Removal of extension as the nails at home

After each procedure on the nail comes a time when they need to be removed. Typically, this procedure is done in a beauty salon at the master nail. However, in some cases, do not have time and money to visit the beauty parlor. So you should be aware of how to remove Naroscheny nails at home.

Getting this rather tedious and time consuming procedure, you should have enough free time, all the necessary materials and special tools. Removal Procedure of extension of nails depends on the type of your artificial nails. Decide exactly what you have to remove the nails: acrylic or gel.

Start removing these nails in both cases is the same. With the help of tweezers manicure sets neatly bite off the edge of the nail, which is free. This should be done very carefully, otherwise with graft fingernail can damage your own. Sharp edges of artificial nails can injure your fingers. After the free edge of the nail removed naroshchennyh on all fingers, you can start the procedure of removing them from the natural nail plate.

It is at this stage it is important, from which to make your artificial nails.

Removal of extension of acrylic nails

If you nail acrylic, you will need liquid to remove the nails acrylic, AcrilikRemover. In the absence of such, and you can use nail polish remover. Just look closely at the label, as the only suitable liquid in which there is acetone. If the nail polish remover does not contain acetone, the desired result you get. Get a solution for removing acrylic nails in special stores, so you will avoid fakes. It is desirable that the liquid was released on the manufacturer who produced and material for your artificial nails, which are supposed to withdraw.

Next, you need to prepare pieces of aluminum foil of a rectangular shape and the size of 12x7 mm. Such pieces should be ten. Also needed are small pieces of fabric, fit and cotton pads. Disc was cut into two or four parts, so that they fully cover the nails.

If you have not removed the free edge of the nail, it can be removed with a cutter - a tool, like a small guillotine. This tool is used to shorten the length of the masters TIPS. You can try to do it with scissors or pliers designed for nails. Do not use wire cutters to remove the skin - you spoil them.

Before Removal of extension nails at home, protect the eyes as well as the sharp edge acrylic could hurt them. Saw off the free edge of the nail of the acrylic is not necessary, because sawing effort you can injure your own nail. Some people try to tear from natural acrylic nail by applying force. Doing this is impossible in any case. After all, before the master nail extensions specially processed it to enhance adhesion to the acrylic.

When you are using the boat removed the free edge of the nail, the nail file to remove the rough-coated finish gel - the outer coating of acrylic nails, which gives it a shine.

Before Removal of extension nails, finishing layer is necessary to cut very carefully. The task is not easy, as the first nail file simply slips over it, without clinging. This cover can be removed only abrasive, it does not dissolve in the fluids. And in the areas of finishing with acrylic gel just softens.

So, you have removed the final layer. Now, the pieces of moistened cotton disks in a liquid applying them to the acrylic nails. To the liquid has evaporated, cover the nail pieces of aluminum foil. The edge should be left to then wrap them like a candy wrapper. The foil should fit tightly to the finger, so that the air does not get inside.

Once you have covered so that all the nails, note the time. For a complete softening material nail required 35-40 minutes. During this time the acrylic becomes like jelly and well removed by any sharp instrument, made of plastic or metal, without damaging the nail alive. We must try to do it as quickly as possible, otherwise the softened acrylic will begin to re-solidify. Remains removed acrylic cotton swab or swab moistened in which liquid to soften the acrylic. Once you have removed the remains of the acrylic layer, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, then lubricate cream.

In the process of withdrawal of extension of nails, you will spend one and a half to two hours, unless you consider the purchase of in-store special liquid.

 Removal of extension as the nails home

Removing Naroscheny nails if they are made of gel?

Such an easy procedure as when removing acrylic nails, should not wait. Nails Naroscheny with gel, are unable to soften or melt. They can be removed only by means of sawing. Master using nail file removes the nail gel with one finger for 5-10 minutes. Using a special machine, you can remove gel nails and faster, but you have to take breaks, as the nail becomes very hot. After processing machine used nail file to remove residual gel.

The wizard can do the procedure very quickly, as he had both hands free. You do not work as fast as you can. Lacking professional tools, you can spend on the procedure for removal of extension of gel nails is almost the whole day.

  • Jig removing gel

For removal of the gel is not suitable sawing, made of glass. Not suitable for this purpose and the sawing of metal with notches, which are sold in manicure set. Before you remove the gel, nail file, you are just a mess. For optimum performance, it takes a very wide saw blade on which said reducing the numbers 80/100.

  • The process of removing the nails of gel

Shorten the free edge of the nail gel, just as you did with acrylic fingernail. Then the area of ​​sawing will be much less. Getting sawing, be aware that this process gives a lot of dust. During sawing, be extremely careful not to damage your own nails.

Periodically clean the nail dust with a brush, to see how things were going. You can hold the nail on the cotton swab dipped in acetone, so you'll see the border of the natural nail and the gel. Define the border and easily by conventional pressing (gel stiffer than a fingernail).

When the gel is nearly all removed, to change the blade on the other, with abrasive grit 150/180. Pressure on it to be reduced. The gel will start to go nail scales. No need to try to cut down the entire nail with the gel. Let it remain thin layer. Stir this layer you will not, it will only strengthen your nails. With the help of polish and buff polish the nails, then cover them with lacquer. Dust from sawing gel is very dry skin around the nail, so completing the work, grease the area around them nourishing cream.

Removal of bio-gel polish

The process of removing the bio-gel is similar to that at removal of acrylic nails. Only the removal of the material you need to buy a special liquid. The range of such fluids is great, and the price of the names are different, too, but, as it turned out, their structure is practically identical.

Thus, following the above recommendations, you will be able to correctly remove Naroscheny nails at home.

 Removing Naroscheny nails at home?

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 Pedicure at home


  • Set for a pedicure
  • Make yourself a pedicure

What woman does not dream of beautiful manicured feet? Many believe that to achieve such an effect can only be regularly visiting beauty salons. But it really do a pedicure at home. Provided it regularly, the result will be no different from the salon.

Before the procedure, you need to stock up on everything you need. You will need a set of cosmetics and accessories. All this you can purchase in any specialty store or convenience stores with dry goods.

Set for a pedicure

What should be included in the toolkit:

  • pedicure scissors or clippers;
  • tweezers to remove the cuticle;
  • Glass nail file;
  • scraper nails;
  • pumice stone or foot scraper;
  • Sanding nail file;
  • brush for nails.

Do not be redundant and separators of fingers, special sticks for moving away the cuticle and similar stuff. Therefore, it is better to buy a pedicure set, which will be all that you may need.

If we talk about cosmetics for the feet, you should not chase too expensive cosmetic novelties. Why do we need cosmetics for feet? In order to provide proper care for a layer of dead skin cells, and cope with this task and inexpensive cosmetics from the nearest store. If you have your feet on the sprawling corn or long unhealed cracks, then it is better to buy special tools in the pharmacy, with the rest coped well and the usual creams.

For proper care of your feet in your arsenal should be:

  • Scrub;
  • nutritious cream;
  • cooling gel;
  • cream;
  • talc;
  • deodorant;
  • cream to soften calloused areas.

Stocks also diverse mixtures and oils to be used in the preparation of baths for feet. For the final stage you will need to paint.

Pedicure at home should be done at least twice a month. Just as on hands and manicure, it requires care and diligence. Two days in a month for an hour and a half - that's quite a bit, but your feet will be beautiful and well-groomed. By the way, the salon procedure takes much time.

 how to do a pedicure at home

Make yourself a pedicure

How to do a pedicure at home? The following is the order of the procedure:

First you need to carefully trim the nails, using scissors or tweezers. Place the scissors perpendicular to the nail plate. Trim the nail, taking care not to round off the edges, otherwise you face ingrown nail. The length of each chooses for himself, usually cut so that the nail a little before reaching the edge of the finger.

Cut his nails, take a spatula or a scraper and remove from under each nail accumulated dirt and dead cells. Nails nail file to file, moving it in one direction, then the nails will not stratify, grind and polish the nails. This procedure will help your nails to become whiter and shinier, important not to overdo it with abrasives. Then the nails can not even paint.

Apply the product to soften or remove cuticles, rub well. Then lower your feet in a warm bath. While foot soak, you can rub their stiff brush leg.

After 5-7 minutes, wipe their feet. Take a stick and move or remove the cuticle. When you need to clean off the dead cells around the cuticle and over the nail for this, use a scraper. If you have never cut the cuticles, then start it should not do. It has a protective function.

After working with the cuticle back lower leg in a warm bath, this time for 15-20 minutes. Periodically reach for the one leg, then the other, wiping them and removed with a saw blade or scraper stratum corneum. It will be enough to handle each foot 3 times. To complete the procedure you need to scrub exfoliation. If there is such a need, use pliers to cut hangnails and dead skin.

Take the power tool to the cuticle and rub it. Replace it can vitamin E and almond oil. Then apply oil or moisturizer on your feet. The final step will be the application of varnish.

Between the main sessions of pedicure at home it is necessary to do intermediate. At least once a week after a shower or bath, apply a special cream that softens corns and calluses on feet. Once the cream is absorbed, take a nail file and remove dead cells. Rinse feet.

Pedicure at home is very relevant. If you do regular foot bath, it will greatly facilitate the process of pedicure at home. If you use different components for cooking trays can achieve totally different effects.

Regular wellness bath can do so. Take 100 grams of linden flowers with boiling water, let stand for 20-30 minutes, dilute the infusion of water and add a spoonful of salt. This bath will help to cope with the swelling of the legs and fatigue. Get rid of the cracks and can be grated, using St. John's wort and calendula trays (1 tablespoon calendula and 2 tablespoons of St. John's wort), the Gulf of liter of boiling water. After the end of the bath legs do not wipe, let them dry naturally. You can then conduct a foot massage with moisturizer.

For tonic effect Prepare a tray with two spoons of salt from the Dead Sea and five drops of peppermint oil.

If you want to get rid of cracks on the heels need to steam foot in hot water, which is added boric acid (proportion - 1 teaspoon per cup of water). After the procedure, apply petroleum jelly to crack, stick the patch on top and leave for the night. Carry out the procedure as long as the cracks do not heal. Also very useful is a contrast bath. She not only has a tonic effect, but also the tonic.

In one container, pour water, heated to 37-38 degrees, and the second is a little cooler water (15-17 degrees). Keep your feet in each tank for a minute, repeat 5-7 times, the last to be cold bath. How often should I carry out the procedure pedicure at home? A full session should be performed at least once a month, but the nails need a haircut every two weeks (maybe more often, and may be less, depending on how fast you grow your nails).

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet should be every day after bath or shower. In summer, you can apply a moisturizer twice a day. If you have excessive sweating, the deodorant and applied every day. Peeling spend time in 2-3 days. The nutritional needs not only the skin but also the nail plate. If you have weak brittle nails, apply special means to strengthen, to get rid of delamination.

For this purpose, suitable and cosmetic oils. If you decide to do a pedicure at home, photos and videos can be found on the Internet - they will help you to properly carry out the procedure. Follow all the rules and beauty services you no longer need not be - all this you will be able to do well at home, alone.

 How to do a pedicure at home?

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