removal of stains from clothes

On an issue like the removal of stains from clothing, face, probably every woman. After all, whether you are at least three times careful of spilled coffee on a new blouse, no one is immune. The situations are different, and we do not always come out of them without spots. It's a shame, is not it? But do not immediately panic. You can also try to bring the stain. There are many different ways that can help you save your favorite thing. The main thing is always consider the type of fabric, which you have to work, and the origin of the stain. If you can not determine the cause of spots, it is advisable to use a stain remover first on internal seams of clothing, making sure not hurt whether your vehicle color of the material.

If clothes were blood stains, pre-cleaned of dust it is recommended to first thing in the half-hour soak in cold water, then try to wash it in warm water with the addition of conventional washing powder. In the case where traces of blood remain even after washing, the stain should be treated with stain remover or add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. To remove stains from chronic blood to add to the water with a few drops of detergent sold in pharmacies ammonia, and then wash item as usual.

How to deduce stains from fruit?

Removing stains from fruit and all kinds of juices in any case can not begin to wash. Otherwise, they will become even more resistant. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of vodka and glycerin, wipe such means, applied on a cotton swab remaining on your clothes fresh stain. To get rid of long-standing fruit stains, soak the stained item on capacity boiling water for a few minutes, then carefully treat the stain with a mixture of lemon juice and vodka, and at the end of the cleaning, take a cotton ball, soak it in diluted with water, ammonia, and treat old spot again.

How to remove stains from the iron?

On the clothes are often burns from an iron. But in this case, do not rush to throw rotten thing - you can still return to her normal appearance, is only a little effort. The remaining traces should be well rub onion cut in half, to scorched place could soak onion juice. Then stain from iron wiped clean with a cloth soaked in cold water, and after drying, wet place you'd singed undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Then you need to cover with white cotton cloth and iron.

If the stain from the iron is not removed in this way, such a procedure is recommended to perform a few times and you will only have to wash the item in the usual way, leading it to its normal state. To remove the iron from burns with white clothing, can use a special mixture of several drops of ammonia, twenty grams of hydrogen peroxide, half a glass of pure water.

The rest of the iron burns removed another way. This place is first processed richly moistened with water, then sprinkle with the brown, and after drying, cleans the clothes should be well shaken. When stains from iron remain in the same place even after such a procedure, it is desirable to wet hydrogen peroxide several times, and then re-cleaned iron thing.

 removing grease stains from clothing

How to deduce grease stains?

If after the repair on your clothes remained oil paint, easy way to help. To begin with grease polluted place butter or margarine, wait a moment, and then rub the stain well with gasoline, kerosene or turpentine. If during such procedures fabric color will not change, treat the stain with ammonia, and then just wash cleaned thing.

During banquets, celebrations, family reunions on clothes often get goodies from the plate, so after the holidays is required not only to bring the apartment in order, but also to carry out removal of oily stains with their own outfits. With light fabric fresh grease stain can be easily removed, immediately sprinkle dirty clothes portion of chalk powder. Chalk in this case should be left on clothes at two to four hours, after which the clothes must be properly shaken.

Withdrawal of oil stains can be produce and talc. It is necessary to carefully sprinkle them a trace of fat, then cover this place with blotting paper and then ironed not very hot iron. To talc is well absorbed, powder spots recommended to evening, and the procedures to follow to make the next day.

To perform the removal of stains from woolen clothes, you can use a mixture of gasoline or ammonia and hot water, this "cocktail" should be treated the place of contamination. To remove grease stains chronic tissue desirable carefully wipe the white soap, which is pre-diluted in gasoline, and after an hour this means you must also wash with gasoline, but only undiluted. After that, it is recommended to wash the stained item in a conventional powder.

Removing stains from grease from clothes made of thick synthetic fabric begins with the treatment of contaminated locations potato starch. Then, the starch is removed, soaked in water with a towel. When the treated area is completely dry, carefully remove the remnants of starch with a conventional brush. And in a situation where fat trace on the clothes still remain, it is recommended to simply repeat this operation.

Wanting to clean greasy collar of his jacket, use a mixture of three parts water to one part ammonia. Thus, under the collar, it is desirable to put a cloth, wiping his other hand as long as they are completely removed traces of contamination. In a situation where on your clothes traces of oil, removal of stains can be done with kerosene. Moisten a cotton swab with kerosene, well they wipe grease stain, then wash soiled clothes in warm water with detergent.

How to deduce stains from chocolate and coffee?

To display the rest of the chocolate stains, wipe them clean with ammonia or salt water, and to remove traces of the white stuff from your favorite chocolate you can with hydrogen peroxide. On this spot you can also apply a mixture of egg yolk and glycerol. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. If after visiting the bar on your clothes were coffee stains, simply brush soak in warm water, well-crafted it polluted place, and then wipe the remaining trace of a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of water and ammonia.

As you can see, there is a way out of any situation. Whether fat, blood, chocolate or coffee, a little effort, you return the original appearance of things. And I will continue to wear it with pleasure!

 Removing stains from clothing - give things in order

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 how to carry shoes

Any representative of the fairer sex indifferent to the beautiful and stylish shoes is quite understandable - after all in the model shoes heels every woman feels at the height of the literal and figurative senses of the word. Elegant high-heel shoes affects the feminine gait and her self-confidence. That is why the new shoes or boots are able to immediately lift the mood of each of us.

However, often returning home from the store, we are horrified to discover that the shoes bear shakes, small in size and it is quite impossible to walk. How to spread shoes? Any of us puzzling this question at least once in life. In fact, even in this seemingly critical situation absolutely no need to panic and tear my hair out trying to figure out how it was possible to buy shoes for a couple of sizes too small. After all, there are quite a few effective and popular methods that can help to quickly stretch the shoes and make them comfortable and convenient.

The most important rule to keep in mind - new shoes should not be worn immediately after the purchase, hoping to take them all day. It should break in shoes gradually, wearing them every day for an hour or two. Before it is necessary to seal the plaster places on the legs, which may form blisters. And a week later the narrowest shoe will be much easier and freer. Backs new boots or shoes are often rubbed his legs, in order to avoid this trouble should be grate candle, wet soap or moisten with a little alcohol.

If using these manipulations and not be able to deliver shoes, is to resort to more effective methods. The most basic output in this situation would appeal to a shoe repair shop, which has a special equipment for stretching shoes. If a shop nearby is not found, we can restrict the purchase of special extensions - spray for shoes. They need to sprinkle the places on the shoe that you shake, then you must immediately put on the shoes and walk in it a few minutes. Leather shoes can also carry quite a few popular folk methods.

Stretching newspapers

To accomplish this, the old and proven ways to stretch the shoe you have reserved a remarkable patience and lots of old newspapers. First you need to wet the paper with water to break them into pieces and stuffed in shoes. It is necessary to try to score as much as possible shoes newspapers tighter, directly depends on the efficiency of the procedure. Following these simple manipulations should wait for the complete drying of newspapers. We should not leave the shoes to dry near the battery or other heating devices, since it does not contribute to its raznashivaniyu. Shoes should dry naturally, so will have to wait a long time - about about a day. Then should be removed all the newspapers and enjoy the result.

It should be noted that not all are satisfied with this method. Some say the lack of its effectiveness, since, despite the fact that the shoe becomes wider after stretching with wet newspapers, with complete evaporation of moisture, it shrinks even more. We therefore consider the other well-known and proven techniques.

Stretching using alcohol

Alcohol very well softens the skin, which is why the use of vodka or even better pure alcohol will have very handy, because it can be used to stretch the new shoes pretty quickly and efficiently. Wet shoes with the inside of the vodka and put on thick socks. Do not wipe the skin with the upper hand, as this may cause damage. You do not have to walk a very long time, since alcohol has the property fairly quickly evaporate. Stretching shoes helps ordinary water, even if to do all the same manipulations with it instead of vodka.

Do not wear shoes in the street to complete the weathering alcohol, as it can damage the skin and the color of the shoe. Alcohol is not suitable for stretching of shoes made of suede or fabric. How to distribute suede shoes? For suede - very beautiful and elegant fabric, suede shoes will not refuse to defile every yoke. To stretch suede shoes suitable beer. They need plenty of shoes to lubricate the inside of her hand, then put on socks and shoes break in a few days. You can also splash in the shoes a little boiling water and immediately put them on. Suede is soft and will sit on the leg, and after drying the water does not leave traces. To neraznoshennaya shoes rub sore feet before putting on, wipe it from the inside with castor oil.

 how to distribute new shoes

Other ways to stretch suede shoes

You can use the other old people's way of dealing with tight shoes. To do this, you need to moisten the cotton socks with warm water, put on their shoes and wear for several hours. If the socks are dry, they should moisten again. There is another method for stretching of shoes with cotton fabric. It is necessary to boil the water and soak it in cloth, and then wrap each shoe with a cloth and leave to dry. After the shoes have dried, you can safely wear them and enjoy the results - they will become much freer.

As we have seen, carry shoes is not difficult, but in this case it is important not to overdo it and stop in time. Remember, too worn-shoes do not give you any pleasure, and not get carried away with all sorts of methods much of its posting. After you have carried the shoes, it is important to properly store and care for her. Keep shoes preferably in a warm, dry place. It is also necessary not to forget to grease it every day cream and spray raznashivaniya. Then the new shoes will please you more than one season and will give you a lot of pleasant sensations.

 How to distribute new shoes?

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