Qigong - cheerfulness, good spirits and good health

Each year, an increasing number of people who want to learn this art. Qigong becomes an integral part of everyone who has been on this path. And this is not surprising, since we all want to be energetic, mobile and healthy. A Chinese technique such as this is just designed for you, to increase vitality, to extend your cycle and improve well-being.

Busy Qigong everyone comes alone. But someone starts to be engaged on the advice of friends and learn a lot of interesting facts from the Internet. Sometimes people want to go to a trial lesson and understand how it is interesting and useful. Anyway, there are a lot of ways, but those who choose to engage in recreational gymnastics, note that it gives vitality and helps to improve the body.

What qigong practice?

Thus, according to Chinese philosophy, all full of energy qi, which is in living organisms and in things. Currents circulate around the world, energy interacting with other objects and. In the human body qi accumulates vdantanyah. These are the three energy centers of the body - head, thorax, abdomen. In essence, qi is a generator of energy, so necessary for the maintenance of tone, vitality and mobility. Classes involve normalization of flows and a uniform filling centers. They help to increase circulation of qi and fight diseases.

Through deep breathing and complete relaxation, energy moves through the body the power of thought. This is not a complex of any respiratory and exercise. Dance Studio, where there are experts to help learn how to do it right. Since the movement must be accurate, and thought to work in the right direction. Is it important to concentrate on his own body. Should throw away all the cares and worries, lost in a condition that will relax and achieve the desired.

Clothing should be loose, so that in no way shackled movement and did not interfere. It is better to turn to quiet music, such as music of the East, in order to immerse yourself in the right state. This will help improve the body, not only men but also women. Age does not matter, because every lesson, you will feel more energetic, improve mood and normal functioning of all organs. Enjoy activities, breathe deeply and enjoy life.

 Qigong - cheerfulness, good spirits and good health

 Exercises for a flat stomach and thin waist


  • What prevents us to go in for sports?
  • Exercises for waist
  • Exercises for a flat stomach

It is unlikely that in the world there is at least one woman, one hundred percent satisfied with their appearance. Even the most slender girl with the parameters of the ninety-sixty-ninety notice the extra millimeters at the waist and ran headlong into the gym to correct the situation. What can we say about those whose shape can not be called perfect, even at a stretch? They are sadly in the eyes see their tummy and place of the alleged waist. Here are just doing physical exercises, in contrast to the first, they are in no hurry, preferring casts envious glances the lucky skinny and hundreds of reasons to refer to his "forced" inactivity.

What prevents us to go in for sports?

Here you come home from work all so tired, broken, hungry. On home affairs - is full! Dishes to wash, eat, cook, clean the cat, children rein (it happens the other way around: the children away and restrain the cat - who as luck). And then there's my husband comes home from work, growls and clean socks required. What exercises for a flat stomach, you say, in this endless series of everyday problems? I have had the strength to get to the couch at night - and it's good!

And here and there! If you are very honest with yourself, you will realize that half-hour lesson with a hoop or gantelkami you prefer eating pies front of the TV at bedtime. And the main justification for this outrage will not even tired and lazy, and the idea that "it is useless anyway, was thick - thicker and stay." According to a not very good proverb: if you are gaining weight considerably, so you can once again eat to satiety. So? Are we never to become thinner and sexier?

Not at all. In fact, it all depends on our own motivation. As much as we would like to assure everyone that want to lose weight, our actions (or rather, inaction) often indicate the opposite. This is hard to admit, but for some of us fat that securely hides from the surrounding flat stomach and slender waist, is a kind of protective barrier. Why make an effort to improve their appearance, if the fullness still spoil everything? Sit yourself quietly on the couch and eat dumplings, painful grimace at the sight of shapely beauties flashing on the TV screen. And exercises - do they help with some of these diseases, and in this age?

Think about it: not so long ago in the Guinness Book of Records has got a woman with a waist in the thirty-eight centimeters. Do you know at what age she has achieved similar results (the parameters of her body at the time of fixing the record - 99-38-99)? At seventy-three years! Even if it is - well-fed, provided an American - are not familiar with the harsh life of Russian housewives, it does not deprive it of the same hundreds of reasons to sit back and do nothing. Surely you are younger than this sweet lady, and stronger in terms of health (like it or not, and seventy-three years certainly have an effect!). Of course, such a radically thin waist, we will not advise, but to talk about what exercises will help you to remove fat from the abdomen and waist, it can. The main thing - it's very, very willing to become leaner and younger, and then any thing to you on the shoulder!

 exercises for a thin waist and flat stomach

Exercises for waist

Online you can find a great variety of a variety of techniques to improve muscle tone and burn fat in problem areas. We offer you two simple exercises that will create wonders with your waist!

Side stretch

  • Feet on the width of thirty - forty centimeters, hands on hips, just above the knees. Bend your knees as if you are going to sit down.
  • Inhale, exhale and hold your breath. Pull the belly, stay in this position for five to six seconds, then take the original position.
  • Lower the right arm so that the elbow touching right knee bent. With the maximum amplitude pull the left leg to the side, pulling the sock.
  • Without taking his foot off the floor, drag the top left hand - as if you would reach the top of the invisible (hand stays straight and is near the head).
  • Important: It should be tilted sideways strictly!
  • Fix the position, count to eight. Take a breath, and change position.

Do this three times in one direction and three times - in another.

Exercise "Airplane"

This exercise - a great stretch for your sides and waist. Surely you have already done this exercise before - in physical education classes or in conjunction with a TV presenter of morning exercise. It's time to remember the good old "airplane" and hone your waist to the desired size.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Place the palm of your hand just above the knees and hold your breath for eight seconds (do not hurry up, counting the seconds slowly).
  • Barely holding his breath, take a straight left leg to the side and reach for the elbow of his left hand to the right knee bent.
  • Right-handed swing of doing before. Fix the position for five seconds.
  • Bend lower to touch the left forearm of the right leg.
  • Fix this position for eight seconds.

Repeat this exercise three times for each leg. In no case do not ignore the rules of breath during exercise, otherwise the result will be far from the expected.

 the right exercises for a thin waist and flat stomach

Exercises for a flat stomach

Unfortunately, no exercise will not help you get a flat, tight stomach in a week. For example, a man on the beach cubes flaunting his powerful torso, devote lessons in the gym at least five hours a week. We are with you at all these cubes to anything, but simply to burn "fat pad" belly for a couple of sessions, alas, did not happen. But we are not afraid of difficulties, right? So, let's start!

Before starting the exercises, you need to spend a warming massage of the abdomen. For this purpose put on the problem areas massage cream (you can cellulite) and begin to treat the skin pinch movements. It does this procedure at least five minutes. However, if you have a serious disease of the internal organs of digestion or female internal organs - beware, most of all, massage your abdomen is contraindicated! Talk about this with your doctor.

Swing the press better after exercise on the waist - so you prepare your stomach to physical activity and avoid potential injuries. The fact that an inexperienced person should not immediately move to strength exercises for the press, or you just do not razognetes the next morning, and the desire to improve themselves have lost.

So on the floor lay a soft carpet and sit back. Getting the exercise:

Strengthening the lower and upper press

  • Take a sitting position and lift the legs bent at the knees. Pull socks and Freeze in this position, without lowering the legs on the floor.
  • Bend at the elbows, palms is located next to the buttocks.
  • On the exhale, slowly bend your elbows begin by rejecting the case back.
  • Try to straighten your legs so that they are parallel to the floor.

Perform this exercise five or six times.

Strengthen lateral abdominal muscles

  • Take the prone position, turn over on his side.
  • Leaning his elbow on the floor, slowly lift the body up until the forearm is completely flat.
  • Fix this position for one minute.
  • Slowly return to starting position.

Perform this exercise at least twice for each side.

Grasp the performance of physical exercise, do not forget about good nutrition. Unfortunately, another piece of pie at your favorite series simply negate all your efforts, neither flat belly or waist you do not get. And do not limit yourself to only one exercise at home: the more active lifestyle you lead, the sooner goodbye with the hated kilograms and centimeters on your waist.

You can enroll in the pool, turn the hoop, to go on the climbing wall in the end. Incidentally, the last way - climbing wall - it is wonderful removes fat on the sides and waist. Just a month climbing "rock" will allow you to change beyond recognition: the extra weight and melt on your body. The main thing - to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start acting. A flat stomach and slim waist - will make!

 Exercises for a flat stomach and thin waist

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