beautiful blinds


  • Differences between the roller and roman blinds
  • Driving manufacture curtains with his hands
  • Features tailoring

Once there were fashionable blinds, and many people have installed them in homes, offices and cottages. The cost of buying blinds are not very great, and they are quite easy to use. Today blinds have left in the past, they were replaced by roller blinds.

If your budget does not provide for the purchase of new curtains, they are quite easy to make your own, using their hands and materials are at hand. Curtains, made with his own hands, perfect for decoration of home interior. A room with blinds becomes more comfortable. They are easy to use and have many kinds of design that makes it possible to easily match them to any interior.

Pros use blinds:

  • possibility of use in conjunction with the existing curtains as a complement or as an individual window decorations;
  • curtains of this type is perfectly suited for plastic and wooden windows;
  • roller blinds, which are mounted on the window frame, usually strongly adhere to the glass. This eliminates the possibility that your house somebody peep from the street;
  • curtains roll type do not require special care;
  • blinds perfectly protected from too bright sunlight. If necessary, there is a possibility of complete blackout facilities;
  • curtains have different designs, and they are easy to manage.

Blinds can be bought in the store, but if you could not find anything suitable, do not despair. You can make the blinds with his hands.

 attachment for blinds

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Differences between the roller and roman blinds

Remember that the blinds are different from the Roman. They have only a superficial resemblance, but the mechanism of raising completely different.

Assembling Roman blinds in horizontal creases is made by means of cords, which are located on the sides or the rear side. Blinds, bought in a store, wound on specially designed for this shaft, which is mounted at the top of a window or doorway. The cloth wound on the rod can be hidden in a drawer, or to be seen.

Blinds made independently twisted at the bottom and fixation is due to the tape-garters. Tapes are spaced relative to each other along the entire width of the web.

AT First of all, measure the opening (when mounting in the opening) or glass sheet (when attaching to the frame). This is done in order to cut the tissue the required length and width. Curtains should be wider than the opening in which they are set, 20-40 mm (in allowances). Along the length of the curtains should be greater than the height of the opening, 50-150 mm without taking into account the size of the allowances.
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Driving manufacture curtains with his hands

These blinds are great for rooms, decorated in a minimalist style. In addition, they can serve as a decorative partition indoors.

They do not have the assembly and folds, so the expenses necessary to perform the calculation the amount of material is very simple. Home - trim the edges. For them it is necessary to choose only a dense fabric that does not let the sunlight. Very well, if the fabric is double-sided.

The bottom is sewn rod of metal or wood, having a diameter of 10-15 mm. Rod will need to blind can fold into a roll. The upper part is rigidly fixed to the wooden beam, so it is recommended to seal using serge tape.

Materials needed:

  • a rod of wood or metal with a diameter of 10-15 mm. The length of the rod should be less than 20-30 mm, than the width of shades;
  • timber from wood having a thickness of 25 mm and a width of 30 mm. Beam must have a length equal to the width of the web;
  • Tape length of about 1 m;
  • ring having a diameter of about 50 mm, in an amount of 2 units;
  • nylon cord. Its length is calculated as follows: width plus the length of the curtains, multiplied by 5;
  • fastening element for nylon cord.

Measured opening. Fabric width must be greater than the opening window 50 mm (per side seam 25 mm).

The length of the fabric must be greater than the height of the window at 140 mm (60 mm for Drawstring at the bottom and 80 mm allowance for the top). In any case, you can add to the length of a few centimeters. If the curtain to get a little more than the height of the window, it will not be noticeable. Much worse, if it is short and will not touch the sill, which will not always desired penetration of light into the room.

In cases where due to the width of the window shade is not obtained, consisting of a single web of fabric, a crosslinking rifles so as to coincide with seams in the center of the window sash frame. Blades folded inside out and sewn together with an allowance, having a width of 15 mm. The seam is well smoothed. To the edge of the curtain does not contract, it is better to cut them.

Curtains should be cut in the direction of yarn fabric. Lay the fabric on a flat surface so that the front part was the bottom, all the wrinkles are smoothed out. Then, using chalk and tuck line marked points, which will be sewn tape rings.

 beautiful blinds with their hands
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Features tailoring

Processed top edge and vertical sections. Before starting work on the sewing machine, you must go with a hot iron all the folds. The lower section is wrapped inside of 15 mm and then priutyuzhivaetsya. Then tucked edge bent back in such a way that fits into a rod of wood or metal. Fold the entire length of iron an iron.

Drawstring defer, put the rod in it. Once again, check the length of the curtains. To do this, from the lower edge of it (where in kuliske rod inserted) at a distance equal to the height of the window, the fine line of celebrated.

Having prepared tapes (two parts to 0, 5 m each), folding each half and put it in the ring. Tapes are sewn and attached to the curtain so that the top ring of the web is at a distance approximately equal to 5-6 cm, and the edges - 20 cm. In order not frayed ends of the tape, they should be processed.
With a top (edge) to pieces of wood, it must be secure. This work can be done using a stapler or furniture using a hammer and nails.

The surface of the wooden block opposite the rings screwed hooks.

Select a convenient side to display the string (in this case the left). Cutting off the required length of cord (width + 1, 5 lengths of curtains), one end tied to the left hook. Then you need to put the blind up and the front part of the roll in half. Coiled portion wrapped cord. Then the cord is threaded into the left ring.
Then she re-wrapped cord, and its free end is tied to the right hook.

Folded in half, a cord is threaded into the second ring (right) so that a loop in the ring. Pull the loop, you can roll up the curtain.

The resulting loop is threaded through the attachment member and the cord is attached near the window. To fix the height of the curtains need to wrap the cord around the loop.

Blind is attached to the window opening. Then she turns around and made adjustment cord. If it turns out that the power cord is too long, you need to untie it from the hook and cut off any excess.

To the curtains were kept rolled up as an alternative to nylon cord, you can use the garter fabric. They will perform not only a supporting role, but also further decorate curtains. To produce such garters need two tapes of length equal to twice the length of the curtains, plus 30 cm each. The optimum width of 8 cm garter. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and sewn long and one short side of the tape. Feeds are sewn from the wrong side, then turn and sutured the second short side. After that, the tape carefully ironed. To join garter with curtains, they need to be thrown over the bar. The distance from the edge of the play no role. Feeds are attached to the ledge using staples or nails.

That is quite a simple way so you can make the blinds with his hands. And this fashion accessory home interior adds comfort and good mood all residents and guests of the house.

 Production of blinds from scrap materials

 beautiful curtains on the eyelets


  • Preparations for making
  • Fabric blinds dimensions
  • Using the eyelets
  • Sequencing

Originally designed curtains - heat retention and protection from drafts. In addition to its direct purpose, today they are aesthetic and psychological function. If you decide to add zest to your interior, the curtains on the eyelets his own hands will be one of the best solutions, because they combine aesthetics and practicality.

Eyelets - is built into the fabric of the curtains or ring shape. Curtains with eyelets are relevant to many areas. They emphasize the beauty of the whole fabric.

Thanks Eyelets curtain falls expressive, soft, smooth, harmonious vertical pleats.

This type of curtains perfectly decorate a window. This design will be important for all modern styles: minimalism, hi-tech, the Scandinavian and other. Also, the curtains with incorporated elements also serve to differentiate on the premises of space and zone.
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Preparations for making

The main components of this sew curtains with their hands are:

  • cloth;
  • eyelets rings;
  • lyuversnaya tape (or interlining, proklamin).

Related accessories: sewing machine, thread, scissors, iron, sartorial meters, pencil, pattern paper (punch press for metal eyelets).
When selecting eyelets you need to decide:

  • shape (round, oval shaped);
  • the material from which they are made;
  • color;
  • the inner diameter of the hole.

Basically, in the eaves, with a circular cross section, hang curtains with eyelets corresponding form. They should be in harmony with the material of curtains and furniture accessories. Practical to use plastic (cheaper, provide silent movement on the roof, do not damage the surface, it is more convenient and safer for fabrics in the wash). For easy moving curtains diameter of the hole should be at the 1, 5 cm larger than the diameter of the bar cornice.

 choice of fabric
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Fabric blinds dimensions

For optimum fullness curtains (Time for details on the roof assembly) ratio of the width to the length of the fabric of the cornice should be about 1: 2. However, if you want to get the curtain almost wrinkle-free, you can take the cloth width of half the length of the eaves. Do not forget the side hem. It is necessary to add the width of the curtains to 7 cm on each side. The length of fabric you need, too, to take more, as it will in the future to buckle approximately 5 cm from the bottom. So as cornice is almost flush with the openings of rings, the upper edge of the finished curtains, so-called "scallop", of 2-5 cm above it.
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Using the eyelets

The number must be even, ie divided by 2. It is necessary that the side edges of the curtain are directed towards the wall.

It sends an odd number of edges in one side of the room. This lack of ready-made curtains to be impossible to fix.

There is a certain mean value of the distance between the centers of the rings, eyelets - 15-22 cm, 18 cm is optimal. The greater the distance between them, the larger folds. From the side edge of the center nearest eyelets - 5-7 cm. The grommet should not coincide with a side bend, or because of the large thickness of it is closed.

A formula for calculating the number of eyelets next. It (X) will be equal to the finished width of shades (L) minus two distances from the center of the grommet to the first side edge curtains (b), divided by the distance between the eyelets themselves (c). To this must be added the value of the unit.

X = (L - 2b) / c + 1

Example curtain will have a width of 3 m and an outer diameter - rings 7 5 cm. The bending the side edges 2, 2 cm. The calculation is as follows: (300 cm - 2 x 6, 3 cm) 18 cm + 1 = 16, 9 PC. But as the number must be even, to be rounded up to 16 or up to 18. If you take the 16 pieces, the distance between the centers of eyelets will: (300 cm - 2 x 6 cm 3): (16 - 1) = 19, 6 cm if 18, then (300 cm - 2 x 6 cm 3): (18 - 1) = 16, 9 cm.

 fastening eyelets to the fabric
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  1. In order to verify possible material shrinkage first prodekatiruyte it (the cloth must be wet, dry to slightly moist and iron irons).
  2. Edit top curtains. For this purpose, measuring out from the edge of the fabric width equal to twice the width of the tape lyuversnoy, bend inside out, then iron and put the tape in the resulting fold. Then fold the fabric again to lyuversnaya tape wrapped turned. Glue the iron very carefully to a hot melt adhesive is melted, but it does not seep through the fabric (you can use proutyuzhilnikom). Drive the iron is needed.
    You can then cut the rest of the tape, retreating to the width of the side hem.
  3. Treat the side edges and bottom webs.
  4. Arrange on a table cloth. Handwritten markings under the eyelets, opedelit position of extreme elements, placing at the center of each point marker for tissue.
  5. After calculating the distance between the centers of eyelets - Y (and for that the distance between the end eyelets (H) divided by the number of eyelets - X - minus 1, that is, the formula would be in the form Y = H: x - 1) to mark the center of each hole.
  6. Mark the holes and attach the grommet and paying attention to each was strictly at the center lyuversnoy form.
  7. Carefully cut a hole with scissors, or you can use a special punch. Cut holes need backing of 1-2 mm from the marking to the edge completely disappeared inside the cell, and that he held firmly enough.
  8. On the wrong side curtain put the lower ring, and then apply a decorative top half and lock it. Luvers considered to be fixed by it clicks . For plastic rings does not require special equipment. This is done by hand. If you choose metal eyelets, then without a special press punch or service company can not do.

Curtains with eyelets of good quality can be washed without removing the rings, but it is advisable to do it in a special bag for laundry.

 Create eyelets on curtains