Resumption of sexual activity after childbirth

When can I start having sex, you can tell a doctor after a thorough inspection. Impatient husband often forced women to have sexual intercourse too early, sometimes even in the 1st month after childbirth. Not only that the woman has not experienced in this period of desire sexual intimacy, it can hurt her, cause inflammation of the genital organs because of infection. Therefore, until the disappearance of the effects of giving birth to resume sexual activity is impossible.

But you must prepare for it. After birth, the vagina covers the penis is not as tight as before. Therefore, starting from the 10th day, it is recommended to perform exercises that help strengthen the muscles of its walls: 10-20 times a day compressive strengths of the vagina as if want to crack a nut, and after some time relax the muscles. Not all women know this exercise, or they do not know how to do it. During the first inspection after childbirth doctor can explain to them how to carry it out. At manual inspection, he asks a woman to compress the vagina and determines the force with which it is able to do it. Exercise should be done every day, and once a month to check the compressive force with the fingers. Two fingers are inserted into the vagina and it is compressed. Through exercises the vagina much faster returns to its normal state.

A woman who devoted herself to postpartum newborn, first with difficulty resuming full sexual intercourse with her husband. It's not just that she had for some time been reduced response to sexual stimulation. Subconsciously, her attention fully directed to the child. His every movement, whimper or cry distract her from her husband. In addition, quite often the seam, imposed after the rupture or dissection of the perineum, making intercourse painful. Therefore, the restoration of normal sexual relations, much depends on her husband - his attention and affection. Fulfilling sexual life can interfere with and fear of unwanted pregnancy. We advise you at the first consultation visit to ask the doctor to choose a contraceptive that would come to you.

It is believed that the woman is not able to conceive as long as breastfeeding. However, this is only partially true, and many women have paid for their faith in such a rule is not absolute. Reliably protect against pregnancy during breastfeeding can only use contraceptives.

After delivery, ovulation precedes the first menstrual period, and it is possible to conceive before the recovery of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, when mixed and artificial feeding almost immediately after the birth to take care of the choice of contraceptives.

But as long as the recovery period lasts for a woman, the wife is better to abandon the classical sex. This is due to the fact that after giving birth inside of the uterus is very vulnerable and its healing is only 6-8 weeks after birth. Therefore, it must be protected from the various pins, to prevent infectious diseases.

If you decide to safer use contraceptives during breastfeeding, the note will not affect whether they are on the production of milk and is not harmful to the child. Such requirements are met barrier methods of contraception, spermietsidy ("Pharmatex"), intrauterine device. Hormonal contraceptives also negatively affect milk production, so they can not be used.

To select the most effective method of protection, it is necessary to consult with your gynecologist. The doctor will inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of contraception and can recommend the most appropriate (in this case the doctor must take into account factors such as your health and tolerance of certain medicines, the number of children in the family, financial status).

 Resumption of sexual activity after childbirth

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 How to become beautiful again after giving birth?

Here we give a few tips to help you be healthy, cheerful, maintain normal lactation, thus ensuring the health of their child.

The first thing that you need to be sure it was a dream. If your child is very restless, ask her husband to replace you as a night nurse at least every second day, giving you the ability to sleep. If the baby normally sleeps at night and you do not need to sleep with him in the afternoon, do not expose the wheelchair to a balcony or a loggia with a sleeping child, and if you can pull the stroller on the street, make sure you try to walk with the child themselves. All the affairs of the house you would not alter in while the baby sleeps, but the movement and fresh air add to you strength, energy, health and good mood.

A woman should always be a woman, and when she is expecting a child, and even more so when she became a mother.

Body care

 body care after birth

First of all, do not forget about personal hygiene. After delivery, enhanced sweating. And so it is necessary to wash more often and more thoroughly than ever before, at least twice a day under a warm shower. The water should be warm - 34-35 ° C. Taking a shower, rub the body with a towel - it accelerates blood circulation, improves mood. You can use a deodorant. After 6-8 weeks, allowed to take a bath for 15-20 minutes, but not too hot. Baths of decoction of herbs and flowers have a therapeutic effect, raised the overall tone, improve mood, increase blood circulation and metabolism.

Prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs at home is not difficult: 1 kg of chopped fresh herbs or 300 grams of dry pour 3-4 liters of cold water, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 5 minutes. 10 minutes after removing from the heat the solution is filtered through two layers of cheesecloth and added to the water in the bath.

Here are a few recipes for herbal baths:

  • Restorative and stimulating effect have a bath with a decoction of a mixture of chamomile (4 parts), sea buckthorn (5 parts), horsetail (3 parts), pine needles (12 pieces), birch leaves (5 pieces), nettle (3 parts), mother s stepmother (6 pieces), strawberry leaves (6 pieces).
  • Well cleanses the skin, removes unpleasant smell, reduces sweating bath with a decoction of a mixture of birch leaves, St. John's wort, raspberry, mint, mountain ash, sage, oak bark, yarrow, cranberries, rose petals, taken in equal parts.
  • Bath with a decoction of a mixture of linden flowers (1 part), currant leaves (2 parts), peppermint (3 parts), hops (1 part), chamomile (3 parts), series (part 1), horsetail (1 part) is recommended for dry skin. It softens the skin and gives it elasticity.
  • For oily skin prone to acne and acne, useful mix of plantain (part 1), calendula (2 parts), St. John's wort (1 part), thyme (2 parts), chamomile (1 part), juniper (part 1). Baths of decoction of fern is particularly recommended for women whose skin on the abdomen, breasts, hips after pregnancy and childbirth has lost elasticity.
  • Not bad 1-2 times a month to take salt cleansing the skin of the body. Mix 350 g of sodium chloride at 0, 5 cups of cream. Using a cotton swab or sponge circular movements mass rub into the skin. Be particularly careful to rub dead skin areas - elbows, knees, feet. Rinse first with hot shower, and then cool water. Lightly pat the body with a towel and still damp skin, apply a nourishing cream.

Bathe and swim in flowing water, a lake or the sea can be provided if the water is warm enough and clean. Refreshing moderate swimming is always helpful for the woman.

Hand Care

Hand care must be taken apart. A baby's skin is tender, sensitive and very vulnerable, it is easy to infect. Therefore, wash your hands with hot soapy water and clean the nails by a special brush. Be sure to do this each time before feeding the baby and before eating. Pay attention to the condition of nails: long, they will only hinder you, break off, and you can scratch them children. With nail files periodically to give them the desired shape. It is advisable to do a manicure, but to cover the nail varnish is not necessary because it is unlikely to hold due to frequent washings.

If the skin on the hands become dry and the nails started to break down, do 1-2 times a week baths for hands: from the warm vegetable oil with vitamin A, 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of lemon juice; from sea or salt; glycerine (2 liters of water was added 1 tablespoon of glycerin and 1 teaspoon of ammonia); with soda (50 g per 1 liter of water). After the bath wet hands grease greasy cream and massage, then remove excess cream with a paper towel. Do not throw squeezed lemon or cucumber peel on - wipe their hands. A good therapeutic effect provides regular rubbing into the nail plate and cuticles around a special cream for nails with bioactive multivitamin concentrates. The nails are strengthened, restored their color and shine.

Foot Care

 foot care after birth

When a woman in the house of a small child, spends most of the day on their feet. It can expand the veins of the lower extremities, develop flat feet. If you first wore shoes with high heels, and now have moved exclusively to house slippers with a flat sole, it is almost certain you have sore calf muscles, posture changed, appeared flat. Maybe you should wear slippers wedges, and going outside wear-resistant comfortable high-heeled shoes. So you'll be less tired.

In addition to daily washing, massaging the legs can be hard with a towel from the foot up, foot and strong, and the knees and hips - weaker. Women with dilated veins in the legs and with pronounced nodes to massage without the permission of a doctor can not. For the prevention of varicose veins is recommended several times a day to lie down with feet elevated for 15-20 minutes. When the venous knots rest should be extended to 30-45 minutes. If you have a long-term swelling and dilated veins in the legs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

When the legs are buzzing with fatigue, do a foot bath infusion of mint, hemp, and elderberry, well it add broth chamomile, mint, mother and stepmother. After the bath, lubricate the legs cream - it has a soothing, antiseptic, deodorant and wound-healing effect. When coarsening and cracks on the heels daily for the night make soda baths, and at Athlete's Foot bath of broth oak bark, sage and nettle.

Before going to bed is useful to stretch and massage the feet to remove them from power. You can do this with a husband or yourself. It helps and this exercise: for a few minutes to raise your toes off the floor handkerchief or pencil and lowered again. It is advisable at least once a month to do a pedicure, then your legs will look even more beautiful and tidy.

Face Care

 facial care after birth

Unfortunately, many women find that care for the skin of the face and neck can only be visiting beauty salons .  Since postpartum women have mostly stay at home, then all the worries about his face they lay "for later", believing that now the main thing for them - it is a child, and nothing else .  Sometimes women hide behind this "philosophy" to justify their inability to organize daily routine and your life .  It postpartum hormonal changes a woman and many physiological processes may be different amount of subcutaneous fat .  Breastfeeding women lose a lot of breast milk proteins, mineral salts and water often enough sleep .  Increased physical and psychological pressure on her body, dramatically changed mode of the day and life stereotype .  All this may lead to a reduction in elasticity of skin elasticity and the appearance of dryness and wrinkles .  But hygiene and preventive care for face and neck requires a very small amount of time: 5-10 minutes in the morning and 10-15 minutes in the evening .  General principles of skin care routine is always the same and does not depend on the type of skin .  This cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection .

Sometimes women spend a lot of time, effort and money to buy imported a miracle remedy for skin care. And at the same time throw the remains of organic food, which is much more beneficial for the skin than any "overseas" means.

So, in the morning you woke up and started to prepare breakfast. Look around: you are surrounded by beautiful pantry cosmetics. Do not rush to wash the jar or bottle of mayonnaise or honey, yogurt or sour, throw the box out of sour cream or cottage cheese - on their walls remains a sufficient amount of product for the cosmetic mask. Hold it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and massage your hands for 1-2 minutes or towel (tapping) the skin under the chin. Rinse your face with cold water, better boiled. On wet skin, apply a cream according to your skin type. After 2-3 minutes, remove the excess cream with a tissue or towel. All of these procedures can be performed "in between times", not giving them any special time.

A make-up? "What is there to make a baby? - Answer a lot of women. - And before something did not have time to do it! ". We recommend that women who used birth to decorative cosmetics, make-up and now, but lighter and less noticeable. Lightly touch up eyes and lips, apply a light shade and a light blush. Apparently, it is inappropriate at this time to use creams that cover the skin pores, strengthen the sweat on his face. In addition, the sharp smell of the cream, as well as perfume, can irritate your baby's sense of smell.

For evening cleanse oily skin can simply wash with soap and water. If you have dry skin, use a lotion or milky lotion. Then apply a nourishing cream on the face, which the excess in 5-10 minutes, remove the cloth. Do not leave on the face of a thick layer of cream at night. It acts as a hot compress, difficult breathing and excretory function of the skin.

During pregnancy, often on the forehead and cheeks appear brown spots chloasma. Especially prone to this woman, who have a lot of freckles. Chloasma usually disappear after childbirth. However, if they are not completely discolored, use special whitening cosmetics can not, they have medicinal supplements that mother's milk pass into the baby's body. At this time, to remove these stains can be used only natural products.

  • Have good whitening effect mask from the juice of fresh berries: cranberry, red and black currants. Cloth moistened with berry juice, soak the skin for 10 minutes, then soak the cloth again and repeat the procedure. Mashed unripe berries can be mixed with 1 teaspoon honey and make a mask for 30 minutes and then moisten the skin with diluted lemon juice. For oily skin, freshly prepared cranberry juice mix with beaten egg white (1: 1) and apply to the face. Duration mask 30 minutes.
  • Help mask of strawberries and vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes). Pulp from the fruits is applied to the face, after 20-30 minutes wash infusion linden flowers (2 tablespoons to 1 cup water).
  • Mask of onions is good for dry and normal skin: fresh onion juice mixed with honey (1: 1), moistened cloth is applied to the face and keep for 15-20 minutes. Bleaching and toning effect on the skin and rub it provides rice water twice a day, and after drying - cucumber lotion. If you have a lot of freckles, it is useful to wash horseradish juice diluted in water (1: 1).
  • When pigmented spots, you can use lotions of vinegar in combination with a mask of yogurt: a cotton or gauze soak in a 6% solution of vinegar and apply to the stain. After 10 minutes, remove the swab and apply a mask of yogurt (1/4 cup) mixed with a teaspoon of flour. The first week of the procedure do every day, then every other day, and when a spot brighten - once a week. This mask can be alternated with a mask of the radish on the person applied a small amount of nourishing cream, gently laid on the spot slices of radish. After 30 minutes, a person wipe the cool milk.
  • Good bleaching action has lemon. In severe pigmentation we recommend to alternate a day of honey and lemon lotion and mask of lemon juice, milk and yeast. For the preparation of lotions juice of 1 lemon, mix with 2 tablespoons of honey. Soak gauze with this mixture, apply to face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with water. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. To make a mask, you have 25 grams of yeast to dissolve 1 tablespoon of milk, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and stir thoroughly. Apply the mask to the face and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water, then wipe the face with ice from the broth of parsley (2 tablespoons of the leaves boiled in 300 ml of water, cooled, filtered). The course of treatment 15-20 procedures.
  • Also good at spots and freckles to lubricate the skin of carrot juice, 2 times a day. Once dry, rinse with water and milk (1 tablespoon milk to 1 cup water).

On a clear sunny day before going out on the skin, apply sunscreen cream, wear broad-brimmed hat.

We specially offer you a wide range of products, which is always a hostess at a particular time of year, so you can take care of the skin, choosing the most suitable for your recipes.

Teeth also require your attention as much fluoride and calcium maternal organism gives to the "construction" of bones of the fetus. No wonder that after giving birth, many women start to hurt, to crumble and fall out teeth. Well, if your diet are fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese and other foods containing phosphorus and calcium. At the first sign of damage to the teeth, contact your dentist.

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 How to become beautiful again after giving birth?

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