removing stains from upholstery

Not so long ago furniture was scarce and it took care of accidental damage from stains, covering bedspreads and even carpets. Time has changed and now all kinds of cushion sofas was seen as bad form.

At the same time there was a fashion for upholstery very bright colors, which make the interior a stylish and spectacular. Such changes in the furniture world have made removing stains from upholstery question is very relevant. Especially if the apartment is small children, who study the world around us, or animals which is less than most concerned about the traces of dirty paws on a light sofa or chair.

Part of producers took care of the cleanliness of the furniture upholstery itself. Many fabrics for upholstered furniture, except for the cheapest, treated with special impregnation repels liquids and dirt.

Universal Stain Remover

How to remove coffee stains from upholstery, and other chronic spots? Role impregnation is reduced to the fact that they do not allow spilled wine, coffee, juice to penetrate into the structure of the filaments and stain them. Remove dirt with a protective coating of fabrics treated very easy - just use soap and water.

For him, taking the usual soap without bleach. The solution is made at the rate of 5 grams of soap per 100 grams of water. To remove a stain, proceed as follows: moisten the cloth in the solution and remove the stain, moving the cloth from the edge to the center. Only when such a motion can be avoided soap halo. Clean wash cloth remnants of the solution to avoid divorce.

Fresh stains are cleaned much better than stuffy, so as soon as there was an incident, it is necessary to take emergency measures. Spilled wine, coffee planted fat droplets immediately sprinkled generously with salt, so that it has absorbed as much substance. After that, clean the stains will be much easier.

How to remove the stain with brilliant green upholstered furniture?

Zelenka - a great antiseptic, but it gives a lot of trouble if gets misused. Accidentally spilled on the upholstery of the couch Zelenka has not yet brought joy to anyone. If this happens, do not be put off removing stains from the green stuff on the back burner. Immediately the question arises - how to remove stains from upholstery with green stuff?

For many, it may seem surprising, but a universal means of removing stains green stuff there. Much depends on the composition of the tissue to which it fell. Therefore, if the first returned no results, you can try several ways.

Remove the stain from the green stuff with fabric, including upholstery, you can try the usual stain remover, which is sold in the store. Use it should be according to instructions.

Stubborn stains can try to remove the green fodder with 10% ammonia solution, which is applied to the stain, and then its remnants should be promaknut cloth.

On the spot, you can cause the starch diluted with water. This slurry is removed after it has dried. Perhaps one procedure may be insufficient, while it should be repeated. You can also make a paste of washing powder and apply on the spot when it is dry, remove it, and the remnants rinse thoroughly with water.

If you still have not managed to get a spot of green fodder from the upholstery to the end, you should not be upset. The fact that a dye which provides a saturated color antiseptics, tends to degrade when exposed to light. It may take a little time, and the spot will disappear by itself.

It can not be used for the removal of green fodder with upholstery chlorine-containing substances, such as white. It is well discolor the dye, but with it the color scheme will discolor the fabric. As a result, instead of green spots turn whitish, which no longer derive ever.

Clean the flock

To remove signatures kids made pens on the upholstery of the sofa, it is necessary to know the characteristics of upholstery fabrics. If this flock, and he looks like a velor, you can not use alcohol or cleaning solvent. They can dissolve the components, and instead of tissue spots will not only baldness on porous surfaces and a hole.

Flokovye upholstery fabrics can be cleaned in the same soap. Just to restore their original appearance, it is necessary, until the fabric is wet, comb it several times to nap again fully upright.

When fading stains from upholstery, be aware that there are categories of upholstery fabrics, which are recommended only dry cleaning. The complexity of care for them is that the water leaves stains on the surface. To bring this upholstery in the order will have to call home dry-cleaning, which is used to remove stains from fabrics of their methods.

Deal with the characteristics of the tissues is difficult, so when buying upholstered furniture, is a precaution to consult on the care of upholstery fabric. Only then has a chance to lead a sofa or chair in order not to add yourself the hassle.

 Removing stains from upholstered furniture

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 How to choose a washing machine


  • The size and type of load
  • What better washing machines: standard, small or narrow
  • The choice of the manufacturer
  • Classes: energy consumption, washing, extraction
  • A bit of washing programs
  • Reliability and durability

Today, the market represented a huge range of washing machines. They differ in cost and performance characteristics: the front and top-loading, auto-electronic and manual control, built-in and freestanding. In addition, the machines are available with drying laundry and without it, narrow and full-sized, compact and low model. How to choose a washing machine among such diversity?

To answer this question, you need to understand which of all of the models better. Now there is no general rule in the terminology, so different companies use different terms to mean the same functions and modes of washing machines. How to choose a washing machine in such a situation? Let's try to understand.

The size and type of load

First we need to determine the size of a washing machine - we decide where we attach it, so that it was convenient and it does not take up much space. You must also determine the type of load. If the choice is made in favor of machines and dryers, you can be sure that it vtisnite and most difficult of the angle. Such washing machines are very compact, they do not need a place to open the door. This model has one significant advantage: it can be opened even during washing. And it will agree, very convenient.

But if the free space in the room enough to choose a front-loading machine. It is used as an additional working surface. In addition, this option would cost many times cheaper than the embodiment with vertical loading. Of great importance and the place where you are going to put the machine. In Western countries, under the washing machines are assigned special rooms. In Russia, a place for washing - a hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

Such facilities greatly reduce the life of the washing machine and do not use it very convenient. For example, in the bathroom a high level of humidity - steam spoils electrical and mechanical parts of the machine. And the kitchen has a washing machine itself will threaten the food as a source of harmful chemicals. In this situation, the best place is the corridor, but this car is too far from the sewerage and water supply.

When choosing a machine, it is important to take into account the volume of clothes. If a family of 2-3 person, then upload to 3, 5-4 kilograms would be sufficient. For a large family better to choose a washing machine with a maximum load - 6-7 kg of dry laundry.

 how to choose washing machines

What better washing machines: standard, small or narrow?

Assortment modern washing machine includes three basic types (in terms of their size): standard, small and narrow. How to choose a washing machine so that she went to the area prepared for it? Let us more detail on these basic dimensional types.

The standard washing machine: height - 85 cm, width - 60 cm depth - 58 cm. This equipment must be installed in a large room, away from the wall of 3-5 cm. A narrow selection of the washing machine (32 cm depth) is relevant If the area you are going to wash arrange hallway or kitchen. For very small rooms are small-sized machines with dimensions of 67x50x40, which can be installed even under the sink. For this case, it is best to acquire sink "lily" so she could cover the top washer, thereby preventing it from water.

The choice of the manufacturer

  • The main thing - washing machine to be washed qualitatively and effectively overcoming all types of fabric;
  • The machine should be different economy;
  • It is desirable that it worked pretty quiet and had a simple operation;
  • And last but not least - a safe and reliable connection.

So which company best meets these criteria? It should immediately be noted that a small percentage of marriage is all manufacturers of household appliances. From this point of view one can not say what manufacturers of washing machines better. Still, a well-known companies is less than the percentage of defects. If an expensive brand appliances suddenly fails, its repair will cost several times more expensive than the low-cost models. So there is still important guarantee. Below you will find some tips on choosing a washing machine. Of these, you can understand what the manufacturer is best to cope with the required tasks.


It has an electronic control system for the distribution of laundry in the wash drum during the spin cycle.


The technique of the producer can be attributed to the elite class. These washing machines excellent insulation, unique and interesting technical solutions, an amazing resistance to vibration during the spin cycle and excellent build quality.


In washing machines series ACTIVIA (CANDY) has a liquid crystal display that shows each phase of washing.


These manufacturers price slightly below the previous category. If you decide which company is the best of price / quality ratio, the washing machine from these producers would be the most suitable for this.

  • AEG

Here the opportunities and the quality is higher than that of the previous category. This producer appeared first washing machine, which has a 1800 rpm.


This is a fairly reliable technique that has a lot of features for a small cost. Therefore, it is the most accessible in our market and is designed for a wide range of buyers. The availability of good technical capabilities and sufficient reliability - all this makes washing machines these manufacturers is very attractive to people.


It is not just a pretty well-known manufacturer of washing machines in the world, but also the founder of a top-loading machines. Unfortunately, this little-known company in our country. Their technique has sufficient reliability and not inferior to many well-known manufacturers such as ELECTROLUX, SIEMENS and BOSCH.

 Washing machine how to choose

Classes: energy consumption, washing, extraction

Choosing a washing machine can start from class spin class washing and power consumption. So, how to choose a good technique, based on these characteristics? Remember, washing efficiency levels are designated by Latin letters from A to G. Classes A and B represent a high efficiency, which is combined with a very careful attitude to the tissues. C, D and E is the average efficiency. F and G - low.

Similarly, designated -Class. It is said that this is the most appropriate measure than the number of turns, as he points to a residual humidity of the laundry after a dehydrating process. For these letters, figures fairly easy to determine what is best washing machines wash and take care of the laundry.

If you still convenient to focus on the number of revolutions during the spin cycle, choosing the model of the washing machine, please note that the rate that is higher than 1000 rpm to be efficient only a bathrobe or towel. For cotton enough 800 rpm, and the soft tissue is better to wring 400 rpm. Energy Class (also from A to G) denotes the degree of efficiency of the model. And buying a washing machine low-grade energy will positively impact on your electricity bill.

If you decide to consult with prodovtsom consultant and ask, what better to choose a washing machine, be prepared for the fact that he will not give you a clear answer and tell you that technique differs only wash program.

 washing machines what to choose

A bit of washing programs

Criteria for selection of the washing machine and include washing program. More recently, it was believed that a large number of programs in the washing machine is its excellent quality. And this criterion is voiced as the most important. As a result, the regime has become so much that users are difficult to navigate in them. That is why at the moment there is an opposite trend.

Experts advise to focus on a model of a new generation of machines that have only 3-4 of the program for different types of linen: cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetics. And there are a few extra modes. For example, an additional rinse program, which will be necessary for people with allergies or families with small children. Or modes soaking, remove stains, intense wash heavily soiled laundry that need. Quick wash which is suitable for lightly soiled items, half-load mode, and others.

Reliability and durability

In this case, you need to pay special attention to where the washing machine assembled. Experts believe that the Italian car assembly typically designed for 5-8 years, and the German assembly - 10-15 years of excellent service. But washing machines, which were collected in Korea, are about 5 years, and the Chinese build - 3-5. To record holders include the Swedish and Austrian car assembly, as they can last up to 14-20 years.

There is an important parameter reliability - manual assembly. For example, the Turkish manufacturer BEKO assembly of washing machines produced machines. This, of course, reduces the life of the machine, but reduces its cost. It is well to fix part of the unit may have only a man. In plants such firms as BOSCH and ASKO, the assembly is done manually. The same can be said of the Austrian engineering EVRONOVA. It is worth noting that the manual assembly affects only the length of service equipment - washing quality remains unchanged in any case.

And finally, consider a few important factors that determine the right choice of washing machine:

  • Tank Material

Buck composite or stainless steel will last much longer than an enameled pot, unstable damage;

  • Pane

Maybe button or touch - you decide. The main thing is that signs are in Russian;

  • Luke

There is no doubt that it is more convenient to extract and load the laundry, if the hatch door can be opened 180 degrees;

  • Noise.

If you place the washing machine in the kitchen where the whole family usually spends a lot of time together, it is best to buy low-noise models.

Which washing machine to choose up to you and your family. The main thing is to fit the parameters, had all the necessary features and relatively inexpensive cost. And if you think that such a combination is not possible - you are deeply mistaken.

Shop, compare, learn the details of a particular model. You can even read reviews about specific brands of thematic forums. You ask for, you are sure to find what you really need.

 How to choose a washing machine: pay attention to every little detail

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