Pumpkin useful properties

Pumpkin is known to all - a beautiful and colorful vegetable, something similar to the sun. And everyone knows about the useful properties of pumpkin? After all, they are known to mankind for many centuries. But most people have the knowledge about the benefits of pumpkin are limited only by the fact that the seeds and pumpkin juice quite effectively rid the body of various parasites.

In fact, the use of squash much more - in the seeds of this fruit contains a lot of different micro and macro elements, essential amino acids, vitamin E. In addition, the pumpkin is a very powerful natural antioxidant - protects the body from aging. It is also a very positive effect on the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

The composition includes pumpkin vitamins B12, B2, B1, C, PP, A. In addition, large amounts of pumpkin is vitamin K, which practically no longer in any fruits and vegetables. Lack of vitamin K is very harmful to the body. Nosebleeds, bleeding gums - all this is not the most terrible complications. The most dangerous internal bleeding of the organs of the digestive system. And women often lack of vitamin K leads to a very abundant and prolonged menstruation.

Another positive feature that has pumpkin juice - is the ability to rid the body of radionuclides. This capability is achieved by the presence in the pumpkin-soluble dietary fiber, which at times reinforce the bowels - his motor function.

By the way, all the pumpkin juice is ideal for cleaning the body. It perfectly cleanses the blood vessels from excess cholesterol, normalizes water - salt balance. Due to these properties, the pumpkin is recommended to those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, and edema. No less useful pumpkin and general exhaustion, and iron deficiency anemia.

Pumpkin against diseases of the digestive system

Do you have problems with digestion? Make a pumpkin in your list of your most frequently used products. As a rule, the effect of treatment pumpkin not have to wait long, and is expressed quite clearly. The most successfully treated diseases such as chronic hepatitis, liver swelling, liver cirrhosis. Sick people should eat pumpkin follows.

Clean the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, skip the raw pulp through a meat grinder, collecting the juice. Then tuck pulp from sugar ratio of 1 to 1. In the event that you have not previously observed allergy for honey and other bee products, the sugar can be replaced with honey. But, of course, have other proportions - one part of the two parts of honey pumpkin. Stir pumpkin and place in a glass container, which must be stored in the refrigerator. Eat two tablespoons of pumpkin pulp before each meal.

A bedtime cup of broth to be taken out of the pumpkin seeds. It is prepared as follows: 100 grams of clean pumpkin seeds, place them in an enamel pan, pour one cup of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about 30 minutes. The whole course of treatment should last no longer than 30 days. Generally, improvement occurs on the fifth - the seventh day, and in some cases even earlier.

In that case, if the sick person suffers from constipation and ulcerative colitis, greatly facilitate the state to help with a variety of porridge pumpkin pulp and pumpkin juice. They are prepared simply - Clean the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, pass through the microwave. Cook porridge in the usual way, and overfill pumpkin pulp in a pan for about 10 minutes until tender. The porridge can add the butter and sugar.

Moreover - pumpkin can help with food poisoning. If the sick man began vomiting or diarrhea, he needs as quickly as possible to drink a glass of fresh pumpkin juice. He will bring the body of all the toxins, restore water balance, stops vomiting and diarrhea. Next, you need to drink half a glass of pumpkin juice every four hours, until complete recovery.

 Pumpkin useful properties

Pumpkin guard bone and dental systems

Pumpkin contains a fairly large amount of minerals necessary for normal functioning of the skeletal system. Pumpkin juice, as, indeed, and the pumpkin flesh is an excellent remedy for a female affliction, as osteomyelitis. On the day of the sick person should eat at least 200 grams of raw pumpkin pulp. For prevention is enough for 100 grams.

In that case, if a person had difficulty finding their teeth - tooth decay, thinning enamel - will help him fresh pumpkin juice. Drink a half cup three times a day, about ten minutes before the meal. The duration of treatment should be at least three months.

Pumpkin and urogenital system

Also, the diet should be administered with pulp pumpkin porridge to those people who suffer from the chronic form of pyelonephritis, cystitis, kidney stones and urinary bladder. It is advisable at least once a day there are similar cereal.

In addition, diseases of the urinary system, traditional medicine recommends the following means. You will need one cup of pumpkin and half a glass of hemp seed. As they rub in an enamel pot, then add three cups of boiling water and leave for three hours. Then carefully squeeze and strain using a gauze cloth.

Get the funds you need to drink during the day in small sips. This is especially effective tool in the event that in the urine of the sick person is found admixture of blood. Or there is a delay of urination caused by spasms of the bladder. By the way - if you mix clean drinking heavily, you can add it to the buckwheat - the effect did not worsen.

In order to strengthen the walls of the bladder, as well as to normalize its operation, doctors recommend for a month every day to eat at least two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, of course, pre-cleaned. In addition, pumpkin seeds should take note of all those men who have prostate problems - enough only 10 treated seeds a day to improve gave themselves felt.

Pumpkin and skin diseases

A good therapeutic effect is pumpkin and against various skin rash - eczema, acne, acne. And even different types of burns - chemical, thermal, heat, and frostbite. For the treatment of all types of damaged skin and acne uses raw pumpkin pulp. It is also being prepared, as in all previous cases - peeled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, passed through a meat grinder. If there are no allergic reactions to honey and other bee products, you can add a tablespoon of honey for every 100 grams of raw pumpkin pulp.

Treatment is carried out as follows. Twice a day - morning and evening - apply to the affected area of ​​the skin thick gruel of pumpkin pulp. Gruel should remain on the skin for at least 30 consecutive minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with clean running water. Treatment should continue right up to the recovery. However, remember that in case of purulent wounds before applying this tool, you should consult with your doctor - a dermatologist.

Another great tool is helpful in blisters - as in fresh, still at stuffy. Just do compresses of pumpkin pulp and honey before going to bed. Leave the poultice is necessary for the whole night. In that case, if the corn stuffy, before applying the slurry must be properly steamed feet in hot water.

 the useful properties of pumpkin

Pumpkin against parasites

Speaking about the beneficial properties of the pumpkin, we can not tell how it is used to combat worms. The most effective pumpkin acts on tape parasites and pinworms. The most common pumpkin in the prevention and treatment of parasite used for groups such as the elderly, children under one year, pregnant women, nursing mothers. However, the traditional pharmacologic treatment of refuse still not worth it - but it's important to be prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, it may develop various side effects.

  • Porridge pumpkin seeds

For its preparation you need seeds - 300 g of well dried and cleaned. However, the green skin that is directly under the skin, removing in any case impossible - that it is the vast majority of active substances. The seeds carefully grind in ceramic ware, gradually adding water, very small portions - about 50 ml. In the gruel you can add a tablespoon of honey or any jam.

Kashka need to start taking immediately after awakening on an empty stomach. The entire amount must be eaten within an hour. Three hours later, the sick person should drink one - three tablespoons of any vegetable oil. And after half an hour to do a cleansing enema - not necessarily for children.

  • A decoction of pumpkin seeds

Another good recipe from the parasites - a decoction of the seeds. To this end, the crude dried seeds - 200 g - must be carefully grind, pour half a liter of boiling water and cook for about an hour. Then set aside a decoction brew for two hours, then strain it with the help of gauze fabric. This decoction is also possible to put a little taste of honey. Dosage is calculated as follows: - 100 grams of broth for every 30 kg of weight. Drink the broth must be in the morning, on an empty stomach. For children, this method is not the best.

As you can see, the pumpkin - and pulp, and seeds - very useful for the whole family - for both children and adults!

 Pumpkin: useful properties

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