Mankind has long stepped forward in all areas of life. It concerns and the beauty industry, and medicine and psychotherapy. It is not fashionable to sit on was a long and exhausting diets, it is not practical to put on warm clothes and run a few kilometers to the stadium. Massage - and he found not the most effective way of getting rid of numerous diseases. When you connect the latest medical technology appears revolutionary technique - pressotherapy. It is markedly different from the methods of treatment with oxygen, cold, water, etc. All these treatments are helping people not only to support excellent appearance, but also to keep in good shape, many internal organs. But they, unlike pressure therapy, there is a significant drawback - the short-term results.

All techniques are designed only for display of results in the next few days, pressure begins to have effect the day after the procedure, amplifies it during the second and subsequent sessions (up to ten), and continues to achieve optimal results from one month to six months. Pressure therapy is relatively new for our country. Its essence is based on carrying out limfodlrenazha (in which the intercellular spaces of all organs and systems of the different methods of withdrawal of excess, stagnant liquid). That pressure therapy is designed to quickly and accurately change your appearance and condition of internal organs.

Pressure therapy aimed at normalizing weight and to reduce the content in the blood and intercellular aggregate amount of fat, to restore metabolic processes in the body, the removal of tissue and systemic edema. In addition, pressure therapy helps to restore the water-salt balance, eliminate sagging skin, eliminate skin mounds in areas where there is the greatest concentration of cholesterol deposits, improve venous and capillary circulation, and more. Since pressure therapy is able to save you from stagnant body fluids, it also strengthens the body's defenses, improves immunity, resistance to disease and viral boosts the body's resistance to stress. Especially useful and safe hardware pressotherapy.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), pressure - this is the technique that spares all your organs in the withdrawal of excess fluid (unlike diuretics and systems cleaning chemicals).

The technique is based on the latest achievements in the field of modern medical hardware. To each portion of the body a certain pressure is sequentially supplied, which creates a certain level of load on the body and its internal systems. In this case, during the procedure, there is the following: there is a powerful lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and oxygen enrichment of the parts of the body to which pressure is applied, reinforced almost all metabolic processes. The advantage of this method can be considered as something that can be done at home pressure therapy, which does not need special medical education and very expensive equipment.

If you are not in doubt is whether pressure therapy, you should turn to online sources. It is best to choose the campaign website or beauty salons (where this procedure is carried out). It has everything that can be attributed to pressure therapy: customer reviews will give you full information about the quality and level of service provided.

Holding pressure therapy

 pressotherapy reviews

Pressure therapy is conducted, as a rule, in specialized clinics, although there is the possibility of holding it at home. Before you carry out the procedure, you should definitely consult a specialist. This specialist will be able to correctly identify all the risks that arise for you during the procedure. In addition, taking into account all contraindications, talking about which will be discussed below.

After that, you will wear a special suit, which will be a kind of capsule. This suit has a supply of air and pressure, which is regulated by the device according to the need of influence on certain areas of the body. First, the tissues injected airflow. It is served usually from the lower and upper limbs to the torso. This causes some hesitation, that contributes to a range of lymph circulation. Stagnant liquid starts to circulate around and excreted through the kidneys. At the same time, may increase sweating, urination for several consecutive days. After the procedure, it is desirable to take a warm (but not in any way a cold and douches).

All those who did pressotherapy, did not experience any discomfort both during the procedure and after it. The procedure itself takes about twenty minutes. Conduct it can be up to ten sessions per month (that is, sessions should be repeated in two to three days), but not more often than once every six months. The effect of pressure therapy immediately noticeable. You forget about being tired, you feel a lot younger, you do not want to stay longer, and you like to move. The effects of pressure therapy may increase to two or three days. So, at first you feel a surge of strength and vigor. Then - the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. After a few days you will see that significantly reduced edema, which is a significant change in the level of blood flow, and more. The feeling of heat can last about a day.

Pressure therapy can be performed at home. To do this is quite convenient to use such optimized for home use procedure as vacuum pressure therapy. Today, there are a number of portable medical devices for pressure therapy at home. Using them is quite simple. To do this, follow the instructions precisely. And in any case, do not forget about the dangers that can be caused by frequent use of pressure therapy at home without medical consultation by highly qualified employees.

Even for those who do pressotherapy home, it is useful to know the advantages and need to know its contraindications.

Pressure therapy: indications and contraindications

 pressotherapy contraindications

You yourself can easily determine whether you need pressure therapy - the results are not long in coming in cases where it is really needed .  You can not just during injection of the liquid to remove swelling of lymphatic origin, fix broken numerous diseases lymph circulation in the body can easily get rid of muscle tension (if you have to experience long physical activity in the workplace or during exercise), but also to restore biobalance your body .  Today, many women (especially after childbirth) worried about a problem such as varicose veins: pressure therapy helps you to get rid of this problem .  You will be able to get rid of heavy legs, edema from venous branches on his feet, veins bulging from under the skin, etc. . d .  If you just want to carry out prevention, you should think about how long you can forget about cellulite, varicose veins, tired, heavy legs and varicose veins: pressure therapy will become your favorite method of getting rid of the many uncomfortable conditions of the body .  Especially useful if you want to conduct pressure therapy to get rid of excess weight, to adjust the shape and cure cellulite .

With vacuum pressure therapy, you can forget about post-traumatic and postoperative edema, cellulite and localized fat deposits, an overweight, about the possibility of thrombosis and cholesterol plaques on the venous and heart failure.

In addition, when used in the practice of your beauty hardware pressure therapy, you can significantly improve the tone of the skin, restore elasticity, strengthen the renewal of its upper layers, even out color, etc.

It is believed that one of the safest methods of removing excess interstitial fluid from the body - a pressure therapy: Side effects are very important when it is executed, since you can not just do not get the desired result, but also hurt yourself. It is important to take into account many of the features of the body during any type of pressure therapy: contraindications are.

  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • cutaneous and subcutaneous diseases;
  • menstruation;
  • acute inflammation of the skin and internal organs;
  • edema of different origin (heart, kidney, swelling of liver diseases);
  • fractures;
  • transferred heart attacks and strokes;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • renal insufficiency;
  • diabetes;
  • heart failure (2 or more degrees);
  • Serious diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • tuberculosis.

All that has been listed above should be taken into account during the pressure therapy: results of its use without professional advice may lead to tragic consequences.

If you want to know whether the pressure therapy helps, then the logical and expedient can be considered a reference to the many women and health forums. In many sections describe precisely pressure therapy: reviews of her answers to all your questions .

Remember that whatever you choose, you should definitely take care of your health. Refer to the experts, they will save you from the negative effects and help to achieve the desired result.

 Procedure - Pressotherapy

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