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  • Long live the soap fragrant ...
  • Active methods of purification
  • Folk remedies for cleansing facial
  • Useful tips

Proper skin care face and neck - the cornerstone of our beauty and youth. Every beautician will tell you that there are three basic postulate of such care: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment. Each of these concepts includes a lot of options, which can be long and detailed story. Our theme today - proper skin cleansing.

Perhaps someone this statement will cause an indulgent smile: what's that, and so cleansing facial familiar to each of us, and not just from the cradle. And something is right: we have to wash taught from an early age. But are these two concepts are identical - cleaning and washing? Certainly not.

Such categorical statement raises many questions, the answers to which we will try in this article. And it is not easy to answer, and as fully as possible to talk about all the intricacies of the procedure due to a number of factors, including, for example, age, skin type, lifestyle, etc. etc.

Long live the soap fragrant ...

Washing, which we have already mentioned, of course, the easiest and most affordable way to clean your face. And it's worth noting, very effective. But, unfortunately, not shown for most women, especially if the primary cleaner is the most "fragrant soap."

What's the problem? Soap dries the skin too, and it clearly contraindicated owners of dry skin. But, oddly enough, for skin with excess oil soap is also not suitable. Drying effect leads to the fact that the sebaceous glands begin to produce fat with a enhanced vigor. The circle is closed, and a problem that we are trying to solve by means of washing with soap and water, worsened.

Today the market offers a wide range of products for skin cleansing. These are various gels, foams, emulsions. To understand the sea of ​​information and make the right choice is not easy. Navigate should, first of all, on your skin type, flaws that are inherent, age-related changes. Sometimes you have to try a few cleaners that would choose the one that is optimal for you.

Not very suitable for washing and the water that flows from our faucets. She mostly overrun with salt and other not very useful substances that not only dry the skin, but also cause irritation, rashes, provoke peeling and the early appearance of age-related changes.

Beauticians recommend to use for washing a good mineral water, but it is not always at hand. The most affordable option - melt water. Prepare it a piece of cake: put a container of water in the freezer, and then let it melt. This soft water is very useful for our skin, as during freezing is changing its structure. By the way, the melt water is ideal for oral administration, in quality they are close to the natural alpine water.

 how to properly clean the skin

Active methods of purification

Washing - a procedure that we do twice a day, morning and evening. And, as it turns out, this is not enough to make skin look flawless. From time to time, it needs a more intense and deep cleaning. For this purpose all sorts of scrubs, peels, masks.


Currently the market offers many kinds of masks, designed for deep cleansing. In particular, a wide range of masks based on various types of clay - white, yellow, blue, green.

I must say that the clay used for cleaning from time immemorial. Even the ancient physicians noticed that the clay has an amazing ability to absorb grease, dirt, narrow pores. The skin after these procedures not only looked clean, but also tightened.

Previously, clay masks used mainly for cleansing oily skin, now commercially available cleaning and toning masks out of clay for all skin types.

Scrubs and peelings

From time to time it is very useful to carry out the so-called exfoliation. For this purpose, scrubs and peels.

Leather - Essence updated. When old cells do not exfoliate, they accumulate on the skin and the face looks gray, tired, covered with mesh of fine wrinkles. Figuratively speaking, the skin is deprived of oxygen, "not breathing", and therefore, is rapidly aging.

Peels and scrubs contain chemicals that dissolve the horny layer of the epidermis, as well as small abrasive particles that mechanically remove dead skin cells. At the same time carried out a kind of massage, improved blood circulation, the skin after these procedures looks fresh, clean and smooth.

We must understand that scrubs and peels have a very active effect on the skin, so they resort to the use of too much not worth it, especially for those who have thin, dry skin - one or two times a month is enough.

 deep cleansing facial

Folk remedies for cleansing facial

Deep cleansing of the skin can be done in a beauty salon, where experienced beauticians with professional cosmetics and special equipment will give your face a really fresh, radiant appearance. But to visit the interior needs a lot of money and time. If you and so, and others have problems, then try to conduct a thorough cleansing of the face in the home folk remedies.

  • For deep pore cleansing, for example, recommended the following composition: a teaspoon of baking soda + as much for washing foam (you can also use frothed baby soap). If you do this in front of a warm compress to open the pores, then after 3 minutes - this time, the exposure mask - you will get a clean, bright skin.
  • Exfoliating scrubs can be prepared improvised honey + Very fine table salt; fine sugar sand + olive oil; fine salt + hydrogen peroxide; coffee grounds + olive oil (a mixture of the latter is still slightly toning the skin, giving it a light tan shade).

Excessive use of these folk remedies is not worth enough to spend like cleansing a few times a month, and your skin Buda in order.

How to clean the skin folk remedies? First we need to observe the rules of hygiene. Before the procedure, wash your hands, carry out pre-treatment of the skin and then apply a mask or scrub. If you use a scrub to go on the massage lines, so as not to stretch the skin. And, of course, in any case, do not squeeze. The so-called mechanical cleaning has the right to life in certain cases, but it should only be carried out specialists.

Useful tips

  1. Clean the skin should be twice a day, morning and evening. In the morning you so give it to cheer up, take off the remnants of a night cream. In the evening, deep cleansing facial is necessary to release it from the make-up and dirt accumulated during the day.
  2. Be sure to use the toner after washing or lotion (pick tool based on your skin type). It not only fills the skin with energy, but also to remove the remnants of the cleaning agent, which even after washing thoroughly with water remain on the skin, "will close the pores."
  3. After an intensive cleansing with a scrub carefully remove its remnants (tonic required).
  4. Eye make-up is best removed using special means, not to harm the delicate skin.

If you follow these simple rules, you keep your skin young and beautiful for years to come.

 Proper cleansing facial at home

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  • Shugaring - the first acquaintance
  • The mixture shugaring
  • How to spend shugaring
  • Useful tips

Since ancient times, one of the essential components of feminine beauty and attractiveness considered soft, velvety and smooth skin. Indeed, excess vegetation has not graced any woman! That is why from it have always tried to get rid of all available means. That just does not come up with the fair sex!

For example, oriental beauties hair removed using a hot rod. And in Italy used for these purposes fat hippo, tortoise oil, and even arsenic. There were, of course, other, more sparing techniques. And one of them - shugaring. It would seem that this word came into our lives recently. But as you know, almost everything is new - it's just well forgotten old. And shugaring - is no exception. Judge for yourself.

"Copyright" for the invention shugaring contested just two famous Egyptian queen - Nefertiti and Cleopatra. It is now unlikely to ascertain who is the first thought of this effective method of hair removal ... But one thing is certain - this method has been known for a very very long time. By the way, and in Russia, too, women have used shugaring - there is evidence that it was with his help maintain their beauty Olga. But enough historical narratives. Let's understand what shugaring.

 shugaring it

Shugaring - the first acquaintance

The word «sugaring» - a derivative of the English sugar (sugar). And it is certainly no accident. Shugaring - a depilation with a special sugar paste. The principle of the procedure is very similar to waxing. So, it may ask the question - what is this method better? Bend your fingers:

  • For treatments are used exclusively natural ingredients. No chemical additives that could cause an allergic reaction, there is simply no. So, it is absolutely safe even for very sensitive skin.
  • Shugaring not only helps get rid of excess vegetation, but also acts as a scrub, purifying the skin and removing ingrown hairs.
  • Due to the huge amount of vitamins contained in the mixture, is the procedure at the same time nourishes and softens the skin, greatly improving its appearance. Brown spots and inflammation are less pronounced and almost imperceptible.
  • Shugaring eliminates burns. This is understandable - when the mixture can be used, then it is no longer possible to burn yourself.
  • Lasting effect. This procedure removes hair at the root. And that means that it will have to spend much less.
  • Making a safe depilation. This is one of the most hygienic methods of hair removal. Sugars present in the mixture destroys bacteria. Hence, the threat of infection is practically zero.
  • The virtual absence of contraindications. Exceptions - various skin lesions and diabetes.
  • Making this hair removal is very easy and convenient. For the procedure you will not necessarily go to an expensive salon. All quite simple manipulations can be carried out independently at home. Besides, the paint mixture is easily removed from the body by means of the ordinary water.
  • Low cost. The basic components that make up the mixture - the water, sugar and lemon juice. Most likely, you do not even have to specifically go to the store to buy them. After all, there is a set of each family. And prepare such a mixture can afford even people with very low income. Convincing? Then let's try!

  The mixture shugaring

How well do shugaring? You must first prepare a mixture. Of course, its quantity, and hence the number of its constituent ingredients, depends on the surface area of ​​the skin from which the hair must be removed. Therefore, the formulation can be changed. But the proportions should be maintained. So, you will need:

  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 8 large spoons of water;
  • 7 large spoons of lemon juice.

In order to properly prepare a mixture shugaring need to put all the components in an aluminum container and put on fire. During the first five minutes, the mixture should boil over high heat. Then make the fire smaller and cover container lid. What matters is that the sugar is not burnt. And for this it is necessary to stir the composition every two minutes. After about 15 minutes the sugar has melted and the mixture begins to boil. But to remove it from the heat in the morning!

Continuously stir the composition. Wait until the mixture acquires first light brown, then Brandy shade. The main thing is not to overdo it! If you feel the smell of burnt sugar - you can safely send part of in the trash. He has already unusable. Approximate cooking time - 40-45 minutes. But make sure that the mixture is prepared very simply. Pour into a cup of cold water and place a drop of the solution. If it hardens, it means that your "product" ready for use. It's time to remove the container from the fire. Pour the solution into another container and leave to cool. Try to choose a place to process went smoothly. Finished weight should be easy to take the desired shape and wrinkle, but it does not break or stick to fingers.

 what shugaring

How to spend shugaring

  • In order for hair removal took place correctly, without the unpleasant effects and sharp pain, just before it must be good to steam the skin. Rinse thoroughly with deodorant and body moisturizers. Then the composition securely "mate" with the skin.
  • Take a small piece of the composition and thoroughly mash in the fingers. Usually, it takes 2-3 minutes. It should be soft and white. Roll the ball and push it to the skin, smearing against the hair growth. Very pulls - already in the direction of growth. Be sure to watch out for, so that the movement parallel to the skin. Otherwise can appear undesirable hematoma. And the hairs can break off.
  • If necessary, perform the procedure again on the same area of ​​skin. Typically, each "piece" has to process 2-4 times. If you feel that the composition began to stick to your fingers, then you need to take the next dose.
  • Shugaring finished, wash the remnants of the mixture with warm water. After the procedure is not recommended to take a hot bath or shower - let the skin relax. Sunbathing is also not to be. At least 3-4 hours. Try to avoid this day of physical activity - heavy sweating can lead to irritation of injured skin. After 4-5 days, it will be possible to make a soft peeling. Then he should do it once in three days.

  Useful tips

  • Ironically, bathroom and shugaring - are incompatible. The bathroom is too warm and stuffy. As a result, the composition begins to cling too tightly and ceases to perform its main function.
  • If you are using a mixing electric stove, you should not include it in too much power - it is simply burned.
  • This hair removal is best done on a fairly short hair. Otherwise, the procedure will become a real torture. The maximum length - five millimeters. If needed, longer hair can simply prune.
  • Do not rush and miss steaming. This is a very important step. It will not take much time, and the hair will be removed much more easily.
  • During depilation skin may become oily. That should not be allowed. As necessary, dried it with a towel. If that does not work - use talc.
  • Try as much as possible to stretch the skin. Then the hairs will stick better, but the pain from the manipulation significantly reduced.
  • Never refrigerate the mixture in the refrigerator. In this case, the top crust is formed, and inside it will remain hot.

As you can see, Nefertiti and Cleopatra was not only beautiful, but also intelligent. Properly conducted shugaring - it is almost the ideal tool to remove excess vegetation from the body. Moreover, the mixture may be used anywhere - and on the face, and the bikini area. And most importantly - to make this process a snap. Just need a little practice. And then perfectly smooth skin you provided!

 Shugaring - way to perfection

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