puansetiya own hands


  • Option is simple - from colored paper
  • Christmas star made of cloth
  • Option complex - construction
  • For those who know how to knit

Puansetiya - beautiful flower room, known in our country under the name of spurge. Full name - Euphorbla pulcherrima. Habitat - Mexico, South America. The flower has elongated leaves and petals rozetkoobraznye. Traditionally considered a red color, but you can find blue, yellow and even tri-colored blossoms.

Why puansetiya considered Christmas flower? This question can be answered in different ways. Firstly, it is the flowering period - from December to February, just for the Christmas holidays. Second, the eight-pointed star flower resembles the Virgin Mary. Third, there are several legends speaking about what puansetiyu presenting a gift for the birth of baby Jesus.

Due to various circumstances, not every family can afford the maintenance of the living flower. And that's not the price - it just acceptable. The plant requires care, and our eternal occupation does not leave such an opportunity. Everything else, puansetiya contains a poisonous milky sap, which makes it a desirable guest in the house with the children. In addition, it can cause an allergic reaction (just like any other plant). That is why many are trying to do, and this lovely flower with his own hands, using the materials at hand.

Option is simple - from colored paper

You can use plain paper - for children's creativity, but it is better to take origami because it is painted on both sides.

  • Cut the workpiece

The initial phase of this event is the most difficult. Before making puansetiyu their own hands, it is necessary to cut the workpiece. Make three ovals joined together at the base. Tops petals Oval sharpen so to get three cloves, one in the middle of a large and two small on each side;

  • Putting flowers

When the stencil is ready, move it to the paper. Make three blank. Then carefully Mnemonic paper - do not regret. The result should be a lot of small wrinkles, simulating veins on the petals of live. Each leaf is necessary to fold in half so as to form a clear middle line. To do this, put three blank perpendicular to each other and are held together in the middle of a stapler or sew a thread;

  • Decorate

To decorate the middle, perfectly suited rhinestones or small beads that are glued super-glue or sewed. The edges of the flower can be decorated with white paint with silver, bronze, causing them almost dry brush on the petals. You can also go through the paper lightly with a brush dipped in PVA, and on top of a brilliant spray hairspray.

This hack looks great on a bottle of champagne or wine glasses. It can also be attached to the edges of tablecloths or napkins, previously adorned the base of green or white lace.

 how to make your own hands puansetiyu

Christmas star made of cloth

Quite an original way to make puansetiyu hands. Flower get refined, and most importantly - resistant to mechanical stress. Perform the same principle - need: stencils, scissors, glue, thread, decor. The basis for the flower will not paper, and cloth of red. You also need to starch.

  • Billets

To start making the preform described in the first embodiment;

  • Cooking paste

This is a standard "jelly" for starching just a few leaves. Boil a liter of water. Prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of dry starch, and a glass of cold water. Pour it into the boiling water and stir well to avoid lumps formed. Give mass to cool;

  • Starches blank

Billets petals drop into a container of starch and give a good soak. Thoroughly wring out and attach to the desired shape. The flower must be crumpled, but look carefully. We spread on a flat surface to dry;

  • Putting flowers

Once the fabric is dry, it will become rough, you could say - would be a stake. If her mash, the starch osypletsya, and the whole structure will lose the necessary rigidity. Therefore we collect the flower gently, as little as possible to deform the resulting preform;

  • Decorate

On red fabric potato starch gives a little mealy coating, giving the flower a special charm. The folds and creases fabric will be more bright. The core decorate with beads, sequins, paillettes.

 puansetiya tips with their hands

Option complex - construction

Unusual artifact obtained from the construction or medical plaster. It can be used for decoration and gift wrapping, and for interior decoration in a Christmas style. For gypsum puansetii need: gypsum, water, gouache, double sided tape, liquid nails, thick foil.

  • Ready Ownership

From the dense foil cut blank to three leaves. We make them to 1-1, 5 cm more than the finished product will have. We turn off the foil in the shape of a cup. You should get a form capable of some time to keep the plaster mixture;

  • Dilute plaster

Dilute with water to gypsum powder state test for pancakes. To this mixture add the red gouache: it is necessary to make future product desired shade. Remember that after drying color somewhat pale;

  • Make a blank

Spread the gypsum slurry into the prepared molds and allowed to dry at room temperature. For the product life-size less than five hours. If you get it early, in the wet mixture can destroy the entire workpiece. To extract plaster foil is easy - just turn it and remove like a candy wrapper;

  • Putting flowers

In order to interconnect the petals, you can use liquid nails, super glue or liquid diluted plaster;

  • Decorate

It remains only to decorate the resulting hack. You can paste it or silvered beads. In order to "stone flower" held on any surface, enough to stick to the base of two-sided construction adhesive tape. This will ease himself fasteners and dismantling after the Christmas holidays.

For those who know how to knit

For fans of this type of needlework is not difficult to perform puansetiyu hands. All that is needed - a thread and a hook (the spokes). Make three blank tracery viscous. To hook - it can be a union loop poles. For spokes - a complex scheme of lace. Then the petals are collected on the same principle.

As you can see, there are enough ways to manufacture puansetii own. The main thing is to have skilled hands and a great desire! In all other materials at hand to help and imagination.

 Puansetiya own hands: to select the method and create!

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 money tree with his hands


  • Money Tree of banknotes and coins
  • Embroidery, decorated with notes
  • Money tree made of natural stones and Chinese coins
  • Money Tree Bead

There is a beautiful legend of the miraculous tree, where the leaves grow instead of gold coins. When shaken, a coin fell to the ground, bringing unprecedented prosperity. Unfortunately, such a tree in nature does not exist, but the money tree made with their own hands, not in vain is considered one of the best mascot of feng shui.

Selecting a money tree is very large, as the inexhaustible imagination of people to create them. These may be the trees made of real coins, plants with leaves of banknotes made of precious stones or crystals. They are called trees of happiness.

To hack brought into the house of financial well-being, it must be properly placed in the room. Area wealth of feng shui - it is the south-eastern sector, so your tree should "grow" there. Near necessarily place the image of water or a small indoor fountain. In this case, these attributes will symbolize watering that will benefit your mascot.

Ways to create a money tree lot: sticking coins on the image of a mighty oak, weaving from beads or beads. Also, a tree can "grow" with the help of Chinese banknotes and coins. Let's look at how to make a money tree with his own hands. In this article, we have assembled the most popular methods of manufacture of the mascot.

 how to make a money tree with his hands

Money Tree of banknotes and coins

This hack will be a great gift and will beautify any interior. To produce, you will need:

  • Clay pot;
  • Bowl-base foam;
  • Wooden stick for the trunk;
  • Foil;
  • Gypsum;
  • PVA glue;
  • Gift banknotes (you can use the old Soviet money, if any, have been preserved) - 200 pieces;
  • Various accessories for decoration.

Procedure for the manufacture of trees is not difficult and does not take much time. The first thing you need to do a crown. Every bill add up "kulechkom" edge anchoring adhesive. The number of "leaves" will depend on the size of the ball of the base. Or you can make the curly crown: it is necessary to combine accordion notes (remember, as a fan as a child?). The tip of the gold in this case is bent and fastened to the base by means of pins. The more you do the leaves, the more luxurious it will look a tree.

Now, the next winding shaft with foil and insert one end into the base of the crown and the other in a pot filled with plaster. If gypsum is not found, it can be replaced by any solidifying mortars. Finish decorating the tree at its discretion. You can add artificial crown green leaves trunk or tie red ribbons. If the hack is preparing to give as gifts, add a few stickers with her wishes.

Embroidery, decorated with notes

The original solution for lovers of embroidery. Such a money tree can be made into a picture and hang it on the wall by a frame. You will need:

  • Threads floss in different colors and canvas for embroidery;
  • Driving a tree;
  • Paper notes and photo frame.

Embroider on any tree you liked the scheme. Denominations fold in the form of a bow, the middle of a possible tie up a thread. Each bill is attached to the canvas in places where they should be located in the leaves of a tree, and then sutured. Edges crafts better handle overlock that in the future it will not crumble. Ready to put the embroidery frame to the desired size photos. Hang on the wall and enjoy the creations of their hands.

 how to make a money tree

Money tree made of natural stones and Chinese coins

For this you will need stones crafts. Pick up can be a zodiac sign, either their profession or hobby. Besides natural stones needed and Chinese coin with a square hole in the middle. For the average trees (measuring about 12 centimeters), take 6-8 coins. To make branches, prepare the copper wire, floral tape and acrylic paint. Well, of course, do not forget about the pot with plaster, which you "planted" his talisman.

The wire was cut into pieces of 12-15 centimeters - this will be our tree branches. Now we are woven into each branch three pebbles and one coin. When all the branches intertwined, winding their floral tape interconnected. We've got about seven major branches. Of these, we collect the next stem, which is also wrapped with tape. It is better if the tape is brown. Bright tape can be painted with acrylic paint, where the trunk will be ready. To hack was more durable, can be taken as the basis of thick wire, plastered it at the bottom and to collect it already prepared sprigs.

Money Tree Bead

Work on the creation of such artifacts rather laborious and time-consuming, but the result is worth it. So, you need a lot of beads (preferably green or golden color) and a few coins. You can choose to drill holes in coins face value of 10 cents or ready to buy in store for handy people. Also prepare the wire for beading. To maximize natural wood look, better to take the beads of various sizes.

  • Please do small loops of the seven-leaves beads;
  • To do this on a piece of wire measuring about 15 centimeters strung beads and are located exactly in the middle, the free ends of the wire are twisted. That you have turned the future leaf crafts;
  • Scourge three leaf and connect them to each other the same wire, forming a branch;
  • Now, we make five leaves, they also connect in a separate thread;
  • By branch with three leaves attach a coin;
  • Now take a twig with a coin and a couple of sprigs of five leaves and twisting together. You now have a thorough one branch for a tree;
  • Repeat the procedure of weaving until you have on the table does not meet the branches 50-60;
  • Now we have to collect wood. To do this, all the branches are twisted together and intertwine;
  • To design was stronger in the foundation, you can insert any rod that will keep it;
  • The finished tree can be "planted" in the pot with plaster or paste in a piece of clay sculpture;
  • The base is decorated with crafts decorative moss or stones. You can create a small sculpture of the coins with glue.

Beading - a rather complex exercise, especially if earlier you never have to get involved. But do not despair! Be patient, and you will learn how this amazing creativity. Importantly, do not give up!

Since create any money tree, do not forget to think about real money. Remember - thoughts can materialize only thing to want it! We hope that these craft ideas will inspire you to create your own money tree, which soon will bring to your home good luck and wealth!

 Money tree with his own hands: the house lures wealth

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