proper planning pregnancy


  • Problems during pregnancy planning
  • Doctors and survey
  • Additional tests
  • The use of vitamins

The modern world requires all of its people carefully plan their lives and paint all the minutest details, only with such a plan, you will be able to fully develop and advance in their lifetime. Most modern people simply have to think through the course of my life for several years. In connection with the decisions they are beginning to understand the importance of their intentions and plans, and to adapt to them. On the one hand, a tie-dye your life is a good thing, because people are preparing in advance for what will happen next. On the other hand, it is impossible to plan.

If before people could plan their entire lives, associated with the choice of profession, career ladder, place of work and family. That at the moment is very difficult for people to plan such important moments of his life. This is due to the instability in the country, the economy and simply human life. Particular care must be approached in the planning of pregnancy, there is nothing more important than their own children. A huge problem of the modern world is that even with a very strong desire and maybe some girls find it difficult to become pregnant.

 vitamins for pregnancy
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Problems during pregnancy planning

These problems are connected with the environment, genetics, physical and moral health of the expectant mother and father. For many, an unexpected pregnancy becomes simply unforgettable happiness, but it should be understood that in this matter should be taken very carefully. Those who are already aware of the importance of planning pregnancy, should know where to start and how to prepare. In the 21st century it is necessary to plan pregnancy for 1 year before the moment of conception, then you will be successful finals guaranteed.

Planning for pregnancy: where to start? Oddly enough, but should start with surveys and checks.

Do not forget to waive absolutely all bad habits, following a healthy lifestyle, mental attitude, diet and moderate physical activity. you should feel very positive emotions and try to protect themselves from stress.

The first thing you need to do when planning a pregnancy is to visit a doctor genetics, genetic testing for mutations in the chromosome. This procedure is carried out in order to identify mutations that may be transferred to the child inherited, and lead to genetic diseases. Visit and inspection at genetics necessarily those who have been in the family babies with congenital abnormalities, or if the girl in the past had problems with childbirth. There are age limits that apply to the mother if she is over 35 or under 18, and the father, if he is over 40 years.

 examination before pregnancy
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Doctors and survey

After surveys have genetics following a doctor, who is to visit the expectant mother - a gynecologist, and for men - a urologist. These doctors should examine their patients for diseases of the pelvic organs and reproductive tract infections that can cause problems with conception and carrying a pregnancy. When you visit these doctors need to say the reason for the survey, in which case you will be sent to the delivery of all necessary analyzes.

To exclude endocrine diseases will need to be tested for hormones, and thyroid hormones. Girls may need to consult an endocrinologist, if it is present overweight, disturbed menstrual cycle, pregnancy or nevynoshennaya was observed increased body hair. You can visit an endocrinologist and those who do not have these symptoms, a general survey of specialist you can not hurt.

Compulsory tests are tests for infectious diseases. They should be taken seriously, because some infectious diseases are dangerous during pregnancy because the fetus leads to infection and the development of various pathologies of the child. When planning a pregnancy should be aware of such diseases, and if these show up, you should immediately conduct treatment. These infections are TORCH-infections and sexually transmitted infections: herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, rubella and cytomegalovirus infection.

 tests to determine the health
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Additional tests

A very important test is the analysis of the blood group and Rh factor. If the spouses have different blood groups, then they may not be compatible, it happens rarely, but it is better to know in advance. If a man has Rh positive, and the woman is negative, then the child may inherit the Rh from the father, leading to a Rhesus-conflict between the child and the mother. Rhesus-conflict can lead to hemolytic disease or death of the fetus in the womb. It is best to conduct a survey and monitored by a doctor under the supervision of the pregnancy goes well.

An optional analysis is a semen analysis for the man, but to make the best general survey and this analysis. It is caused by poor environmental conditions and other harmful factors that affect the concentration and quality of sperm. If during the analysis revealed abnormalities, then the doctor will write recommendations. Also, the doctor will be able to give general advice and recommendations to improve the quality and concentration of spermatozoa.

If desired pregnancy to begin, except for surveys? One of the most important factors of pregnancy planning is a balanced and rational nutrition. Immediately after the surveys and analyzes couples begin to take vitamins, because they already know what they need to focus. Prospective parents should eat only fresh and healthy food, rich in many vitamins. You can also use vitamin complexes for pregnant women, they are only incidentally.

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The use of vitamins

Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is very important for the full development of the fetus, its deficiency can lead to serious defects in the development of the fetal nervous hernia, underdevelopment of the brain or its complete absence. Increased intake of vitamin B9 is necessary to start at the planning stage of pregnancy as the child's organs are formed at 2-4 weeks of gestation. Vitamin B9 is contained in the following products: beef liver and liver bird, watermelons, melons, pumpkins, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes, peas, beans, oranges, lemons, green vegetables, products from wheat flour.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is also essential vitamin that helps conceive and bear a baby. Vitamin E helps to prevent miscarriages and premature births, its deficiency causes a disturbance of reproductive and nervous systems. Tocopherol is found in meat, vegetables, butter and sunflower oil, liver, milk and cereal germ. Drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, contraceptives and drugs leads to a deficiency of tocopherol in the human body.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that enhances the immune system, reduces inflammation and promotes the absorption of iron. It contains vitamin C in citrus fruits, black currants, red pepper, green onion, horseradish, cabbage, especially sauerkraut. Eat vitamin C, caution should be in moderation, its excess can lead to miscarriage. In order to avoid the negative effects of the dose of vitamin C you must designate a specialized doctor.

Planning for pregnancy is a difficult and complex process, which must comply with both spouses. Guided by all the rules and tips of pregnancy planning, you can carry and give birth to a strong and healthy baby. Remember that health and your child's future will depend on you.

 Proper planning pregnancy

 calculation of ovulation


  • Calculation of the period of ovulation
  • Calculation of the period of ovulation with irregular cycle

Ovulation - the period during which the ovarian follicles and a woman burst out there ready to fertilize an egg.

Such a process is regularly about the middle of the menstrual cycle. Often the girls are thinking about how to calculate the day of ovulation. What they need to know? The reasons can be several.

Firstly, knowing that there will come a time, we can calculate the days most favorable for conception. If a woman does not get pregnant in those days, then it must necessarily be examined by a specialist to determine the cause. Some women, on the contrary, calculate the days, when the risk of pregnancy is minimal.

Secondly, some of the counting period is needed to calculate the auspicious days of conceiving a child of a particular sex. Many believe that if intercourse takes place in these days, the male sperm will "dobegut" to the eggs because they are more mobile. If you have sex 2-3 days before the onset of the period, the egg is fertilized by sperm the female, as they are more durable.

Thus, to know when the days of ovulation, it is useful and sometimes even necessary. How to correctly calculate ovulation?

 calculation of ovulation
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Calculation of the period of ovulation

Ovulation occurs on the 14th day after menstruation in women with a regular menstrual cycle, lasting 28 days. If the menstrual cycle is longer, the number of days to be divided by 2. At this time, the egg into the uterus drops and waits fertilization. If fertilization does not occur, it bursts and goes along with menstruation.

Many women do not notice and do not feel in these periods. Women who have painful periods, only to feel pain in the abdomen, which are similar to the pain during menstruation. Still, there are symptoms that are common to all women. These include:

  • The appearance of cervical slizi.V such days the cervix increases the production of mucus - a substance similar to egg white.
  • Increased basal body temperature tela.Bazalnuyu temperature can be measured by a simple thermometer, but it should be done only in the morning, not getting up. The favorable days for conception basal temperature slightly higher than on ordinary days. However, this method is not always accurate, since it depends on many external factors which may change the situation
  • Increased sexual zhelaniya.Eto can happen, of course, and on ordinary days, regardless of the menstrual cycle, and may be related to various aspects of everyday life, but the relationship between ovulation and increase sexual desire still exists. As if the very nature pushes to conceive these days.

If you are planning a pregnancy, it should be remembered that the most favorable for conceiving a child is 3 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation itself and the next day, because sperm live in the woman's body up to 5 days. Regularly mark on the calendar the first day of menstruation. It is also useful in the future, upon the occurrence of pregnancy, in order to calculate the date of birth.

It should also be aware that these calculations are approximate, and abstaining from sex during the fertile days, does not exclude the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

 calculation of ovulation with irregular cycle
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Calculation of the period of ovulation with irregular cycle

If a woman's menstrual cycle is regular, you can easily calculate the ovulation. If a woman has irregular menstrual cycle, to calculate the time it will be harder. But the way to determine the fertile period is still there. You can learn to identify the symptoms of such a period, and then it becomes much easier to predict a favorable time for conception.

For the calculation of the period with irregular cycle need to designate a calendar days of menstruation and start going on these days hormonal changes. The longer record this data, the easier it is to understand the rhythm of the body. You may find that, for example, ovulation occurs once every two months or every 45 days.

Furthermore, it is necessary to monitor changes in the cervical mucus, which is a good indicator of the period. Usually after the menstrual cycle mucus there, and at the approach of the fertile period mucus becomes more abundant.

Another method of calculation of such period with irregular cycle is the measurement of basal body temperature. It is necessary to measure the temperature and write every day, the temperature increase will indicate on the ensuing ovulation.

Today in the pharmacy you can buy special tests that check hormone produced by the body during ovulation. These tests will help determine these periods. They are especially needed for women trying to conceive.

Determine approaching fertile period with a 100% probability of two ways:

  • Analysis of blood luteinizing hormone levels which greatly increases the body before ovulation.
  • US, during which determined not only by the size and stage of development of the follicle, but also calculated when the egg is released from it.

Thus, knowing the above methods of calculating ovulation, every woman will be able to calculate a period without much difficulty. You only need a little more closely to see to the changes taking place in your body.

 How to calculate ovulation period