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  • What do the men and women?
  • Typical female error
  • The Art of Communication

Dear ladies, what topic pops up in your head several times during the day? Maybe it's cooking dinner? Or buy new shoes to match a purse? Or the latest gossip about grymza-boss? No! Most likely, this will be the subject of psychology with men. What would we do without them! But in some situations, still remains a mystery, what's going on in a man's mind and how we live with them. In order to understand these issues, we have written this article.

What do the men and women?

It's no secret that men - from Mars, and women - are from Venus. Simply put, between us there are lots of differences. This is normal and natural, because the only way we can fulfill the functions entrusted to us by nature. However, because of the time difference is very difficult to communicate with each other. The wall of incomprehension, recriminations, resentment - all this is accumulated in a relationship, like a snowball, which then sweeps away everything in its path.

In order to avoid this, we women need to understand the psychology of communication with the man. Why did not they? Yes, all because their character is more rigid. Men basically lukewarm about everything that can not be touched, to construct and to see with their own eyes. And the psyche - a delicate thing, and there is much more useful and accurate corrosiveness softness of a woman who can explore the subject and the first to offer the correct strategy. The Partner will only respond to it.

So quietly topic differences males from females were affected by itself. From what little boys are made, and from what - the girls? Since childhood, we get used to the fact that men are more active, assertive, aggressive. They are interested in how the world, and they are more prone to various kinds of research. Men differ endurance and strength. From all this follows the man's role in the relationship - security, protection. Only man has what is necessary to address the serious problems in life.

Women in this respect is much weaker. No matter what the feminist community, building a successful career as a top manager - not a woman's business, because the process required speed, aggressiveness, persistence, toughness. Or when women throw themselves to fight to defend their opinion (we are all faced with similar "aunts" in lines). These ladies are no softness and tenderness, tolerance and harmony. They try on the role of men and remain so "entangled" state for very long. That, naturally, is not conducive to a productive dialogue with men.

Being a woman - is to keep the fire of the hearth: so happened since ancient times. We support their men, giving them confidence and fueling their strength. In such a woman has a special inner force, consisting in infinite patience, gentleness and the ability to love. Giving love, it is filled with positive energy, and she fills her man.

If men and women behave in accordance with their nature, their dialogue is fruitful and comfortable. However, if the roles are reversed, or someone does not perform its function, the problems begin. After all, the true nature sooner or later breaks out, and if both partners are in confusion and lack of understanding of what is happening with them. It used to be one, now the other, somewhere inside want a third - all muddled and unclear. But how to prevent similar problems between man and woman?

 communication psychology of men and women

Typical female error

As we have mentioned above, the psychology of communication with the man will have to comprehend for you, dear women. And we start to do it with a description of the most common mistakes made by you. What a pity that the school does not teach the science of dealing with the opposite sex - would benefit much more than the geometry or astronomy. So, what we women often do not they?

  1. Rejoice male error

    Why it is considered that to be a bitch - it's great. A sort of Amazon with a bunch of men's skulls impaled on a spear. As soon as a man does something wrong, wrong or fails, it responds as follows: "So what? I told you! You're always ... ". And hereinafter. Of course, at that moment a man feels humiliated and insulted. If he still has power, he is aggressive in relation to the lady who so conducts himself with it. If not, then it is likely to shrink the whole, he will pull his shoulders and accept the idea of ​​their complete failure. Well, why do you see such a likeness of the man next to him?

  2. We demand

    Everyone - it is separate from another world. Women often forget about it, seeing yourself and your partner as a whole. And if so, then you need to have common dreams, desires and aspirations. Accordingly, when this picture does not work, the woman begins to resent, stomp their feet and hysterically demanding that she, in her opinion, rightly believes: attention, care, group activities, luxurious wedding, new shoes, finally. On the male side, it looks like, "I do what I can for her, and she was all little." As a result, a man tired of the insatiable demands of his partner and disappears over the horizon.

  3. Call guilt

    This issue - the continuation of the previous one. After the women's demands are becoming higher and higher, the man leaves immediately. First he begins to resent such behavior of the partner, then he yells at her. And at this very moment, some of the fair sex, instead of saying, "Damn, I think I have gone too far! "Hunted begin to sob. Naturally, casting glances toward the tortuous "unlucky" male. He feels ashamed, though he is not fully aware of that. And so the guilt becomes habitual companion of men and women communicate. What do you think how long they want to stay in this state?

  4. Molestation - unpleasant character trait possessed by many women

    It is expressed in different actions. For example, some of the ladies are able to destroy the male brain is a huge number of questions in a minute. Others would not lag behind the unhappy partner until he does what they want. Still others will insist on a shared pastime twenty-four hours a day. In all this, a man will feel very, very uncomfortable. Women thus try to cope with their own anxiety and inability to wait, but it can get them sideways.

  5. We behave "like a man"

    One of the biggest mistakes for a woman - this is when it becomes a "man." This is manifested in everything. For example, in communicating a woman becomes aggressive, tough, assertive, rational and pragmatic. The gestures and demeanor also changed: gait is swinging, posture - slipshod, gestures - and rapidly. The woman has no grace and fluidity of movement. It foul language, smoking and drinking liquor. And, of course, proud of himself because he does not behave "like all the women." However, in communion with the opposite sex traits such hardly will stand her in good stead. Perhaps her friends will be plenty, but no man would want to sleep with their fellows being.

 psychology of communication with man

The Art of Communication

We think you'll understand how, as a woman, it is not necessary to deal with a partner. But what would be the right course of action? Let's try to summarize all that we know. First of all, it is worth remembering that any relationship based on the balance sheet. How much do you take so much and you need to give, and vice versa. If it does not, then comes the crash. But it should be understood that men and women give up energy in different ways. Representatives of the stronger sex something reach, win, protect, help to solve, and the fairer - support, comfort, gentle care.

What exactly does that manifest itself? Do not get tired to say compliments to the man and admire his actions. You would be very surprised if the hard learned how sad life would be without the male energy. Therefore, any detail worthy of support in his behavior, whether it's a nail hammered into the wall, or donated birthday sporty Mercedes. The man - a mirror of a woman's love, and if a woman believes in and loves him, he will never be a failure, and between them there will always be a sense.

His partner must be respected - this applies to both sexes. Respect is shown both in the internal sense, and external actions. Do not tell my friends how bad your man is doing something. Do not laugh at him in public - only in very rare cases where it is sure to be appropriate. Give him an opportunity to make some decisions regarding the two of you. Do not go to him with "valuable" remarks, even if you know exactly how it will be better, more efficient and faster. Respect extends to interests, hobbies, classes - even if you do not like hobbies partner, you still think they deserve.

Surround her man with care and tenderness. Walking through the rows of products in the supermarket, think about what he loves chocolate, and they treat him at the next meeting. If you live together, you can invite a man something nice - a glass of hot tea, hot sandwich or something more intimate. The care and attention are shown in the details - when doing something we think about a loved one. Or abandon something because it will be unpleasant to him.

Understand your partner. In general, it is not easy to do, especially when hinder their personal views, delusions and outlook. Women especially are beginning to think out a lot of things about their men - this is wrong. Of course, the ability to understand and feel a partner comes with time, but it is necessary to go. Listen carefully to what he says. Take time to truly communicate heart to heart, and not about all kinds of household and superficial things. And to exercise a lot of patience. Do not expect this from a man, because it is a woman - in his very strong and stable link in the pair.

As you can see, nothing extraordinary in these postulates there. This is the basic norms that are based on love and understanding how your inner nature and the partner. Between men and women may occur row over certain details, or you may encounter a crisis, but a sense of consistency must be constant. As a rule, everything is solved through honest and open communication with each other. And then the couple reaches the genuine intimacy.

 Psychology of communication with men: the way to their heart, but not through the stomach