causes brown discharge in women


  • Top of the menstrual cycle
  • The middle of the menstrual cycle
  • The end of the menstrual cycle
  • Endometritis or endometriosis
  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • Bleeding during abortion
  • Bleeding after abortion
  • Cancer of the cervix or vagina

A woman's body - a single self-regulating complex system.

Every day in this system there are the most different processes. Everything else, it works in different hormonal conditions: even for 1 menstrual cycle hormonal changes greatly. Thus, brown discharge in women - it is not always a reason to be alarmed.

Taking care of a woman's body is not only the annual medical examination, but also on the part of the woman need to pay attention to their health. There must be understanding of girls and women's health can not be bought for any money.

Vaginal discharge - a normal phenomenon, their frequency and density may be very different for one month, depending on the menstrual cycle of women or girls. After ovulation, the body produces much less mucus than before.

The aging of the tissues inside the uterus leads to emissions of dark or brown. If there is a delay cycle, the selection is likely to be dark. This should not scare the girl or woman.

On the other hand, the selection of dark color may be a symptom of the disease, and the timely reference to the doctor determines its further treatment.

Brown discharge may signal such a terrible disease like cervical cancer or inflammation of the pelvic organs, perimenopause, menopause. Yet such allocation is characterized in diseases of the sexual sphere, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, human papilloma virus, endomertioz polyposis.

If the cause that started the aging of endometrial tissue, the main symptom - a slight delay cycle. In this case, the doctor will advise to use more water, change your lifestyle, food and resort to physical activity.

In another case will be assigned to complex treatment, which may include taking medications, surgery, colposcopy, pelvic ultrasound, chemotherapy. It may be necessary to hand over a smear of the cervix and other analyzes.

If the selection of women or girls dark place outside of the menstrual cycle, it should be immediately alerted. Some doctors do not see this is nothing serious. This may be due to hormonal fluctuations during ovulation.
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Top of the menstrual cycle

Dark brown discharge shortly after their completion or immediately after menstruation can occur due to an injury of the vagina or cervix. The reason may be hormonal contraceptives. If all a matter of contraception, the bleeding is likely to be scarce, but the duration.

If the bleeding in women or girls take place in the end of menstruation, then do not worry. In this case the brown discharge in women considered normal.

 brown discharge during pregnancy
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The middle of the menstrual cycle

During this period, selection of dark colors, especially in the 17-20 day of ovulation, may signal that a pregnancy. A visit to the doctor and delivery of analysis hCG will help to dispel or confirm their doubts.

Quite often the cause of dark brown secretions of women and girls in the middle of the cycle is a serious disease, such as a tumor of the corpus uteri, adenomyosis and others.
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The end of the menstrual cycle

Selections dark at the end of the cycle before menstruation - a normal phenomenon: the menstrual cycle moved a little, and they started a little earlier. In this case, a woman or a girl, you should not be alarmed if no other symptoms are not manifested.
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Endometritis or endometriosis

These diseases, which relate to inflammation, provoke brown allocation. Sanies stands in the middle of the cycle, and before menstruation, sometimes, if the disease is running, highlight not tied to the menstrual cycle.

Endometritis - an inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and as a result of termination of pregnancy or due to complications after childbirth.

Treatment shall appoint a gynecologist, in addition to hormonal drugs that stabilize the rhythm, appointed sedatives, multi-vitamins, immune stimulants.

Endometriosis - more threatening disease that can lead to loss of internal organs. Identify it early on will completely cure the disease without any unfortunate consequences. Timely access to a doctor - the key to a full recovery.

 treatment of endometriosis operating method
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Bleeding during pregnancy

Another thing, if during pregnancy there is an allocation bloody or dark color, they must immediately alerted. Seek medical attention as soon as possible is necessary. When dark allocated in this period we can conclude that there was a premature detachment of the placenta or the place to be placenta previa.

Early pregnancy - this time a global adjustment of the whole organism, and isolating the deep red color occur when the ovum is fixed to the wall of the uterus.

There are a number of reasons when a woman during pregnancy discharge may be dark, but this does not lead to the loss of the fetus. In the first trimester of every 4 weeks, that is, according to the menstrual cycle, bleeding dark colors do not carry any risk.

Bleeding dark, red or brown, in the first weeks of pregnancy, women may be due to cervical erosion. Increase blood flow to the uterus is her bleeding, the uterus becomes a kind of ulcers. In this case, the bleeding is not accompanied by pain, they can occur after sexual contact and ends spontaneously.

Cause minor bleeding dark red color can be decidual polyp - form harmless tumor that grows on the cervix or of the uterus and scraping treatment is usually not required, but in some cases require its removal. Solve this can only be a doctor.

Other causes of dark, brown or red discharge in women during pregnancy could be as ectopic, missed abortion, and the development of the pathology of cervical cancer or tumors.

The causes of bleeding in women during pregnancy could be an infection of the vagina or varicose vessels genitals.
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Bleeding during abortion

Bleeding in the event of a minor and painless, but over time it increases with the pain. Spotting at menacing abortion scarce. Pain syndrome is missing, the uterus is not changed, and timely recourse pregnancy can not save.

Incomplete miscarriage bleeding dark red with clots, accompanied by cramping abdominal pain. Help in this case lies in the scraping of the ovum and the restoration of blood loss in women.

At full miscarriage bleeding there as the egg is completely removed from the uterus, the doctor must also scrape her not to leave excess tissue.

If an ectopic pregnancy discharge may be dark, bloody, brown, or tarry species. The difference between ectopic pregnancy from appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendages: characteristic dark smearing bleeding and recurrent bouts of pain. The exact result will assays.

 taking tests for cervical cancer
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Bleeding after abortion

If the woman decided this step, it should be aware of all the negative consequences. In addition to hormonal impact that would be caused by this procedure body, inflammation may arise in the uterus and even sterility.

Bleeding after abortion may be characterized by brown allocation, which means that the blood released from the uterus, in contact with oxygen oxidizes and changes color. It is considered the norm, and women should not worry.

However, the allocation of light brown color is to pay attention because it may signal the polyp in the uterus, which is not a dangerous disease, but can cause pain during intercourse.

Discharge after the abortion, which differ in color from red or brown, must be perceived by women as a sign of the development of bacteria in the genital organs.

Bleeding after medical abortion - a planned event during his fruit stands with amniotic parts. Excessive bleeding should be alerted: it is possible, the remains of the fetus prevent vasoconstriction and they bleed much. In this case, requiring hospitalization.
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Cancer of the cervix or vagina

The least common cause of vaginal discharge with blood - a vaginal cancer (malignant tumor of the vaginal mucosa). The disease is characterized by the release of yellow mixed with blood. This needs to know every girl and woman, recently recorded an increase the number of cases of cervical cancer.

We conclude that brown vaginal discharge in women and girls can be a symptom of a dangerous disease, and a signal that the body has failed. In any case, consult a doctor is necessary.

 Reasons for discharge in women and girls