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  • The principles of good nutrition
  • Choose foods for your diet
  • On what should be discarded

Those who only drink coffee in the morning, at lunch, eating a couple of slices of pizza and cooked supper in haste semi-finished goods, as a rule, do not care for their health. Gastritis, ulcers, obesity - it is only a small list of what to expect of the fair sex, neglecting a full breakfast.

But proper nutrition in our lives plays a dominant role. So, if you eat only fat, high-calorie, spicy food, suffer not only the digestive organs. Lack of vitamins and excess fat leads to the appearance of spots on the body, for brittle nails and hair, a bad mood and a decrease in efficiency. Conversely, if you only eat healthy food, to follow the rules and to follow a diet, developed by experts, you can even get rid of some diseases.

 menu for each day of good nutrition

The principles of good nutrition

An individual menu, consider their physiological features. Food should provide all your needs in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For instance, if you work at a construction site, eat more meat. Those who work mentally, you need to lean on foods high in glucose.

An important role in this case played by the method of preparation of a dish. Beef, fried in a large amount of sunflower oil, are more harmful than those that are steamed or baked in the oven arm. Another point to which attention should be paid - the temperature of the food. Remember once and for all: the menu should not be kept too cold (not below 15 degrees) and too hot (over 57 degrees) dishes. Otherwise, after a couple of hours after lunch or dinner you can stomach ache or heartburn occurs. So, the best option - 38 degrees Celsius.

The next thing you need to consider - is the size of portions. The main thing you have to remember - you need to eat often, but little by little. It is not necessary to stretch your stomach by eating first, second, muffin and fruit compote. Besides a stirred the food in the stomach longer to digest.

In developing the menu, do not forget about the daily norm of calories that should be consumed completely healthy person (approximately 3,000 kcal per day). So, 30 percent falls on breakfast, 10 - for lunch, 35 - for dinner, 10 - in the afternoon, the remaining 15 - for dinner.

What do I need to eat for breakfast

As you know, in the morning (7-8 hours) need to eat high-calorie foods. The day she can fully digest and turn into energy. Thus, you will not fall asleep on the job, and be able to work without fatigue. If you drink only one cup of coffee and a sandwich, then half an hour later you will want to eat again. And in the evening, when the portions should be small, starving the fair sex are beginning to absorb everything that is stored in the refrigerator. The body requires a day to recover spent force.

So, your breakfast should consist of carbohydrates. Admitted bakery, cheese, cereal, bacon and eggs or an omelet. But from the usual sausages, sausages, semi-finished products should be discarded. They contain a huge amount of fat and different additives (colorants, stabilizers, flavorings), which adversely affect our health.

What can you choose to lunch

At 11 o'clock, when the re-awakens the appetite, it is best to eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. Such foods rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace elements needed by our body. Please note that products must be genuine, or benefit from it will not have any

Grab a snack and fruit. However, here too there is one but! They must be local, not imported. Some goodies and delicacies delivered to our country from afar, only superficially similar to the real apples, pears, peaches. The taste may be very different. Thus they are useful elements are substantially free.

What should I eat at lunchtime

For lunch (13-14 hours) in your menu must be liquid dish: soup, soup (the vegetable or chicken broth), ear. They not only satisfy your hunger but will not allow you to overeat. The main thing, as already mentioned above - the temperature of a food. You do not want to burn the throat and gastrointestinal tract.

Also, you can eat a small amount of boiled or roasted meat. Fried foods completely eliminate from your diet. As a side dish, choose foods containing starch. Let it be beans, potatoes, rice or pasta.

On the third, after you eat hot meals, it is better not to choose cold beverages (juice, compote, jelly, water). The fact that such a temperature drop will slow down the process of digestion. As a result - heaviness, swelling, pain, nausea, stomach upset. Drink only freshly brewed tea hot (but not boiling).

As for sweets, there is the fair sex are free to choose, that they no longer want. If you eat chocolate, your mood will improve dramatically. But after an hour and a half to lower the level of sugar in the blood, and you will want to eat crazy.

What is consumed in the afternoon

At 4 pm, when the power is running out, you need to eat. But in any case, do not overeat, or dinner will be transferred to two hours later, that is fraught with consequences. To eat at night is impossible, since in addition to an unpleasant heaviness in the abdomen, and poor health, you will get extra weight around the waist.

Therefore, choose only light meals that satisfy your appetite and rapidly digested. It can be vegetable or fruit salads, dressed with yogurt, chocolate mousse cake. Do not get carried away with tea and biscuits or cookies, pizza and cupcakes.

What dish best eaten for dinner

Many of the fair sex mistakenly believe that after six to eat in any case impossible. In fact, nutritionists recommend eating the meat of a half-hour before bedtime. Despite the fact that the sleeping man all processes are slowed down, twelve-hour break is still not good for our health.

So, prefer boiled white meat, lean fish, vegetable stews. Before going to bed you can drink a cup of yogurt or warm milk and crackers, eat a banana. But in any case, do not get carried away apples (especially acidic). They cause increased appetite.

 proper nutrition menu

Choose foods for your diet

If you prepare for the first milk porridge, and the second to eat a herring or a cucumber, a sleepless night you will surely be achieved. You must learn to combine the dishes not to cause disorder or food poisoning for yourself and your family members. In developing the menu, be rational, logical and consistent. And consider the following rules:

  • Foods containing protein is processed for a long time

For meat, eggs, fish and other products are digested quickly, you need to limit yourself to a sweet, vegetables (do not interfere with plant and animal proteins). Also, the fair sex is not advisable to drink plenty of fluids. After the meal must pass a minimum of 2 hours before you decide to eat again.

  • Carbohydrates are digested quickly

Potatoes, nuts, vegetables, bread, pastry and similar products, rich in carbohydrates, accelerate the production of gastric juice. A few hours after their use you will appetite, so this food is better administered in the lunch menu.

  • Fruits energized

If you want a quick bite to eat, do not eat sandwiches or sweets. Fruit is not just to satisfy hunger, but also to quickly recharge your batteries. Plus, if you do every day will eat at least one apple, kiwi, oranges, you will not encounter such a problem as beriberi. Note, in this case, the break between snacks should be at least half an hour.

By the way, sweet fruit perfectly with dairy products. But semisweet (watermelon, strawberries) better not be combined with other dishes. With acid should also be careful, because they are not compatible with protein foods and foods containing starch.

  • Do not mix protein and carbohydrates

Of course, in our time it is difficult to stick to a separate power supply. But try to prioritize. Fried potatoes is better not to eat chops or fish. There are two options: the first - a side dish and a salad, the second - with meat sauce.

  • Variety - the foundation of our health

Forming the menu for the week, keep in mind that a person needs in vitamins and minerals. Thus, for example, phosphorus may be derived from fish, calcium - curd, and potassium and magnesium - from legumes. So do not lean on a single product, even if you love him madly. The only thing you have to remember: vegetables (radishes, cucumbers, lettuce) can be combined with all the ingredients, except the milk.

  • Without glucose does

It is not necessary to eat some candy and doing a very sweet tea. In this case, your body simply can not cope with the amount of sugar in the body which can lead to diathesis, diabetes, etc. It is better to eat dried fruit, jam, candy, honey, fruit juices.

By the way, you can indulge yourself with sweets after 20-30 minutes after a full lunch or breakfast, do not earlier. Exception - honey. It can be added to tea or porridge. We should not forget that this ingredient slows down the process of decay products that are long and hard to digest. Please note, it is better not to heat the honey!

  • There are also healthy fats

So, you can eat sour cream, cream, fat, fatty fish. The fair sex, are constipated, there are better food than at the beginning and at the end of the meal. In this menu have to be cereal, starchy meals or fresh herbs. But in any case do not align with the sweet.

 proper nutrition for every day

On what should be discarded

Now that you know what should be the proper diet for every day. But there are some products that should be excluded from the menu forever. Of course, sometimes you can pamper yourself a little. Listen to your desires if you currently want sweet, you can afford to eat a bit of chocolate or candy. Just be careful that very nearly turned into a double monthly norm.

So, are considered to be harmful chips, crackers, and other goodies that contain MSG, salt, and a huge number of other equally harmful additives. In second place - fast food (mashed potatoes, noodles, soups). This is convenient, but it is dangerous to health. Next on the list - and baking products, which are stored for more than two months. Think about what makes up a cookie that does not dry up throughout the year. In fairness it should be noted that canned goodies naturally be suitable for food and for a few years.

Also, in your menu should not be a store drinks, mayonnaise, smoked. And most importantly - forget about alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, few companies produce some really high-quality products. As a result, we are constantly herbs your body.

 Proper nutrition: daily menu - breakfast, lunch and dinner

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