raccoons at home

He is extremely charming! But it is not surprising that he has not yet become quite familiar pet. After raccoon home - is a cross between a cat, a dog and a bear ... and (or monkey)! While many countries domestic raccoons quite popular, but there are some states where the content in the home is legally prohibited. Still, it's representative of wildlife. However, the raccoon has not nearly as exotic, it is quite cope with the role of a pet, bring joy no less (though and hassle) than the usual four-legged inhabitants of our homes.

general information

Homeland of the animals is considered to be the New World, but today they are found not only in America. A raccoon was settled virtually all over the world due to the fact that adapts perfectly acclimate to life with a man. In the wild, these animals live in mixed forests far away from water bodies and are mostly nocturnal, getting food at night and resting by day.

Do raccoon strong physique and not too large (as in the middle of the dog): body length usually does not exceed seventy centimeters, weight - ten kilograms. Its distinguishing feature - a relatively short legs with long fingers and surprisingly moving. And a raccoon very nice (and, alas, precious) fur: soft and thick, gray-brown color.

Typical for raccoons and exquisite care of "clean food." Before you eat any piece, he dips it in water, and the third tab, like blurs. Hence the name "raccoon." By the way, the food he did not particularly picky. He eats everything: birds' eggs and chicks, and fruits and vegetables, and any crops. And this is a very smart and clever animal with a natural curiosity and cunning. But for all that this intellectual prone to scandals and fights.

 raccoon home

Portrait in the interior

Home raccoon (rather tame) very sociable. If he settles in your home, be prepared to pay a lot of attention to him, he will certainly be demand to yourself (and it is possible that in the night). He wants to play with him and to be entertained, fed and petted. At its core, the raccoon selfish and will not tolerate your affection to other animals or small children.

Curiosity raccoon in our opinion goes beyond all limits. For him, in the apartment there is forbidden and inaccessible places. So what a mess you will be provided. And if you want to order in the house, you will have to provide a raccoon separate "living space" and never leave it unattended.

But actually it's not so terrible. If you take into the house of a very small raccoon, then the proper upbringing he would make a good pet, excellent ladyaschy with a man. The truth for this you have to put a lot of effort and patience. Raccoon though smart, but stubborn. And if he gets bored training, the student can easily show aggression or to take and turn back to you, showing a reluctance to learn. But eventually I found a common language weekdays, and students will be well understood prohibiting teams.

 raccoons at home

Conditions of detention

For the content of the bully still need a specially equipped room, but not the cell. He needs a special house, which would be spacious enough, there were bed, toilet and "tree" for climbing. This lets you move around the home can only be well-mannered pet. Home raccoon will certainly explore all (all!) Your home in search of nooks for hoarding food, and just out of curiosity. So the perfect place to hold such an "Exotic" would be outside the enclosure.

Feed it in the usual dog food, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish. A couple of times a year it should be bathed with shampoo. A raccoon to provide water activities can fill the bath with water and let it play. Raccoons are generally very playful and so fun to watch them.

So frankly, the raccoons in the home - troublesome (and even somewhat dangerous). But if you are not afraid and do not stop the possible trouble from such cohabitation, you can join a very large army of fans raccoons and get this fascinating and unpredictable bully. Just remember that this selfish considers himself the center of the universe and does not intend anyone to share your love.

 Raccoon home - quadrupedal exotica

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Labrador is by far the most popular in the world. The secret to a fantastic and ever-increasing popularity of these dogs is, above all, in their striking fascination that they battle each and every one almost from the first minutes of acquaintance with them. Initially Labrador was bred as a working breed, and that's why there are now many of them are used as rescue dogs and guide dogs. This breed was born on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland.

There are three main versions of the origin of the breed's name "Labrador". The very first Labradors were the only black color, which caused similar to the stone "Labrador." Maybe it was in honor of his Labradors and got its name. According to the second version, the founders of Labradors were bred on the peninsula of Labrador. A third option is considered to be the origin of the breed's name version that Labradors (labrador translated from the Portuguese - "worker"), these dogs were called the Portuguese for their unsurpassed performance.

Historical facts about Labradors

Labradors are the progenitors of today's so-called water dogs, which appeared in the XIX century on the island of Newfoundland. These dogs were loyal assistants fishermen in England at that time. Englishman Peter Hawker were brought to the UK a few of these individuals, who then called the dogs of St. Johns. As a result of their crossing a Retriever with curly hair and presumably setter and Dane and Labrador appeared. Year established first breed standard is 1887. British Kennel Klub in 1903 recognized only black Labrador, however, later, in the late XX century was still valid and Fawn, and later - chocolate. In Russia, the first dogs of this breed have appeared only in the late 60's - early 70-ies.

 Dog breed Labrador

Features of character and possibilities Labrador

Dog breed Labrador has exceptional friendliness and cheerfulness, fast learning and tireless work. The nobility and loyalty of dogs of this breed are not the only ones of their virtues. They also differ exceptional intellect and intelligence. When their education is usually no problem, since they never claim to leadership, and always obey his master.

When dealing with the Labrador very young children is still worth keeping an eye, since, by virtue of its powerful physique, he could accidentally knock over or push the child. The child is older may really like to play, run and walk the dog of this breed.

Labradors are very active, like playing pranks and frolic, so they are unlikely to suit the elderly, debilitated individuals or very young family. They get along well with children, but a security guard in his face, you are unlikely to see, as the most that can be expected from this dog - a short bark which quickly replaced wagging tail. Labradors due to their exceptionally friendly and get along well with other animals.

Some people watching too spirited and reckless behavior labrador puppies, may conclude that they are silly, but this is not so. Just it should be noted feature of this breed, which is then up to three years, they are mentally immature and they have to learn to think and act independently.

It is not necessary to punish the dog, labrador responds very well, even on a strict tone. He is very curious and energetic, and by means of games and rewards you can achieve almost any heights in his training. Exceptional obedience, ability to learn and a great character have led to the fact that the Labrador Retriever is considered to be a truly versatile breed.

Initially, the dogs of this breed were brave sailors, skilled hunters, they also have long been an excellent job with the role of companion dog. Recently, as a result of his boundless devotion to a person, patience and well-developed intuition, they are increasingly being used as guide dogs for the blind. With the abolition of scent, combined with exceptional curiosity, Labradors have no equal in the search for explosives and drugs.

This possibility of applying this dog is by no means exhausted. Labs has long been used abroad as dogs therapists. They are trained to communicate with people who are sick and children. Such therapeutic communication gives a truly phenomenal results. These priceless dogs - therapists are able to help even epileptics because they can anticipate the beginning of a seizure and warn that person that he moved to a safe place. It is important to note the extraordinary understanding and devotion to their owners.

Another unusual profession this amazing dog breed is the police. Despite his good nature and a priori absent from Labrador aggression, such a dog is able to locate, seize and detain the offender. This work labrador applies to the game, so no harm to the offender, he is not able to cause. In large part thanks to good-natured and quiet, relatively malovozbudimomu temperament, police from many countries are choosing Labrador as their reliable partners. Indeed, because of their dedication and the desire to be useful to the owner, these dogs are excellent job with this kind of work.

It is hard to overestimate the capacity and ability of the truly unique dog. Labrador is ideal even for use in search and rescue service on the water, because it is a born swimmer, able to be long even in very cold water. The only "disadvantage" of this dog, perhaps, be called its excessive credulity and excessive friendliness. It should take into account all future owners of this wonderful dog.

 breed Labrador

Care Labradors

Breed Dog Labrador has an excellent woolen cloak covered with a layer of protective grease, but this does not mean that his hair is not necessary to take care of. Brushing and combing hair and undercoat these animals need to once or twice a week, this will be enough. Bathing the dog is best done in a lake or river, but occasionally must bathe her and at home using a small amount of high quality shampoo. Periodically inspect your pet for the appearance of his body fleas or mites. Particular attention should be paid to the ears of your pet, as they are most susceptible to inflammation and various kinds of infections.

For puppies up to the age of three, in the process of continuous growth and development, especially important to ensure sufficient motor activity. For health and full life of a dog just two walks a day in the fresh air. At the same time we must remember that up to three years Labradors need to walk only on a firm leash. And given the fact that the dog has a very strong neck muscles, you need to always be ready in order to avoid unexpected tipping you to the ground. In addition to relaxing walks, this breed requires active games on the street or in the park. The best place for this may be a spacious back yard, especially if it has a high fence, because Labradors love to jump. Summer fun in the yard can be replaced with a swim in the waters.

How to choose a puppy Labrador this?

If you decide to have it Labrador, you just need to have at least a minimal understanding of this breed. Get true knowledge about a dog of any breed can only be thoroughly acquainted with the basic provisions of the standard. To avoid trouble when choosing a dog can only just knowing the basic requirements to be met by a real labrador retriever.

In order to understand exactly where to purchase a purebred Labrador, it would be highly desirable to purchase specialized publications on the breed and gain familiarity with the content of education, as well as the standard. No harm will be also visiting several large canine exhibitions, where you can get an idea of ​​the type and character of this breed of dog. There you can see the potential father and the mother of your future puppy, as many tribal breeders periodically participate in such exhibitions in order to maintain their image and career.

First of all, you should decide on the color of the floor and the puppy. Purchase labrador puppy in Russia it is advisable only in specialized clubs and nurseries, which are part of the Russian Kennel Federation. It is desirable that when buying a puppy you accompanied by a professional dog handler.

 Dog breed Labrador - the perfect friend and helper of man

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