Naroscheny removing hair at home

Until then walked progress !!! Now it is not necessary to cajole her hair different decoctions and ointments for they finally grew thick and long. Now girlish braid to her waist are available to all girls have the opportunity to pay for the procedure for hair extensions at the beauty salon. And some just do not come up with methods of increasing: the tape, and capsule, and Tress! And go to the beauties with their hair and enjoy .... but no, the removal of extension hair at home - was the main issue at the Women's Forum, dedicated to care for themselves.

There's nothing you can do, just arranged a woman: straight hair to her urgent need to curl, curly - straighten, short ramp and Naroscheny - to remove, and quickly, at home, and without the services of professionals. Although doing it yourself is not recommended, we still tell you about the main methods of removal of extension strands without the participation of specialists from the beauty salon. After all, like it or not, but in life really are times when professional help the wait is unbearable: someone's favorite wizard on vacation and someone banal no money for facilities, and all have to do at home.

First of all, it should be noted that the removal of extension hair at home will set you free, not only from strangers strands, but certainly vyderet and a few of their own. Often the girls just are not mentally prepared for the fact that after the removal procedures they experience the real horror of the poor state of their own hair. Firstly, during the walk with graft hair density they were used to his head of hair, and taking someone else's locks, feel "orphaned." And secondly, the procedure of building and removing the more inevitably corrupts family hair (and at home - even more so!).

Well, as they say, taking off his head, the hair do not cry, all the more so in our case, just head on the ground and damaged hair can and should treat. But any girl who shot Naroscheny hair, tell you what an extraordinary lightness of the head feels after removing foreign mane. Fever, fatigue, headache - all vanished! So let's quickly move on to how Removal of extension hair itself, at home and with minimal risk to their own hair. So, in a way!

 Removal of extension hair

Types of capacity and methods of hair removal

A method of removing hair at home depends primarily on how the hair is built up. Despite the fact that almost universally used "hot" build-up, there are plenty of salons that use alternative methods. Let's look at the most popular ones:

Hollywood (tape) hair extensions

It is a method of Hollywood and the era of hair extensions. This is the oldest technology, she was born about ten years ago and applied to the film actress to create a lush, beautiful hair. Accrual basis was as follows: using narrow strips of adhesive on the basis of a family of girls hair fastened additional locks. Despite the fact that this hairstyle looks much more natural than the wig, comb it was not easy, and the process of building caused enough pain.

This type of building is quite rare these days, but in some places you can find clients with requests about such method of fastening hair. After the airing of the famous American TV show "America's Next Top Model," where all beginners models increase hair ribbon method, this method has become very popular in our country.

So, if you have built up your hair in a band and you want to take them off at home, the first thing you need to warm up the adhesive. For these purposes, you can use the hot jet dryer: just send it to the tape. After gently separate strands, most of them quite easily comes off. In order to remove the remains of the retaining structure, use alcohol-based - they are easy to win on the basis of the adhesive tape, and take the last Naroscheny strands will be quite simple.

Building on the metal clips (Chinese build-up)

This technology came later and is now banned worldwide. Its essence lies in the fact that to the native hair using metal clips attached stackable strands. To fix this beauty, using tongs and pliers, not unlike their namesakes on working with ordinary wire. The result of this build-up is sad: not only that when fixing the hair subjected to monstrous mechanical action, which violates the integrity of the structure of the hair, so locking arms literally "fray" strand of hair with their sharp edges. Imagine how hair looks in the end?

If you're unlucky and you succumbed to the deception, entrusting their hair unscrupulous master, then you need to urgently remove your Naroscheny strands and seeking treatment for what is left of your family hair. Remove these clamps using pliers or nail clippers - you'll just have to "bite" metal rings, and it's easy to make at home. Just be prepared for the fact that, together with false hair and leave plenty of its own, because the iron clamps virtually cut them.

French capacity (hair on Tresses)

The French invented build ... Africans! After all, they are recognized experts in the field of braids. A method of increasing the French based just on pigtails, which is woven around the head and is painfully reminiscent of our native "spike." And overhead strands simply sewn to the braids building procedure is very easy and fast. Here are just wearing such hair is not very nice: first, they are very difficult to comb, and secondly, spike and then tries to untwist.

If you want to stay in such hair at home, then, without further ado, Unbraid braid around the head. Tress removed very easily, and the hair is separated without problems. But like after any other building do not forget to treat the native hair: being in "clamped" state for a long time, your hair is not getting enough food, have become dull and lifeless. You do not want to lose, and what was left after building?

 as the Removal of extension hair

Italian (English) Capacity

The names of many, the essence is the same: to connect the hair using keratin capsules and attach them under high temperatures. What is this capsule? Small beads of silicone resin containing keratin. In order to connect the hair, use a special hot tongs, which melted the capsule and attach donor strand. At the junction formed small round spike, virtually invisible to the eyes of others.

Hot extensions gaining popularity, although it is quite expensive. In order to increase hair, you will need two to ten thousand, to shoot - about half of the deposited amount. Although more and more you can find tempting offers of hot capacity for very bargain prices.

If you come to the procedure, and "expert" salon close to you with special forceps and with construction glue gun, then run from this mountain master to the house without looking back! Did you know that building a gun «Bosch» is most commonly used in the industry of "beauty"? And this: try before going to the salon to explore the variety of such devices to identify them before the procedure (do not be lazy, look at building the supermarket).

But even if the hair is built up competent and honest professionals, take them home yourself is not so simple. First of all, you need a special liquid that literally dissolves keratin capsules without harming the hair. Buy this liquid can be either in a specialty store or order online. The network is full of online shops where you can buy a tool for removal of extension hair (for example, to remove the keratin gel capsules).

Now, apply the liquid (gel) capsules, and wait for twenty minutes. Then generously coat the hair fat content: the choice it may be a hair mask (great if she will recover), or just olive oil. Plus a special liquid capsule fat soften, and to enhance the effect, go to the steam room or hot tub. You will need about an hour to the capsules were peeled off from your native hair. If you shoot everything accurately, then your hair will suffer the minimum (sorry, but one hundred percent security you do not provide even the cabin).

Cold Spanish capacity

Today, it is a cold Spanish build the safest for real hair clients. Its main charm is that home hair not subjected to any mechanical or thermal stresses, and the procedure is performed manually building. At the junction of the strands of the master hand forms a capsule, consisting of high-quality surgical glue. All adhesions receive the same small size as their appearance does not depend on the thickness of hair, or the desired length. The only criterion - the degree of professionalism of the master in charge of your hair.

It is not necessary to remove the hair yourself, Naroscheny cold Spanish method. An experienced specialist to perform this procedure easily, but to do everything at home without much damage to your hair is almost impossible. It is believed that paste up adhesions help nail polish remover and acrylic nails, but we do not advise to test this theory on his own hair. There is always the possibility of failure, and believe me, that the half-burnt and torn her hair - a sad spectacle. Think about how much money will be spent on hair removal, and how much - to restore them! In the end, the miser pays twice.

At first, the girls are discouraged to increase hair, but they are going and increasing. Then they also beg not to remove the house that built up. But they take and removed, ignoring the indignant cries, moans and groans. "We told you so! "- They hear in response to the failures, but stubbornly continued to experiment with his looks, by any means wanting to achieve the ideal of beauty. And what is most interesting is achieved! Because our girls, unlike some, it may stop a galloping horse and enter the hut hot .... What to say about hair removal, naroshchennyh at home - right, do not tell!

 Removing Naroscheny hair at home

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