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Proper nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important. Overweight very negative impact on health and well-being of any person. And the more overweight a negative effect on well-being and health of the pregnant woman and her baby. Nutrition for pregnant women plays a very important role in the normal course of pregnancy and development of the baby. In the case of pregnant unbalanced nutrition, overweight will not take long.

In that case, if the expectant mother has her unwanted extra kilos of weight, it increases the risk of complications such as:

  • Preeclampsia of pregnancy

At full of pregnant women are much more likely than the other, there are cases of preeclampsia - a late toxicosis of pregnancy. This pathology can manifest increase in blood pressure, changes in the urine - the appearance of protein, disruption of the normal functioning of vital organs and systems of the future mother, and premature aging of the placenta.

  • Intrauterine fetal hypoxia

Because overweight pregnant woman leads to premature aging of the placenta, which in turn, creates the risk. Which largely increases the risk of fetal hypoxia. And about the whole severity of hypoxia, likely knows almost everyone.

  • The birth of a large baby

Excess calories, somehow assimilated not only the expectant mother, but the body remains. As a result, quite often the kids are born with a very large weight. Often in such cases the parents are happy and sentimental "What hero is born! ". However, a large weight - it's an extra load on the body of a baby laughing and test for mothers during childbirth.

  • Prolonged pregnancy

Overweight pregnant women also can provoke prolonged pregnancy - about 30% of all births women have artificially cause by resorting to puncture membranes and various drugs. And the weakness of labor in such cases are not uncommon.

Standards of weight gain

Of course, almost any future mother concerned about how you can get better during pregnancy. Of course, the scope of a purely individual and depends on a wide variety of factors. And first of all from the body and a normal body weight women.

Typically, for a pregnant woman is allowed to put on weight no more than 20% of its "doberemennoy 'body weight. And the weight gain may begin in the first half of pregnancy, and only in the second. It depends on the availability of the first half of pregnancy toxemia and how organized food pregnant. But note - even with very good and properly organized power in the first trimester does not increase can be observed, but on the contrary - the reduction of body weight.

This usually occurs when a pregnant woman suffering from a strong pronounced early toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy. In severe cases, doctors are forced to resort to hospitalization expectant mother in a hospital in order to prevent exhaustion of both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby.

Further, with proper nutrition, a pregnant woman should gain about 400 grams for each week of the second trimester, and no more than 300 grams - in the first two months of the third trimester. In the last month of pregnancy, the expectant mother can not only gain a single gram of weight, but on the contrary - to lose weight a little bit. There is nothing to worry about.

 nutrition of pregnant

  Diet for pregnant women

So, it's time to talk about that directly, which should consist of the correct diet. It is important to observe the following proportions:

  • Proteins

To and unborn child and pregnant women get enough protein in the diet of the expectant mother should be at least 100 grams of protein. And most of the protein - 90 grams - doctors recommend getting out of products such as cheese, milk, yogurt and fermented baked milk. The rest of the amount - from meat and fish.

  • Fats

Fats expectant mother should receive not less than 80 grams. Of these, 50 grams should be accounted for by fat with vegetable origin. A large number of animal fat is no good will not bring my mother or the baby, but the result of overweight can be a very high probability.

  • Carbohydrates

Also, the expectant mother should carefully monitor the carbohydrate drink. In the first half of pregnancy, you can use them without any restrictions -. However, in the second half of the need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Expectant mother should minimize the amount of flour and pasta, sugar and other sweets.

It is equally important to properly distribute the food. Doctors recommend taking it in small portions, but often - about every two hours. The share of breakfast should account for 30% of the total volume of food, about 10% - for lunch. At lunch you must eat up to 40% of products and 10% for dinner, and afternoon tea.

It is not necessary to eat at least two hours before the time comes to go to bed, and dinner should be very light. Otherwise, a pregnant woman may face troubles such as insomnia and even heartburn. If, however, the expectant mother is experiencing an overwhelming sense of hunger, she can drink a glass of kefir. It does not affect weight.

It is also important to pay attention to the fact that it has a future mother. From her diet should exclude sharp and salty dishes as well as meats. Various spices and hot sauces to use as highly undesirable, as they greatly increase the likelihood of heartburn.

Far better food steamed, boiled and baked - they are absorbed much more complete, and the load on the digestive system is minimal. Cooking meals can be very ordinary images - the view that pregnant women should eat only the dishes that have been specially heat treated wrongly and has no foundation.

Note also the consumption of salt and water. The salt should be limited to 5 grams a day, and water consumption should be about one and a half liters of water. Otherwise, you may develop swelling, sometimes quite significantly. Incidentally, edema are secretive, and expectant mother will be a long and unsuccessfully to wonder where did she come from excess weight.

Menu for pregnant women

As mentioned above, the expectant mother is necessary to limit the consumption of bread and other bakery products. They can not eat more than 100 grams per day. And it does not matter what kind of pastry eat a pregnant woman - this is true in relation to normal rye and wheat bread, and various salt-free diet and the types of bakery products and biscuits, and everything else.

Of the first courses is to give preference to a variety of vegetable soups. However, their preparation should not be abused pasta and potatoes. As a filling you can use sour cream or cream, low-fat sour cream. Mayonnaise is absolutely contraindicated in pregnant woman - he is gaining weight. The approximate portion of the first course should be equal to 200 grams.

Meat products pregnant women should eat no more than 100 grams per day. And physicians - nutritionists recommend to cook steam cutlets, meatballs, rolls out low-fat varieties of veal and beef, poultry or rabbit. You can also boil the meat and make jelly or just bake.

Fish also should give preference to low-fat varieties - pike perch, cod, saffron cod. The fish can be eaten boiled or in the form of doubles, and a variety of burgers or meatballs. However, the fish do not get carried away - a week you can eat no more than 500 grams of fish and fish dishes - they also add weight.

For the future mother it is very important to use a sufficiently large number of different dairy products. In the case of a pregnant woman has no problems with the digestion, or individual intolerances milk, she can drink it to 500 grams per day, add various cereals and soups. In the same case, if the expectant mother's milk can not drink, it should be replaced with yogurt. But in any case, the diet should be enriched dairy products, which do not influence on the weight.

Furthermore, it is possible to use virtually any dairy products. Moreover, they can be eaten in unlimited quantities. However, all dairy products must be free of grease and, of course, does not include all possible colors. And if possible, is to eat as much cheese.

Also it is necessary to strictly limit the use of chicken eggs - no more than one egg per week. In that case, if the expectant mother can not abandon the eggs, they should be replaced, even quail. Animal fats permissible to use only unsalted butter in a quantity of 15 grams of vegetable fat and - only vegetable, not more than 15 grams. Large amounts of fat in the diet of pregnant women should not enter - otherwise the weight inevitably crawl up.

Pay special attention to the various cereals and pastas. They can be added to the soup, but in small quantities. If cereal or pasta you use as a garnish - not to overdo the size of portions, and baked goods from that day must be abandoned.

From vegetables can be eaten lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, all kinds of cabbage, artichoke, carrots. And those vegetables that can be eaten raw, subjected to heat treatment is not necessary - a certain amount of vitamins will still be destroyed.

And diet is not so helpful. Of all the others can be prepared puddings, vegetable purees, chops and more. Pay attention to vegetables such as boiled carrots, beets, all kinds of beans - their use is to abandon completely. Or at least limit to the minimum possible. Such a diet will affect your health the most favorable way.

From drinks is preferable rather weak tea with milk, juice from berries, fruit and vegetables - savory, broth hips or just clean water - non-carbonated. As mentioned above, you should not drink more than one and a half liters a day.

 nutrition of pregnant women

  Little secrets of proper nutrition

There are a few secrets that will help organize the proper nutrition of the pregnant woman. These secrets are quite simple, and bring the benefit, of course, quite tangible. So:

  • Geographical location

Doctors - Nutritionists say that the future mother should eat of the food that grows in that band, where she lives. For example, a resident of central Russia will get much more benefit from the usual apple than from mango and oranges. Try to adjust the diet.

  • Mealtime

Equally important, when the expectant mother is eating. As a rule, it is not recommended to eat immediately upon awakening, of course, if a pregnant woman does not torment toxicosis. The last meal should be no more than two hours before bedtime. During the day, try to eat always at the same time - thus you can greatly facilitate the work of your body. In that case, if you depart from home, it is useful to take with you something to eat.

  • Avoid fast food and food "for the company"!

In no case do not visit during pregnancy, fast food, even if you are going there with friends. You should not have, and for the company - better order a juice. Remember that a balanced diet - it's your everything! You do not need the extra weight?

  • Terms of shopping

Remember that the stores also need to be able to walk properly. Otherwise you risk to buy a lot of superfluous, and those products that are contraindicated for the expectant mother, too, may be in your cart. So never visit the shops, with a sense of hunger. Yes, and an extensive list of necessary purchases and will not be superfluous.

  • Always read the packaging

Always before you buy those or other foods should carefully read all the information that is written in them. First of all pay attention to the shelf life, because, unfortunately, not rarely comes expired goods. In addition, it is important to avoid the purchase of products with preservatives.

Training during pregnancy

In that case, if the mother is actively preparing to leave, and she can not imagine her life without training, the diet will be a little different. As you know, with the active training the body needs a bit more calories than in other cases. So if you can not imagine your life without training, even in such an interesting situation, remember that you need to revise your diet.

Strictly speaking, the availability of training in the life of the expectant mother is possible only with the consent of a gynecologist. And this demand is quite reasonable - to the effect of the training was positive, exercise should be chosen very carefully. After all, unlike training for pregnant women is obvious - exercise should be more forgiving. Moreover - it is well established that if a pregnant woman does not avoid special training, preparing the body for childbirth, the baby is born much easier. And the weight is not so bad. But, of course, exercise should be in moderation - wear down your body completely useless.

But back to the issue of nutrition in training. The first thing you should pay attention - this is drinking regime. Most often, a pregnant woman, doctors administered a strict limit on the amount of liquid drunk every day. However, training the body loses a little more fluid than usual - must be aware of this fact. For every 10 minutes of exercise - plus 100 grams of water. And to drink this water, it is desirable in training - small sips between exercises. And for every hour of training - plus 200 calories.

Keeping all of the above recommendations, future mother certainly be able to organize a proper diet and keep control of their weight. Remember that proper nutrition of pregnant women - a pledge not only their health, but also the proper development of children.

 Proper nutrition during pregnancy

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