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  • The reasons for low stomach acidity
  • Symptoms of low stomach acidity
  • The treatment reduced gastric acidity
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About such a thing as a reduced gastric acidity, heard many. But everyone knows that it is, than dangerous low acidity, and how to cope with this problem? As practice shows, the answers to these questions are unknown to most ordinary citizens. Let's try to sort out this issue.

As is known, the main task is gastric digestion - its cleavage. And this effect is achieved by hydrochloric acid, from which, in fact, by and large, and is the gastric juice. And that is the amount of hydrochloric acid and the infamous depends on the acidity of gastric juice. Gastric acidity is measured in units of pH.

In the stomach of any person contains a huge number of various glands, including fundic. These glands and produce hydrochloric acid. Accordingly, the greater the number of these glands, the higher the acidity of gastric juice. However gastric acidity depends not only on the amount of iron, but also how fast it is in the process of neutralization. After the gastric juice also contains alkaline components.

The reasons for low stomach acidity

Of course, the acidity of gastric juice will not fall just like that, out of nowhere. It requires certain prerequisites. These prerequisites is a range of diseases, such as:

  • Gastroduodenit
  • Gastritis
  • Stomach cancer

All these diseases are inevitably accompanied by a malfunction in the glands that produce hydrochloric acid, or even their complete atrophy - in severe cases. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that it is very rare, but there are times when gastric acidity is reduced without any apparent reason.

Low acidity is a very serious threat to human health, even if it is the cause of gastritis became commonplace. Normal gastric acidity provides a protective function of the stomach, preventing the ingestion of different pathogenic microorganisms. Accordingly, the reduced gastric acidity stimulates various intestinal infections, and promotes a strong inflammatory processes.

 reduced gastric acidity treatment

Symptoms of low stomach acidity

Reduced gastric acidity leads to a number of violations of normal processes of digestion. Specifically, digestion of the protein is broken, since a number of enzymes due to low acidity remain inactive. Because of this, active in the intestines begin the process of fermentation. In humans, symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal distention
  • Flatulence
  • Heartburn
  • Pain in the intestines

This condition can lead not only discomfort in the intestines. Due to the fact that the protein is poorly absorbed by the body, a large amount of waste products. These toxins accumulate quickly in the body, resulting at times deteriorates the immune system. In addition, the very feel at ease all sorts of viruses and fungi which are the causative agents of various diseases.

Not to mention the annoying phenomenon such as heartburn. Very often people think that heartburn is only when acidity. However, this is not so - and in this case heartburn occurs frequently. Moreover, heartburn can be very strong and painful. You may be surprised, saying, where does heartburn when gastric acidity is reduced? But to start heartburn, rather very small amount of hydrochloric acid, which in any case contained in gastric juice.

Furthermore, reduced gastric acidity inevitably leads to a deterioration in the normal motility of both the stomach and intestines. As a result, a person has the following symptoms:

  • Resistant lock

In the case of reduction of gastric motility sick person is faced with regular and fairly severe constipation, get rid of them by conventional measures - diet and laxatives - can not.

  • Bad breath

Due to the fact that the intestines are constant processes of decay, a human patient very quickly from the mouth appears tap unpleasant putrid odor.

There are indirect signs that may indicate a decrease in gastric acidity. Direct evidence of this disease, these symptoms can not be, yet these symptoms should alert:

  • Systemic fungal infections, repeated more than three times a year
  • The presence of Giardia
  • The presence in the feces undigested pieces of food

If you notice these symptoms, try as quickly as possible to seek the help of a doctor, a gastroenterologist. He will appoint the necessary examination and will select the best treatment of the disease. Self-treat the disease is not worth it - you can only temporarily eliminate the symptoms, not more.

The treatment reduced gastric acidity

As you know, the treatment of this disease should be started as soon as possible. However, self-treatment is unacceptable, as pharmacological agents should be selected strictly individually in each case, taking into account the results of analyzes and the state of health of the person.

Medicines to treat acidity of the stomach, there is quite a lot. But drug treatment reduced acidity - is not easy, because a truly effective drugs very, very little. In most cases, treatment is carried out using three types of drugs:

  • Formulations hydrochloric acid

With these drugs need to be especially careful - they are used only on prescription and under his strict control.

  • Stimulants

In addition, there are several drugs that stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid of the gastric glands.

  • Herbal preparations

It has been successfully used as drugs, which are based on herbs such as wormwood, fennel, calamus, peppermint. These herbs are also very effective in stimulating the production of gastric juice, and in particular hydrochloric acid. But in any case it is impossible to make any kind of grass was alone, without a prescription. After all, the grass is not so harmless as it may seem at first glance. And do not rely on what your friends are already treated with a similar disease is herbs.

Herbs can be both medicine and poison, if you use them correctly. So if you too decide to be treated reduce the acidity of using herbs, at least, consult with your doctor. It will help you choose the most suitable grass and determine the dosage.

As mentioned above, in some cases lowering gastric acidity may indicate a predisposition of a human patient to cancer. Therefore, treatment is also aimed at preventing and this is extremely dangerous for the life of the disease. Of course, prophylactic treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of doctors. In order for treatment to be productive, be sure to obey all instructions and advice of a doctor.

 reduced gastric acidity


It is impossible to normalize the acidity of the stomach, if a person does not keep track of how the products he uses. If a person has a chronic gastritis with low acidity, it shows those products which favorably affect the production of gastric juice. It products such as:

  • Acidic fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Foods that contain large amounts of iron

In addition, some products must be strictly excluded:

  • Carbonated and caffeinated beverages
  • Sharp, smoked and pickled foods

Only when dieting, guidance and advice of the doctor, you can cope with the low acidity of the stomach. Be healthy!

 Reduced gastric acidity: symptoms, treatment

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 how quickly to reduce black eye


  • First aid after injury
  • Medication hematoma
  • Traditional methods of treatment of bruises

Black eye - a phenomenon not fatal, but it is very unpleasant. And familiar to the vast majority of people - would be foolish to think that the black eyes are the lot of alcoholics and brawlers. Around us there is a lot of variety of mechanisms, the collision of which is fraught with the emergence of the most bruising, including the eyes.

And hardly anyone of us will be glad appearance of such a "surprise" on the face. Therefore, they strive to get rid of them as soon as possible. And if you buy a bruise is not difficult, then get rid of it is not so simple. But it is still possible - and this is what we tell you today.

What is a bruise resulting from a blow or fall? This mechanical damage to soft tissue, which leads to hemorrhage under the skin. That is why there is a bruise on the skin, which initially has a bluish-purple color, which is then changed to the first green and then yellow.

First aid after injury

So the trouble still occurred and you have been injured in the eye. In no case can not waste time - immediately attach to tissue damage any cold object. Ideally, of course, it should be ice. But the cold spoon, and a package of ravioli or ice cream, happened to be in the freezer, it will also be most welcome.

And the earlier you apply ice, the better. It is necessary to keep not less than 20 minutes - during which time the blood vessels in the affected area will be narrowed as much as possible. And that means that the amount of blood into the skin, will not be so significant. And that means, and the area and intensity of a bruise will be much less. In addition, the cold very effectively eliminates the pain, because at the time of blocking nerve receptors.

Well, in case you have on hand will be a copper coin or any other object, consider yourself lucky. Of course, immediately after the injury to the bruised tissues attach any cold. But copper object immediately put in the freezer. Copper cools extremely quickly, so only three - five minutes copper object will be very cold. Apply it for 10 minutes to the place of impact - the copper is very good to prevent bruising. It's her property has been seen by people hundreds of years ago.

 how quickly to reduce bruise

Medication hematoma

So ice Used? Hold it for longer than 30 minutes does not make sense. Now it's time to go to the pharmacy. Although unlikely in such a "presentable" as you will want to leave the house, it is wise to ask someone from the household. Well, or order the delivery of drugs at the house, at least ...

Most often used to treat hematomas good old friend "Troxevasin", which has a powerful absorbing action. It is recommended to apply to clean, dry skin, not less frequently than once per hour. In that case, if the treatment is started promptly, bruising disappears in just two or three days. For comparison - the bruise disappears without treatment is not less than a week. Typically, the active drug allergic reactions does not cause, therefore it can be used without any fear.

On the second day of treatment, you can connect an ointment, which include heparin, chestnut extract, or saliva of leeches. The easiest way to find a commercially heparin ointment or gel "geparoid." Alternate it with troksevazin - through time. In addition to external funds is to take pills, which are based on routines or vitamin P. They improve blood circulation and have effect on resolving hematoma.

Do not forget about homeopathy. The pharmacy you can buy any product based on arnica. These drugs have several positive action - anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Moreover - at times they improve blood circulation and, consequently, contribute to the resorption of the most severe bruising. These drugs can be used both internally and externally - to rub in place of injury.

 how quickly you can reduce black eye

Traditional methods of treatment of bruises

In addition to the medical treatment of bruises, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. There are many ways that enable the shortest time to get rid of the most severe bruising. However, please note - you must ensure that the person did not have allergic reactions to one or the other component. We offer you the most effective ones:

  • Bodyagi

Concoctions - a freshwater plant, resembling a sponge. It is a long time ago people used to fight with all sorts of bruises. Make it easy - any non-metallic container, mix two teaspoons of powder concoctions and one teaspoon of boiled water. The resulting mush apply to bruise and leave the area until then, until the mixture is completely dry.

Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Be very careful - hit concoctions on the mucosa of the eye can lead to severe inflammation. In the day to do at least 4 of these masks - otherwise achieve the desired effect is unlikely. As a rule, the complete disappearance of a bruise, you will need 3 - 4 hours.

  • Lotions of mother and stepmother

No less useful gadgets decoction of mother and stepmother, and rosemary. To prepare the broth grind one tablespoon rosemary and mother and stepmother, put in an enamel container, pour one cup of water and bring to a boil over low heat. After 5 minutes, after the broth comes to a boil, turn off the heat and leave to infuse for two hours.

Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. Decoction is used as follows - it abundantly moisten a cotton ball or gauze fabric, and then attach to the place of impact. Duration gadgets - 10 minutes. In the first days after the injury recommended lotion at least once every two hours, and the second and subsequent days - once in three hours. As a rule, the bruise takes place on the third day.

  • Honey wrap

In the event that the bruise is very extensive, you can try the following means. To make it, you will need one tablespoon of any vegetable oil and honey, half a teaspoon of flour and one egg yolk. In a glass container thoroughly mix all of the ingredients, apply to the affected area and cover with plastic wrap. Leave compress at least three hours, and then rinse thoroughly under running water. Such compresses should be done twice a day for three days.

  • Fresh Cabbages

The juice of fresh cabbage promotes the resorption of hematomas is no worse than many drugs. To treat a bruise, you will need only one cabbage leaf. Pass it through a meat grinder and put on the area bruising. Leave cabbage gruel for about 20 minutes, then rinse. The same procedure should be carried out at least three times a day. The bruise will disappear after approximately 3 - 4 days.

  • Absorbable compress

For the preparation of the following means you need one teaspoon of dry herb celandine and one tablespoon of fresh aloe vera pulp. Mix them in a glass container and add one tablespoon of clean boiled water. This mixture should insist for an hour. Then apply it to the area of ​​the bruise and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. This wrap promotes the resorption of hematoma and relieves inflammation.

  • Beet compress

In order to rapidly reduce black eye, rub on a small grater half of medium-sized beets, add one tablespoon of aloe pulp and juice of celandine. Leave the resulting mixture for two hours, after which the resulting press juice using muslin cloth. Pour it into a glass bowl and make gadgets - moisten a cotton pad and apply for 20 minutes every two hours. The bruise will disappear within three days.

  • Sagebrush

Another good way to quickly eliminate black eye - fresh herb wormwood. Put 100 grams of wormwood in a glass bowl and rub thoroughly until until juice. This juice moisten a gauze cloth and attach an hour to damaged tissues. This should be done at least three times a day.

As you can see, ways to quickly eliminate black eye, not too little. But it is better to continue to be careful!

 How quickly make a black eye?

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