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  • Again, the benefits of
  • Secrets of preparation and cooking
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Cauliflower - a unique product of its kind. Thanks to the useful composition and special neutral taste it can be a great addition to any table as everyday and festive. What is it as good as prepare this beautiful vegetable?
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Again, the benefits of

Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals it is recommended to be administered in the diet of everyone, especially recovering from illness.

Will tasty and appetizing cauliflower survive the spring beriberi with minimal losses.

This vegetable, like a flower, it is useful to all those who follow the figure and your health. Rough fiber cabbage improve digestion, give saturation play the role of mechanical cleaner intestine. And in combination with low calorie this property makes such an ideal product for cabbage diet.

Also vegetable surprised scientists for its ability to slow the growth of cancer cells and prevent their occurrence. Total half a cup of juice a day or a couple of inflorescences, significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Due to the high potassium content cauliflower helps to prevent heart disease. With the "other vegetable" to monitor pressure and heart rate is much simpler.

Especially useful this vegetable is pregnant, it is rich in folic acid, which ensures the normal development of the fetus. With regular use of dishes from cabbage deficiency of this element can not be afraid, so, after consultation with the doctor of their actions will be to give up synthetic drugs.

Beauty Cabbage practically does not cause allergies, it is one of the safest vegetables. It is because of this property it one of the first solid foods are introduced into infant.

 ingredients for cooking cauliflower with minced meat
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Secrets of preparation and cooking

Thanks to its neutral but pleasant taste of cauliflower is part of many dishes. It is connected with the products with bright flavors and aromas, and it becomes worthy of framing and complements the exquisite table. But before you begin to pick up the right recipe, you need to understand how to prepare fresh and beautiful head, as the first stage of treatment is the same for almost all recipes.

The first head of cabbage should be washed, clean dirt from the leg. If inflorescences seen darkening, they should remove with a sharp knife. Depending on the recipe, head out on the medium-sized florets to disassemble or left in its original form. Then you can start cooking.

The next step would be blanching or decoction of cauliflower. In the first case, the inflorescence should be put in a colander, and 4-5 times lower in the rapidly boiling salted water, then cool.

If you need to boil a vegetable, should act as follows. In a large saucepan pour the water, fill half the volume. Bring to a boil, add salt and put a little inflorescence or head. After re-boil boil for 4-5 minutes, drain the water and allow to cool useful vegetable. In no case can not digest the delicate cabbage, otherwise it will become puree-like consistency and become unsuitable for further cooking tasty and fragrant dishes.

The most popular recipes cauliflower with meat. And use absolutely any kind of protein product. Pork is likely to appeal to fans of wholesome and hearty lunch. Beef lovers will appreciate the nutritious and healthy dishes. A bird and a rabbit will be excellent dietary supplement table. The special charm of any proposed recipe is that this kind of meat can be easily replaced with another, thus varying calorie.

 Baked cauliflower with meat
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Tasty meals for waist

  • Easy casserole of cauliflower with chicken will help maintain the shape. Need: directly cabbage, chicken, milk, a couple of eggs. Prepare the vegetables offered above method, disassemble into small florets and cut into small cubes. Bird pre-boil, cool and disassemble into small fibers. Vegetable mix with the meat, salt, add a little favorite spices and place in a refractory bowl, add the oil is not necessary. Whisk the eggs with the milk and pour this mixture of semi-finished product. Bake in the oven over medium heat 15 minutes or until egg protein folding. This casserole with meat can be eaten hot or cold.
  • On a similar principle can cook vegetable fritters with meat or patties. They will help to quickly satisfy your hunger and will not harm the figure. Need the following ingredients: cabbage, chicken, egg, olive oil for frying. You can also bake the dish, the recipe allows for such derogation. Cabbage need to prepare very finely chop or mince. From poultry to cook beef, but without the eggs and biscuits. In a deep bowl should be mixed vegetable and minced meat, add your favorite spices, egg and the resulting mixture was well mixed.

    Then, in the hands or a spoon to form small flat patties. Fry them standing in a small amount of olive oil or a dry frying pan. It is also possible baking in the oven. The recipe is wonderful that such cutlets not need a side dish and even eating a significant amount, there is no fear of weight gain.

 casserole with cauliflower

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For holiday or everyday table

  • Cauliflower with meat prepared by the following recipe, deserves to occupy a central place on the holiday table. You can use any stuffing, but the best has proved to be pork or mixed as meat juice, soaking vegetables, making it soft and fragrant. You will need: a large head, ready beef, sour, salty cheese. Cabbage need to prepare and analyze on medium-sized blossoms, making sure there is adequate leg length. Prepare the stuffing, add the egg, a little white bread and, of course, spices. From stuffing to form a ball, put it in a fireproof dish and flatten: the thickness of the meat will depend on the baking time.

    The meat paste layer inflorescence cabbage, slowly, as if covering them lower. As a result of externally I should get a little head. Then lubricate the sour cabbage and cover the food with foil. In this form, bake for about 45 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C, then open the foil and sprinkled with grated cheese dish pre, sent to the oven for another 10 minutes for browning. The finished dish cooked in this recipe, it is best served hot, and cut into portions directly on the table. This cauliflower with meat will surprise and satisfy even the most discerning palate.

  • For everyday dinner can be cooked stew with cabbage buds. You will need: meat, preferably beef, onion, bell pepper and, of course, cabbage. Wash and clean the vegetables, cabbage prepared by the proposed method. The meat cut into small slices, about 2 by 2 cm. Put it on a heated pan with a drop of oil, and fry until brown appetizing. To this add onion and pepper, fry for another 5 minutes.

    Then put the mixture into a suitable bowl, add small florets cabbage, add water so that it almost covers the ingredients. Simmer under the lid closed for half an hour. Easy meat with vegetables cooked in this recipe will be an excellent alternative to bored garnish.

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During an exacerbation of allergies

Just allergies can understand that flowering plants does not always bring positive emotions. Bloodshot eyes, runny nose, cough, incessant itching. How can that be, do you want to enjoy the most amazing awakening of nature. Of course, you need to take prescribed antihistamines, and greatly increase the effectiveness of treatment a special diet without irritating ingredients. Bailout dish can become a cauliflower with poultry or veal prepared by the following recipe. But it is worth remembering that an allergic reaction to a cauliflower, though extremely rare, but still happens.

  • Need: cabbage and chicken breast or lean beef. Vegetable inflorescences need to prepare and slightly seethe. Pre-cooked meat cut into small cubes and mix with prepared sauce. Garnish with a taste of the dishes, you can use a small amount of salt, fresh parsley and diced butter. According to this recipe, you can quickly prepare light meals, which is suitable for kids treats, available, and, of course, those who closely monitors the amount of calories consumed.

Cauliflower - a great vegetable in the kitchen allowing you to create tasty and healthy masterpieces. Excellent compatibility with any product made it perhaps the most versatile vegetable garnish. And for the ability to pick out the bright taste, she received the "right of access" to the most famous cuisine restaurants in the world. Is not it time, and we take advantage of all its benefits?

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