proper nutrition for women


  • How useful a proper diet?
  • The basic principles of good nutrition
  • The transition to proper nutrition
  • Sample menu

"You are what you eat". This truth is known to people is not one hundred years. What we eat? Coffee and semi-finished products, fatty and fried foods make up the lion's share of the total diet of modern man. By this all already accustomed to, that does not give absolutely no value.

And a very good reason. Both women and men need to eat properly. And women - especially. Proper nutrition for women means very, very much. Why is that? Let's try to look into the matter more thoroughly. Perhaps if you revise your menu, you can avoid many problems and prevent new ones.

First we need to understand what does the concept of "proper diet." For example, the dumplings are not pleased or pasties? But let's take first things first. Since the topic of our conversation today, "proper nutrition", then we say it is the principle of supply and not only useful products.

How useful a proper diet?

Perhaps you will smile and ask about what you do is the most proper diet, because you live and so good. Not bad, it is bad, but for how long? And are you aware that many of the existing problems is already connected with the fact that you eat is fundamentally wrong? Wrong diet can lead to the following consequences:

  • Excess body weight

How much do you think women are happy with your figure? Statistics show that just like the lucky about 18 percent. Another 8 percent of the fair sex dream to recover for a few kilograms. The rest of the ladies are grueling, almost does not stop the fight against excess weight.

And in most cases, this struggle is reduced to the strict limitations of power - in other words, the various conceivable diet. Most often it ends unsuccessfully - failure to diet. But even if a woman has an extraordinary strength of will and says goodbye to excess weight, they quickly come back. And sometimes even his friends prihvatyvayut. Total - again overweight again exhausting diets. And so - all life.

However, you can do much more with little bloodshed - just to review your diet. If you go on a proper diet, you are guaranteed to lose the extra weight. Of course, this will not happen as fast as on a strict diet. But even "ate" you are not too fat for a week, right? This weight loss method will not cause any harm to your health. In addition, the weight does not come back.

  • Skin condition

Did you know that extended clogged pores (black dots) and pimples often are nothing more than the result of malnutrition? Familiar problem? Pay attention to your diet - artificial preservatives and dyes, sweets (especially cocoa and chocolate), baked goods would negate all of your efforts being made to get rid of acne.

  • Condition hair and nails

Thin split hair, brittle nails - these problems are also very often the result of malnutrition. And if you do not reconsider their views on power, it is unlikely you will cope with these problems, no matter how much money you do not spend on various medicated shampoos and means of strengthening nails.

  • Condition of the gastrointestinal tract

And it goes without saying that it depends on the power state of your digestive tract. Today gastritis meets every third person. Every sixth "lucky" to face the scourge of peptic ulcer. And easy to guess that the "snacks", semi-finished products and other harmful foods have played a role.

 proper nutrition menu

The basic principles of good nutrition

Proper nutrition - the notion of a collective. And speaking about nutrition, we must not forget that it is important not only what you eat, but how. And also what you drink. But let's about everything in order.

  • Refusal of harmful products

It goes without saying that it is first necessary to exclude harmful products. There are many products - it's something that contains a large number of artificial preservatives and dyes. And it may even be harmful ordinary milk - pay attention to the expiration date. Naturally, the natural milk can not be stored for six months, is not it?

Chips, crackers, chewing gum and other goodies - in strict black list! Do not imagine life without the croutons? Fry themselves. She loves watching TV while eating chips? Believe me, the bread fit for this role perfectly. Fatty pork chop try to replace with boiled chicken breast - the body is bound to say thank you.

  • Cooking methods

In addition to the choice of food is very important to cook them. Chicken breast, breaded in bread crumbs and fried on a huge amount of oil, and chips - this is clearly not an example of good nutrition. But the same chicken, steamed with boiled or baked potatoes, will be much more useful.

Frying - generally not the best way of cooking. Best of all products boil or cook for a couple - the good, the cost of a double boiler is not too high. From animal fat is best to give up, but the olive oil should be always in your refrigerator.

  • Drinking regime

In most cases, people do not attach any importance to what they drink. And it is - a very good reason! Carbonated beverages, packaged juices, coffee - all this is an extremely negative impact on the human health. And in most cases, also on body weight, by the way. Much more useful to drink clean drinking water, green tea and fresh juices. Yes, and the volume of liquid is also very important - a day you should drink at least one and a half liters of fluid, excluding soups.

  • The frequency of meals

The pace of modern life dictates its own specific characteristics meal. As a rule, afternoon snacks, and a tight-tight dinner. And to do that is by no means impossible, as is broken and the work of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. Ideally, food should be fractional - portions should be small, and the interval between meals - no longer than three hours.

And do not come up with various excuses - "at work have no place to cook", "chief orders junk food" and others. Instead of the usual hamburger you can buy an apple or yogurt, right? And in the cafe instead of fried potato salad can be ordered, right? Here you have a healthy diet!

The transition to proper nutrition

So that proper nutrition for women is necessary, we understand. What's next? And then apply this knowledge in practice. Of course, in reality it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance - to abandon their food habits is very difficult.

In that case, if you have an iron will power, you can do it in one day - in the morning and got up to a new life. But for most people, this problem - on the verge of science fiction. In order for you not break and have left the idea to go on a proper diet, do it gradually. To begin with discard of harmful product to part with whom you easier. A week later, add another purged - and so on until your menu will not only useful products.

Of course, it will take some time. But no wonder folk wisdom says that the quieter you go, the more you will be. Otherwise, you just wave his hand at the whole idea with the right diet and go back to the dumplings and grilled chops. And about what is fraught with such food, we have said above. Yes, and faith in himself may suffer - for girls in general is very typical of self-flagellation.

And remember - in case you do not resist and again ate anything harmful, in any case, do not give up. Well, I ate and ate - it is not a reason to abandon a healthy lifestyle, right?

If you are in doubt about a particular product, or it can not understand, what is now eat, go to a doctor, dietitian. In addition, this expert should visit and the people who suffer from this or that chronic disease - the doctor will also help correct diet.

 Sample menu of proper nutrition

Sample menu

It seems to be more or less clear. But in order to complete the picture, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the exemplary menu of proper nutrition. Of course, it is very conditional and you can modify it according to your taste and desire. But a rough idea you will get. So:

  • Breakfast

For breakfast cook porridge with milk, add a little butter. Also, do not interfere with a cheese sandwich and tea. This breakfast will provide you with energy until lunch and you just simply do not need any snacks. Breakfast in general plays an important role - it is by no means unacceptable to miss. Otherwise, snacks and metabolic disorders you just guaranteed.

To fit any breakfast cereal. But the main condition - it should not be a mess noodles that simply pour hot water. In such a slush no beneficial nutrients and preservatives, alone and flavor enhancers. It makes more sense to spend a little time and cook porridge normal.

  • Lunch

Lunch, or as it is now called, lunch not to be missed. Eat some fruit or yogurt - that you prefer. But too much load it is not necessary - just a little snack. Of course, there should be only in case if you want it.

  • Lunch

For lunch, it is desirable to eat some vegetable or chicken soup, a piece of meat with vegetables as a garnish. If you must eat out, the soup is quite possible to replace some tasty and healthy salad - such as Caesar salad.

  • Afternoon snack

At lunch, you can eat any fruit or vegetable, or drink a yogurt drink. It can be added to yogurt bread. Or a piece of rye bread.

  • Dinner

The adage that says about the need to give dinner to the enemy, far from the truth. Of course, the whole dinner is not worth giving. But remember - dinner should be fairly easy. For example, eat cottage cheese with fruit. Simply add the chopped fruit into a regular cottage cheese, and all this can fill drinking yogurt. Just before going to bed if you feel hungry, you can drink a glass of kefir or unsweetened tea rather weak.

Typically, after about a month supply in this way you will notice a dramatic change from his body. And believe me, if you can hold on nutrition month, it is unlikely you will want to return to their former way of life. Firstly, it would be foolish to exchange the ease and excellent state of health that provides proper nutrition for women. Second, rapidly flying away extra kilos beat off all desire to eat some terribly harmful muck.

 Proper nutrition for women - your way to health and beauty

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