gold thread in cosmetology reviews

It is known that gold has long been used by people as a metal, which can be fed with energy from where you can feel the warmth. The metal is used as a jewel of great beauty for the manufacture of jewelry, gold is considered a sign of prosperity and viability, in the ancient civilizations of gold it produced the most amazing (at the time), and advanced medical, surgical instruments. In addition, gold is used in many magical rituals to communicate with otherworldly realms.

Today, when studied and revealed many secrets of the use of gold, medicine takes it on board as a means of which not only prolongs youth, but also allows it to return. This interesting and gold thread in cosmetology: reviews of their use are often the cause of various disputes, but, anyway, now they found an alternative.

Reinforcement of gold thread or, as it is called in medical circles and beauty - bionityami reinforcement, included in the list of cosmetic surgical procedures, only recently .  Since gold is of the metal, which does not cause allergies and does not force the body to show any reaction, it was the means by which surgeons and beauticians made a major bet and lost the battle against aging .  It's pretty simple from the point of view of experts in the field of cosmetology and surgeons procedure, but today it has no equal in regard to getting rid of unwanted wrinkles .  Often, such a procedure can be carried out within thirty minutes or an hour, but its effect is enormous compared with the results that you can see after using liposomal creams and deep massage .  Using to maintain youth and beauty with gold thread reinforcement can boast not even very wealthy people, since this procedure is becoming available to many .  Therefore, many people are interested in gold thread: the consequences of their use do not cause any allergic reactions, which allows not to carry out further tests on allergic reactions when used in cosmetic purposes .

Implantation of threads in soft tissues of the body

Golden yarn is used in cosmetology literally from that moment, as soon as they discovered the useful properties. Implantation of gold thread passes in specialized clinics or for that cosmetic cabinets. For the implantation of gold threads used especially gold higher test (24 carats, diameter - 0, 09 mm or less.), But the thread is inserted under the skin only attendant polyglycolic thread. Threads is not implanted randomly, since before the beginning of the labeling procedure is carried out parts of the body where the threads should be implanted. It can not only be familiar to us the face, neck and chest, and the back of the elbow of the forearm, thigh, leg and abdomen.

Further there is a charge of two threads in triangular atraumatic needle. It is the use of such a needle causes a rapid and virtually beztravmatichnogo the procedure of implanting gold threads. After implantation under the skin occurs so-called adaptation gold threads in the body. It lies in the fact that it is around the thread a rapid build-up of new connective tissue, which is the reserve of the body, which allows you to quickly and efficiently get rid of wrinkles and many other unpleasant for everyone age-related changes.

Implantation of gold strings allows the body to enhance blood flow to the connective tissue (usually the lower, deeper layers of the skin), saturate them with oxygen and nutrients. This smooths wrinkles, even those that you have seen on the face for several decades. Since the threads are arranged crosswise, they provide a fairly solid frame that can withstand age-related changes in the next ten years. Gold threads in cosmetology become the means to exert their unique action for about six weeks in the direction of rejuvenation and keep it long enough period.

It is not necessary at this forget that it is necessary to conduct a correct way of life in order to effect lasted as long as possible.

Results and implications

 reinforcement of gold thread
 Golden thread for the face - this is the most common form of using gold in cosmetology .  It is because they changed not only the relief of the face, but also the color of the skin, its elasticity .  During the implantation quickly and efficiently smooths bumps occur disengagement spider veins and age spots on the skin .  If during the implantation of gold threads to the person you were bruises and hematoma, do not have to worry (as they will go in a few days, and are the result of compromising the integrity of the capillaries, which are located close to the surface of your skin) .  If you had done a face lift with gold thread, then for about a week should comply with certain measures of caution for the complete formation of the frame under the skin .  So, for four to five days, it is desirable to sleep on your back, your face has not been subject to transformation .  During the week, you should avoid deep massage and exposure to the skin with any chemical and mechanical means .  At this time, begin to smooth wrinkles, improves skin tone, increasing microcirculation, fade bruises and starts building up connective tissue round the implanted thread .

During the facelift golden threads should definitely consult a specialist. Despite the fact that the thread safe, you can not use them without special counseling. If you choose to use reinforced bionityami, you should pay attention not only to your own desire and the recommendations of the professionals, but we need to get acquainted with those who have already taken advantage of this service. Quite common and effective way of pulling an oval face and the return of the skin fresh and smooth look - a golden thread: reviews about them only the most positive. In this you can easily make today.


When we decide to learn something about the new anti-aging techniques, some are looking for anything that can give us information. So, gold thread in cosmetology: reviews of them are now not only posted on websites and forums, many women, but also on the websites of good cosmetic companies. Ask what are the golden threads in cosmetology: a review of them may surprise you. After all, people's opinions about this cosmetic procedure can be so diverse, how different can be the people who use them. But they are similar in one - fast and qualitative rejuvenation of the body parts to which they were implanted.

To date, the most secure and efficient way to build the internal connective tissue to fight wrinkles - a golden thread: the consequences of using this procedure, you can observe the effect of rejuvenation in the form of one to six (seven) weeks on the rise.

 Reinforcement with golden threads, or how to prolong their youth

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 nail polish remover

There is not a woman who would not want to look your best interest. As a rule, the beauty and image are formed, as we know, many of the details. It is not only data, but also what we do not see from a distance. It is to such features and is a good, good workmanship manicure. We will not talk about how to do it, what means should be used, we will talk about the cosmetics, which is used as an intermediate during a manicure - this nail polish remover.

Nail polish remover has always been thus means without which it is impossible to create a unique manicure. But do not forget that it is the nail polish remover refers to the means to use them should be treated with extreme care. This is not just a tool that removes the nail polish by dissolving it. It acts as a standard solvent for paint products, but acts gentle manner. Today, despite the fact that there are numerous nail polish remover, in their composition may be a variety of components. This not only familiar to us acetone, but other solvents. But whatever they were on the strength of its impact, should always remember that there are numerous negative consequences - it is not only the depletion of the nail plate, not only by its drying, separation, and fragility, porosity, discoloration and roughness.

Nail polish remover, though, and used beautiful ladies for a long time, but it almost did not undergo changes in terms of its composition and method of use. Today we can talk about several of its variants - is familiar to us the consistency of liquid, gel and cream. It is not necessary to dwell on the first of them. Nail polish remover in gel form is quite practical, especially since you do not have to be mindful of how much it costs to use. This nail polish remover is provided with a dispenser that at all and saves you money by reducing its consumption during use.

Similar characteristics has nail polish remover in the form of a cream. It is applied to the part of the nail plate, which is necessary to remove the varnish. This nail polish remover is simply not replaceable in the way and becomes a surprisingly gentle, provided its content of plant extracts.

Selection and use

 Remover Gel polish
 Since the nail polish remover is relatively a few times less than other tools for nail care, it can change quite often. This does not mean that all fluids are equally good or equally not good. When choosing for themselves the fluid necessary to pay attention to the composition. The nail polish remover includes a lot of components. The main one - the solvent. The solvent may be present in varying percentages with respect to the other components of the fluid. This should draw attention to themselves in the decision to choose a gentle liquid.

Modern standard nail polish remover:   composition - ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, water, atsetiltributil citrate, vitamin E, panthenol, vegetable proteins dye. Sometimes there may be added fragrances and camphor oil for its better volatility and fast drying.

Use of a liquid depends on how often you have to change manicures and pedicures. It is necessary to pay special attention to what you have to wash off. It can not be just paint and varnish interspersed with sequins, crystals, etc. Do not forget that in order to remove the varnish with artificial nails, artificial, acrylic and natural nails should be applied precisely the fluid, which are specially designed for such purposes.

How to wash nail polish, every woman should know, that uses a type of lacquer coating or gel to create a manicure. First you need to prepare your nails to a procedure such as nail polish remover. To do this, they need to be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water, to strengthen the skin and nails, you can add a pinch of salt lather. This particular mixture just will remove excess fat with nails and hands, but also to keep them in order to nail polish remover does not hit the small scratches and cracks. Besides salt exfoliates dead skin cells.

Then, standing on a cotton ball apply a little polish remover (if it is a gel or a cream, it can be applied to the nail plate), nail wash in the direction from the base of the nail to the tip. It will not only provide a good effect by washing (so you will wash away the varnish in the direction of nail growth), but will not allow particles to fall under the cuticles varnish or paint it in an undesirable color. You will never be unpleasant incidents occur when you create a manicure, if you know how to wash off nail polish.

Gel nail polish remover has recently become very popular. The reasons for this are several. Thus, the liquid to remove the gel polish does not spill in your things ruin your journey or business trip. In addition, due to the slow process of volatilization (which is achieved by excluding from the remover gel lacquer camphor and connections volatiles solvents) from the liquid to remove the gel polish many elements there is no separation of the nail plate and there is no micro-cracks on the nail and cuticle, which subsequently lead to serious violations of the integrity of the natural nail.

Any means for removal - gel lacquer produced on the basis of silicon supplements or using creams and petroleum jelly. It does not allow nails to lose their moisture and nourishes the plant extracts.

Nail enamel remover

 nail polish remover Jardine

  • Jardine

Nail polish remover Jardine will quickly and efficiently clean the nails are not only natural but also man-made (including aktil and tips). The supplied sponge will help you remove the paint quickly and evenly. The nail polish remover Jardine does not contain fragrances, so she has a hypoallergenic properties and dries quickly. After contact with clothing leaves no residue and evaporates quickly in the event that gets on the skin of the fingers and hands. Nail polish remover removes not only one or two layers of coating, but easily copes with fluids such as glue and acrylic paint (if your nails are decorated exactly it easy or rhinestones).

  • Weasel

Nail polish remover weasel is unique in its composition, since it contains microparticles therapeutic oil, which is beneficial not only to the nail plate, but also on the cuticle .  You will not feel dry after the process of removing the varnish, pastes and powders of various kinds of meals and .  The uniqueness of the nail polish remover Lusk in the fact that it contains particles that are neutralized a strong solvent action after ten seconds contact with the skin and nails .  The film, which is formed by dissolving a nail varnish, does not roll and does not harden, which makes it quite quickly delete it and do not use the liquid several times .  Today, nail polish remover is enriched with vitamin E and A, in addition to using a balanced combination of vitamins B5 and C .  This gives additional power horn tissue .  Available in the form of liquid and gel convenient dispenser .

  • Severin

Nail polish remover Severina is available in several versions - a gel, cream and liquid. Moreover, they may be as acetone, and without it. All funds with acetone of the company designed for the simultaneous removal of varnish and then to protect the skin and nails. In this case, it is worth noting this special two-phase fluid. It is produced in bottles of various sizes, allowing you to select the desired capacity for different occasions. Natural extracts from the leaves and flowers of different natural areas provide a nail plate, not only color, but also healthy. Nail polish remover lets you choose the option that is best for you - jasmine, lemon, etc.

  • Oriflame

Company Oriflame nail polish remover tool is recognized as one of the best in the countries of Northern Europe. Liquid is designed for the unique duplicate claims. It includes tools that remove both the varnish and it does not desiccate the skin and nails. Microgranules plant particles (blueberries, lemon) allow to enhance the growth of strong and healthy nails. Using funds from Oriflame nail polish remover is best done in conjunction with fluids to the skin around the nail from the same company. The fluid helps to normalize the growth of the nail and increases blood circulation in the fingertips. The gentle formula allows the use of this fluid, even for the purification of varnish brittle, thin and sensitive nails.

  • Orly

From Orly nail polish remover is available in various consistencies - gel, liquid and creamy liquid. It gives nails a feeling of moisture after use. It has a pleasant smell due to the use of high-quality fragrances. Does not contain acetone and can be successfully applied for the fragile and delicate nails. Companies Orly nail polish remover contains glycerin, many natural plant oils and useful supplements that have been successfully used to neutralize the nail cleaning solvent. Available in more color and volume range, so you can easily select exactly the liquid that is right for you.

  • Nail

Nail polish remover Nail spread in almost all regions of the country. It is easily able to remove several layers of lacquer, quickly dissolving it before. It does not damage the nails, as developed based on the latest technologies in the field of cosmetology. It does not contain salt, impurities, which can cause irritation. The nail polish remover Nail contains herbal extracts, acetone (or equivalent of solvent) and Perfume. Do not damage the cuticle, does not dry the skin, it does not leave oily stains.

  • Dream

Nail polish remover Dream is a universal means to dissolve the powder, crystals, small elements of the lacquer and varnish. It is this fluid can be produced in glass or plastic bottles of different sizes. If you use it protects nails from drying and degreasing. It consists of a special perfume composition of the author, extracts from plants the middle band of the temperate zone. Nail polish remover Dream can be used relatively frequently due to its content of special components to protect the nail plate and to enhance its growth.

  • Severina

Nail polish remover Severina able to quickly and efficiently remove nail polish. Even in contact with varnish on the skin, this liquid is able to quickly and easily remove it without leaving traces and divorces. In order to preserve the health of your nails look and color of the nail polish remover Severina including calcium, lemon oil and extracts from plants. Due to the high degree of volatility does not damage the cuticle and nail. For this nail polish remover composition has been developed through a unique innovative technology that rapidly dissolves varnish, not even touching the upper layers of the nail plate.

Keep in mind, no matter what liquid you choose to use it should be treated with extreme care.

 Nail polish remover - the need for a perfect manicure

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