Reproduction dollar tree


  • Propagation by division of the tuber and cuttings
  • With leaves

More and more people prefer growing beautiful but unpretentious of ornamental plants. Among them, I want to highlight Zamioculcas or dollar tree - as it is popularly called. Reproduction of domestic wood is a fairly time-consuming task, as the flower grows slowly. But do not deny yourself the pleasure - to live in the house of another Zamioculcas. Believe me, the flower is worth it spending its time!

To begin, we note that multiplies dollar tree in three main ways: tubers, Cherenkov sheet. Let's look at each in more detail.

Propagation by division of the tuber and cuttings

By and large, the tuber Zamioculcas divided itself, you just have to transplant the plant. Carefully inspect the tubers. Discovered a new growth point? So, feel free to proceed to the division. After tuber is divided into parts, it should be thoroughly dried for several hours.

Before planting the tubers need to roll in charcoal, to avoid disease and rotting. Remember - one big tuber is cut into several smaller impossible in any case. So you just ruin your tree.

It is worth noting that the dollar tree propagated in this way is not very convenient - before the bush will grow, it will take a lot of time.

Cuttings reproduction takes place as follows: a healthy plant stem is cut (slightly above ground level). The stem is in turn divided into several parts. For further rooting you need to stalk with leaves and buds.

Sections should be dry for an hour. It is best suited for successful rooting vermiculite. We pressed him our cutting and water. Rooting this way lasts about a month.

 dollar tree breeding

With leaves

This method is considered to be the most affordable. It is not complicated, though it requires you to accuracy and patience. Prepare tools: a sharp knife or razor blade and a container that will contain the list. Very carefully cut away from the leaf of the selected mother plant and dive into the water, about a quarter. It can be divided into small leaf lamina, but you should try to have each of them was captured part of the stem.

If you decide to breeding dollar tree in such a way, it is best to take a shallow container and pave its bottom wool. Pour enough water and place the plate by immersing them in a moist environment. As the evaporation of liquid water must be topped up. To prevent the process of decay and fermentation, put in a container, or a few tablets of activated charcoal. Tune in for a long wait - the roots of leaves appear in 2-4 months.

You can not immerse the sheet in water, and immediately put it into the ground. He let the roots, is hard to say. However, it's worth it, because you have nothing to lose. Before planting a piece must be dry during the day. As the substrate is necessary to take a mixture of peat and sand. In it the young root system can develop normally, and the plant will get the necessary nutrition.

In principle, Zamioculcas plant unpretentious, so you can put it into any soil mix. The main thing that it was quite easy and nutritious young shoots. The sheet is immersed in the soil for about 2/3 of the length, and abundantly watered. Since then, the main concern will be your control soil humidity: it is important that it is not dried up, but excessive moisture is not welcome.

In order to create maximum comfort for the root system, experienced gardeners recommend hothouse conditions. To do this, the pot is covered with a sheet of a bank or a dense polyethylene. Periodically, you need to ventilate the container and water, the main thing is not to forget that the soil under the film remains wet for longer.

Both methods of reproduction with the help of the dollar tree leaves have their pros and cons. For example, when an aqueous rooting you can control the formation of the root system and respond to the emergence of decaying areas. When planting in the ground this possibility will not be, but if the leaf to take root - you do not need to hurt him once again when transplanting.

It may seem that the reproduction Zamioculcas a complex process, but in reality you only need the time and desire. Do not be afraid to propagate dollar tree - the beauty of a mature plant will exceed all your expectations!

 Reproduction: dollar tree in your home

 Chinese rose yellow leaves


  • Why do leaves turn yellow roses from China?
  • How important are fertilizers?

Flowers genus Hibiscus belong to the family Malvaceae plants. Just genus has about 250 species. They grow in the tropics: in India, China and Asia. Room suitable for the contents of only one plant of this kind - Chinese Rose (hibiscus or Chinese). At the beginning of the XIX century hibiscus it became popular in Europe, and eventually appeared in Russia.

The plant serves as an ornament the most famous botanical gardens. And in Hawaii, for example, a flower was (and is still) a symbol of femininity. Local girls often adorn themselves with his buds that are very feminine and look spectacular in her hair. In their homeland the Chinese rose is known not only for the beauty. Its flowers are used in medicine, they are made of natural dyes for fabrics and even drinks.

Hibiscus - the plant is quite unpretentious and does not require any special care. Rose is growing rapidly, and within six months after grafting can throw amazing beauty buds. Under the conditions of home detention can meet the red, yellow, pink and white flowers, bells. In nature, the colors of the plants there is many times more.

Today we talk not about the beauty of hibiscus, and the troubles that await gardeners who grow it. After all, any houseplant can be ill, and Chinese Rose is no exception. That Flower dissatisfied with something, you can learn as it leaves. And first of all you need to know why he got sick, to find the cause, which influenced him not the best way.

 why leaves turn yellow from the Chinese rose

Why do leaves turn yellow roses from China?

I must say that, without having any information about the content of roses, can not safely be called the cause of her illness. Here we have gathered the basic facts, telling why the hibiscus leaves turn yellow and fall off. After studying all of them, you are sure to help your plant back to its former beauty.

  • Insufficient irrigation

If the temperature is high enough, the Chinese rose needs a lot of water. And if it's too hot and windy, watering can be a daily or even twice. Plants located in the fresh air may help to automatic drip irrigation.

  • Excessive watering

If the leaves turn yellow and fall off in the cool time of the year, there may be an excess of moisture in the soil. China Rose loves water, but can not stand the cold swamps in the area of ​​the roots.

  • Very high temperature

Continuing the theme of the watering. If in a hot plant enough moisture, the leaves will turn yellow from him and fall. Why is this happening? It's simple - a plant "includes" a kind of defense mechanism that enables it to reduce the need for water.

  • Low ambient temperature

We must not forget that the Chinese rose - a tropical plant, so - loves heat. To flower was comfortable, the air temperature should be 18-30 degrees. The change is fraught with disease. For example, if in the winter the plant is too close to the glass, it can react to the cold snap dropping leaves.

  • Being exposed to direct sunlight

Yes, hibiscus like heat, but that does not mean you have to put them in direct sunlight. An excess of ultraviolet radiation can cause burns, which in turn cause yellowing and mass leaf fall.

  • Lack of light

For the Chinese rose lighting - is the source of life. If it is not enough, the plant will begin to drop leaves, guided by the principle: less leaves - less need for lighting. The process will continue as long as there does not remain on the plant leaf so, how much is enough for survival. Sometimes it can be just a few pieces.

  • Spider mite

These insects are really dangerous for the Chinese rose. Let's start with the fact that they are found only with a magnifying glass. The naked eye can be seen only thin and light cobweb, which twist around the leaves and tight buds. This spider is the cause of yellowing, curling and falling off of leaves and flowers.

Infected bush looks sick, and can be fully exposed, if urgent measures are not taken. Treatment is carried out with special preparations - insecticides, which can be purchased at a flower shop. It is worth noting that to get rid of spider mites is difficult. Best of twice a year to do prevention, spraying the plant than to a long time to restore it.

  • Have drafts

You do not even know what stress is applied to the plant drafts. So try not to create a "windy" Weather in the house.

  • Chlorosis - incorrect soil acidity

Sometimes several states chlorosis. Depending on severity of the disease yellow leaves of the plant in different ways. Sometimes the sheet can be green and turn yellow only in the place where the disease began to develop. If no further yellowing spread, it can be concluded that the rose lacks any nutrients. Perhaps there is a disturbance in the acidity of the soil, or simply have not been fertilized. In our conditions, the acidity of the soil often violated watering with tap water, which is characterized by rigidity.

  • Excessive use of pesticides

Basically, the problem is the rarest of all the above. But, if you use pesticides in very hot day, or violated the dosage, it can lead to the fact that the leaves turn yellow and fall off the rose. Also, the issue may provoke too frequent use of pesticides.

 yellow leaves of Chinese rose

How important are fertilizers?

Let's say you have learned all of the above facts and were able to correctly identify the cause of the disease. And even already eliminated this cause - leaves ceased to fall. Well, now is the time for the good news: Hibiscus fairly quickly build new green mass. Perhaps if the plant branches are too long, have washed their crop to form a beautiful bush. Pruning stimulates the emergence of side shoots. This is especially important if the plant has lost almost all of the leaves.

China Rose does not like too much phosphorus. If the soil of its overabundance, the plant will suffer. But it will not remain silent - just presently known their dissatisfaction with yellowed leaves. If you do not pay attention to it, the flower dies. Why is that? - You ask. Yes, because no longer be able to consume other minerals.

All living organisms on earth needs nitrogen and Chinese Rose is no exception. Plants use it in all of its life processes. But too much nitrogen fertilizing can lead to so-called fertilizer burn, because of which begin to darken the tips of the leaves.

Whichever fertilizer you may enjoy noticing dry and darkened edges of the leaves immediately stop making it. Subsequent watering must be exceptionally clean water. Allow the plant to rest for a couple of weeks. When the time comes to renew the dressing, make a solution with a lower concentration. Determine the required concentration can be empirically, gradually reducing the dosage until the plant ceases to respond to fertilizer burns leaves.

So we looked at all of the most common diseases of hibiscus. As you know, almost every plant disease responds yellowing and dropping of leaves. Try not to bring up the critical state of rosettes, to care for her properly. She will thank you thick and lush foliage, as well as frequent and plentiful flowering.

 Chinese rose: yellow leaves. What to do?