zoster in children

Sometimes parents are surprised to discover in the child's skin strange pink spots oval, the origin of which is genuine bewilderment. As a rule, most of these spots are nothing but a sign of the presence of a child of such diseases as herpes. Ringworm - quite widespread disease, it at least once in the life of ill and 90% of all children. Age category is also quite wide - deprive an infant is also possible, as well as at high school students.

The first question that arises from the parents deprive the children how to treat?

Before we talk about what is necessary to treat ringworm of the child, it is necessary to tell, what is this disease. As a rule, the term "ringworm" implies a whole group of skin diseases of fungal origin. And of course, deprive children and animals can provoke. But not always they are the originators of the disease. This point is required to be taken into account when deciding how quickly ringworm cure the child. Despite the fact that it has some similar characteristics, treatments still require different. When the disease, the following symptoms:

  • The appearance of the lesions on the shoulders, abdomen, legs, in some cases - on the nails and scalp.
  • The spots at the beginning of the disease are pale - pink, almost always scaly skin on them.
  • In some cases fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Parents confronted with this problem, do not despair dismayed - treatment of zoster in children is quite simple. If the disease is not running, and the treatment of zoster in children is begun in time, the time required for full recovery is around two weeks.

Adults need to remember that herpes - a highly contagious disease. That is why, with your child to find signs of the disease, it is necessary to eliminate all contact with children's groups, in order to avoid infecting other children. While the disease is unacceptable to attend kindergarten or school, play with the kids in the playground. If a family has two children, their contacts also should divide as far as possible.
Ringworm is a fungal disease, respectively, the source of the disease are controversial. Therefore, all personal care products must be processed daily. It is also necessary to change the daily bed linen and bathe the baby.

The first question that arises from the parents than to treat ringworm of the child? However, the answer is to give the doctor - dermatologist. Do not try to decide what is possible to treat ringworm of the child, because there are several types of the disease, and the treatment should be chosen precisely because of this.

Unfortunately, many parents believe that the disease is available - this feline ringworm in children. And trying to find zoster in children seek treatment folk remedies. However, actually, in medicine, such concepts as "cat versicolor" children exist. However, as in adults. The following types of stripping:

  • Multicolored zoster in children occurs in half of all diseases.
  • Lichen planus in children is the most common type.
  • Pityriasis versicolor in children is less common, the treatment takes a little longer than all other types of lichen.
  • Ringworm in children. Treatment of the least troublesome and lasts 5 to 7 days.
  • Herpes zoster in children. Treatment should be under the constant supervision of a doctor - a dermatologist, especially in advanced forms of hospital treatment.
  • If you look at the pink deprive children - photos will help you to distinguish it from other species. However, an accurate diagnosis can only be a doctor.

Colorful lichen children

 ringworm in children

Colorful lichen - the most common form of the disease, which accounts for 50% of all cases of ringworm. The causative agent of multi-colored lichen is a fungal infection. As you know, the fungus multiplies much more active in warm and humid environment. This explains the fact that this type of lichen is most common in the southern latitudes, where the climate is warm and humid. While the residents of northern latitudes percentage of diseases colored lichen still only 7%.

Unfortunately, multi-colored shingles, which occurs in children whose parents are often mistaken for feline ringworm. Accordingly, the child receives inadequate treatment, which does not bring relief, but only worsens the situation.
The source of infection can be colored lichen and a towel and bedding, and personal items. However, the risk of infection in this way is extremely small. Most often found in diseased human predisposition to the disease. As you know, on the body of any person inhabits a huge variety of spores and fungi. While the immune system is not weakened, the fungus does not manifest itself. But it is worth the immune system to malfunction, as fungi are activated.

Keep in mind that multi-colored deprive children has an incubation period of up to 14 days. In the event that your child is in contact with the ailing, at least two weeks carefully monitor the situation. This is to ensure that in the event of infection treatment was started immediately.

The most common area of ​​ringworm lesions are colored skin shoulders, back or chest. Also, lesions may occur on the face and neck. The spots are usually multi-colored lichen color, ranging from light red to lemon shade or brown. Lesions often tend to merge into large patches and flaking.

The most common diagnosis for doctors are so-called "iodine" breakdown. Its essence is as follows: in the lesion is applied iodine. In the case of a positive result foci acquire coffee color. Also, doctors - dermatologists use a special lamp, the rays of which are bright spots depriving - lemon color.

Treatment of multi-colored depriving children takes a lot of time and should only be done under medical supervision. You also need to pay close attention to strengthening the immune system.

Lichen planus

 Pink zoster in children

Lichen planus is quite rare in children. As a rule, this kind of disease is very often spills over into chronic, difficult to treat if it was started in time. This ringworm symptoms in children are as follows: on the skin of the child there with red bubbles inside the liquid. Typically, the lesions itch severely and deliver the child a lot of discomfort.

The question of how to become infected with the human body, is still a subject of controversy for doctors - dermatologists. Some experts believe that the nature of the occurrence of lichen planus - neurogenic, others lean toward toxic - allergic, and the third group altogether called viral origin. And in favor of each of these theories, there are scientific facts, confirmed by numerous studies.

  • Neurogenic nature of occurrence of lichen planus confirmed by the fact that very often there is a beginning of the disease as soon as a child has experienced stress (yield mother to work, going to the kindergarten, school and other stressors).
  • Much higher risk of red deprive those children who have a history of chronic gastro - intestinal tract, such as hepatitis, pancreatitis and the like.
  • In some cases, the appearance of lichen planus is a type of an allergic reaction to certain pharmacological agents.

Localized lesions usually on the skin of the hands and abdomen, in rare cases also may result in oral mucosa. Diagnosis and treatment of lichen planus should be treated by a doctor - a dermatologist, and in his absence - the therapist.


 zoster in children photo

In that case, if you suspect ringworm in children treatment should start immediately. If you look at children ringworm photos will give a rough idea of ​​what it looks like, this kind of disease. Ringworm is very difficult to mix with other species, since it affects the scalp, and nail beds. It is this kind is ringworm in children on the head, which so often complain about their parents. On examination of the affected area can be observed breakdown of hair about two inches away from the hair bulb. This fact gave the name to this type of depriving the children's heads. Apart from that, a sick child on the skin formed round red spots, whose number is constantly increasing. Lesions very strongly shelled, the child feels very itchy.

Most often this type of disease faced by parents of children who attend children's educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, etc.). The fact that this group of children most often sick ringworm, because it is very contagious and rapidly transferred from a sick to a healthy child. The most common infection occurs when you use common towels, combs, toys and simple physical contact.

Another cause of mass infection in children's groups is that ringworm in children incubation period is very long time - up to one month. In addition, the disease can occur for a long time in a latent form. That is, parents are not even aware of the presence of a child's illness, it is not isolated from the children's collective, and all the time being with the children, the sick child is a source of infection.


 treatment depriving children

Chromophytosis also in children is not uncommon, but its treatment is quite specific and should be done only under the supervision of a physician - dermatologist. Dampness and heat for this kind of denying - as loyal allies. Very often children are exposed to it, which are prone to excessive sweating.

At the beginning of the disease on the skin of the shoulders, neck and back spots appear pale - pink color with no signs of inflammation. After some time, the spot acquire color from yellow to shades of brown.

If you do not immediately begin treatment in a few days there chromophytosis in children on the face, hands and feet.

Pink zoster

If you find a pink zoster in children treated in most cases it is quite simple and is performed exclusively at home. However, consultation of the doctor - dermatologist still needed, because even if you look at the pink deprive children - photos do not always give an accurate picture of the course of the disease. In addition, it must be differentiated from other types of lichen.

Suspected Pink deprive children photo can help, but accurate diagnosis the parents are unlikely to succeed, the result can be lost time. But it is essential, if the pink lichen found in children, start to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Pink zoster in children rarely appears on the face, most often it is localized on the abdomen, back, arms and legs. The spots are pale - pink color, skin lesions in heavily shelled. This zoster in children has symptoms similar to the disease in red lichen, but in this case the spots begin to peel it from the middle of the lesion. This feature is the main diagnostic feature pink lichen. At the beginning of the disease there is one great spot at the edges of which are beginning to appear more and more, smaller, lesions of the skin.

The nature of the disease in this type of lichen, usually has an infectious or allergic form. The infectious form is very contagious, so all contacts of the child is an urgent need to stop. Also, the child must have a personal comb, towel and kitchen utensils.

Treatment of pink depriving children does not take long, however, should be under medical supervision and only those drugs that appointed it. Too many parents do quite recklessly: go to the drugstore and bought first caught the eye ointment depriving children. However, a tool that helps with fine red or multi-colored lichen, in this case, not only does not help, and even can cause significant deterioration of the child. That is why it is so important to use only the ointment by depriving children who are assigned a doctor and bring relief.


 zoster in children treated

If the doctor suspects herpes zoster in children treatment will begin immediately and is very intense, as this form of depriving the most severe and can lead to very adverse complications. It is also important to note that herpes zoster is very rare in children.

The origin of herpes zoster is not the slightest doubt. The disease is caused by viruses. Most often the disease appears in the autumn - spring period. The reason is this: the virus can enter the human body at any time and for a long period of time is absolutely no way to express themselves. And in the autumn - spring period the immune system in most of the people is weakened and therefore not able to suppress the virus is available in the body, which is activated and begins its rapid development.

Unfortunately, this type of treatment depriving give in bad, and in most cases completely cure it is simply impossible. Medications only suppress its activity and the virus back into a "sleep" state. And at the slightest weakening of the immune system, he will not hesitate to make itself felt.

In case of illness a sick child may complain of fever and severe headache, high fever often. After a short time over the whole body of the patient, without strict localization, there are red spots with liquid contents, which can cause pain. And the weaker the immune system, the greater the lesion.

Parents in any case can not hesitate and decide what self-treat ringworm in children. At the first sign of the disease is an urgent need to seek medical help from a doctor - dermatologist.

Treatment depriving folk remedies

 than to treat ringworm of the child
 Very often parents find zoster in children treated with folk remedies considered almost a panacea. However, as already stated above, the symptoms of zoster in children can be very diverse. Sometimes even an experienced doctor with years of experience difficult to do so, focusing only on the external signs denying having children. Sometimes accurate diagnosis requires laboratory examination of scrapings from the skin. And only after receipt of all required data the doctor will decide how to cure ringworm in children.

However, there are a few simple rules that facilitate the task of parents, how to cure ringworm in children.

  • During the disease need to stop taking baths, as this could provoke an even greater area of ​​skin lesions. Taking a bath is recommended to replace at short showering.
  • Another secret of how to get zoster in a child is the right choice of clothes during the illness of the baby. As mentioned above, the warm and humid climate is the ideal environment for intensive disease progression. And by synthetic clothing created just such a climate, so all clothing should be made of natural cotton material that quickly absorb perspiration. Also - this is a great prevention of zoster in children.
  • Also, in order to bring successfully deprive the child must be in the summer to limit the daily walks. This measure is due to the fact that sick children should avoid contact with the affected areas of skin to direct sunlight. Bring a walk on the morning or evening. If, however, you are faced with an urgent need to come up with a child on the street during the day, make sure that all the lesions were covered with clothes.
  • If your child is sweating a lot, especially in the summer, you can help the next simple way: dissolve in one liter of water 100 grams of most ordinary table salt and wipe the child from head to toe. Wipe impossible, it is necessary to dry the child alone.