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  • Stretch marks on the body: the main place of location
  • Laser: Is guaranteed perfect result?
  • The fight against stretch marks: response
  • Indications and contraindications
  • The benefits of laser
  • Striae removed and that on or between poslereabilitatsionny
  • How to choose a clinic for removal of stretch marks

Remove stretch marks on the body, which appeared after pregnancy or as a result of sharp fluctuations in weight, it is impossible without the help of experts - this will tell any doctor. Lots of what can be done at home using ordinary people's money - it's a small improvement of the skin, but no more.

The fair sex, which, unfortunately, faced with this problem, it is recommended not to wait until the situation is worse. It should be understood, the sooner you go to the salon to remove stretch marks, the greater the likelihood of positive results after laser application.

Stretch marks on the body: the main place of location

Stretch marks may occur where the resulting differential weight stretched skin - arms, stomach, hips, legs, chest, back. Their causes few, ranging from pregnancy, when the skin is simply not keeping pace with the growth of the fetus, ending the swing weight and hormonal failure. But the result of one - body looks, to put it mildly unattractive, which is why almost all of the fair sex have serious complexes.

Laser: Is guaranteed perfect result?

Of course, hope for the complete removal of stretch marks and the fact that your skin will be perfectly smooth, as before, it is not necessary. Small traces of stretch marks after processing still remain, but they are hardly noticeable. The number of required procedures is directly dependent on how long the problem manifested itself. So fresh and just appeared striae, for example, after childbirth laser removes quickly. On average, the time will have to spend four or five sessions, no more.

Many women are interested in another issue - whether it is a painful procedure. Firstly, it all depends on your threshold of sensitivity, and, secondly, by auto-suggestion. Typically, in the salons before removing stretch marks laser anesthetized patients. But some still feel a little discomfort during the exposure device to the skin.

 how much it costs to remove stretch marks Laser

The fight against stretch marks: response

  • Sanding

Removal of striae occurs when using a conventional laser that gently cleans the upper layers of the skin. Following exposure of the cells begin to update the device, resulting in damaged areas extensions become less noticeable. Should such a procedure is relatively cheap, especially if you are using erbium and not karbondioksidny machine. If the clinic is not too expensive and popular, the price for the removal of stretch marks will be between two hundred and fifty-three hundred rubles per centimeter.

Laser resurfacing has its advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the merits, it is painless, since in most cases the unit will affect only the upper layers of the epidermis. And relatively quick positive results - in the seventh to tenth day after, you will see improvement. However, to fully evaluate the effectiveness of this method, you can only half a year later.

As for the drawbacks, they are not so much. First, the rehabilitation will last from two weeks to six weeks, thus it is impossible to sunbathe, swim, being constantly under the sun. Secondly, in this period, with particular care need to care for the skin, apply special ointments and creams.

The important role played by the safety of the procedure, so before contacting a beauty salon or clinic is required to pass a complete examination. If your body is weak, there is a risk of infectious disease.

Refer only to those having licenses and certificates. An inexperienced physician can harm your health if he miscalculated the depth of the machine. As a result, the skin can be covered with white or dark brown spots and scars on the body appear.

  • Fractional effects

This method is characterized in that a special apparatus Palomar removes even old stretch marks that are more than three or four years. The principle of operation is quite simple - the laser on the problem areas to make small "burns" that leads to the production of mediators. The skin thickens slightly and stretch marks disappear from the body.

Removing extensions occurs without anesthesia, since this unit is built a special device, which cools the laser head. Number of treatments depends on the condition of skin problems and limitations (on average five or six). After each trip to the clinic or beauty salon you will have to wait about a month.

The undoubted advantage is that the procedure itself takes only thirty to fifty minutes, not more. If the skin is processed by a conventional laser, it takes an average of two hours. Despite the fact that Palomar penetrates deep enough serious burns, scars, and it does not cause bruising.

Please note that you operate the machine Palomar can only experienced specialists that necessarily documented. The first reception the doctor should fully explore the client to talk about contraindications and possible consequences.

The period of rehabilitation takes about two to three days. How to restore leave you completely dependent on the area of ​​treatment. Many who removed the laser stretch, argue that during this time they did not feel any discomfort or pain. But, of course, immediately go to the beach or go to a tanning salon is still not recommended, otherwise you will do harm to your skin is completely defenseless.

Should the removal of stretch marks using Palomar cheap. But the result justifies all financial expenditure - Body miraculously disappear striae, which are not allowed to live to the fullest. How much will still have to spend, you tell the doctor after a full inspection. Of course, the larger the area of ​​processing and more delicate than the skin, the more expensive.

 Laser removal of stretch marks Palomar

Indications and contraindications

Thus, the fair sex should contact the salon if they appeared stretch marks on the body or the skin around them has lost elasticity. This often happens to those who do not use special creams and protection from ultraviolet radiation means. With timely treatment can help you definitely.

But not so easy as it might seem at first glance. Since you refuse to work if you are in a position or are breast-feeding, if you have a skin disease or the beginning of inflammatory processes in the problem area. In some stores you can go for additional testing.

The benefits of laser

First, the laser treatment is completely safe, unless, of course, you've come to a good hospital. Secondly, the positive effect will be seen almost immediately, making it difficult to achieve after the use of chemical or folk remedies. In this case you do not have to go under the knife and take a long, painful and unpleasant procedure of rehabilitation to remove such defects.

Striae removed and that on or between poslereabilitatsionny

Remove stretch marks - is the first step to a healthy and clean body. After the procedure, you have to spend more than one week to a full recovery, while the upper layers of the skin will form completely. During this period, the treated areas may appear red spots, swelling, flaking. In particularly sensitive the ladies appear pain.

Ten days later, the above symptoms should go if, of course, you follow all the doctor's recommendations, use special creams and ointments. If after this time will not change anything or the condition worsens, then why not go to the hospital. You may have manifested infection or latent disease was worsening.

Within a month, the skin should be protected from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Also, you will have two or three weeks to limit yourself to these pleasures like taking a hot bath, going to the sauna, steam room or pool. The maximum that you can afford from a water treatment - a five-minute light summer shower.

 how to remove stretch marks Laser

How to choose a clinic for removal of stretch marks

Trusting the health stranger, the fair sex in any way at risk, as even the most experienced doctor can not always guarantee quality and clean work. What to speak of the newcomers who have only recently come to this field of activity and have not yet got the hand on the patients? Therefore, to get an appointment to the amateurs to be vigilant and not trust the promises of unearthly beauty and fast perfect result.

  • Expertise

The very first thing you should pay attention - this is the availability of documents confirming the legality of the work of the institution. Ask to see certificates and licenses more closely, to make sure that it is original and not fake. If you insist that they all be honest, but the paper is still not give up, immediately leave the cabin, as there would not cost the services of craftsmen.

Do not risk your health, because you can remove stretch marks and elsewhere. You may overpay five hundred or even a thousand rubles, but then you do not have to spend money on treatment and run the courts, so that you have paid compensation for the damage.

  • Reputation above everything

It is unlikely that you decide to remove stretch marks into the first clinic with oblezshey sign and incredibly huge discounts. Perhaps you first read the information on the institution, are curious opinions of customers, read reviews on the Internet. Today, any self-respecting company must have a website, business card, which indicates how much this or that procedure, indications and contraindications. Also, there is always the basic information written and presented a small portfolio of work. By the way, the absence of a price - a bad sign.

  • The ratio of staff

So, you have chosen a suitable clinic in which you can remove stretch marks, and have almost decided on the procedure, but you guarded attitude of the institution to your person. It makes you wonder whether it is necessary to resort to cads who can not handle the customers. Remember, no self-respecting salon not afford anything extra. You must meet with a smile, happily listening to your wishes and requirements, whatever they were strange.

  • Professionalism

How do I know whether a man knows his job or he is working in a slipshod manner? It is enough to listen carefully to what he said during his first administration. If the doctor says that the removal of stretch marks - the procedure is completely safe and has a couple of months you will be able to flaunt on the beach in a bikini, then he's lying to you frankly.

The specialist must first tell you that to remove such defects, especially the very old, is not easy, there may be serious consequences and complications. By the way, almost all the salons between the patient and the clinic is a contract stating that you are familiar with this information.

 Remove stretch marks laser: what patients should know