the others by the fact that a wife should change a man, and her husband - to put on an apron. Through this ceremony, the couple at the time of changing roles. The wife becomes the head of the family, and her husband acts as a housewife.

Last rite, which is also held in the evening - it's tea party. The ceremony should take place at a time when the invited guests are disperse. Dining table, behind which will be the rite must not be removed. The remaining dishes will remind the young of the festival in which they starred. And only after the tea bowl can be removed. And to do so the husband and wife must work together.

Of course, the described silver wedding rituals is not restricted. There are some traditions that are desirable to perform, if you want your silver wedding took place according to the rules. The main tradition - it is the giving of flowers bride. As the day of registration, the husband must give his wife a beautiful, delicate bouquet.

Next tradition is happy to adhere to almost anything - is an invitation to guests. However, keep in mind that this is also part of the tradition and the need to implement it properly. First of all, since this silver wedding, the invitations should be sent no earlier than 25 days before the celebration, besides the guest must also be at least 25 people. To silver wedding took place without difficulty, and the young, and guests got the most out of the celebration, it is better to hold a ceremony to invite the toastmaster, which will make this day unforgettable.

 Rituals and traditions of celebrating 25 years of marriage

 tin wedding


  • What can give a husband to his wife, and the wife - husband
  • Gifts from relatives and other guests

Tin wedding - so called in Europe 10 years of married life.

In Russia and Germany, this anniversary is also called pink wedding. Both names are very symbolic. Tin - metal strong, but at the same time able to take the desired shape, like a long 10-year-old family life: strong relationships are formed not for one year. So the couple are compliant and flexible in dealing with each other, all the family stoically endure the storm. Do not strewn with roses their way, but they are happy to give her half the flowers, lined with rose petals family path and the marriage bed. All gifts to the tin wedding should be beautiful and harmonious as relations between spouses.

 tin box for his wife

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What can give a husband to his wife, and the wife - husband

Typically, this wedding is celebrated solemnly in a friendly-family. Since the wedding has two names, the gift is not so difficult to choose - a great choice. Rose - a symbol of that date. There is a beautiful tradition that the husband gives his wife a bouquet of 11 roses: 10 of them flowers - red, a symbol of a long and strong love, and one - certainly white. Red and white roses together in one bouquet - a sign of unity. A perfect gift for the life partner of her husband is an elegant decoration. It can be jewelry made of tin or precious metal jewelery with stones, red or pink color: jade, quartz, coral, garnet, tourmaline, topaz. Coral beads - exquisite gift, which will be able to enhance the beauty and elegance of your wife.

A nice gift from her husband may be a set of underwear pink, scarlet or red. A matching set of - delicate negligee. A wonderful gift to be an elegant dress of the above colors. Trick or handbag leather red. And, of course, the best gift for this anniversary will be a red car! If a couple are not married, the husband can buy a tin wedding rings and make a proposal to his wife about the wedding in the church.

If the husband is not deprived of a sense of humor, the wife can give him a tin soldiers and a book about the eponymous hero of Hans Christian Andersen. For business and pedantic men cufflinks are the perfect gift tin. In addition to gifts of tin suit any gift scarlet, pink or red. This can be: a pink shirt, leather saturated brown-burgundy, red seat covers in the car and so on.

 a symbolic gift from a friend
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Gifts from relatives and other guests

Parents are always keen to make gifts to the children healthy and in compliance with the traditions. They can give pewter. For example, an excellent choice would be a set of pewter cutlery - from spoons and forks not give a good quality one. A carpet or a tapestry of red and pinks - useful and original gift. Silk bedding burgundy or bright red - always a pertinent gift, which never hurts. For not too superstitious a good gift would be wall or desk clock with ornaments or flowers appropriate to the holiday date tones. They can be engraved. Children can give their parents, for example, pewter goblets.

What could be a gift for the wedding of tin from other guests? Handmade-gifts can be made with your own hands, or ordered from the artist. Unique handmade gift can become a talisman and a symbol of marital happiness. Here are some ideas for original gifts from the guests at the wedding of tin:

  1. family portrait
  2. Doubles cartoon
  3. Dolls cartoon "Just Married"
  4. Ceramic bouquet of roses in a basket (such as "Pink tenderness")
  5. Wedding fotokristall
  6. Vase "Roses"
  7. Linen tablecloth with lace "White Rose"
  8. Set of 2 stacks of tin
  9. Spoon, the tin
  10. Flower Fairy Tin
  11. A bottle of expensive red wine
  12. Table breakfast in bed "with love"
  13. Tin candle
  14. A set of beer mugs with a souvenir tin items
  15. The original picture
  16. Water jug ​​with a tin or tin elements of the author's work
  17. Tin elephant box

Of course, the choice of a gift depends on your budget as well as budget family anniversaries. If anniversaries live quite modestly useful gift can be, for example, household appliances: food processor, multivarka and so on. These items can also choose red or pink. If you still have difficulty with the selection of gifts, but the heroes of the day - your close friends, you can donate money to the beautiful postcard-envelope with best wishes and a gift certificate of a store. You can also give a big right jubilee gift skinuvshis big company, after finding out that they need.

 Tin wedding: what to give to friends, family, other