Products that trigger the appearance of wrinkles

After a survey of 8000 women, researchers were able to identify products provoking premature aging of the skin. According to them, this is the food leads to the fact that the fairer sex looks several years older than their biological age.

Scientists note that the cause of early wrinkles is incorrect food. As a rule, accelerates aging as alcohol, smoking and frequent visits to the solarium, and excess in the diet of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, as well as lack of fluid. Just the appearance of early wrinkles affect excessive consumption of sugar.

Long study of British scientists have proved that the sugar formed in the body are harmful to the skin compounds. As a result of such compounds is destroyed elastin and collagen - Two elements that prevent skin aging.

It is noticed that not only amateurs sweets, soda, chips, crackers and fast food seem to 4-6 years older than his age. Provoke the appearance of wrinkles can use large quantities of baked goods, potatoes and pasta.

During a survey conducted by British experts have found that among young women burst into a real epidemic of aging.

The most useful for the skin, according to scientists, are dark green and orange vegetables, tomatoes, garnet, as well as varieties of red grapes. These foods contain high amounts of antioxidants - it allows you to fight free radicals that occur in the body under ultraviolet light.

 Products that trigger the appearance of wrinkles

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 how to restore lashes after extension

In our time, no surprise long, velvety eyelashes. However, like acrylic nails, hair extensions. Movie stars and television flaunt their unnatural beauty, and gave us is not the best example to follow. Especially impressionable teenagers, they often copy their idols and false eyelashes glued itself. In the end, it makes it much easier than a daily basis to take care of your own eyelashes to make them long and silky. Has come, it has increased, and now the result - elegant eyelashes to eyebrows. Only it is safe, as it seems, and ask themselves whether these girls will soon wonder how to restore lashes after extension?

Selection of artificial eyelashes are not so small - in the end, it all depends on the budget. Someone buys the usual cheap false eyelashes in the department, which sells a comb with bobby pins, and then expressed his concern about finding a special adhesive to at least a couple of days to flaunt "luxury" eyelashes. Someone gets individual cilia and seamlessly glued them to their own to cover the effect of unnatural. Well, someone is going to a beauty salon and builds himself a long, thick eyelashes, for the pleasure of paying a large sum of money. All quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, any of these options will inevitably harm of your natural lashes, you will in any case need treatment to strengthen the remaining cilia. Of course, there are moments in life when the procedure eyelash really needed: for example, you have a thin, short or sparse eyelashes and nose on the most important celebration in your life - a wedding or anniversary. Short-term build-up will not bring any harm, but the category of girls that can not imagine myself without artificial eye with fluffy eyelashes, waiting for severe disappointment: they can lose their natural "relatives" lashes!

As with hair extensions, false eyelashes are attached using a very strong glue. The trouble is that a positive result for the adhesive must come in contact with absolutely every cilium your home - otherwise the new will be nothing to hold on to. As with hair extensions, the result can be catastrophic. Your natural lashes simply can not withstand the force of gravity, as well as negatively react to the composition of the glue - and then expect trouble. Eventually the cilia begin to fall one by one, you have nothing to be scalable glue eyelashes, and you will meet in the mirror repulsive "Spider view" - that look, "bald" eyes without eyelashes. A terrible prospect, is not it?

 Recovery after eyelash extension

Methods of recovery after extension eyelash

Salon perm or daily use tweezers for eyelashes also lead to disastrous results - cilia break at the bend and fall faster. In theory, on the site of the lashes that fell a few days there is a new. But in real life due to poor-quality cosmetics and a bad environment is slowing the growth of eyelashes, they urgently need treatment. Recovery after eyelash extension should be held every girl that wants to preserve their cilia unharmed. In order to accelerate growth and strengthen the structure of your own lashes take on arms recipes of our grandmothers: it was they who were able to take care of its natural beauty. Daily care and care at home can help you to restore lashes after extension.

  • The best treatment is to use eyelash of different oils for strengthening and rehabilitation. Daily apply on your lashes olive oil, sea buckthorn and castor little, using a special cosmetic brush. Since all of these oils contain a lot of different vitamins and nutrients, the effect of this procedure is simply stunning. Oil is applied at night, a few minutes after its application do not forget eyelashes wet paper towel or cotton swab, which would remove the excess.
  • In order to quickly tidy up dull and lifeless lashes is recommended to add oil vitamins "A" and "E", which are sold in any drugstore in the form of oil solutions. Apply the resulting mixture carefully and gently along the entire length of eyelashes with a brush from the carcass, preferably before going to bed (do not rub your eyes with your hands, otherwise the oil gets on the skin around the eyes and in the morning you wake up with edema). Keep oil-Vitamins own production can be well rinsed and dried bottle of ink.
  • If you are subject to constant stresses, in this case, your eyelashes need special care. Prepare for them compresses from herbal concoctions. For this purpose, well suited green or black tea, chamomile, cornflower and sage. Dampen a cloth or towel to prepare the broth, ostuzhennoy to room temperature, and apply to the eyes.
  • For the recovery of the eyelashes, giving them the length and volume, you can use a variety of masks from plant extracts. From time to time, indulge their eyelids and eyelashes mask of aloe juice. Mix a small amount of massage oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley. All mix thoroughly and apply on the eyes in fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water.

Using the popular beauty recipes regularly, you are in a relatively short time (two to four weeks) will be able to restore the health of their lashes after extension and flaunt long fluffy eyelashes.

 How to restore lashes after extension

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 classic manicure


  • Technique classic manicure
  • Pros and cons of classic manicure

Classic manicure called pretty aggressive way to bring the nails in order, namely manicure. By the way, until recently in our local hairdressers nails treated exclusively in this way: the skin softened in a hot bath, and then mercilessly cut cuticles. She (cuticle) in retaliation for such abuse began to grow at twice the speed, forcing women again and again lead the nails in order it via edging manicure. Vicious circle?

Yes, probably, a vicious circle. So today a classic manicure displaced more gentle edging. By the way, if we have the old fashioned way, many prefer to handle nails, cutting cuticles, in many countries, classic manicure simply forbidden. Yes, and in the domestic beauty industry try not to promote this service. Just so in a very advanced cases in beauty salons offer to make a classic manicure. Well, the fact it is a classic and to be in demand at all times.

By the way, if your hands for some reason lost luster and shine, it is the manicure will quickly return to them a decent view. And this, incidentally, is not necessary to spend money on expensive beauty salons. Make a classic manicure and can be at home.

 beautiful classic manicure

Technique classic manicure

Manicure is also called "wet" because the treated nails, pre-steam the hands in hot bath. However, not all the manipulations are carried out on wet nails. For the first stage of the classic manicure nails should be dry. Thus, we consider the entire procedure step by step implementation edging manicure.

  1. To start file off the nails, giving them the desired shape. To prevent damage to the nail plate, it is necessary to file a ceramic nail file, and only in one direction: from the edge of the nail to his seredinke. "Here and there", as do many podpilivaya their nails, resulting in delamination of nails. And to the edge of the nail was smooth, polish its special nail file.
  2. Now move on to water procedures. Pour into a bowl of very hot water, which can add a little soap and salt. By the way, if your nails exfoliate, then drip in the tub a few drops of iodine (it helps with this scourge). And, you can use gelatin, which is also very useful for nails.
  3. Once the skin on the hands of steam, take a wooden spatula (usually a stick from an orange tree) and move to the base of the nail cuticle. Just do it very carefully. At this point, "work" with the cuticle when untrimmed manicure finishes. But we do cut, which means that you need to cut cuticles.
  4. Trim cuticle sharp nail scissors or clippers, taking care not to tear pieces of skin, and take it off the continuous strip. If there are burrs, then their Bite using tweezers. Neither the cuticle nor burrs does not draw, so as not to injure the living skin near the nail.
  5. In the classic manicure cuticle is removed not only, but also horny skin near the upper corners of the nail. To the touch, it is hard and dry, and steamed hand ironed slightly lighter than the rest of the skin on the fingers.
  6. Now manicure almost finished. It remains only to polish nails and lubricate your hands nourishing cream or oil.

 classic manicure yourself

Pros and cons of classic manicure

Every coin has two sides. Manicure also has its pro and contra. Let's start with the minuses. Cropped cuticle tends to grow rapidly again. Moreover, the new skin grows rougher and thicker. Therefore nails very quickly lose their "decent" appearance and their owners again and again grabs the scissors with the intention to completely remove these ugly growths. Minus the second (more severe). When manicure nail plate is easily damaged and even get microtrauma (cuts, pricks). And it is also fraught with possible infection, which will agree, not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

Plus edging manicure one very significant. This will allow manicure quickly put in order, even the most terrible hand. Therefore, if you are constantly caring for your hands, not leading them to such a state, the classic manicure is not necessary. Nevertheless, there are moments when the hand is absolutely necessary emergency assistance manicure. That's when you can safely make a classic manicure: miraculous transformation did not take long, and will handle your perfect look!

 Classic manicure, manicure or ambulance assistance

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