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Best of all know what the Fergana pilaf, oriental men. After all, they are being given a great deal - the preparation of this dish. It is believed that only the representative of a strong half of humanity is able to best cope with this task, and the right to make a dish. The classic recipe includes two main components: a special lamb and rice devzira. Furthermore, some of the major components are also spices. This is usually dried cumin, barberry, hot pepper, coriander is often added. Zirvak fry on fat-tailed fat, so Ferghana pilaf turns out very hearty and quite bold. It is served with fresh herbs, vegetables and pomegranate grains.

 Ferghana pilaf recipe
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Classic pilaf Fergana

To begin with we propose to consider the traditional recipe insanely delicious Fergana pilaf. A feature dishes is rice devzira and condiments that go into its composition. And the technology of cooking is not particularly different from those with which you can make an ordinary pilaf. By the way, if you are a supporter of the classical solutions, you can not do without appearing, because the dish made cooking on the fire. At home, of course, will have to cope in a different way: it suggested to use multivarku or normal pan with a thick bottom. Now you have an excellent opportunity to invite to visit friends - Learn basic recipe and all together remove a sample of flavored dishes.


For pilaf:

  • fine salt - at the discretion of the cook
  • 1 kg lamb succulent pink flesh
  • four pinch of ground coriander
  • 1 kg of rice devzira
  • 900 g yellow carrots
  • 350-400 grams of fat of sheep (in the absence of such take ordinary vegetable oil is odorless, then you will need no more than 300 ml of the product)
  • four medium onion bulbs
  • half a large spoon barberry
  • three heads of the young garlic
  • 23 g of dried (preferably black) cumin
  • three pods of hot pepper - optional

To apply:

  • fresh dill and parsley
  • one small grenades

Cooking method:

The same recipe pilaf may be different from their counterparts with just a few components, such as the presence of certain varieties of rice and spices, which are used for cooking. The very same cooking procedure in all cases is the same: first, do zirvak after it is added to cereal, pour the ingredients with water and leave them to stew. Quite simply, we need only once to make a meal, and you remember exactly all the action. You'll see, next time pilaf get even better! Get to know new dishes and improve their skills with us. So, take the hands of the recipe, carefully read and remember, then follow according to the instructions.

Make sure in advance - at least for five or six hours - before all preparations thoroughly rinse rice. There is even a so-called rule of "seven waters": cereal filled with water exactly seven times until then, until the liquid will flow crystal clear. If you decide to follow exactly the recipe and to gain this figure devzira, you will see that it is sold very dirty. So we'll have to make every effort to bring the right rump state. When you manage, fill it with clean, lightly salted water and leave to infuse. As a result, it is much faster and swell comes in pilaf. On soaking rice will need at least two to three hours, and if possible, hold it a little longer.

A traditional dish made based on lamb, if you are afraid that it will come too bold, going to the store, try to choose a young pink piece of meat without unnecessary streaks. It is also possible to slightly change the recipe and use beef, but we adhere to the classical canons of cooking pilaf. Therefore, the average chop lamb cubes and pre-cleaned carrot - thin strips. Now, remove the onion and garlic peel, the first shred into thin rings.

If you are cooking a dish on a fire, it's time to warm up a cauldron. At home, put the pan on the fire with a tight bottom, put in her fat of tail, pre-chop it very thin strips. Fry with regular stirring, until heated with oil. Once cracklings acquire a brownish-golden color, remove them from the liquid. Attention, if you cook pilaf on domestic oil to get rid of a little bitter taste, it is advisable to fry it up to black bulb onion. After get rid of vegetable, it is no longer needed.

When heated with oil, pour into a bowl of onion rings and let it brown. That he is not burnt, reduce the heat and stir occasionally. Then shift ingredient in another plate, and a pot add the meat. Once sufficiently browned lamb to one side, turn it over to the other. Once here, enter the carrots and continue to cook. At the end return to its rightful place onions. Of course, it is possible to fry with the rest of the ingredients, but it is likely that the bulb will burn vegetable, so be careful.

The recipe is almost coming to an end - it is time to spice. So, pour into a saucepan or kettle (depending on the conditions in which you cook pilaf) cumin. Experts recommend the use of black, it is believed that the taste and aroma of her much more resistant than the yellow condiment. Now rub in the palms of coriander and enter it in the dish with the barberry. Sprinkle zirvak pepper or chilli, add pre-cut it into small cubes.

Stir products when the carrot will become brown-orange hue, pour boiling water in a saucepan and add a few cloves of garlic. Cut it does not need, put the whole. By the way, the water should cover the vegetables completely - it is important not to overdo it, otherwise pilaf come too wet and sticky. The liquid should be only one or two fingers to rise above the ground. Reduce flame burners to a minimum and leave zirvak stew, on average, it takes 40 to 60 minutes. Do not forget the salt, add it to your liking. Even if you overdo it with the ingredients does not matter - all unnecessary absorbs Fig.

After this time, try the meat and vegetables to taste, if they are soft, and the water almost boiled away, it means that it's time to lay the rump. Once again, rinse it well, fold in a colander when she was a little drained, pour the product in a container to the rest of the ingredients, do not stir. By the way, if you use the young garlic, you can load it with rice - to prepare, he needed only a couple of minutes. Now flatten the rump, gently tap it with a spoon, then pour boiling water, which should cover the ingredients and a half centimeters. If desired, season with salt. Agree, the recipe is very simple, the only thing that you will need for cooking pilaf quite some time, but rest assured, the result will please all consumers - both adults and young.

Last minutes before the end of cooking pilaf extinguish the fire at the maximum, so that increase the flame. As the boiling water, grease or oil will sink to the bottom of the dishes, the way of enveloping each risinku because of this dish will crumbly and tender. If you want your dish turned out sharp, add a few pods of red pepper. Now, reduce the heat, make a recess in the rump, and check whether the excess fluid is gone. If so, cover the risotto dish, turn off the burner and let it stand for about half an hour at the plate. Then, mix thoroughly and pour a hill on a large plate.

As the decorations will use grenades: gently clean it from the skin, remove the beans and sprinkle them pilaf. In a separate piala can put a special sauce, for example, cook it in tomato paste, mixed with boiling water, chopped herbs and spices. If you wish, you can pick up another prescription refills. Pilaf get fat, so no garnish, except parsley and fresh vegetables do not need. Traditionally, the dish eaten with the fingers or with a spoon, stock up on liquor, unsweetened tea and invite guests to the table. You will see that the meal will be held under the cheers of grateful consumers. Bon Appetit!

 delicious Ferghana pilaf
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Pilaf "Fergana" with raisins

Traditional recipe Fergana dishes, as mentioned above, is based on the use of lamb. However, the meat is very fatty, so inexperienced and not quite accustomed to the body pilaf may cause mild stomach upset. In order not to risk their health, offer a little retreat from the classic culinary instruction. This time we will make the dish with beef, but to give it a piquancy and slightly sweet taste, add the raisins, and to introduce the aroma of spices. Ready to feel the full force of the miraculous Fergana pilaf? Having tried it once, it is impossible to refuse - this recipe is sure to become a permanent "guest" in your home.


  • 650g beef fillet
  • 580 grams of rice (better to use a variety devzira in a pinch you can use any long-grain, not too sticky rice)
  • fat of tail - 170 g
  • tablespoon (without top), yellow, or black cumin
  • 450 g of carrots
  • one or two heads of the young garlic
  • boiled water
  • 60-70 g soft raisins
  • 200-250 g of white onions
  • three teaspoons of barberry
  • salt
  • 10 g ground coriander
  • Red hot peppers - on request
  • in the absence of fat will need vegetable oil

Cooking method:

Whichever recipe pilaf you take, the main components are meat and rice. As to the first, then there fantasy chefs knows no boundaries. Classics of the genre - a fat, hearty lamb Uzbek origin, it is put into a traditional dish. It is also possible to use bacon or fillet pork, veal or the like in the case of beef. If you do decide to make a pilaf "in Fergana", try to buy a special devzira fermented rice, which in its raw state has a slightly pinkish tinge, even closer to the brick. Buying it on the market, be prepared for the fact that the rump will come across small pebbles, which the net figure. Be sure to loop it and rinse thoroughly until the water is perfectly clear.

If you buy the said product does not work, take a regular long-grain rice. Garlic is better to choose the young, at least you can do in the dried granules. Now let's go directly to the dish and cover all stages of its preparation. It's not as difficult as it may seem at first. After promoet cereals, fold it in a colander, let drain for 15 minutes. Then fill it with clean warm water and gently podsolite. Figure presoaked from 120 to 180 minutes, ideally it is necessary to spend at least five hours. But then he quickly comes, it turns out in this crumbly and very gentle. We recommend to spend the night before the procedure above, then in the morning you will only make plov zirvak and bring to readiness.

After that, heat the dish, which plan to make the dish, cut thin slices of bacon and pour it into a thick-walled pan or kettle, you can also use baking dish. The fat drips on the quiet fire until greaves not acquire a beautiful golden brown. Take them out and transfer to a separate bowl. If you have any difficulties with the purchase of sheep fat, you have to change a little recipe - fry ingredients on a home or other vegetable oil. The main thing that it was no pungent smell. For this ideal refined olive product.

So, go ahead. Washed and dried with paper towels a piece of beef chop into large cubes. If you want a hearty meal came out at the same time, low-fat, use two kinds of meat, such as pork and veal or beef and lamb, in rare cases, add chicken or other poultry. Here everyone is free to do cook to your liking. Now peel the carrot and chop it into thin strips, you can rub it on a grater. With onions, remove the husk, then divide it into four pieces with a knife and finely chop.

Put the onion in a bowl with vegetable heated with fat, which recently prepared cracklings. Increasing flames, cook it with constant stirring to the acquisition of a light brown color. Once the onions change color, to shift it into another bowl. And his place will beef when it is well browned on one side, gently pry her spatula and flip to the other. As a result, it should form a crispy crust dark. Note that beef should be fried, put it on the dish in a single layer, otherwise the meat will stew, and we do not need. So if it does not fit in the pan, cook it in a few visits.

When will cope with the task, add the fried onions zirvak earlier and fresh carrots. This also enter cumin, which, unlike other seasonings, is an essential feature in the Ferghana pilaf. These spices like barberries, coriander, cumin, rosemary and pepper and dried basil, add only optional chef or guests. Continue to cook food, do not forget to stir them periodically, thus reducing the fire is not necessary.

About half an hour, a maximum of 45 minutes, zirvak - so called fried onion and carrot mixture with meat - will be ready. By this time you will need to boil water - pour its products, it should cover them for one or two fingers. Focusing on your own taste, salt meat, and keep it on the fire until until fluid boil. Then reduce the flame to low and let the stew zirvak at least 60 minutes. As a result, the water should boil away completely, only then will this pilaf, as needed, that is crumbly and fairly juicy.

Rinse the raisins and fill it with hot water, let it brew. After another rinse it several times, then dry with a paper tissue or a normal kitchen towels. If you are using the young garlic, keep in mind that it very quickly becomes soft and decays, so add it to the dish with rice. Otherwise - if you bought an old vegetable - overfill it with carrots. By the way, clean it completely worth it - just remove the peel and add the garlic whole, that is, not dividing it into cloves. Check zirvak on salt, if desired, sprinkle in a few pinches, enter raisins.

When he noticed that the water has boiled away, and plenty of vegetables and beef became soft and juicy, wash pre-soaked rice, dry it, then add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. If you bought the young garlic, plug it into the rump. In no case do not mix products - at the bottom of the dishes must be zirvak, and on top of it even layer of rice - gently tap it with a spoon.

Again, add boiling water so that it covered the rump by exactly half a centimeter. The difficulty is not to blur the layer of rice. To do this, experts recommend to put on top of the usual saucer and pour water on it, so she slowly drain down to the bottom, and the fat will rise upward from there. Do more fire and try the taste of the dish, if necessary, add a little more salt.

It should be noted that during the further cooking pilaf not stirred. As soon as it evaporates from the liquid, turn down the flame and place the dish in a few pods of hot pepper. If cereal crunches, then you need to add 50-60 ml of hot water. When and this portion of the boil, turn the burner on low and, covered bowl with a lid, cook the dish about half an hour. Just before serving, stir risotto and pour it slide on a large flat plate, serve it with ketchup sauce or homemade. If you can go out of town, be sure to use it, because it is an excellent opportunity to gather friends and treat them with fragrant Fergana pilaf. Hopefully, a picnic will be held to cheer.

 Ferghana pilaf recipe

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Pilaf Multivarki

Initially rice, referred to in this section were prepared in a cauldron. The traditional recipe seasoning included such as barberry, cardamom and cumin yellow or black. Without last Ferghana dish loses all its charm. Of course, going on nature, bring a kettle and cook pilaf there will not be any problem. But what if you have no place to fuel a fire?


  • salt

Cooking method: