Psoriasis. We heard about the disease, without exception, and some people are familiar with it firsthand. Psoriasis is one of the most severe forms of dermatological diseases, which is fairly widespread and a large number of forms that are resistant to therapy. Approximately 6% of the world's population. It would seem not so much. However, in the dry figures of Statistics there are thousands and thousands of real people who are forced every year to live with this problem.

Despite the fact that psoriasis is not absolutely no danger to life and general health, sick people are very burdened by the disease, because the skin looks very unsightly. Often, sick people, even in hot weather to wear long-sleeved clothing, shy of going to the beach.
Despite the relatively high level of development of modern medicine, the nature of occurrence of such diseases as psoriasis, has not yet been established. There are, of course, factors that are prerequisites for the development of the disease, but in general the causes of psoriasis doctors still are not clear.

One of the main theories of psoriasis is the hypothesis of the so-called genetic factors. Usually, psoriasis in children up to 10 years, it is a hereditary form of the disease - in a sort crumbs almost always possible to find a family member suffering from the same disease. But if the psoriasis manifests itself in adulthood, doctors suggest that the disease has a different nature of origin - bacterial or viral.

The clinical manifestations of psoriasis

Psoriasis is fairly easy to diagnose. An experienced dermatologist on the basis of visual inspection can easily diagnose the disease . Psoriasis symptoms are as follows: the patient man on the skin appear monomorphic lesions - papules (knots), various floor to its size, which merge with each other and form a so-called plaques. These plaques are not clear localization and can be anywhere in the skin.

At the beginning of the disease lesions are limited. Lesions localized single and usually in the elbow and knee joints, scalp, sacrum, etc. Psoriatic plaques have a very clear path, they range in color from pale - pink to bright - red. Inside, leather patches covered with silvery - white scales. It scraped them for the diagnosis of psoriasis for the triad:

  • Stearic spot.
  • Terminal film.
  • Blood dew.

Only if all of these three terms doctors diagnose a patient human psoriasis.
Doctors dermatologists are three different stages of psoriasis:

  • Progressive stage of psoriasis. At this stage, the first symptoms of the disease increase, the disease progresses and the patient's condition deteriorating human.
  • The stationary phase of psoriasis. At this stage the disease is at its peak of development.
  • Retrogressive step. In the regressing stage disease psoriasis clinical manifestations of the disease are on the decline, the state of the sick person is significantly improved.

Anyone sick with psoriasis must pass all three stages of the disease. However, if the disease is diagnosed and treated in time scheduled in a timely manner, the duration of the second phase (stationary) may be reduced to almost zero.

Furthermore stages of psoriasis, there is another kind of skill of the disease. According to the location and type of lesions psoriasis is divided into:

  • Regular plaque psoriasis.
  • Exudative psoriasis. From this kind of conventional plaque psoriasis is characterized in that in addition to conventional plaque lesions in the clinical picture of the disease there is a pronounced inflammatory reaction of the skin. The skin peeling flakes appear at outcrop offering bright - pink weeping surface. This type of psoriasis is also another name - rupiodnaya form.
  • Artropaticheskom. The clinical course of this form of the disease in addition to the plaques on the skin of affected joints. In simple terms, artropaticheskom - a combination of psoriasis and arthritis. The severity of the disease may be very different - from mild arthralgias individual joints, and to this generalized lesions leading to disability of patients.
  • Pustular psoriasis. With this type of psoriasis affects the palms and soles. This form of psoriasis is considered one of the most difficult. If you defeat this type of extensive psoriasis, patient man has been a significant increase in body temperature, a significant deterioration in the overall health of a sick person, a change in the formula of blood - increased ESR. Against the background of bright erythema as small pustules, which causes a burning sensation and pain when touched. Similar lesions of the skin occupy a very large area and bring a sick person a lot of discomforts. When these affected areas merge into large pockets, and there is exfoliation of the epidermis, resulting in developing a severe form of erythroderma.
  • The most common pustular psoriasis limited. In this form of the disease rash is not very extensive, localized mainly in the elbow, on the soles and palms. However, despite the fact that this form of the disease for a lighter, and it is characterized by frequent relapses resistant. In addition, for this particular form of psoriasis is often a precipitating factor is contact with different chemicals found in everyday life.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis. This form of psoriasis as a severe form of the course and develops gradually as a result of the progression of psoriasis. The skin is swollen, reddened, with pronounced signs of severe inflammation. If the disease is left untreated, the patient may be human symptoms such as: fever, swollen lymph nodes, disruption of the cardio - vascular system, hair loss, a change in the normal parameters of blood.

In children, most doctors diagnose psoriasis folds. Also folds psoriasis is often seen in people with diabetes. Outbreaks of psoriatic lesions are found under the breasts, in the groin, in the folds of the neck and armpits, under the knees and the elbow. The boundaries of lesions are sharply defined themselves lesions are deep pink color, slightly peel. The symptoms of psoriasis are very specific - they are difficult to confuse with something.

Lifestyle at disease psoriasis

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A person with any form of psoriasis regularly in their daily lives have to limit yourself to a lot of things, ranging from the choice of food, completing household chemicals.

These restrictions are in any case can not be ignored, otherwise the health of a sick person can greatly worsen. At first, of course, the patient will be very hard to endure all these limitations, however, it very soon get used to and will take these limits as something self-evident.

  1. Patients with psoriasis have people as thoroughly as possible to treat the state of their health. For example, if a healthy person to a cold or flu no more than a petty nuisance to a patient with psoriasis - a real trigger for strengthening psoriatic process. Any, even the most insignificant, weakened immunity, can significantly heavier for psoriaza.Imenno so people suffering from this disease must take all measures to strengthen the immune system. Be sure to take a multivitamin complexes that help the immunity deal with different infections. Also, the sick person is very important to do all the necessary vaccinations, including seasonal flu shots. Be sure to spend enough time outdoors.
  2. People with psoriasis should reconsider its traditional way of life and change it if necessary .  It is mandatory to give up the bad habits such as smoking and drinking .  And smoking, and drinking largely impede successful treatment of psoriasis, and even worsen the course of the disease . How would the man was not hard to give up their habits, if he wants to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis to a minimum, he must collect all the willpower and quit smoking and drinking .  In addition, the sick person should try to avoid the stuffy, smoke-filled rooms .  Tobacco particles deposited on the skin, also greatly provoke exacerbation of psoriasis . People with psoriasis have to closely monitor his sleep mode .  No matter how paradoxical it may seem, but the banal lack of sleep increases the severity of the disease for at least twice .  This is explained simply - lack of sleep affects the immunity of the most negative, largely weakening it .
  3. In recent years become very fashionable, and gained wide popularity, particularly among women, the so-called cleansing fasting. There are various ways of "cleansing" the body's medical starvation - from one day to one week course. Supporters of this method of purification indicate that such fasting helps the body cleanse, excrete all the toxins. As a result of this alleged and should improve the complexion and skin and hair, and overall organizma.V this article we will not for a long time to open a discussion on the topic of whether these statements are true or not. However, according to the official medicine, like cleaning procedures fasting for the people who suffer from psoriasis. All hobbies fasting are powerful and provoking factors can significantly worsen the disease.
  4. Talking about how to treat psoriasis, not to mention the sun .  A person suffering from the disease psoriasis, in any case should not be abused by ultraviolet rays .  Despite the fact that the research found that the fact that UV stimulates the flow of all forms of exacerbation of psoriasis, and the appearance of new lesions, a lot of people follow the old myth that the sun will cure psoriasis . People go to the south, to the sea, in the hope that the gentle southern sun will help them in their fight against disease .  However, the reality is quite different .  In the short term the disease seems to be receding, creating the illusion of remission, but soon returned with renewed vigor, even more severe .  This happens because the sun only mutes at the time of illness, forcing it deep into the body .  But as soon as it takes a little time, the disease manifests itself again, only in a more severe form than before . That is why it is not necessary to repeat the very widespread error - delay treatment for the summer period .  If you want to spend your holiday fully, so that nothing saddened your meeting with the sea and the sun, aggressive treatment should be carried out precisely in the winter - spring period .  However, provided that you have passed the course of therapy, still try to keep contact with the sun to a minimum - try to spend most of their time in the shade, on the beach and be sure to use sunscreen . Solarium people with psoriasis also strictly contraindicated .  Just one short procedure can bring a deterioration of the patient, that the long months of treatment will simply go down the drain .  Is it worth it to sacrifice their health for the sake of sunburn?
  5. Try as much as possible, as much as possible to limit any contact with household cleaning products .  If you have the chance, ask relatives to take over the part of the domestic work, which requires the use of household chemicals .  If contact with a variety of cleaning and detergents can not be avoided, be sure to use protective equipment - gloves, respirators, household . The use of cosmetics and skin care products are also very often exacerbates the disease .  A sick person should be very careful approach to the issue of choosing the means to care for face and body .  Preference should be given to the means which include as little as possible of different chemicals, fragrances and dyes .  Also be sure to pay attention to the alkaline level of your chosen means - it should be as close to a natural alkaline level of the skin . Try not to overload the skin means different cosmetology .  Even the skin of a healthy person in the overabundance of cosmetics can often answer a severe allergic reaction .  Therefore, patients with psoriasis should reduce the number of people of the means to a minimum .  This will tell you any doctor, you may ask how to cure psoriasis .

Diet for psoriasis disease

Separately want to talk about such important factors as diet person with psoriasis. Although it is little known, but in any form of the disease psoriasis, allergic factor is always present. That is why all people with psoriasis patients to successfully treat psoriasis are obliged to observe a special diet that excludes the use of products containing allergens and could lead to an exacerbation of the disease. Diet for psoriasis - one of the components of successful treatment of psoriasis.

The diet must be carefully thought out and balanced. The diet should be high-grade, energy-valuable enough, contain the required amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. After all, diet food is absolutely not to be defective - the body must receive all it needs for normal functioning of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

However, as mentioned above, from the diet is necessary to completely eliminate all substances that in one way or another can cause allergic reactions. Below is a list of foods that most commonly cause allergies:

  • Citrus fruit. All citrus fruits, without exception, whether oranges, lemons or grapefruits are potent allergens. People with psoriasis should avoid citrus fruits in any form, even in the form of juice recovered.
  • Chicken eggs are also often cause allergic reactions in humans. If a sick person is difficult to do without eggs, they can successfully replace quail. Quail eggs do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Whole cow's milk. The use of whole cow's milk may cause a deterioration in the health of human patient with psoriasis. However, it can not be excluded from the diet of dairy products, since they contain a large amount of useful minerals. Simply replace whole milk in the dairy products.
  • Try not to eat vegetables and fruit containing red pigment - tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, red peppers. Patients with psoriasis people these fruits and vegetables can be used only after they have been heat treated.
  • It is also necessary to exclude from the diet all spicy, fatty, fried and smoked food.
  • You should also try to avoid the consumption of mushrooms in any form of - mushroom soups, sauces, fried and pickled mushrooms.
  • When cooking, sick people should renounce the use of spicy seasonings and a large amount of salt.
  • Also it is not recommended to eat a variety of sauces - mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard. It is best to replace them with sour cream, which will bring a lot of great benefit to health.

All food is preferred to use in baked, boiled or stewed .. Nutrition should be a fraction - the food should be taken in small portions, but more often than usual - 5 - 7 times a day. Overeating not only causes an unpleasant sensation of heaviness in the stomach, but can also lead to a deterioration of human patient with psoriasis.

In periods of significant worsening of the disease it is very useful to carry out the so-called fasting days. However, in no case should not be confused notion of "fasting day," with the concept of "body cleansing". In the fasting days in the food should be consumed only one kind of product. This can be either yogurt or apples, or boiled fish. It is not necessary to arrange more than one fasting day per week.

Psoriasis Treatment folk remedies

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 Psoriasis treatment should take place under the strict supervision of a physician dermatologist.

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