the correct application of mascara


  • Choose mascara Feature
  • Proper selection of brushes
  • The application of mascara to the eyelashes

It would seem to make up there is nothing easier than to tint eyelashes. What's so hard about that? Caused ink on cilia, and beauty! But this is not the case, even in such a simple enough matter has its own secrets. And yet, how to paint eyes mascara? This is what we will talk, will reveal all the secrets.
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Choose mascara Feature

First you need to choose the carcasses. The market is swamped with a wide variety of offers, but you should choose one that will suit you the most. Modern carcass has long been performed is not a function has embodiment 2 in 1, 3, 5 and even 1 to 1. Let us consider each feature in turn:

  • Waterproof mascara - for it is not afraid of no rain, no tears. The secret of its special waterproof film.
  • Water Soluble - more gentle to the eyes, but with her for a walk in the rain will come, and if you decide to cry, it will not be very kind.
  • Lengthening - can lengthen the eyelashes using fiber pieces, synthetic or organic origin. But villi can get into the eyes, so that such carcasses are becoming rarer and rarer. Modern lengthening mascara perform their function by a special formula, as well as using a brush shape, but more on that later.
  • Bulk - a wax-based ink. It envelops each cilium, because eyelashes look not glued, fluffy and thick.
  • Tighten up - mascara, which has a special brush. But there is a chemical method of twisting - is when it is composed of special resins and keratin, they pull together when dry lashes and that they tighten up.
  • Nutritional or fortified - it is composed of an additional amount of melanin, keratin proteins, UV filters and other additional substances that it provides the cilia nutrition, protection and care.
  • Mascara for sensitive eyes - everything is very simple. This ink, which contains a minimum of preservatives and chemically active substances, it is not irritating to the eyes and is suitable for those who use contact lenses.
  • The clear gel - this ink, which is also called therapeutic, it has no colors, but it is composed of castor oil, keratin, proteins and vitamins. Thus the gel can be used as a basis for or be used to make neat and tidy lashes, but only if you - happy owner of a luxurious lashes from nature.

 the correct application of mascara to the eyelashes

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Proper selection of brushes

As you can see, a lot of mascara features, and you just need to decide what is the effect you wish to achieve. Yet it should be noted that great importance is not only the composition of ink, but her brush (bristle). Namely:

  • Solid bristles - for fluffy volume.
  • Spiral bristles of varying length - adds volume and lengthens just a couple of movements, when applied mascara brush such need a little scroll.
  • Long hair - fine combs lashes, but it leaves a large amount of mascara that adds volume.
  • Short bristles - very handy for prokraski cilia around the eyes.
  • Brush where the shorter edges of the bristle - brush that combines the benefits of two. It makes lashes volume, but paints over them gently around the eyes.
  • Brushes, bristle at the edges where longer or figure-eight - gives your lashes bend.

Now we can safely choose the right mascara. Try not to skimp when choosing, often cheap "marketplace" mascara is very dubious quality. The right mascara will never have a pungent smell. Smell if there is, then the natural and easy. Therapeutic mascara always smells something. Be sure to look at the packaging. There has to be not only the shelf life (no more than 6-8 months), and a country of origin and the type and composition of the carcass.

 Different brushes for applying mascara
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The application of mascara to the eyelashes

When the choice has been made, it's time to start coloring. To do this properly, you must know the first rule - never paint the lashes, if there are traces of fat. If you use a cream - always pat cilia cloth. The correct procedure for applying mascara:

  • First, paint the lower lashes. Brush must be kept upright, and the ink applied most tip.
  • Paint the upper lashes. This brush is held horizontally, and start from the middle of the century, then you can move on to the outer part, and only then on the inside.
  • Correctly paint eyelashes in the direction from the roots to the tips.
  • Mascara is desirable to put in 2 hours. That's right, first apply the first layer, and after 2-3 minutes, when it dries out a little bit - the second.

If after applying mascara your lashes stuck together, they need a special comb brush, until they dry. If soiled with ink - wipe the skin moist cotton swab. When color is very bright cilia necessarily need to apply mascara over the entire length. There are a few secrets that must be kept in mind when applying mascara:

  • In order to lashes look longer, it is necessary to pull the brush along the lashes, slightly raising his head.
  • If you apply mascara zigzag movements, it will form a thicker layer and make the lashes more volume. But do not overdo it.
  • To emphasize the almond-shaped eyes, do a bit oblique motion and sends them to the temple from the center of the century.
  • Mascara lie perfectly flat bed when you first rascheshete eyelashes, and only then color.
 Proper application of mascara on the eyes

 the correct application of the shadows


  • Tricks for effect
  • How to paint small eyes?
  • Adjust the big eyes

How to paint the eye shadow to give expressiveness and depth of view? We share a little trick that will completely change the visual appearance through the simple cosmetics.
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Tricks for effect

Brown eyes - warm, soft, very expressive. When asked how to paint the eye shadows in this case, experts recommend to prefer shades of soft and warm, then cold fit poorly. Best options - a beige, sand, brown color. But for dark skin the best option would be brown and olive scale, with very dark hair is allowed to use blue-black shadows. If you have fair skin, the question of how to paint eyes shadows, achieved by a greenish-turquoise, bright blue, but brown ink.

Apply make-up is recommended as follows:

  • on the surface of the upper eyelid is necessary to first apply a lighter shade, and then bring the dark pencil around the upper eyelid lash line;
  • lighter pencil supplied lower eyelid, after which the line is shaded;
  • the upper corners are brought to the depths of dark shadows look to the light effect the same color should be used for the folds of eyelids;
  • Mascara is applied in several layers.

 brush for applying shadow

Shadow blue and green eyes

Many believe that the blue eyes - the most attractive, but whether you are able to paint them properly? Complexity creates the presence of a wide variety of eye colors - blue-gray, blue-green, the usual blue, deep violet-blue.

Choose a shade better in the cold scale, for which it is necessary to take the right blue, gray, turquoise, purple hues. But much depends on how similar palette combined with the color of hair and face shape. Probably a lot better to be painted blue eye shadow using sand, gold, beige tones.

Unusual, beautiful, rare color - green. For these eyes must be selected very easy, unobtrusive way, overloading their dark shadows and sparkles is not necessary. Correct use of beige, cream, golden-white, opalescent light, white-purple shade is good and champagne. All this makes the eyes more bright and attractive, combined with the wonderful green.

The best option - it is painted green eyes full of golden tones. This makeup is suitable for day and for evening time of day. But for the expressive type of artificial light is best to take the terracotta and dark blue shade with a pencil outline of coffee or marsh color. Well suited for parties and pinkish-purple shadows, shades of purple. For a business meeting is better to choose calmer tone.

Secret makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes have an unusual, slightly cold tone, so pick them makeup quite difficult, because you need to not only make them more vivid, but do not spoil the impression of color. In this case, it is best to use light shades such as sky turquoise, light gray, sky blue.

Apply shade is necessary in several layers, and to mask the bags of the lower eyelid, it is necessary to use a conventional powdered flesh, neutral shades.

Mascara is applied in several layers, but the lashes to tighten it better, so look will be more open, expressive.

Using eye makeup of various types

To properly paint the eyes, it is important to consider not only the color and shape of the face, but also the type of the eye. How to do it? Quite simply, sit in front of a large mirror so that the light fell not because of the person, and right at him, then there was the mirror. Look at your face, look at all the details. Look at how the shadows cast and the impression it produces. Then start to paint the eyes, do not be afraid to experiment.

Narrow little need to visually enlarge the eyes, make a cut in the right direction. The right thing to use a pencil, which is applied to both the fine lines of the century, with a little departing from the lash line, all lines are slightly shaded.

If the eyes of the Asian type, you should do a little different. Forever bright shade applied to visually enlarge, opened his eyes. After that, the eyebrows are added shade of brown shades, and along the eyelashes spend a thick line that you want to shade.

 the correct selection of the shadows
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How to paint small eyes?

With great attention is necessary to paint small eyes, which should be allocated to make brighter and more. Usually it is at the owners of such forms there are numerous problems with cosmetics, as incorrectly chosen method of applying color and are able to make them even less completely spoil the impression.

Therefore, the eye make-up should be approached carefully, paying attention to every detail. We must start with in order to give the desired shape brows, make them thinner, but more expressive. The line of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the shape of the face, not to obscure the eyes. Before you start overlapping shadows should use masking tools that allow you to align the overall color, make eyes brighter. To do this, apply bright colors (such as beige, ivory, white, peach) under the eyebrow, on the inner corner to visually enhance the shape.

Properly applied shade should be such as to produce a Latin V, but on the side. Then with a soft brush you need to construct an arc from the outer corner just above the crease of the eye socket. Dark colors are applied only on the lower eyelids. And above and below all the shadows should be applied to the level of the pupil, dark colors should be smooth shaded toward the temple to visually remove the eye from the nose and make it big and expressive. There will also be properly apply eyeliner or pencil, with which carried a thin line from the outer corner to the middle of the century, its narrowing slightly. It lifts the eyelids, making the eyes look more open.

Before you begin applying mascara, you should tighten up a little lashes that they looked up, the color of the cosmetic product shall be dark, bright shades are not recommended. You can Apply one or two coats of mascara.

 Cosmetics Makeup
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Adjust the big eyes

Some tend to make the eyes large and visually striking, but what about those for whom it is a form of problem? Paint such eyes should be very careful to emphasize all its pluses and minuses in turn.

Owners of large eyes to remember a few simple but mandatory rules when using cosmetics. All lines must be smooth, very thin, delicate, almost imperceptible. Apply shadow and pencil lines best with the inner side of the century when this has great importance color cosmetics. The bright shade of pastel shades can reflect shiny eyes, they should be applied only in the inner corner. But the dark shades that fit the tone of the eye to the most emphasize the depth and luxury. Ink is also necessary to use a fairly careful to apply it only on the upper lashes in a single layer.

Round and bulging eyes

Round eyes should be given a more elongated shape, which is possible thanks to the dark shadows. They have been applied to the upper eyelids, and at the outer corners of recommended further draw the arrow with dark pencil to shade them. Do not apply the shade in the middle of the century, as this will only accentuate the not very favorable shape of the eye is also not advisable to apply the pearly shades with sparkles, very bright. In this case, the best draws the corners of light, but fairly clean lines.

Dye bulging eyes always been much more difficult, since it is necessary not only to hide the bulge, but also make eye-appealing, mysterious look. We must remember that light shades only underlined in this case, all the shortcomings, but the dark - are able to hide the bulge, but do it the eyes more expressive.   Specialists in this case does not recommend the use of shiny and matte shadows, while they should be applied to the inner corner shading toward the eyebrows. So you can achieve interesting effects that completely mask the shortcomings of all.

Many people do not attach as much importance shadows makeup. It is with this basic tool, you can completely transform not only the appearance but also hide some flaws, make the eyes more bright, expressive, and look - mysterious.

 Experimenting with shadows for eyes