a rejuvenating facial massage


  • Classic rejuvenating massage
  • Japanese facial massage
  • The main desire!

No one wants to grow old, and only a woman trying to delay this time, as far as possible. In the course are all well-known and not so methods - creams, scrubs, proper nutrition, masks and all sorts of expensive procedures, even before surgery. Only here the ladies rush to solve the problem, when it is already beginning to be visible wrinkles around the face and neck have to cover the scarves and shawls - it is wrong.

Classic rejuvenating massage

So, try a rejuvenating massage - probably the most effective way to avoid premature aging. No need to go to a beauty salon and give a fortune for a few sessions. Independently learn to do this procedure it is possible, and the person does not care who his massages.

  • Place the four fingers of the left and right hand corners of the mouth to the area, move to the spiral outer corners of eyes and back, and then - in the direction of the earlobe and back;
  • Now do the same movement on the forehead in a circular guide move the fingers from the middle of the forehead to the temple and back;
  • Stroking his face with pressing - movement from the bottom up;
  • Now fingers severely rub the skin - you can draw any shape, stick to the main direction from the bottom up;
  • Close the ears with his hands and listen to how "the sea roar," a little over a minute rub his ears and fingers pinching the lobe (if you do acupressure) - so you will not only tighten the skin, but also adjust the body to rest;
  • Now it's time to pencil rain - walk across the skin, do not forget about the temples, on the neck and behind the ear space. The rejuvenation effect is to touch all parts of the face, neck and even the neckline.

This algorithm is considered a classic and no intricacies are not required. Just follow the procedure on a regular basis - the effect is guaranteed!

Basic rules of implementation

Despite the simplicity of the classic anti-aging facial massage has some subtleties:

  • Before the massage you must clean your face - wash or wipe it with lotion;
  • Better to remove hair from the face - for example, to stab the back;
  • Massage is best to do this alone and in front of the mirror - no distractions and everything perfectly clear;
  • The best time for this procedure - the evening before going to bed;
  • All movements must be strictly bottom-up;
  • During the massage to rejuvenate, do not forget to strong pressure from the pulling of the skin (as if smoothing it) in the direction of the wings of the nose down, around the lips and eyes - so fighting mimic wrinkles.

Well, basically, that's all. Rejuvenating facial massage can begin to do after 30 years and, most importantly, we must stick to regular. The process is long and rejuvenation is better to start it in the form of prevention.

 facial massage for rejuvenation

Japanese facial massage

The most "advanced" in terms of beauty and youth, women live in the east, particularly stands out Japan. Oh, they do in terms of rejuvenation have developed many effective techniques that can only use these knowledge and enjoy the effect. Awesome "running" technique influence on active points, in which facial massage becomes a "magic wand":

  • Warm your hands thoroughly (with efforts) rub the face - the skin should blush;
  • Put your hands on your ears, fingers on the back of the head and spend 36 beats fingers on the scalp;
  • Without changing the position of the hands, begin to work on an active point just below the earlobes - exactly 36 compressions index finger or thumb;
  • Put your index finger between the eyebrows, and medium and large - on the inner corners of the eyes. Gently massaging in a spiral, repeat 36 "attachment." This is done with one hand;
  • Reasons put his hands on the temples, and the fingers - on its head, and just do a variety of movements (circular, tapping, stroking).

Japanese massage does not require rigorous knowledge, but to experiment and to press on all the points should not be too straight. If you do all the points, and adhering strictly to the algorithm, you will not only tighten the skin, strengthen muscles, but will stimulate the scalp to its rejuvenation - hair will not fall out. Generally, it should be noted that the process of rejuvenation in Japan is considered to be complex: you need to exercise and do, and eat sensibly, and to give time for entertainment, and to use natural remedies to nourish the skin of the face and neck.

 Japanese rejuvenating face massage

The main desire!

Whichever option you choose - or Japanese classical massage, herbs or cream, scrubs or complex steps, remember that the most important thing - this constancy. Only regular activities can help to achieve the desired effect and contain the onslaught of time. Options: "Today I will not", "I'm tired" and "start later" should not be decisive - so nothing happens. Only permanent care for face and neck, using all possible means daily massage and resolving power will help you look like a queen always and at any age.

The process of rejuvenation should concern the whole body, so be engaged in physical activity - even just a walk in the fresh air (only daily) can produce a stunning effect! And if you're jogging, gym or enrols in oriental dance lessons (or just learn the tango) - everything happens quickly and naturally. And then, as a positive and wonderful mood, smile and just active life can work wonders - see for yourself!

 Rejuvenating facial massage - Returns the beauty and attractiveness

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 effective wrinkle cream


  • Wrinkle cream: fiction or reality?
  • What hides packaging?
  • Danger!
  • How to choose the right cream
  • Use creams properly

All the manufacturers that supply to the market of cosmetic anti-wrinkle cream industry, assured that their products - the quality, reliability, and design. But as you know, trust advertising, and those who help themselves! Do not always believe the cost loud statement to the effect that they have opened a new, up to that point unknown substance, which is two to three weeks will remove even deep wrinkles and age, tighten the skin and make it smooth, supple as a baby.

Wrinkle cream: fiction or reality?

It is worth considering anti-aging cream - a ground-breaking discoveries or new invention of advertisers? Unfortunately, turning back the clock can not every surgeon, not to mention the usual jar of the new funds. After all, if these products do possess such unique abilities, it is likely to be considered a medicine rather than conventional cosmetics.

Yet one should not think that the anti-wrinkle cream - a waste of time and finances, because if you start to use really good, certified and proven production specialists in time, not when the face appeared quite a large number of wrinkles, aging can be delayed to between ten years fifteen.

A distinctive feature of this category of goods is that its production has not yet been taken under firm control, so called his invention manufacturers can as you like, though "a remedy for facial wrinkles," though "a mixture of cucumber and honey." What it should contain an effective wrinkle cream and how much, do not always know some digging, not to mention the fair sex.

 the most effective anti-wrinkle cream

What hides packaging?

All have long studied the basic rule to the effect that if you can not judge a book by its cover, the cream - the beautiful and vibrant advertising. But the fair sex still continue to avoid the same mistake - buying the advertised vehicle in a beautiful jar. In fact, it is not surprising, because managers have spent more than one hundred rubles (or dollars) to make a tube attractive even for those who did not plan to buy it. So, before you put the chosen remedy in a basket, check it again and study its composition.

  • Collagen

Despite the loud claims of many manufacturers of the magical properties of the ingredient, the substance does not penetrate through the skin and is known to any chemist or biologist. Its molecules are simply not able to overcome the barrier, exhibited by the human body, because their size is too big for it. In other words, they remain on the surface, and at the first washing - completely washed away. On the other hand, the harm from these substances will not be any.

  • Retinol

This component is able to stimulate the production of collagen in the human body, it also has a positive effect on the regeneration of cells of small blood vessels, so its usefulness is undeniable. However, here too there is your "but" - such products are sold in pharmacies are usually, with the majority - only on prescription.

To this cream remains effective as long as possible, it should be stored in tight, sealed container (a tube, a jar) in a dark, dry place inaccessible to others, as direct sunlight for retinol - a ticking time bomb. A few hours in the sun - and this means you can throw as benefit from it will be gone.

The only disadvantage of this material is that it may cause serious allergy. Therefore, in order not to go a few days with a red, blotchy rash, and covered the face, pre-use cream on a small area of ​​the skin. If you previously did not use such a tool, enter it in the comprehensive care gradually (initially not more than two or three times a week).

Another nuance - it increased sensitivity to external stimuli, which appears a few hours after applying the funds to vitamin A in the face. Therefore, it is desirable that retinol is not a part of a day cream, otherwise the effects of UV on the skin will lead to premature aging. It is also not advisable to use such products in the position of girls and nursing mothers.

  • Coenzyme Q10

The presence of this component in cosmetics, designed to combat age-related changes - necessarily, and not merely desirable. He acts only on the top layers of skin, so smooth out wrinkles just can not but get rid of the newly emerged or prevent the emergence of new - ceremony.

  • Vitamin E

Tocopherol with Q10 does not provide collagen molecules to break down, so that the skin remains smooth and even much longer. In addition, it will protect your face from harmful UV rays. And after that, what harm the sun's rays are applied, they know even small children. Remember components giving no influence of UV on the skin, should be in any of such cosmetic products.

  • Vitamin C

Lack of this vitamin can lead to the rapid aging of skin, as it is one of the basic materials required for the production of collagen. Its presence in the cream necessary, especially if there is also the presence of vitamin E (an antioxidant this enhances its job). Plus, such products are recommended to the fair sex, who have problems with acne.

  • Alfagidrokisloty

ANA, if you use them too often and wisely, fairly useful, as they help to purify from keratinized. But those who will use the funds to, say, lactic acid each day, instead of the healthy and smooth skin will get a completely opposite one result.

Remember what the manufacturers of such products generally do not speak - alfagidrokisloty destroy the natural protective barrier, which is the cause of early wrinkles. European countries have already expressed their opposition to such a makeup, as it does not monitor the use (and added to many AHA cream) can cause burns.

  • Hyaluronic acid

The cream, as part of which has the component, will cost twice or three more expensive than usual, but the debate about its effectiveness, many scientists still. But strong arguments regarding the fact that the molecules of hyaluronic acid as great as the collagen molecules, makes you wonder whether or not to acquire such means.

 effective anti-wrinkle cream


For several years, many well-known scientists say publicly: anti-wrinkle cream can be addictive! Is it really, or is it - another black PR, until now no one really can not say. Their main argument is that, if such a vehicle does on the face all the time, the positive effects will be noticeable after four to five weeks, but as soon as the girls stop using it, everything will return to normal.

However, on the other hand, as can be without the skin cream of the same smooth, flat and fresh if it ceases to receive vitamins and components that feed it before. The only thing that you may concern, is the fact that he had not fully understood the implications of some of the components. So how would you feel and what look like in the age of thirty or forty years, is still a mystery even for scientists, not to mention the technology. But as they say, afraid of wolves, do not walk in the woods.

How to choose the right cream

Of course, to ensure that the first time you find suitable option for themselves, nobody else (even experienced sales consultants) will not be able, but not to play roulette and not risk your health, you should follow a few basic rules.

  • Consider the features of the skin

Dry, oily, combination skin - every this type needs certain elements and materials, so you can not take the cream without first making sure that they are suitable for you. To find out which category you belong, once is enough to visit a professional beautician or spend a small test with a tissue. If after you protrete her face on it will divorce, then you have oily skin. Ensure proper daily care, you also get rid of some defects (acne, acne, etc.), but if the product is intended for dry and problem you have oily skin, you will only aggravate the situation.

  • SPF of at least 15

Remember, the sun - the greatest enemy of the skin, so such cosmetics should reduce its impact. The presence of substances that protect against ultraviolet radiation, in any way should not affect the cost of production, so effective is only the cream, which is more than 15 SPF record - for winter use, 30 - for the year. Note that it makes no sense to buy anti-wrinkle cream, if there is not, for example, zinc oxide, avobenzone, titanium dioxide, etc.

  • Humidification - a pledge of young skin

With age, the human skin loses its former elasticity and smoothness, and the main reason for this is the lack of moisture, so the means of anti-wrinkle ingredients must be present to prevent its loss. It is best if a whole lot of day and night cream will be from the same manufacturer, as in this case, all these nuances into account.

  • Do not buy the cream in questionable places

Even the best and most expensive cream will not be effective if it is properly stored. It is unlikely that in the transitions, in the markets and at home there is a specially equipped room, where lie the huge box with this product. The moisture and the sun's rays - is not the worst thing that can be. Unsanitary - is that in the future can lead to serious diseases of the skin of those who will use the purchased goods in such places.

Ideal - a store or pharmacy. In addition, there you may be given a first-class advice, prompt, that it is right for you, provide certificates and documents confirming the quality and show the summary. If necessary, the legal institution of trade you can exchange the item, if you give them a check.

  • Study structure

Manufacturers are required to indicate all the ingredients from highest to lowest: that is at the very top of the list, will be the primary, but that in the end - the least useful. Thus, if the advertisement stated that, for example, cucumber extract will make your skin smooth, and the component in the list of twenty, then you are simply trying to cheat, since the effectiveness of it will be very small.

 the most effective anti-wrinkle cream

Use creams properly

Having bought the anti-wrinkle cream, do not expect that the second or third day, your face will be completely smooth. Before manifest a positive effect, it must pass at least a month. But, unfortunately, your face will not be the same as that of a young girl, advertise it means. If you use such a tool on occasion, then you just throw out money.

Root should not apply the cream when wrinkles are already visible, but much earlier. Of course, until the skin is young (twenty-five), a major product should not be used, it is better to stay on the usual moisturizer with UV protection. After thirty-wrinkle cream already belongs to the category of must-have of every girl, regardless of whether there is or her age facial marks or not.

Before each application of the cream sure to wash your hands and face. It is not only in personal hygiene, but also that fewer misses the microbial agent is, the better. That is why manufacturers produce many products in tubes with fine holes and not in the usual and customary we package. Due to the similar cosmetics much longer stored.

Wrinkle cream in any case not be applied to the eye area, for a delicate and sensitive skin should be used specifically designed for this product. Nourishing cream is not necessary to lubricate the place where the filaments are arranged on the face, otherwise they will start to grow much faster.

Remember that you can not experiment with such cosmetics. Always follow the instructions, and if it is specified that the night cream can be applied, for example, only a half hour before bedtime, do not do it sooner or later. If during this time it is not completely absorbed, remove the remnants of dry paper towel or cotton swab. Also use a cream day since it does not come into contact with sunlight.

Apply any cosmetic product should be carefully! Rubbing cream into the skin, much patting on the cheeks and forehead with your fingertips, you will only worsen the situation, because of microtrauma faster there will be new wrinkles. Movement should be light, circular and barely noticeable.

To be most effective pre-make masks or wipe the skin tonic lotion to active components it makes it easier to get inside. If you can not clean the face, wipe it with wet cloths to remove dust and dirt.

And last but not least! Never use more than you need. A thick layer of cream will be a very long time to soak in, and if you leave it for the night, the morning will find him dry residues. Benefit from this will not be any, but the harm from infection, ending premature wrinkles, abound. Typically, once a small enough droplet size of a pea.

 An effective wrinkle cream: Myth or Reality?

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