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Every girl wants to be attractive and to have a beautiful skin tone. What could be more natural than a smooth, radiant tan? What can you do if you go to the long-awaited vacation on the sea does not work, and a beautiful color you want to have right now? In this case, we come to the aid solarium - they allow a few weeks to give the skin a beautiful, smooth, delicious tan. Special cosmetics can accelerate the process and minimize the risk of burns. Keep in mind that tanning is still dries the skin. Therefore, choosing the right makeup is an important issue.

Cosmetics for solarium will help moisturize your skin, remove peculiar smell after the procedure; some lotions contain bronzers that will help achieve the shades that would be exactly what you want. Special makeup contains formic acid - this special component enhances blood circulation, making the color of the epidermis intensively and achieved it in a short period of time. What cream to choose? The first step is to determine precisely the type of your skin, and then think about what exactly the results you would like to achieve. Answers to these questions will help determine what cosmetics for this procedure is right for you.

Cream Bronzer

The tool allows a bronzer in the short term to achieve a dark chocolate hue. Such cosmetics usually contains henna extract, walnut or carotene - these natural ingredients in the cream bronzer with not only soften your skin, but also increase the production of melanin to you as soon as possible get the desired shade.

Cosmetics for tanning not only allows you to achieve the required color of the skin in a short period of time, it also moisturizes and nourishes your skin, makes it more flat and smooth, protects it from the adverse effects of UV-beams, making the color even. Before going to the solarium, think about what results you want to achieve, and this question will allow you to decide which tool you need. Reviews of special creams confirm flatness and smoothness of the resulting color, without dark belly and lighter legs.

 tanning cream How to choose

Choose cream

Many women are concerned about the issue, which means better? The unequivocal answer does not exist, since each of them solves only its defined objectives. Yes, of course, any makeup will be protected from the harmful effects of UV lamps and moisturize it, but what exactly do you want to?

If you have sensitive skin, choose a product with natural oils: sandalwood, olive, shea butter. This cream will protect your skin from dryness, from possible allergic reactions. Grape seed oil as part of the means to make the epidermis is very soft, oil aloe - moisturize and relieve redness. Remember that cosmetics for the body not suitable for a person; if you need a face cream, you should pick it apart.

If you want to get rich, intense color, choose a product with natural bronzers that will increase blood flow, razogreyut epidermis before the procedure, increase the amount of melanin produced. If cosmetics contain agave nectar, vitamin D or an extract of watermelon - so this tool will help you to maintain your tan for longer periods.

Overview cosmetic brands

Emerald Bay - is a specialized means of one of America's leading manufacturers of special tools. These cosmetics are made with the addition of extracts of sugar cane, blackberries, agave, it adds sandalwood, olive oil or shea butter. Developed several lines of Emerald Bay, you can choose makeup for you. Cream sugar cane is suitable for those who dream of a magnificent bronze shades and cream with orange extract not only warm up the skin, accelerating the emergence of saturated colors, but also help to keep it for a longer period. For women with sensitive epidermis suitable lotions with shea butter or olive oil, helps relieve dryness after the procedure and provide complete care.

Cream Emerald Bay provides a wonderful cocktail of tropical fruit, which not only moisturize your skin, protects it from harmful radiation, but also give it a delicious scent of fresh tropical fruits. The special cream Emerald Bay contains only natural extracts that will minimize possible allergic reactions, and the content of proteins in the cream will make your skin radiant and smooth. Using Cosmetics Emerald Bay will give you a tropical tan and amazing aroma.

Funds Devoted Creations - an American cosmetics premium that helps protect you from the harmful effects of tanning, as well as you need to model the contours of the body. Cosmetics Devoted Creations contains large amounts of antioxidants that slow aging, as well as tools to simulate the shape and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A distinctive feature of the special makeup Devoted Creations - the contents of a large number of silicone that creates a protective layer that prevents dry skin, protects against harmful UV rays, and also allows you to keep your tan as long as possible. Funds Devoted Creations reviews collects very positive character: the epidermis becomes very smooth, smooth, velvety, cellulite - less conspicuous color turns smooth, pleasant Mediterranean colors.

Cosmetics Soleo - is the Polish special cosmetics premium to protect, nourish your skin, making it smooth and even. In the line of cosmetics Soleo has cream with effective action for weight loss - so you can get ready for the beach season as soon as possible. Cream Soleo contains a set of bronzers, so the color is saturated, intense, bright in a shorter time. Cream Soleo will help to choose the color that you would like - shining golden, honey, rich and intense color bronze. Cream Soleo contains large amounts of antioxidants, anti-aging and reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Line Supre - This upscale American cosmetics for special purposes, the main difference is - the content in creams large amounts of oxygen. This contrast cosmetics Supre increases the amount of melanin produced by the body, speeding up the time of occurrence of even tan.

Australian Gold - the world leader in professional cosmetics. The Australian Gold creams natural ingredients are harmoniously combined with the latest scientific achievements in the field of tanning. Thus it turns out gorgeous cream Australian Gold.

Line Supertan - American professional cosmetics, containing a large amount of endorphins. Endorphin - a natural "hormone of happiness." The presence in cosmetics Supertan endorphins tones and makes your stay very pleasant sunroom. Supertan Cream enhances the natural protective properties of the epidermis.

Cosmetic Tannymax - are professional German means which differ reduced amount of allergic reactions. Makeup Tannymax can be used at any stage of tanning. Cream Tannymax suitable for any type of epidermis, making it a universal application.

Funds Star - German high-quality line of cosmetics containing a large amount of vitamins and natural oils only. Star cosmetics under force to take care of your dermis, making it extremely soft and resilient, providing the best emotions and delicious, even color.

Aloha - a German cream, referring to the low price category. Furthermore, this makeup is very well absorbed, protects the skin and gives it a delightful tropical flavor. The line of creams Aloha is not very big, but you will be able to choose the right cream - with or without bronzer.

 tanning cream which to choose

Typical questions on the use of special cosmetics

Professional cosmetics for tanning - the key to your peace of mind, guarantee from burns and confidence that you will get exactly the smooth and velvet touch, and which was calculated.
The best remedy - this is a cream that is right for you. It will protect you from ultraviolet radiation, from allergic reactions, allow your tan to become flat and store it for a longer period.

Soothe your skin, moisturize it and solarium will help strengthen the impact of means after sunburn. Cosmetics for use before and after the procedure should be selected in a single line - to a maximum complement of each other, so you can enjoy their amazing, delicious tan as long as possible.

Sunbathing under the lights without special tools is quite dangerous, because the UV lamps - it's not natural sunlight (even though the sun does not guarantee that you will not burn). Lamps dried dermis; If you get up unevenly - in any part of your body will be closer to the lamps (eg, knees and elbows), so the color can turn out too rough. To ensure that you have not experienced the disappointment of the solarium, and is professional cosmetics, which protects your epidermis, moisten it, and will ensure a smooth, natural color.

The choice of face cream should be done separately, because the epidermis on the face is more sensitive and delicate than on the body, it requires greater protection and hydration. It is necessary to choose the products for the face and body in the same series, so that your tan was a shade as much as possible smooth and natural.
Protective means - the first thing you need to pick up before you go sunbathing.

  • How to choose a cream?

If you are the first time in the solarium, contact the person who will pick up the tool for you based on the name of your skin type and your wishes to the color saturation. Suitable cosmetics ensures a great result - you will enjoy the natural, even skin color all year round.

  • How to use the cream in the solarium?

First of all, you must use a protective agent for tanning, which reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes the skin, saturate it with vitamins and proteins, making the color more evenly. You also need a face cream - from the same series, so that your tan was one shade. If you want to remove the peculiar smell after tanning or renew your cream, you can not do without the help of professional cosmetics after sunbathing. You can contact the person who will tell you how to choose a tanning cream for you.

The best means for tanning - is that cosmetics that are optimally suited to your skin type and your needs to sunburn. Cosmetics must protect the epidermis, moisturizes and nourishes it, to ensure fast and even tan for a long time. If you determine for itself how best to use the cream for you and what tools will ensure all your requirements - this is the most effective cream for this procedure.

  • Do I need a cream for tanning?

If you do not want to receive unwanted burns, if your goal is - beautiful, natural, even color and exquisite, smooth, radiant skin - you do not have to do without professional cosmetics.

  • When to apply the cream?

Sunblock should be applied immediately before the procedure - carefully, even layer, leaving untreated areas. So, how well and what creams to use the solarium, the result will determine the evenness of color. It is important to remember that if you have a bright, prone to erosion epidermis, or if you are doing this procedure for the first time - a layer of cream should be thicker than usual. Sun cream should be applied after a few minutes (usually 10-15) after the procedure when the epidermis has cooled and calmed down a bit. Cosmetic for tanning (face cream, body treatments before and after) - to be the best one chosen series, the color was smooth and natural.

  • How to use?

First, regularly! If you go sunbathing - cream should always be with you. The cream should be stored in a cool place and used before the expiration date.

By following our recommendations, you can be beautiful at any time of the year!

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