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Every woman is prone to experimentation, change its image and knowledge of anything unusual and untypical for her. Especially such desires appear when the ladies in your life comes a critical moment, and there is a need to upgrade, to throw off all the old and usher in a new era. Then the girls are fundamentally changing their usual style: doing haircut, repaint the hair is completely updated wardrobe. The new image - it's a completely different woman in the shower, too, which was a change. Lady becomes more self-confident, strong, proud, she has a sense of their own beauty.

Transformation of retro style

Today, increasingly popular retro style clothing, filled the echoes of the past. But it's not just clothes from my grandmother's trunk - a special mood that appears when you try on this image. It is not possible to designate some specific things or trends. It is appropriate to talk about specific time frames, which were characterized by different details in the clothes.

Thus, in the 20s there was an atmosphere in society emancipation. The ladies wanted to get as close to the image of man, defending his belief that all people, regardless of gender, are equal. On the women stated their beliefs through the clothing they wore shirts and suits, short hair cut and wore a hat. Also it was in fashion dresses with low waist and wide skirt. Bright representatives of retro style - Marlene Dietrich and Lilya Brik.

However, over time female image becomes more elegant and refined. Designers 30s dress the fair half of mankind in gorgeous dresses that favorably emphasize every curve shape, wide skirt with a narrow waistline. In fashion, includes stockings with arrows, and pumps with high heels. All these attributes give the female wardrobe ladies sexuality and make them objects of male desire. Girls are no longer fighting for the equality of the sexes, now their main weapon - weakness, beauty, ability to seduce and flirt, and they skillfully use it.

The war was reflected not only in the lives of people, but also left a mark on their clothing style. In the late 40's and early 50's in fashion shades military, but their appearance - not the idea of ​​designers, but rather the need for practicality. The main slogan of the time is the modesty and restraint. In place of high heels just have comfortable shoes, dress for the most part moderate length just below the knee. The same puritan simplicity of different hairstyles and make-up ladies. However, the great Christian Dior, a revolution in the fashion world, brings new trend - bright, flashy, and at the same time feminine image. Now the girls clothed in dresses are tight at the waist, and skirts over knee length. There are accessories such as gloves to the elbow, small bags, similar to modern clutches, elegant wide-brimmed hats and patent leather straps.

In the 70s-80s were designated two very different, but certainly the brightest direction. The first - a style in which the lady sought to emphasize their sexuality and femininity. This image appeared inimitable Brigitte Bardot. Built fashionistas burst with bright flowered dresses, polka dots and a cage with a stand-up collar, or bare backs. The girls began to wear large frame glasses in bright, color tie elegant scarves, scarves. In vogue mini and maxi dresses, wide flared pants with free belt, which fell from the waist to the hips.

The second direction is fundamentally contrary to the first - the hippie clothes that challenge the society and rooted in its traditions. Women wore tight ripped jeans, different colored jerseys and T-shirts, scarves and suede shoes.

Styles of clothing and accessories of these periods in some way reflected in modern fashion that has full democratic. Every girl that owns a sense of taste and able to combine even seemingly incongruous things, be able to combine the retro elements of today's dresses and look stunning at the same time.

 retro style clothing

Modern clothes in retro style

Today's fashion is not exactly repeating motifs of the past and does not copy the retro style of the time, however, it uses some of the details of the past decades and introduces its new solutions. Thus, in fashionistas wardrobes returned the following elements: lace trim, embroidery, wedges on skirts, ruffles on dresses and sundresses, gold hardware and silver threads. A specific set of materials from which you can create a dress in a retro style, does not exist. In this case, the main thing - your imagination and the imagination, and the spirit of the time, you would like to recreate.

The key elements of the romantic retro - style include:

  • flying, light and gently enveloping shape transparent and translucent fabrics. This could be chiffon or silk, thin jersey or wool, elegant lace. As for the color of the future dress, then give preference to pastel, muted and lighter shades, possible medium-sized floral pattern. Dark and dramatic tone prohibited, should also avoid strict and angular ornaments;
  • semifitted and form-fitting silhouettes that emphasize the beauty of the female figure and focus on its merits;
  • elements such as ruffles, bows, ruffles, lace inserts, flounces, frills on the cuffs and blouses made of lace, satin or velvet;
  • the combination of large and small volumes, as well as rough and gentle, such as a close fitting bodice and wide skirt, translucent blouses flying with simple jeans;
  • draping on the chest, waist, hem dress or skirt in tandem with decorative buttons or unusual brooch.

For clothes, made in retro suit of clothes of different colors. Particular attention should be paid to the bright dresses, skirts or suits: pink, red, blue, patterned with polka dots or a cell flowered. Fabric for your dress can be any: nylon or satin, silk, velvet or crimplene, crepe de chine, or nylon. All of this will be in harmony with the image of a retro diva.

Today, many designers offer to buy the girls' ticket to the past. " For example, in the collections of Donna Karan, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Prada and others dominated by the graceful and elegant miniature bags, envelopes, stylish, long gloves to the elbow, wide patent leather belts, sunglasses and accessories in various designs. Tall, slender models paced the catwalk in wide-brimmed hats. Therefore, if you choose this season to try on the retro style, refer to the works of famous fashion designers. Also, do not forget that a mandatory attribute of the image is on a massive platform shoes. Also, stylists recommend to diversify your wardrobe faded jeans and vests with metal zippers and buttons, jackets with unusually high shoulders, epaulettes decorated with embroidery and stones, as well as mini-skirts.

 beautiful retro style of

Putting retro - Closet

So, we hope that the above tips help you to understand what is the retro style. Therefore, if you decide to change your image, choose the basic things that should be available in your new wardrobe. To do this, follow some of the recommendations:

  • choosing a blouse, look for a model with a bow on the collar - this detail will help to underline the retro look. Preferably, the product has been sewn from fabric in large or small peas;
  • buy a pencil skirt, preferably with a high waistline - it sits perfectly on a slender girl, and the full ladies, helping to hide figure flaws and hand it to narrow;
  • Shoes must be either high heels or a heavy platform. Do not overlook always current pumps;
  • a mandatory attribute of a retro wardrobe - dress with a wide skirt and belt. This model is advantageous to accentuate your chest and, if necessary, make a figure slimmer visually. It should be neither too long nor short, the best option - a little below the knee;
  • respect of outerwear, it should opt for trapeze coat of any color: red, black, white or other suitable shade you.

No image is not complete without the relevant accessories, because they give it complete. Therefore, buy the necessary accessories - it can be a thin belt, sunglasses, bright colored butterflies in frame, a small handbag matched in tone to the clothes a hoop for hair. We hope that your transformation will be possible! The main thing - love yourself, and then no matter what clothes you go there, your persona will always be in the spotlight.

 Retro-style clothing

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 how to choose clothes for the type of figure

  • The three golden rules of selection of clothes
  • Properties of individual elements of clothes
  • Type "inverted triangle"
  • Type "box"
  • Type "hourglass"
  • Type "pear"
  • Type "apple"

Even the girl with perfect proportions need to think about what things to choose to create an image. And it's not only in the combination of colors and styles, but also in the harmony of lines and shapes. It is imperative to choose clothes for the right type of figure that only emphasized the beauty. Well, if the proportions are not perfect, for example, there is an imbalance between the bottom and the top, this issue should be given dual attention. Well-chosen clothes will emphasize the dignity of the figure and be sure to hide its flaws. Ideally suited to the image of things to attract attention to grace the shoulders, make more slender waist, and all the twists - more exciting. But, of course, for this you need to give preference to things, guided by certain considerations.

The three golden rules of selection of clothes

  1. If you are not too narrow waist, do not try to increase it even more. Things horizontal stripes can be included in your way, but it should not be items of clothing "below the belt", ie, skirts, pants and so on. Remember that clothing with a pattern visually increases thigh.
  2. Try to pick things that will focus on your "strong" areas - on the chest, waist, thighs or buttocks. This will help smooth out the disadvantages of visual (unless, of course, they are), and generally improve the image.
  3. Things that look baggy, concealing everything lines of your figure, do not need to choose. They did not bring the desired effect - only visually add you a few extra kilos.

Properties of individual elements of clothes

Now we want to tell you on what help to emphasize certain items of costume. Armed with this knowledge, you can make your costume just perfect, that is, emphasizing only dignity.

  • Jacket - its soft neckline draws attention to the chest, the length below the waist highlights the hips.
  • Blouses - "neutral" article of clothing, which should be chosen simply on the figure.
  • Top - the stronger its recess, the greater emphasis is placed on the chest.
  • Skirt - her slim waist with a wide belt, cut it narrowed visually increases the length of the legs.
  • Coats - need only form-fitting models as they make a figure slimmer.
  • "Women's" jeans and pants with low waist - do hip slimmer and longer legs.
  • Tight-fitting dress with American armholes - emphasize the breasts, enhance the overall image of sexuality.

About some things we have already written, now let's look at the different types of figures in general. We'll show you how to create images according to its constitution, growth and other parameters. Let's see what things are worth to wear, what article of clothing is best to give preference.

 Clothing-type figure

Type "inverted triangle"

It's somewhat masculine figure - with broad shoulders and narrow hips. She's athletic, but her owner can be a big chest. A striking example of a woman with the proportions of the "inverted triangle" - is Salma Hayek. And the best one for this figure is a dress with a-line. It is also a good choice to be a blouse with a neckline brave enough (if large breasts) V-shaped type. But it should not be Shoulders, wide collar with lace sleeves flashlight - essential simplicity. If we talk about jewelry, it is necessary to complement the image of chains or pendants, which are those accessories that are "stretched" lines and silhouettes.

 choose clothes for the type of figure

Type "box"

This androgynous figure, that is, teenagers, with little difference between the hips, waist and shoulders. It is often referred to as being not feminine, but it is not so: Emma Watson is the owner of such proportions, and yet she is considered one of the sexiest in the world. And all because she is able to choose of clothes for the image: the lack of exciting twists and fills it forms large parts to suit a lot of decor, draperies. Girls with a figure of this type should follow the example of Emma Watson and choose short voluminous skirts, dresses decorated with collars and / or puffy sleeves.

In his collections of designers paid "rectangle" quite a lot of attention. Same Phillip Lim offers girls the figure of an androgynous type of wear dresses with wide belts that accentuate the waist and zippers that increase hip and prints a horizontal pattern, adds volume. ACNE calls to opt sloping vests and multilayer boards. Home Alberta Ferretti offers add volume with the help of belts and air along with a contrasting pattern. And Alexander McQueen focuses on glamor and complex structures: to bulk sleeves, wide skirts, lush fur.

 beautiful clothes for the type of figure

Type "hourglass"

It stressed sexy and feminine figure, always attracts the attention of men - it is all a happy owner. To see this, just look at socialite Kim Kardashian. However, if a girl with the proportions of "hourglass" wants even more highlight its advantages, it is required to wear a tight-fitting dress with a deep neckline. Of course, trim and decor on such clothes should be at a minimum - nothing should detract from the silhouette.

Fashion designers paid "hourglass" sufficient attention, including the decision to them in virtually all of its collection. So, Zac Posen offers dresses with pleated neckline area, looking solemn and stylish. Erdem emphasized the narrow tops, lush skirts below the knee and middle zones. Bottega Veneta glorifies trends pencil skirts and jackets right. And Haider Ackermann advises fashionistas to choose dark pantsuits combined with a smooth coat.

 the right clothes for the type of figure

Type "pear"

This figure is also called the "triangle": owners of her broad hips and rather narrow shoulders. Look at Beyonce - she was such proportions, and it looks very tempting, because it is able to pick up clothes. Girls with the figure of the "pear" simply can not wear tight-fitting skirt. But they need to buy the A-line dress, smoothing the bottom to the top of the discrepancy and emphasize the waist. Preference is to give models with full sleeves, but without decoration and too deep cuts.

Let's look at that for "pears" offers designers, especially because a lot of interesting solutions. Donna Karan prefers flowing skirts and strapless plyat top, V-neck, that is, methods, balancing figure. Christopher Kane emphasizes the shoulders and chest by a geometric shape tops, "rises" up the look of the one who looks at you. Jil Sander delight fashionistas airy dress with elegant cuts on the shoulders, combined with a bulky coat. And designers Balenciaga bet on one thing - the white skirt, distracting their attention from the simplicity of the lower part of the figure.

 how to choose clothes for the type of figure

Type "apple"

This figure have a plump girl who usually sloping shoulders - Jennifer Hudson is the best example. Girls with such a figure is better to wear simple dresses or stuff with multilayer baggy top and bottom. It is necessary to choose outfits with vertical seams, décor on the bodice, deep neckline. If you wear a dress, semiadherent, with bare shoulders and belt, but without frills and other bulky items.

Designers paid "apple" a lot of attention, presenting their collections in a variety of clothing for this type of figure. Piazza Sempione offers pleated dresses and skirts, and tight belts emphasis on the waist. MCQ happy jacket deliberately large pockets and a V-neck, accentuating the hips. Carven elevated to a combination of trend shorts and blouses, where the top is lighter bottom. A Thakoon prefer close-fitting jacket and tapered skirts above the knee.

As you can see, to make a choice is not a problem - you just follow the above advice and take into account the decisions of design houses. By doing so, any girl with a figure like "apple", "pear", "triangle", "hourglass" or "rectangle" will be able to find the perfect things for themselves. There is a huge number of trends, so knowing how to choose clothes for the type of shape, you can easily create a flawless look, emphasizing all the advantages and correct accents.

 How to choose the type of clothing the figures correctly and quickly

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