Overview of iron with a steam generator

Professional 5 Bar - this quality iron with a steam generator, which is able to make life easier for every woman. This professional ironing machines equipped with the boiler (steam generator), where high pressure converts water into superheated steam. In this tissue are smoothed quickly and easily.

To use the iron and the steam generator is not necessary to have additional skills. The entire process, from connecting the equipment to the network until the end of ironing, as simple as possible and does not cause difficulties even for those who are hard-versed in technology updates.

To begin, it is necessary in the boiler, a stainless steel one liter of water to fill and close the safety cap. Within seconds, the liquid will heat up and comes out under pressure in the form of steam. Special funnel completely eliminates the risk of spilling water during filling device.

The iron is made by pressing the dedicated buttons - heating boiler and turn on the power. After pressing the power button will light control light (located on the handle of the appliance) and power indicator (located on the steam generator control panel). After that you should press the heating boiler. As a result, the steam generator will start to heat up quickly. Once the image is the right amount of steam desired temperature, steam ready indicator lights. You can start ironing.

 Overview of iron with a steam generator

Continuing review of the iron to the steam generator, it should be noted that it is made in a very elegant and modern style. The platform is made of aluminum treated with heavy-duty non-stick coating. It ensures gentle and safe ironing and does not allow for scaling. Therefore, if you decide buy iron and steam generator You do not have to buy an additional Teflon nozzle.

The sole of the device has the special labyrinth with heating elements, which performs the function of transmitting steam. With this design, the temperature of hot air on the way to matter always remains constant, which is very important for effective ironing.

Users can adjust the temperature mode of heating buck platform. Minimum temperature suitable for very thin and synthetic fabrics. If steaming is carried articles in an upright position, one should choose the maximum mode. Installing the controller at "par" is versatile and suitable for almost any ironing clothes.

The steam is not supplied continuously. Its management is available by pressing the steam. It can be fixed to smooth the output of steam press or periodically when the need arises.

The cable unit is on a separate rack. Himself iron can be put on the stand that comes with it. (Reviews of Iron with steam generator)

As soon as the evolution of steam stop, switch off the appliance, open the lid, pour in the new portion of the boiler water and turn on the iron again. Since steam generator has to be hot, then start ironing can be immediately, without waiting until the platform is hot.

To make filling the steam generator water very rarely, because its volume is large enough - allows ironed 3-4 washing without interruption.

As soon as the Bar Professional 5 will do the trick, lock it in a special case, then do not have to wait until it cools down and you can immediately remove it for storage.

Iron with steam generator can be used for conventional dry ironing. You do not need to include the steam button, which is located on the handle.

Vertical ironing does not cause difficulties for Professional 5 Bar. A strong jet of hot steam effectively smoothes suspended products, so they can be ironed without removing from the hangers. This applies to the curtains, curtains. As a result, the product will be perfectly smooth, and of the odors will be over. After processing dented fur at a distance of thirty centimeters of iron with a steam generator, you can give him a second life.

Advantages of Professional 5 Bar

The main advantages of the iron, it stands out against the background of an analog equipment, include:

  1. Fashionable and elegant design (metal housing specially treated durable paint).
  2. The boiler made of steel, so are not affected by external negative factors. He was not afraid of corrosion, temperature extremes and pressure.
  3. The volume of the steam generator 1, of 2 liters. This enables ironed three or four washing without stopping for a second.
  4. Topping up a new portion of water takes very little time and is as simple manipulation (due to the special funnel).
  5. Very high pressure (5 bar), created in the sole Professional 5 Bar, makes it possible to strip the product in an upright position and quick to iron laminates.
  6. The presence of the sole aluminum with non-stick coating, the interior of which is designed as a labyrinth. Possibility of additional heating steam to the level of one hundred and sixty degrees.
  7. Reliable fixation on the body. Easy to carry and the ability to remove the hot appliance for storage, without having to wait until it cools down.
  8. The LED is a hot platform.
  9. It allows you to remove odors and refresh clothing.
  10. It can be used to "raise" fur.
 Review of Professional iron with a steam generator 5 Bar

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 how to choose aerogrill

Today aerogrill can be called a miracle appliances. This is no exaggeration, because this device combines the functions of several kitchen appliances - hob, oven, grill, deep fryer, microwave oven, toaster, Barbecues, Smokehouse, steamers and even a Russian stove. Do not believe? Let us then try to figure out what it is and how to choose aerogrill among many of the models.

Aerogrill appeared in the mid-eighties of the last century in the United States. This name is the appliance was because cooking it is produced by a flow of hot air. Furthermore, it is possible to prepare grill. We aerogrill not yet received a special distribution. Buyers alarming advertised versatility and they are looking for a new device with apprehension.

But manufacturers argue that aerogrill prepares tasty and wholesome food. At the same time Aerogrill can cook several dishes.

  • streams of heated air excess fat drips out of the products, thereby reducing their caloric value;
  • maximally preserved nutrients and vitamins;
  • cooking process is solely due to the hot air; in this device there is no way in a microwave of the microwave radiation;
  • Aerogrill meals can be prepared without the use of oil, and therefore, in the food are not formed carcinogens.

  Wonder design

Before you choose a aerogrill, you need to understand what this device is, how it works. Externally aerogrill is a transparent cylindrical container of heat-resistant glass, which is mounted on a special stand made of plastic, which protects the table from contact with the hot working tool. Top aerogrill closed lid, which is quite impressive - it is the weight of 2, 5 kg. Such a large weight is formed due to the fact that the cover is outside the control panel and secured inside the heating element and fan.

The heating element is of two types - or halogen heaters. In the first case the heating is carried out faster. Fans also differ in the number of speeds. Models simpler rate of only one, and the "advanced" may be up to three. And it should be noted that the more these speeds, the greater your chances and range of dishes that you can prepare in Aerogrill.

Inside aerogrill can accommodate trays and racks, thus obtaining up to three levels for the preparation of several dishes. But keep in mind that advertising, which claims that the odors do not mix Aerogrill, disingenuous. Aromas certainly unite. Therefore it is necessary to correctly choose the products that you will cook together. It is not necessary, for example, to prepare both fish and pies, but the chicken and potatoes - no problem.

Moreover, while the preparation of various food products should be selected which require cooking identical temperature conditions. The cooking time has no special role. Cooked just before the product can be removed when needed.

In Aerogrill usually included is net pan for steaming three lattice shell - magnifying ring which is put on the flask, to add volume, four skewers and curling-tongs.


  1. You can cook it a variety of dishes.
  2. In Aerogrill can cook without oil, and therefore, you are guaranteed a dietary and healthy food.
  3. The presence of several levels which are trays and grilles, lets you cook several dishes at once, which greatly save you time.


  1. Glass body aerogrill very hot - almost to the cooking temperature, so be careful of the housing can be seriously burned.
  2. Power aerogrill have not small, but the cooking time - decent. This can seriously affect your electric bill.

 choose aerogrill

Cooking in aerogrill

The cooking process is very simple. In aerogrill laid products, the cover is closed and the process has begun. Depending on what you need to prepare a set temperature, which can vary from 65 ° C to 260 ° C, exhibiting speed and the rotation of the fan.

The heating element provides the predetermined temperature and the fan - convection hot air flask. Thanks to this dish is heated evenly on all sides. This can be compared, for example, with a grill, where such browning is performed on rotating spits over the heating elements or microwave, where the microwaves reflected from the walls of the inner chamber.

Secrets of "communication"

Working with aerogrill, you must know and remember several points:

  • it laid too close to each other products is not necessary;
  • air must circulate freely between the products - the distance between them should be not less than three centimeters, and between the products and the walls of the grill - more than one and a half centimeters;
  • lattice foods cook faster;
  • for cooking Aerogrill fits any heat-resistant dishes, which can withstand temperatures up to 280 °, including the usual pots and pans;
  • finished dish should be removed tongs, which are included aerogrill;
  • If you open the lid during cooking aerogrill off automatically - it only turns on after the cover is closed again;
  • cooking time - within one hour, for example, chicken cooked in a grill therein about forty minutes;
  • aerogrill flask made of safety glass, but careless handling can break it.

  Features aerogrill

For those who want to choose a aerogrill, an important question that it is possible to prepare .  Manufacturers claim that the possibility of his endless and Aerogrill can cook almost anything - from soup to dessert .  For example, if you take the meat products, with the help aerogrill they can extinguish or prokoptit, barbequing, ham .  Of course, this will not be the barbecue that you cook on the grill, but it will be real roasted kebabs .  The only thing they will be different - there will be a characteristic smell of smoke .  Smoking also only vaguely reminiscent of the moment, although Aerogrill You can add chips or preparation for smoking, which will give the desired smoke .  In addition, aerogrill can fry fish, cook porridge, soup, bake pizza and cook a lot of different dishes .  It is even possible to make a dessert - cakes, jam, meringue, etc. .  A good helper, he will help you in the preservation of food - it is very convenient to sterilize the jars .

The device can largely replace the microwave - it is possible to defrost food or reheat food. However, in the microwave you can do it faster, but if you did not, then you replace it aerogrill. It should be noted that not all models are as versatile as they are described in the advertisement. Not every model can be prepared in a wide range of dishes.

If you are interested in how the aerogrill how to choose it, which affects his ability, then you should know that they are directly dependent on the number of fan speeds .  In Aerogrill at the same speed, you can easily cook a simple dish - porridge, soup, grilled chicken, fried potatoes, etc. .  The three-speed devices, which have a low, medium and high fan speed can be extinguished, smoke products, cook mulled wine, meringue, yoghurt, pastries and more .  In the most advanced models, there is a wide range of temperature conditions - up to nine, variable speed convection, and the operation indicator .  Features such aerogrill very high .  But I must admit that as the owners claim aerogrill, pies in the oven obtained still better .  However, aerogrill not created to compete with it .  Rather, it can substitute a small kitchen appliances such as a cooker, microwave, toaster, and the like .  In addition, such dishes where you want to lay the products in stages, easier to cook on the stove .  For example, rice porridge cooked in aerogrill can and semolina - will not work .

When you start working with aerogrill, you have to adapt to working with him to learn how to choose the right temperature and fan speed. And then you can quickly and seamlessly to cook healthy and tasty meals.

 how to choose aerogrill


Before you choose aerogrill should examine its specifications. Dimensions had small - up to half a meter in height and forty centimeters in diameter. Since complete aerogrill ring is increased, the volume flask indicated in two sizes. The cover can be hinged device, fastened on a bracket or removable. The hinged lid is provided with a shock absorber in case if it is accidentally closed. Cover bracket safer and more convenient in operation.

All models are equipped with a timer, but in some models, more sophisticated, there is a delay timer and cooking, which is a very handy feature. You can advance to lay the needed products and set the timer for a certain time. To return to your main dish will be ready. Same thing with the heating.

Almost all models are equipped with self-cleaning function aerogrill. Special coating ensures it. To do this, pour the detergent and water in a flask, turn on the machine, and after a certain time, which is indicated in the data sheet, aerogrill will be clean. But, nevertheless, it periodically still have to be washed by hand. In this case, please keep it from accidental bumps, because, as mentioned above, though shockproof glass, but dropping and hitting the flask is not necessary - it can crack. You can wash the flask in the dishwasher.

Aerogrill very handy kitchen appliance. Its innovative features greatly ease your life and save your time. Model selection depends only on what you are going to cook Aerogrill, as well as on your financial capabilities.

 Aerodelikatesy, or how to choose aerogrill