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  • Types of psychological pressure
  • A few words about the manipulation
  • The methods of psychological influence
  • How to resist the psychological pressure

Do you think you is often psychological pressure? If you are calm and confident person, you'll want to answer you this little encounter. And in vain! Interventions can be quite different, and often the "victim" does not even understand that it had just pressed. But this has a huge impact on your life! If you do not want more than to fall into this trap, read our article and use the knowledge for psychological self-defense.

Types of psychological pressure

The psychological pressure - it's influence on other people, working to change their attitudes, opinions, judgments and decisions. It may seem that resort to it only a strong and results-oriented people, but it is not. Confident people will act openly and directly, and not look for workarounds, delivering another inconvenience. There are many types of psychological pressure, with which you will surely come across in life:

  1. Coercion - a blatant direct impact on another person

    Resort to it only when there is some force, otherwise no one will give in. Examples of such forces can be physical qualities, power, money, information. The man forced into something, knows about the ongoing process - as opposed to manipulation. You can try to defend against it hinted "davitelyu" that he does aggressive - some people do not like to admit it. However, if the person does not care, then resist this kind of pressure is very difficult.

  2. Lowly

    Another kind of psychological pressure, expressed in the pursuit of the aggressor morally "crush the victim." In this situation, you can hear about a lot of unpleasant things yourself: you are stupid, horrible, clumsy, mediocre, unorganized, etc. ... Being in a state of psychological prostration, you lose control of the situation, and at this moment is very convenient for you to press: "At least it's can you do? ". The idea is that being in sound mind, you would never have agreed to, but then getting into the act personality defense mechanisms and the desire to prove their own importance. By the way, this method works only at the expense of self-doubt.

  3. Leave aside

    This kind of psychological pressure stands alone against all the others, because its essence is to try to take you into submission. Simply put, when you try to press, and you want to make this clear, a person begins to slide on extraneous threads or even goes into "defensive", "Well what are you, eh? ". Or wondered why you keep saying nasty things about him. In this case, each time the track time of departure and return to the starting point: "No, I will understand then, the question now is about you." If you stand, there is a chance that you will fall behind the aggressor with his pressure.

  4. Suggestion - a kind of psychological effects on humans, after which it begins to uncritically "swallow" the information, imposed from without

    A person using this method should be respected for their sacrifices, otherwise the focus is not going to work. The deadline for this suggestion is hypnosis, but it can also be used in the waking state. For this, as a rule, used the game to voice intonation and other semiconscious moments. Paradoxically, there are people who do not give in to suggestion, and you are lucky if you belong to one of them.

  5. Persuasion

    The most efficient form of psychological pressure. It appeals to human reason and logic. That is why it subject only people with a normal level of intelligence and the development of thinking - the others just do not understand what they then broadcast. Speech, which includes beliefs, usually the most logical, consistent and evidence - once the victim consciousness detects the slightest discrepancies, the entire structure collapses immediately.

 psychological pressure on human

A few words about the manipulation

About the manipulation we decided to tell apart, as it is with this kind of psychological pressure faced more often. Its essence boils down to a desire to change the behavior, outlook and perception of the other person with a hidden, violent or deceptive strategy.

As a rule, the interests of the manipulator implemented by the victim, because of what is considered to be unethical manipulation. The views of psychologists is very different. Some believe that the result of sometimes justify the means. For example, when the doctor persuades the patient to start taking drugs. Or a mother, wishing that the child put on his cap, asks him: "You are what you go hat - red or blue? "- Without giving the possibility to choose. Others rightly believe that the person needs to provide all the information, but to respect his freedom of choice and decision, even if it seems wrong.

In any case, the manipulation direction (albeit indirectly) to implement the interests of the "victims" are extremely rare. Usually, it's still the desire for private gain at the expense of others. Manipulation is a hidden view of psychological pressure - the person does not understand the true motives of the manipulator or the fact of action. The gain in this case is an exceptionally one-sided.

Naturally, it is not easy to manipulate people - this requires a certain level of knowledge of psychology, the ability to feel other people's weaknesses, cold-blooded and calculating. Man, to solve this, is tough enough without having to worry because that does harm to the victim.

Manipulators are based on different grounds, by which they are able to control the human mind. The needs and desires of ancient times used to exert a psychological influence on the person. Take for example the well-known Russian passion for "free" - the desire to get the maximum gain with minimum costs, by which enriched a lot of scams.

Each of us in life is guided by certain ideals and values, which include the concepts of good and evil, what is right and there is, etc. ... So, relying on them, the other person quite easily manipulate us. For example, the supply of alms to a beggar - it seems to be random acts of kindness and compassion, but a long time ago it is known that most of these donations go into the pocket behind this scam.

Intelligence and logic can also be manipulated. For example, using a long and complex circuits with multiple numbers and computation of cause and effect. This is often used by professionals of network marketing, agitating you to join their cause: "Put all three pennies, and get a huge profit, which is obtained from the following sources ...". As a rule, in the scheme laid several logical errors, so that you can see the result, which is favorable manipulator.

It is very convenient to manipulate irrational ideas man. They are divorced from the objective reality of beliefs and convictions, which are formed during the life of a person and are very difficult to change from the outside. Full of them in the minds of each of us, for example:

  • I have to take responsibility for everything on himself;
  • If you are about something ask you to help;
  • I must always sympathize with and help other people;
  • For any service you must give thanks;
  • Everything must love me;

Manipulators enough "pressure" on one of these "pet peeves", and the person turns into a virtually trouble-free thing. And the strength of these systems is enormous and thanks to them from us, you can achieve almost any unpleasant or awkward actions.

Well, the most fertile ground for manipulation - it is our feelings and emotions. When someone causes you anxiety, it is very easy to use it for their own selfish purposes. Women manipulate men, men - women, parents - children, and vice versa. For example: "You love me, and will not allow me to traveled by public transport." And so it can continue indefinitely, as feelings - an inexhaustible source of energy.

It is worth noting that we are being manipulated almost everywhere. Full of psychological pressure at work, in politics, advertising, relationship, and just in everyday life. As a rule, if you see that a person is prone to manipulation in one area of ​​his life, he will do the same in the other.

 how to withstand the psychological pressure

The methods of psychological influence

Psychological pressure may be implemented in a variety of methods - there can be, as they say, it all depends on the imagination of the aggressor. However, the main methods of manipulation of consciousness should be known to every man to resist them. As you know, it forewarned - is forearmed, and it's a hundred percent regard to everything that is related to psychological pressure. So, what is most often used to influence the minds of fans of fellow citizens?

  • Trans

    One of the oldest methods of influence on the human psyche. It puts our mind in a particular state in which lost the ability to analyze information and make informed decisions. Perception is focused on one thing, of course, favorable manipulator. In a trance, you can enter a variety of ways - most commonly used repetitive stimuli, such as monotone speech, rapidly changing images, swinging pendulum, etc. ... In such a state of mind is particularly vulnerable to pressure, so you can verbally inspire something or you trigger unwanted actions.

  • The use of words triggers

    These are words that carry important for the "victims" emotional connotation. They often resort sellers wishing to sell their wares: "Buy a TV ponadezhnee \ more elegant fur coat \ pomodnee shorts ...". They reflect any assessment or quality that the "victim" wants to possess.

  • Adjust

    It is expressed in the fact that people copy these or other components of your behavior: intonation, rhythm, breathing, posture, manner of speaking, look, gait, etc. ... It would seem that there is nothing wrong, but after adjustment starts immediately psychological impact. You are already on the same wavelength with the man, and it is much easier to "lead" you in the right direction.

  • Link to authorities

    When you need to convince someone of something, it is often sufficient to refer to any expert in the field, and all - the victory is in your pocket. Incidentally, a classic of psychological pressure. Oddly enough, the authorities may also be wrong, but it remains behind the scenes.

  • The psychological "games"

    No, no, it's not the most fun exercise - rather a scheme to manipulate the other person. They are there in abundance. For example, an exemplary behaving child periodically does something out of the ordinary. Maybe he just vrednichaet, but more often the case in the other: the child wants to be praised for good behavior, which is an adult perceived as the norm. After receiving praise misconduct probability increases as parents see the contrast. Another example: on the job is a slave, and requests him to do a lot of cases for tomorrow. A slave's eyes on the forehead climb, after which the chief says, "Well, okay. Do it at least. " And subordinates are happy to errand runs, although initially would not have subscribed to it.

  • Exchange thanked

    Admission pressure is that a person first has you some small service, which you may not even be asked, and then strongly suggests that it would be nice to thank him for it.

  • "Mild"

    Each of us from childhood experiences with this technique when you are offered a choice: either you do what you have to do, or you will find yourself poor. Resort to it all and sundry: men, colleagues, bosses, friends and acquaintances, sales in stores. Paradoxically, but it works!

  • The image of the desired future

    You paint a picture in color, what happens if you do that, you have to want to. Our soul is so arranged that tends to a state of joy and psychological comfort, and we are ready to do anything to achieve them. This inconvenience to us from such an action is simply not taken into account.

  • Daunting images

    If the above methods do not work, then the person can demonstrate how it will be bad if the action is not implemented. For example, the chief said, "If you do not report, companies face fines." The fear is overpowering, and you agree.

 psychological pressure at work

How to resist the psychological pressure

Oddly enough, but resist the psychological pressure is much easier than it have. The first thing you need to realize that you manipulate. You can see in the behavior of the partner signs the above methods of exposure. Persevering draw your attention to one aspect of the problem and ignoring the others, too, should alert you - as generous promises that cause reasonable doubt. In your condition may appear during manipulation of inexplicable sympathy for the partner, the sharp fluctuations of feeling, the feeling of lack of time, guilt, obligation - all of these things should be a signal that you manipulate.

The following is to inform the other party that he "put into clean water." You can call into question the appropriateness of the actions and decisions that he demands of you. Then offer its own version of the interaction, which in the first place will suit you.

Naturally, the arm will resist. In this case it is useful to ask questions aimed at clarifying the situation: what does he mean when he says about the problem, what the objective conditions and restrictions are to be, what should be done to improve the situation, etc. ... Ask why manipulator chose you, and right now - all this allows you to keep track of what prefer to "push" the aggressor.

Well, the most useful - it's trite, "including the brain." As has been described above, the main task of the manipulator - intensify feelings and emotions, irrational installation, because they contribute to the belief in the words of the aggressor. However, once you get out of the state of compliance and a sober analysis of the situation, all changes dramatically. Disappears urgency in addressing the issue, and you are guilty of a special no longer feel. So as soon as you feel that you are manipulated - start to think hard. And always ask for time to think - that it helps you to go beyond the situation and look at it objectively.

In today's world it is very important to be able to deal with the psychological pressure. We almost gave up arms and use of physical force, respectively, enemies were only such methods of influence. And in order to live happily, you need to be able to recognize them and to defend themselves and their loved ones from such a rough psychological intervention.

 Psychological pressure: do not let yourself offense!

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