Kremlin diet recipes


  • What it is and what it eats
  • We make the right menu
  • To respect the rules
  • To fit the Kremlin diet
  • The consequences of the Kremlin diet
  • The Kremlin diet, when to wait for results

What tricks the girls do not go to buy the same shape as the model. Disclaimer calorie and salty foods, weekly consumption of dairy products, one-off, separate or split meals - they are ready to experience all this, if only to quickly lose weight. Today there are many different options for how to lose weight in no time. But the most popular, and effective demand is still regarded as the Kremlin diet. She preferred as the stars of show business, politicians and businessmen, and housewives.

What it is and what it eats

To begin to understand what you have to face in the near future. Thus, in dishes Kremlin diet should be virtually no carbohydrate (in which case the rate is up to forty grams per day). It is necessary to eliminate the sweet, flour, potatoes, cereals, and other similar products. But the protein and fatty foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities, and with the serving size does not matter.


  • The Kremlin diet no complicated calculations, special conditions (except for a single limit).
  • Fans eat do not have to suffer because of the graphics, frames, and a small amount of food.
  • Quick positive.


  • Many contraindications. Those who have problems with the kidneys, liver, intestines, as well as people with mental disorders, etc. diseases, weight loss, this option is not appropriate.
  • Some people use license and begin to absorb huge amounts of junk (high-calorie) food that does not throw off excess weight leads to indigestion.
  • Another problem - it is a vitamin deficiency. Since virtually all fruits and some vegetables contain carbohydrates, eat these products is strictly forbidden. As a result - feeling unwell, problems with the skin, teeth, hair and nails.

 Kremlin diet recipes

We make the right menu

In spite of all contraindications and disadvantages, girls continue to adhere to the Kremlin diet recipes. Perhaps, a great role played by the name itself, because we often prefer the advice of celebrities, whether Larisa Dolina, Madonna, Alla Pugacheva, than little-known individuals. Even if they - nutritionists and specialists in this field.

Cooking meat

If you are not an avid vegetarian, then you can be very useful to be low-calorie meat retseptiki. The Kremlin diet allows consumption of beef, pork, chicken, fish, sausages, sausages (but genuine). The main thing - to know the measure of all.

  • Schnitzel

So, one or two servings (depending on your appetite), you will need 480 grams of beef, vegetable oil, mayonnaise (low-calorie) and half a liter of white wine. Everything else - seasoning, spices, herbs and salt is added to taste during cooking.

Meat mode into four equal pieces, repel, salt, pepper. The heated (but not burning) a pan pour about a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Fry over medium heat meat four minutes on each side, and then spread in a bowl. Now prepare the sauce: in the resulting fat add spices, a pint of mayonnaise and simmer two or three minutes, then pour all the wine and water (four to five spoons). Once the mixture comes to a boil, immediately turn off the stove. There is such a masterpiece should be hot.

  • Cutlets

To prepare a tasty, juicy and hearty burgers, you'll need four grams of veal, one hundred and fifty grams of ham, lemon juice, mayonnaise (third cup), salt and pepper. Suitable for frying as customary vegetable oil, and olive oil, corn oil.

First, the meat cut into thin long strips (one and a half centimeters thick), repel, season with spices, salt and sprinkle with lemon juice. Now wrap the rolls, pre-setting for each piece of sausage or ham slice, and secure them with thread. Fry patties are about ten minutes, then poured mayonnaise and stew under the lid.

Eat cheese

Choosing to cook another dish recipe on the Kremlin diet, keep in mind that there is also allowed the use of a small amount of cheese. This product is very often added to sauces to make them more savory and rich taste. The only thing you should not skimp on grade and quality as cheaper brands may not be prepared from milk and from vegetable fats. Please note that syrkovoy mass or cream cheese in this case there is not, because they contain large amounts of carbohydrates.

Useful vegetables

Despite some limitations, the Kremlin diet recipes, there are exceptions. So, for example, can be eaten raw cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and even zucchini. The fact that they contain fiber, through which the human body is cleared of slag and beginning to run much faster.

We drink the water

Renounce the use of fluids during fasting days and diet - it means to sign his own death warrant. Indeed, in this period, your body (especially the kidneys) is given a serious burden. But this does not mean that everything should be drinking. Shops and homemade juices, soft drinks, fruit drinks, coffee, soda, alcoholic and soft drinks - all of this will have to forget about two months or three.

But allowed to eat unlimited quantities of conventional mineral or filtered water, green, black or herbal tea. With regard to alcohol, in small doses, can drink, as long as there was virtually no sugar. So, if you like whiskey, vodka or cognac, do not have to limit yourself.

To respect the rules

As mentioned above, the girl should not be consumed in a day more than forty carbohydrates. So, for example, in the usual shashlik are only 2, 5, in the soup with meat kharcho - 5, 5, and here in the boiled potatoes as much as 16, 0. If you had breakfast today fried mushrooms in sour cream (3, 0) and boiled cabbage (5, 0), and for dinner ate rice pudding or pancakes (32), then have dinner drink only water.

Therefore, making the menu, be sure to find and print out for themselves a special plate, which will be painted, as in any dish contains carbohydrates. And coming up with a diet for yourself, be sure to consider this figure.

 Kremlin diet recipes

To fit the Kremlin diet

It was designed for the lazy people who are also very much liked to eat. As you can see, the menu is very diverse: ham, pickles, salads, grilled and smoked - all you can eat in unlimited quantities. Allowed even soups of seafood, rice cakes, which in any other diet can hardly be found. Therefore, this option is suitable for even the power ladies who work physically. In fact, during starvation forces are always missing.

The fair sex may try to lose weight by the Kremlin recipes, even if their home husband and five sons. For the second half is unlikely to wish to sit on some chicken broth or salad. And give up goodies, when all members of the family happy devours another sandwich with caviar - it will be only by the strongest ladies.

The consequences of the Kremlin diet

Many nutritionists surprised by the principle of the Kremlin diet. Eat a lot, drink alcohol, give up the fruit, do not go in for sports - and there will be a miracle. The fact that during this period need to drink vitamins or any supplements, not a word. There is also no special restrictions and tips how to eat after such "unloading" days.

It remains a mystery to doctors how can recommend the hot dogs and sausages, which can not be called useful. That from which these products are produced - remains a mystery to many ordinary citizens of our country. But emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavor, coloring agents, substances, prolonging the life of the product, soy and other ingredients - all of this will necessarily affect human health. By the way, MSG, which is added to almost all the food, causing appetite. Even if you eat a kilo of sausages at one go, after two or three hours you will want to eat again.

Another thing that makes you wonder - permit the use of alcohol. But it also causes hunger and slows the metabolism, thereby preventing body fat leave your body. In addition, alcohol itself is very harmful.

 recipes for the Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet, when to wait for results

If you're hoping that you can get rid of five, eight or even ten kilos in one week, then these results you get. It will take at least one month before you start to lose weight. This fat leave your body much later - after six months or a year, but to sit for so long, even on the Kremlin diet is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the effect can be completely the opposition of, especially if you're constantly sitting at the computer.

The result, as would be the fair sex did not try to be negligible - a maximum of two kilograms. Experts recommend using these recipes to lose weight after the holidays or a hectic weekend to arrange discharge your body. In the future, better join the gym, pool or fitness club to whip out there fat deposits that had saved up over the winter. Remember, a girl with a beautiful figure is unlikely to sit on diets, they just do not overeat, choose to include in the diet only healthy foods and maintain the right lifestyle.

 Recipes: Kremlin diet and its consequences

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