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  • Types of Body Fat
  • Where is the visceral fat
  • Causes of excess visceral fat
  • The main danger of visceral fat
  • Visceral and subcutaneous fat - this is one and the same?
  • We define a problem
  • Abatement of visceral fat
  • How to reduce the number of occurrence of the internal body fat

Modern society today are so preoccupied with making money and building a career, it leads to a lack of free time. Which is why, of course, is often the active or sports holiday many people manage to think late in the evening, when it turns out to be impossible. That is why today is so urgent issue of overweight, which affects not only the fair sex, but men.
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Types of Body Fat

Excess weight not only spoils the figure, but also, more importantly, has a detrimental impact on the health of the human body. For this reason, before you start torturing your body by various diet, exercise and plenty of prohibitions should understand what kind of fat it bothers you. This may include the following fats:

  • Visceral.
  • Subcutaneous.
  • Fat, which is necessary for the human body (it is characteristic that the amount of women is about 12%, and men - 3%).

One of the most dangerous and unpredictable it is considered to be visceral, and not another fat. He quickly burned under constant exercise or strict diets. However, losing weight, women and men often do not think about that cause irreparable harm to your body (namely the heart and blood vessels of the total).

 how to get rid of visceral fat
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Where is the visceral fat

Visceral fat is called visceral fat, which includes only the brown fat cells. This kind of fat cells is concentrated in the abdomen of the human body and surrounds an internal organs. He is present in every person, but it should not exceed the rate established indicators in 10% of the total fat mass (the remaining 90% is owned by subcutaneous fat).

Do without visceral fat is simply impossible, because it performs an excellent protective function, protecting the internal organs from the negative influence of the environment. He also laid the nature of the case of disease, starvation or natural necessity during pregnancy. But along with these positive properties, this kind of fat is the most unpredictable, because the amount can be increased very sharply.
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Causes of excess visceral fat

To date, experts allocate quite a large number of factors that influence the occurrence of a large amount of visceral fat.

  1. The fault of the person: non-compliance with basic rules of a separate food, physical inactivity or failure to exercise.
  2. As a result of the transfer of various diseases: diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction, thrombosis, varicose veins, hormonal disorders, cancer, metabolic disorders throughout the body.

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The main danger of visceral fat

In cases where the amount of fat exceeds the permissible limits, he begins to exist in the body as a separate, independent body, thereby producing totally unnecessary impact on different processes in the body. So, the fat located in the abdomen, able to completely change the hormonal balance, both at women and men. It should be noted that because of its harmful effects may increase or decrease testosterone levels.

In the initial stages of the addition of human weight, visceral fat requires more and increase its weight, causing permanent appetite. As a result of such action there is an emotional depression, burden on all the internal organs, as well as difficulty in the movements.
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Visceral and subcutaneous fat - this is one and the same?

Quite often you can hear allegations that the visceral and subcutaneous fat - is identical concepts. However, this opinion does not justify their expectations. The only similarity between these two fatty deposits is that they are available for each person in small quantities are present necessity.

For subcutaneous fat acts as a source of additional energy for the human body, which not only does not occur breakdown, but also helps to keep warm during the cold season. Over a lifetime, the amount of subcutaneous fat is constantly increasing, so that if necessary it could in time use. However, in those cases where it is not necessary, it accumulates, and just as visceral.

The distinguishing feature of the two types of analytes fat is subcutaneous that does not participate in the internal organs and generally can not exert any influence on them, in contrast, of course, on the visceral. With regard to the methods of struggle with subcutaneous fat, one of them is the intervention of plastic surgery. The same operation can be performed because the fat accumulates just beneath the skin. If we talk about the internal fat, then this method to get rid of him fail.

 treatment visceral fat
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We define a problem

As a self-determine the amount of visceral fat in your body? If we are talking about women who are very thin waist and at the same time big hips, then most likely, the fat they have stored in the maximum allowable rate. In those cases, when the stomach is quite hanging on the hips, we can safely say that the problem of excess visceral fat is and it is time to find methods of dealing with it.

If you want in the home to determine the presence of internal fat, this can be done in several ways:

  • The simplest of these is the measurement of waist circumference with a conventional centimeters. This waist men should not be more than 92 cm, and for women - 84 cm. It is interesting to note that the total weight and height is no role at all.
  • Using centimeter, measure the waist and hips (select the widest place). The resulting measure waist circumference should be divided by the hip circumference. Thus, we find the coefficient, the value of which the fair sex should not exceed 0, 8, and men - 0, 9.
  • Sometimes it is enough simply to compress the belly with your fingers. This should be done in the area of ​​the navel. If it turns out that the fold is very large, that is, the probability of occurrence of excessive weight of internal fat.

In any case, before you begin to self-medicate, should see a doctor. The specialist will be able to identify the problem and tell you how best to get rid of it. Otherwise, if you act at random, you can just hurt yourself and your body.
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Abatement of visceral fat

For those people who really want to get rid of visceral fat, you must first understand whether they have the willpower and the very strong desire to lose weight. In the event that the willpower is weak, then little or no results will not be achieved. To explain it simply enough. Visceral fat can not be removed from the body by referring to the plastic surgeon, the masseur or beautician. This can be done only with the help of diet and observing a number of recommendations that will help as soon as possible to achieve the desired results.

First of all, it is necessary to limit the use or to exclude from your diet foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates (all sweet, bananas, flour). It is like a very tasty products that are used in large quantities, inevitably turn into fats and deposited in our body in its most problematic areas (waist and thighs).

Also, care should be taken to restrict the reception too greasy food. Starting to lose weight, you need a rational approach to the selection and preparation of their menu. Such harmful, at first glance, fatty foods should be excluded from the diet completely.

We must remember that fat - a very important part of the normal functioning of any organism, which accumulates in itself the energy needed during exercise, illnesses and great emotional upheaval. They are responsible for the breakdown and assimilation of large amounts of trace elements and vitamins in the stomach. Without them, they can not do the proper and smooth functioning of the brain, which is more than 55% consists of fat.

To understand what kind of foods containing fat, you need to stop eating during the weight loss, you need to know what in general there are fatty acids. They are subdivided into saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fatty acids are found in eggs, meat, milk, butter, palm and coconut oil, as well as ice cream.

Once in our bodies, it is this kind of fat is deposited in the body and rapidly increases. It is used during starvation or great physical exertion and gradually burned. However, the process of parting with any body saturated fatty acids is very difficult, therefore, to go to far with their number in your diet should not be.

Unsaturated fatty acids are sesame, olive, peanut oil, fish and nuts. They just needed people, so exclude them from its menu, you should not. Such a ban is easily explained by the fact that these fats, in contact with the food into the body, it increases the turnover of cells. This feature allows all useful substances into cells and causes to carry out proper metabolism.

In the event that completely removed from their daily menu of unsaturated fatty acids, can quickly make your body weak and susceptible to a lot of terrible diseases (infertility, cardiovascular disease, liver and urinary tract).

Limit the use of whole milk, low-quality butter, potato chips, cookies and candy, you can make your own body to burn extra calories, and thus the visceral fat.

 visceral fat control methods
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How to reduce the number of occurrence of the internal body fat

People who are constantly suffering because of the excess weight must find the cause of this, especially at the genetic level. If any member of the family or distant relatives suffer from diabetes, have a higher body weight, or problems with the cardiovascular system, you should immediately think about their diet and to take into account that you want to exclude from its menu. The main thing here - remember that genetic diseases can not only win, but also to prevent at all.

To prevent the emergence of an excessive amount of body fat, you need to start fully fed, forgetting the constant use of products containing a large proportion of carbohydrates and sugar. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the body should come only to the mass, which is essential to the human body, but not in excess.

Also, do not forget to perform basic exercises that will not only make your body work fully and effectively, but also make your body fit and beautiful.

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