Quality skin protection from the sun

In the summer, on a hot sunny time, our skin is the most exposed to the merciless ultraviolet rays, leaving the bodies of people unpleasant traces in the form of spots, burns and cracks. To avoid this and to enjoy a pleasant languor, protective equipment should be used: it is necessary not only to adhere to standard precautions (time of day Sun, cover sensitive areas of the skin), but also of active sunscreen methods and means.


In recent years, the media are increasingly remind us that a tan - it is not only a great healing process, but also the ability to give your body an attractive piquancy. Regular fashion shows are a vivid confirmation: radiant dark-skinned models are easily convince us that golden skin - Today is the right choice. So please, sunbathe - the joy and health! A modern high-quality sun cosmetics will help you do it correctly and aesthetically pleasing.

Note that when you buy a cream for sun protection should be given to the indicator on the tube. Figures 2 to 30 are a factor indicating the degree of protection. So, ten gives us to understand that the use of cream extends the possibility of painless lying under the sun to ten times.

Do not forget that cosmetic products are improving day by day. Today, for example, is no longer found creams that leave unpleasant marks on the wet bathing suits. So it makes sense to regularly review their "arsenal" for relevance and quality.

Recently, standard steel sprayed easily, instantly absorbed funds. Their constituent ingredients moisturize the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Also modern miraculous sprays and creams are cooling and refreshing effect, giving the skin a beautiful shade of brilliant.

In addition to the usual functions, today's sunscreens have some other features: they can not contaminate the pores, and usually even nourish and moisturize the skin. Many people today have a fine spray nozzles, allowing the liquid to apply to even the most remote places. They are able not only to accelerate tanning process, but also to enhance the protective properties of the organism.

Another remarkable feature of modern means of protection from the sun is a water-repellent function. If a tube is present corresponding inscription (English version - «Waterproof»), then you easily will be able to safely spend time on the beach or in the water. However, despite the fact that you took advantage of even the most powerful tool, be sure to wipe and reapply the protective liquid.

More and more in the range of cosmetic companies appear unusual new sunscreens. This solar foams and emulsions and tanning wipes, which are commonly used for the treatment of face and neck. They differ from traditional creams, gels and sprays a special texture that allows for a long time and safely lie on the beach under the scorching sun, spending a minimum of effort on prevention and movements.

For particularly sensitive areas of the body (the tip of the nose, lips, ears) developed special protective equipment: pencils, lipstick, etc. Usually they are applied over the base of a cream, which augment its effect and to avoid burns.


In addition to the range of different sunscreen innovations, should be examined and methods of their use. Let us consider the basic requirements for their use.

Because sunscreens any means take effect only after one hundred percent absorbed into the skin, it is best to apply the liquid for half an hour before you start sunbathing.

That funds are well absorbed, it should be applied in small quantities. If handled properly and the whole body should be enough for 6 teaspoons of "defender". It is about 4 times for 125 ml bottle.

Not worth much to rub the cream into the skin, as this may diminish its effectiveness by 25%. In addition, rubbing faces excess wear and tear the skin.

It is important to remember that even creams with a high degree of protection should be reapplied at least once in every 2-3 hours. And only after obtaining the desired skin tone, you can start lowering the index used to protect your assets.


Finally, we give some useful tips for a good tan:

  • the better use of both the protection against UV B rays, or rays from A, - and to prevent skin diseases and premature aging;
  • it is not recommended to use the funds, six months after the purchase, especially if they change the texture, color or odor;
  • to increase the shelf life of a "defender" of his best stored in a cool place;
  • for oily skin should use only agents with a mark «oil free» - fat-free and therefore more effective;
  • SPF index for the body should always be less than the rate of face cream;
  • allergies necessarily be tested vehicle ahead of time, and, preferably several times.
 Quality skin protection from the sun

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 turpentine baths


  • Types baths
  • Healing baths

Bath is a medical-hygienic procedures, during which the body is immersed in water or other liquid medium. Many centuries mankind has practiced the use of medicinal baths, for such baths are the most effective method of healing the body as a whole. With the therapeutic baths can be made preventing mass diseases, get rid of the symptoms, to improve overall health. These baths are not only able to take temporary phenomenon, but also to eliminate the root cause of sickness or disease.

Immersion baths include not only a liquid. For example, resting on the sea, you get the effect of the sun, air and sea bathing itself. But not only on the shores of the seas, you can improve your health. Excellent results can be obtained and at home, and prepare a bath of sea salt or Dead Sea salts, aromatic bath with essential oils, turpentine baths or pearl.

 turpentine bath

Types baths

All baths are divided into several types:

  • constant temperature water - a cold (below 20 degrees), cool (20 to 33 degrees), the indifferent (34 or 36 degrees), warm (37-39 ° C) and hot (above 40 degrees);
  • bath with temperature changes - Local (local) and general;
  • contrast - cold (the temperature varies from 10 to 24 degrees) and hot (38 to 42 degrees);
  • Combined - baths, incongruous with massage, vibration and so on.

Depending on the length of the bath may be short - 5 minutes - usually up to 15 minutes long - several hours. For therapeutic effect is often used bath in which the duration of a normal little longer, that is to half an hour.

 like taking turpentine baths

Healing baths

Turpentine baths for healing and rejuvenation

The basis of this kind of water treatments is the use of resins of conifers, which improves blood circulation in the tissues, their nutrition, profilaktiruet variety of diseases. Baths with natural resins able to open closed vessels and capillaries, as if reviving activity of skin cells. Water with plant extracts capable of rejuvenating the body, improve skin appearance. Turpentine baths are one of the best methods of preventing heart attacks and strokes. There are special subspecies and turpentine baths - Zalmanov bath (Capillary baths).

The man who would take such a bath properly, can improve their cardiovascular system, digestive tract, respiratory and nervous system. Moreover, such baths help in the treatment of diseases of the blood system, endocrine system, thrombophlebitis and varicose disease, lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis, mastitis, diseases of the throat and nose.

Women turpentine baths are very useful in inflammatory processes of the genitals - endometritis, salpingitis, adnexitis. These baths cope with the symptoms of scleroderma, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus.

The direct indication for the use of turpentine baths are diseases of the joints and of the musculoskeletal system - osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout. rickets, muscular atrophy, fractures and other diseases.

To prepare the bath turpentine, white emulsion used or yellow solution which contains Gum extract. This extract is obtained from coniferous trees. Sometimes designated baths and exchange using a mixed extract. Such turpentine baths can be taken to produce thermal effects, which activates the production of biologically active substances (histamine and carbon dioxide). It stimulates the immune system, displays the body of toxic substances.

Properly taking turpentine baths need 15-20 minutes at a water temperature of 36-37 degrees Celsius. The course - 10-12 baths every day or two.

Sea Baths Health and Beauty

In seawater, there are many useful and valuable minerals and vitamins. They are great influence not only on appearance but also in the inner state of a person. Seawater can compete in efficiency with a session at the masseur or more batches of multivitamins. But if you can not treat yourself to a holiday at the sea, a bath with sea salt can be done at home. Sea salt is rich in a variety of trace elements, minerals, have medicinal properties.

Dead Sea Salt, for example, can be purchased in its natural form or with different additives. Pure Dead Sea salt contains more than 25 minerals and trace elements. 20% consists of salt (sodium chloride), and 80% - a chlorine, calcium, bromine, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Usual salt comprises sodium chloride, 90% and only 10% of other compounds. Often added to the sea bath and aromatic oils that can make the skin softer, return it smooth and improve its appearance.

Take sea baths should also be right, then the result will not keep itself waiting. Typically, a course of 10-15 procedures every day or two. In the bathroom to dissolve 700-800 grams of sea salt. The residence time in the water - 20 crumple.

Sunbathing for improving health

The sun on the beach - it's not just a seductive tan, but also to actively develop this important for our health vitamin D, which is very valuable for bone tissue. The day is enough to stay in the sun just ten minutes in the body and replenish the vitamin. During warmer months, sunbathing have useful medicinal properties, which does not have any other natural factor of healing the body. If a person is permanently isolated from the sun, it does not get vitamin D, that is, it just is not produced in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. This disrupts the activities of all organs and systems, reduces the absorption of calcium by bone tissues.

The effect of sun exposure depends largely on humidity and air purity. An important role is also played by the terrain - a beach on the shore of the sea, rivers or lakes, high mountains, the valley, the city. Scientists have shown that dust or smoke reduces the intensity of UV radiation by 25%.

The best time for sunbathing is a morning - up to 11 hours of the day. Although the spring or fall, you can take a sunbath in the day time.

Mud baths for detoxification

To prepare the mud baths using natural dirt. This method of treatment is also called peloidotherapy. The therapeutic effects achieved by using fresh water lakes silt and silt sulphide mud, which are extracted at the bottom of seas and estuaries. Mud improve the condition of the skin, rejuvenate it, increase blood circulation, nourish the beneficial trace elements and substances, toxins and harmful compounds. Mud baths are prescribed for diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, blood system, circulatory disorders, some diseases of the skin and eyes. On average, to obtain a good effect is enough to take 10-15 baths every other day. The water temperature should be 39 degrees.

Aromatic bath with essential oils

At home, you can spend an aromatherapy session, take a bath with essential oils. In such a procedure does not take a long time, only need to choose the right oil to obtain the desired effect - relaxation, toning, improved circulation, rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, antitselyullitny effect. At one bath with just a few drops of essential oil. You can also add herbal teas or milk, sea salt. The water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees, take an aromatic bath should be 20-30 minutes.

After consulting with the doctor, everyone can choose for themselves the appropriate and most suitable type of baths for healing the body and improve health. All baths can be taken at home, the main thing - do it right.

Then you can get maximum results without using any pharmaceutical and natural medicines only, which is rich in our planet. Never forget that the main value - is the health. Take care of it and do better!

 Turpentine baths and other healing procedures

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