Among the most baby products is the most basic stroller, which creates favorable conditions not only for children but also for parents. All current models are divided into two major categories, is an option for infants and pleasure. Options for newborns - is a cradle designed for the youngest kids, it is in a child will feel comfortable and reliably protected against low temperatures in winter. Recreational options are primarily used for older children, where it is possible to tilt the back of the promenade which can be adjusted in different positions.

Strollers allow to combine the options of pleasure and cradles, Transformers is like two in one and three in one. In these models the frame design, which allows you to install different multi-function modules, including a bassinet and baby car seat that can be used for babies from birth up to a weight of 36 kg. Maximum age of the baby using the chair is 12 years.

The main function of car seat for children is to ensure the level of security that is provided not only as a result of the accident, as well as in the event of sudden braking maneuver or manifestation. The chair allows the child to ensure the highest level of comfort during the trip. According to international classification, they are divided into groups. This group 0, zero, plus, first, second and third, each designed for a specific age and weight of the baby.

 Safe seat

All models have the possibility of two methods of fixing the car, it is using a special Isofix system or using standard automotive seat belts.

  The most interesting and unique design models are the seat Joie, which are universal and allow the child to travel with the highest level of comfort. All the five-point safety harness and can be easily adjusted, and the seat should not be removed at all. The whole structure is designed for strength, so the built frame is made of mild steel and ductile, which is not subject to deformation. Tilt back washes take place in two positions.

Newborn insert a special extra comfort. All fabric covers are easily erased in the washing machine. To move the baby has a special carrying handle. For the head and cervical spine baby, a special insert.

Many models can be installed on strollers Jetem, has a unique design, rugged frame and improved damping system. All the wheels are in many models easily recorded and made inflatable.

It is worth noting that all car seats can be easily installed on the chassis of carriages, with a special adapter can be used, which allows an easy and comfortable installation on any type of chassis.

 Products for children

 the proper development of the child up to a year


  • In the first month after birth
  • I went to the second month of life
  • An important third month after birth
  • The development of the child up to a year: the fourth and fifth month
  • Half a world of knowledge
  • The seventh and eighth month of
  • From nine to one year

Well, here you are, and become parents. You have a long-awaited baby was born, and now comes the responsibility for what kind of person he grows up. From the first seconds of life of the child already has reflexes and instincts, the kid running all the senses. But he has neither the knowledge nor the experience of communicating with the outside world. There comes a point in its development.

The first year of life - very rough time to the knowledge of the world baby. Literally every month, or even day, you'll notice what changes occur with your child. The most important thing for a child - to feel the closeness and love of mothers. So, what is the development of the child up to a year.

 the first smile of a child under one year
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In the first month after birth

Everything that happens with the baby in the first month, is the first time. He first sees the light, first touches the mother's breast for the first time to hear surrounding sounds.

All this makes the child a sense of danger. It was only the arrival of my mother, her touch give him a feeling of complete rest and protection.

In the first days of the baby adjusts to life. And it is now necessary to lay a child's understanding of what he is surrounded by love and care. Grudnichok immediately calms down with the arrival of my mother as soon as it comes into contact with the breast. In these moments between mother and child are fixed such feelings as mutual understanding and love.

Your grudnichok you already trust. And there comes a time when you need to find a common language with each other. The kid can not tell you that he feels that he is concerned about. All external influences of the world, he is able to respond only to cry or smile. you have to help the child and teach him to control the degree of activity of waking and sleeping. Very soon he will learn it.

Do not stop to chat with babies during wakefulness. His inquisitive mind sees all around. The body reacts to external sounds, trying to catch the eyes of all the movements. But if the child began dissatisfied mouth pucker and twist legs, you have to understand that he was tired and it's time to relax.

Help the child to go into a state of relaxation. Shake it to the hands, sing a song. After the smooth sounds of soothing effect on the baby. All children are different. Some people like to sleep in the arms of my mother, wrapped in a warm blanket, and someone wants to feel the first days of freedom, "razkutyvaetsya" and sleeps in a crib. Only you can determine that your baby will be the most comfortable.

The development of the child up to a year: the first smile

When the baby sleeps quietly, his face appears first smile. Later, the baby begins to smile during feeding, with familiar sounds, such as when he hears the voices of parents. By the end of the first month of your crumb will begin to smile more consciously. He already sees everything, everything feels and hears everything.

Such different activity

All infants are very different from each other. Since the birth of children is absolutely different physical activity and muscle tone. Some crumbs inactive and sluggish, while others may be very active. This also applies to sensory perception. Some babies startle at the slightest rustle or touch. And many quickly find a way to calm down, thrusting his finger in his mouth and sucking on it appetizing.

Engage with your child every day from birth:

  • Change its posture constantly turn over from side to side.
  • Talk to baby and smiles at him more often.
  • Pamper baby, try to fulfill all his desires. So he understands that he is very dear to you.

 bathing the child in the first months of life

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I went to the second month of life

Your baby is already endowed with individual characteristics and personality traits. He has personality. Now you have to unravel the mystery of the man that you were born, and to find an individual approach to it.

As a rule, the child gazed at all the objects that surround it, and wandering eye disappears. The kid clearly captures all the movements and sounds of catches. So if it sounds annoying, and the light is shining very brightly, he immediately give you is to understand his screaming. Weeping - the only way to tell my mother about some problems.

The baby cries when hungry, when he is not comfortable and he was tired when something hurts, and even when you just want to chat. How to soothe the baby, you will see for yourself, because you are dealing with him for a second month. Sometimes even just the smell of my mother's body home, and gentle touch of a baby's introduced to a standstill. In the second month of life, you can try to give the baby a pacifier. Sometimes the children calm down when sucking a pacifier, although some dummy is not a panacea, and they do not accept it as a "mamozamenitelya."

We start to move violently

In the second month, you will notice the growth of the baby, that he started very rapidly moving legs and arms, turn his head from side to side. Changes occur in the nature of movements. It is not chaotic, "shake", and deliberate and conscious action.

How to make a baby:

  • Use toys. Well suited rotating carousel over the crib, rattle.
  • Develop eye coordination. Move and remove the toy drive from side to side. Your pipsqueak would be happy to follow up the subject.
  • Talk with your child and he will give you the first sound of approval. The kid will "ugukat" and the answer you smile.
  • Let your child listen to different sounds: bells, rattles, music.
  • Tenderly "squeeze" of the child, he likes it. From time to time, gently massage his fingers, arms and legs.
  • With the kids have to play both parents, Mom and Dad. This is important in education.
  • Read your child during games nursery rhymes.
  • Start making exercise with the baby. Carefully dilute pen in hand, and then cross your chest. Raise and lower the arms and legs crumbs.

 proper child nutrition

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An important third month after birth

It was in the third month of crumbs begins a rapid development. Every day you will notice how the nervous and mental condition, and stronger physical functions of his body. There will be changes in behavior. Everything will become more aware. The child will be curious to look at her hands, new items.

In dealing kid already knows how to "speak" to you that he was concerned. And he will smile more often. It will delight all things new. All strangers, leaning over the bed, it will meet with a smile. Now your kid does not want to just eat and sleep. He needs to talk more. The more you spend time with your toddler in play and communication, the faster you will plant it with all the necessary social skills.

Your baby will deliberately to touch, grab handles and the items that you will offer him to play. If this does not occur in the third month of a child's development, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

During breastfeeding pipsqueak will first turn his head in search of nipple, and then with special zeal to suck milk. This is explained by the fact that he developed a sucking reflex. And now all the items that will fall into his pen, he will certainly suck.

By the third month of life, the child is well enough to hold his head and turns it actively. Independently he can roll from side to side, and in the game to actively raise the handle up.

What to take a child to good use:

  • Show off your baby bright pictures. Hang over the crib figures and change them from time to time.
  • Invest in crumbs handle various objects and material of different texture. So you will develop his tactile sensations.
  • Imitate the sound that pleases you your child, repeat after him, looking into his eyes.
  • Start doing more vigorous exercise, "bicycle" legs.
  • Lower the toy a little lower over the baby so that he could reach to their feet.

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The development of the child up to a year: the fourth and fifth month

Now the kid is interesting to himself more than any toy. Starting an active process of "self-study". During this period of rapidly developing infant emotions. It is the first time can be a joy or sadness. Happy parents do not just see a smile and hear the laughter of the baby. Baby begins to interact with the world around him and things get interesting. So take your toddler everywhere.

In a speech to a child starting to appear more and more new sounds, including a welcome slips "ma-ma".

We continue to develop the exercises:

  • Train physically just what the kid can not try to teach him something else. All come with time.
  • Let's often in the hands of new items. The kid would be happy to study them.
  • Develop emotional sphere of the child. Expressively tells him stories, read poetry.
  • Use in a speech to the crumbs of Endearment "rodnulya" "sonny", "baby", "docha", "baby".
  • Use when dealing physical games: flip, wiggle. Especially the games like the pope.

 reading books for children's development

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Half a world of knowledge

Well, that's been six months. By this time the crumb may already own to take in hand toy and play with it. Also be sure to try it on taste. Once the toy will be studied, the interest in it disappears immediately and the baby drops it out of hand.

At six months, the child is already beginning to distinguish between "their" and "foreign". He does not respond to all the elation and preliminary studies of the new man. Parents hear the sounds uttered his Lyalko distinct requirements: "Take your hands", "hungry", "pay attention to me."

The child already knows how to roll over from stomach to back, legs briskly knocking on the bed, trying to reach and climb on foot. It fully controls its movements.

We deal with the kid:

  • Increase the number of bright toys and bright visual images.
  • Show your child in the mirror, preferably full length. Let the child understand where he is and where his mother.
  • Let your child try different objects to touch: warm egg, cold ice cube.
  • Use a variety of educational games with the children's poems.
  • Learn to raise and lower the handle, using the game moments.

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The seventh and eighth month of

Your pipsqueak already aware of his 'I' and begins to understand how they can influence their parents and the people around him. He has more wary of strangers, and their perceived with even greater affection. Sometimes, during this period the baby is not "tear" on my mother's skirt. He wants to be with my mother everywhere, stroking her and slapping her hands to feed the mother, pushing food into her mouth.

Do not push the child indulge his desires. This will not in any way izbaluete kid, but only to increase his emotional sphere. Remember that in the first year of life is to experience the mother with the child bodily and emotional closeness. This attachment will respond through the year with gratitude and love your child.

By that time, your child is able to sit down and himself, pulling on the arms, legs to stand on. The child begins to actively crawl, taking in both hands objects to shift them from one hand to another. Starts to develop fine motor skills and hand pipsqueak curiously lifts and drags in the mouth any small items. Why it is so important to monitor the safety of your baby and to remove dangerous objects away.

Curiosity is no limit to the baby, and his favorite toys are pots and ladles, irons and cosmetics my mother, my father's and grandfather's razor points. A rustling bags or tinsel and did lead him into raptures. Any object that comes to hand, would consider the baby, shake, lick, and then as unnecessary emissions.

The fact that begins to develop concentration and the kid can set goals and solve them. The study of all apartment spaces in this period - his most important tasks. And the task of parents - in any case not to leave the child at this age one. Carefully cover all dangerous items under the key.

Engage with the child benefit games:

  • Roll it on his shoulders. Let him see the world from a height, and you will develop his balance.
  • Roll it "on the leg."
  • Gather for a kid obstacle of blankets and pillows. Let the toddler crawls, not only on a flat surface.
  • Giving up the baby toys and articles, be sure to call them, "doll", "ball", "cup", "spoon".
  • Use games toys: cubes, pyramids.

 toys for a child six months

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From nine to one year

The rate of child development is gaining momentum, the baby is difficult to stop the process of movement. This is a real "drivers" with great energy and physical potential.

The child wants time everywhere and try everything. By this time, the baby learns to stand on legs and even making attempts to first steps. There are children who are already in the ten months alone strode legs. But the norm is between the ages of eleven months to a year. Many kids alternated process of crawling to walking, knowing that they crawl much faster than running around.

My favorite games are kid catch, hide and seek, play ball. The child constantly jumping, crouching, does not stop his parents. Especially like the baby to imitate adults and mimic different sounds. A favorite pastime is the knowledge of apartments, and especially all kinds of small cabinets and boxes.

Going for a walk with your child:

  • Let every trip will be developing the game. Tell and show your child around. Call objects.
  • Read poems and sing songs.
  • Ask your child questions: "How are you? ", "Who is this? ".
  • Draw with the kid paints, pencils, semolina.
  • Let the hands of the child items that enhance tactile perception: smooth paper, rough kiwi tape.

Thus, the development of the child up to a year - a rapid time change. The first year of life is important for both the child and parents. It was during this period laid the foundation for all further development of the healthy child for a happy family life in harmony and love.   Whatever the difficult first year of education favorite crumbs, remember that you are responsible for its future.

 The birth of a baby: growth and development to one year