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Puansetiya fairest, Vifliemskaya or Christmas Star - so call it unusual houseplant, which thrives on the eve of the major Christian holidays. By the way, what we are accustomed to thinking at puansetii flower, such is not at all. However, this is not the only feature of such a bright representative of numerous family Euphorbiaceae. Among domestic and flower lovers puansetiya has become popular recently, but in the West it is known and loved for more than a hundred years. Moreover, plants puansetiya managed not only to become one of the favorite colors of home, but get the title character of Christmas. What is this exotic? Let's face it.

Botanical portrait

Official puansetii botanical name - Euphorbia pulcherrima. It is a small tree or shrub height of about one meter. However, some species puansetii grow up to four meters in height. Leaves puansetii toothed colored in dark green, have a length of seven to sixteen centimeters. What we call a flower puansetii, it is actually a bract. This brightly colored leaves, which develop in the axils of real flowers.

Bracts puansetii amazing variety of colors. Their color varies from off-white to bright scarlet or even maroon. Christmas star can be orange, and cream and yellow, and pink. Remarkably, staining bracts need a special mode of day and night. With a lack of light or an excess of its "flower" will remain green. However, an equal alternation of light and dark time of day bract becomes puansetii characteristic color.

True colors puansetii homely look modest or even particularly interesting insect pollinators. Small yellow flowers of these sockets are more like stamens in the center of the bright bracts, which we take to be the petals of the Christmas star.

Puansetiya Hailing from Mexico, where he now grows in the wild. The natural habitat of the Christmas star - deciduous tropical forests, which stretch along the Pacific coast of Mexico. Puansetiya fairest and Grows in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And how she got beyond the range of their natural habitat, spread throughout the world and even has been called the Christmas star?

 Flower puansetiya

Historical reference

I wonder why the poinsettia has become a symbol of Christmas, though, and many other indoor plants bloom at the same time with her. There is an explanation, rooted in the history of the ancient Aztec tribes. Long before the construction of puansetii most beautiful Christmas flower in the status it was considered a symbol of the purity of the Aztecs. Generally these people enamored with wild flowers puansetii, and for its people needs to grow it in the gardens. Raspberry and blood-red leaves puansetii Indians used for the manufacture of cosmetics and textiles, and its milky juice treated fever.

After the fall of the Aztec Empire, the cultural traditions of the people were forgotten, and in Mexico the French founded the Christian mission. It is here puansetiya was first used to decorate Christmas processes and services, and soon became a symbol of the holiday. And there is one very beautiful legend about the flower wonderful night. If we believe this legend, the Christmas star puansetiya owes its name to the little girl from a peasant family. According to the new tradition of Mexican peasants on the night of Christmas gifts to baby Jesus suffered. The poor peasant girl was not present. Then she gathered and presented a bouquet of wild flowers, which miraculously turned into a beautiful puansetii.

By the way, the name of this flower poinsettia was named US ambassador to Mexico, Joel poinsettia. It was he who opened it for the Old and New Worlds. But the symbol of Christmas and Vifliemskoy star poinsettia has become through the commercial interests of farmers fields Ekke. Having grown puansetii for sale, it has achieved its massive popularity. But the flowering puansetii coinciding with the Christmas holidays, making it an attribute of this Christian celebration.

Christmas tradition of decorating the house with these beautiful flowers taking root in our country. However, we do not yet perceive the blooming puansetii as an attribute of the holiday - for us it's just a beautiful house plants. By the way, the poinsettia is of interest not only for flower growers, but also for collectors, because the species it is sufficient for meeting a gorgeous collection.

 puansetiya flower

Types puansetii

Poinsettia and notable for its many varieties. And not only different varieties of colored bracts, but also their form. However, different varieties are classified puansetii is its color bracts. In the wild, there are more than a hundred varieties of this beautiful plant, on which was displayed a huge number of hybrids (puansetiya pink, white, yellow, orange). Here are just a few of them.

Varieties of red puansetii

Classics of the genre - bright red bracts, overlooking the main dark-green leaves. Grades: Sonora, Premium Red, Olympia, Goldtinger, Galactica, Prestige Maroon. A few pale red bract at puansetii Champion. Sort Jester Red distinguish the dark veins on a bright red bracts and red leaves puansetii Jingle Bells and Sonora White Glitter like a sprinkle of white paint. Close to classical painting fiery red bract at puansetii grade Cortez Fire and Peterstar, clean and striking scarlet varieties Freedom and Red Diamond. Stand out among the red varieties puansety Carousel Dark Re (his wavy bracts) and Winter Rose (wrapped bract leaves, resembling a rose).

Varieties pink puansetii

Types pink puansetii also quite common in the collections and florist shops. Their color varies from gentle milky pink varieties Maren and Freedom Pink salmon to deep Cortez Pink or bright pink Pink Ell. Many among puansety pink and variegated varieties. Pink leaves bract varieties Monet Twilight and Da Vinci if sprinkled white powder. Harlequin cultivars Marblestar, Peterstar Marble and Silverstar Marble - white leaf border, Jester Pink - green border. Carousel Pink - Terry puansetiya pink with green veins, and the variety Strawberry and cream pink-purple leaves are cut if the edges.

Varieties of white puansetii

White puansetiya no less beautiful than her bright pink and red rival. White varieties puansetii distinguished by a special charm, understated elegance and nobility. And the white color of the bracts are also striking diversity of all conceivable hues from snow-white Whitestar or Silverstar White to ivory grades Cortez White and Sonora White. Clean white different varieties Polar Bear, Infinity White and Freedom White, and the variety Regina on white bracts are clearly visible contrasting green veins.

And that's not all kinds puansetii. And professionals and amateurs continue breeding to obtain new species, varieties and hybrids of this beautiful plant. It takes root and tradition of use as a Christmas puansetiyu attribute. It is possible that in the near future, this home will be the same flower essential part of the holiday as a Christmas tree. A flower is still puansetiya just beautiful and very suitable for gift giving.

No wonder that it is the eve of the New Year holidays in the windows of flower shops appear chic colorful beauties puansetii. By the way, received it as a gift, you can leave puansetiyu as a flowering houseplant. However, the flower is capricious and requires attention and competent care. But that's a topic for another discussion.

 Puansetiya fine - Christmas flower

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 a winter garden in the apartment


  • Fitted winter garden
  • Styles conservatory
  • Requirements for garden apartment

The human craving for wildlife indestructible as the basic instincts. Even locked themselves in the stone walls of the city, people still diluted gray urban landscapes green paint. Gardens, parks, gardens - all this has been and remains an attribute of any city in any country. Moreover, people in their homes and let a piece of wild flora, naturally, to domesticate and civilize it. And we are continuing the tradition, not only to acquire plants, but even a real risk to arrange a winter garden in the apartment.

Unfortunately, few of our compatriots boasts apartments that have the ability to split a complete winter garden. Most of us live in the modest homes, where it is difficult to find the extra free area. However, if you wish, you can arrange a winter garden in the apartment, even a small size. As is known, there is a will, there will be a possibility. Here we offer you speculate on such possibilities, and at the same time to find out what should be and can be the design of the winter garden.

Fitted winter garden

Let's look at the most affordable ways of arrangement of the winter garden in the apartment. If your apartment is spacious enough, and the rooms are large, the winter garden, you can allocate a special area. Typically, in this case, equip niche, using translucent walls and provide a dedicated space with additional lighting, heating and ventilation. As a result, you get a mini-greenhouse right in the room. And this may be any room, everything depends on its size.

The maisonette stairs suitable place for the winter garden will be a free space under the stairs. It would seem that this dark corner does not correspond to the terms of the organization of the apartment of a green oasis. But do not forget that among house plants, there are many shade-loving and shade-tolerant species. These unpretentious flowers and is the best fit for such a winter garden under the stairs. And given that you will still equip their pets for an additional coverage, you can get not just a pretty face, and even the very stylish conservatory without trimming the area of ​​your apartment.

But it's suitable for large-area apartments. What can we come up with in a small apartment, where there is too much space? In these cases, flower growers will convert a winter garden, balconies and loggias. You must agree that most of these additional meters in the apartment we are using as a makeshift closet or pantry. So why not turn a balcony or a loggia in an almost full-fledged winter garden?

However, for this you will first have to work hard for the insulation of the cold room. As a general rule, to warm a loggia or a balcony in the normal way. It put double-glazed windows, mounted heat and waterproofing layers on the walls and on the floor, conduct heat and light. And then everything will be depend on the chosen style of your winter garden.

Another version of a green oasis in a small apartment - a winter garden on the podium. First, all that you place on the podium, definitely will dominate in the total interior. For a winter garden it is advisable to use a tiered podiums, which occupy less horizontal as vertical space in the apartment. This podium is best equipped in a corner or against a wall. Several feet of different widths will allow you to place a sufficient number of plants and decorative elements that will make it possible to issue a winter garden in any style. A number of fluorescent lights or neon lights and wallpapers will make your winter garden simply magical.

 Design of the winter garden in the apartment

Styles conservatory

The next task after the site preparation for the winter garden in the apartment - his design. A winter garden design depends primarily on the selected style. Style conservatory defines not only the principles of its organization and decoration, but also the choice of certain houseplants. Note that for the room of a green oasis use the same style as for full winter garden. In many ways, the design of the winter garden is based on the well-known garden styles. However, it is easy to implement in the open air, not always possible in a confined space. Let's look at some of the most popular styles of the winter garden, which can be adopted to design and green corner of the apartment.

Tropical style conservatory

For a winter garden in a tropical style pick up moisture-loving plants, which feel comfortable and grow well at a temperature of not less than eighteen and not more than twenty-eight degrees. At lower temperatures, they simply freeze, and at a higher start to hurt. This garden will look great and tropical vines and epiphytes, and ground cover, and Flowering plant. In short, all the potted plants whose wild gather grow in tropical forests, and are perfect for a winter garden in a tropical style. This dieffenbachia, and all kinds of begonias and ficus and dracaena.

Subtropical winter garden style

In the subtropical climate of the average annual temperature is about fourteen degrees. However, the plants of this natural area and are able to withstand light frosts (-5 ° C) and hot weather (23 ° C). Nevertheless it the most comfortable temperature to subtropical winter garden will range from 10 to 15 degrees. If lower temperatures such plants survive, then the heat they just begin to dry, turn yellow and die slowly. Therefore, it is for balcony conservatories midland and northern regions selected subtropical houseplants - tstrusovye, wisteria, flowering vines, Jacaranda and passionflower.

Winter Garden in the Japanese style

It is suitable style for the decoration of the winter garden inside the apartment. Japanese style garden art is known in two of the most popular types. The first type of Japanese style - geometric and minimalist. It is for such use bonsai garden, mini-fountains and mini-waterfalls, pebble decorative pieces. Landscape type of Japanese winter garden closer to its natural variants - Street garden. This winter garden will require sufficient light, because there is room lodge variations of light-loving trees and shrubs. This Japanese garden can also be supplemented by this bamboo and miniature pond or aquarium with live fish.

Winter garden in the style of minimalism

It is the best style for the winter garden in a small apartment. Here you can place any absolute, but must be small-sized plants, chosen in one color. For a winter garden in a minimalist style, it is better not to take the flowering plants, but one or a few bright accents here are quite appropriate. Flower pots have asymmetrically, in small groups. The best choice for this garden will become slow-growing evergreen potted plants. A main condition of this style - a minimum of decoration, conciseness and completeness.

Rustic style conservatory

Yes, this style is also quite suitable for indoor green oasis. Moreover, in addition to flowering crops dekorativnolistvennye copies and you can mark and a mini-kitchen garden. Herbs (basil, dill, lemon balm, curled parsley) and even seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) organically fit into the design of the winter garden in a rustic style. Lemon tree, ornamental cabbage, cape gooseberry, flowering Saintpaulia and cyclamen - the symbiosis of garden and flower garden. This is the main principle on which the village is solved design of the winter garden.

Winter garden in the style of hi-tech

Hi-tech - a very successful design for the winter garden on the tiered podium. For such a garden are choosing only the most simple plant with a monochromatic color and strict forms of leaves. Different levels of arrangement of flower pots, compliance with clear shapes and proportions, as well as related accessories - these are indispensable conditions to be met by the design of the winter garden in the style of hi-tech. Naturally, such a winter garden will be appropriate in the apartment, the interior is also in line with the canons of contemporary or minimalist style.

 beautiful winter garden in the apartment

Requirements for garden apartment

So, to sum up the results. Winter garden in your apartment must be beautiful, regardless of the selected style. It may be blooming and fragrant tropical exotic palm trees and vines, sleek minimalist garden, a miniature version of a village or a Japanese landscape garden, a vegetable garden. The main thing is that your winter garden did not produce a sense of random instructions and concentrated in one place pots of flowers, and it was like the garden, albeit in miniature form.

And do not forget that the winter garden of the apartment is designed to not only decorate the room, but also to restore the health of its atmosphere and cause positive emotions. So, starting to create their mini-greenhouses, read the rules in the phyto and find out the features and requirements for the content of those plants that want to stay in your winter garden. And all you get!

 Winter Garden apartment - looking for opportunities and choose the style

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