Pressure cooker - irreplaceable thing in the modern kitchen

Pressure cookers has always enjoyed great popularity. Preparation of products in this device is a pleasure. After the cooker has a number of advantages, such as saving time and preserving all the vitamins in foods. In addition, it saves you from unnecessary contamination in the kitchen. In appearance resembles a pressure cooker common pot, which is connected to an electrical outlet. During operation, the following processes: the boiling water creates a lot of pressure, which determines the heat and under the influence of the temperature and the food is cooked properly. Also on the outside of the body of the device is equipped with a programming device. Therefore, one can easily set the mode of preparation of any dish.

On the trade market offers different types of pressure cookers, the most basic is a multi-purpose pressure cooker tefal. This kind of technology encompasses several options for cooking, such as cereal, rice or pasta. You only need to put the appropriate ingredients and set the desired function on machinery itself cook the dish. The whole essence of cooking is the power and pressure is applied to it. There is another interesting point provided in the multifunctional cooker is to install a special plate in the middle of the container, in such a simple enough operation, turns into a pressure cooker steamer. We know that the food is steamed, the most valuable, tasty and useful respectively.

In general, before choosing a pressure cooker, you need to decide what kinds of products you'll use it. If you have a child, then of course fit kashevarka. Cook crumbly and soft porridge is not a problem. Also, it can be skillful cook vegetable stew. After cooking appliance switches to "keep warm", which significantly saves time. Quite relevant is the function "delayed start".

In our time, especially popular was the rice. Rice is not only valuable nutrients, and it is very easily digested. Actually on such a device can be prepared not only rice but also other cereals, vegetable stew.

Another unique solution that will help you save time and facilitate the process of cooking, it's macaroni. It has a capacity for cooking and a special basket, which may put the usual pasta or long spaghetti. It should be borne in mind that the very basket consists of aluminum. The external part is covered with Teflon, which greatly facilitates its washing.

It should also be said about an interesting, but not all of the known device, medlennovarke. It is designed for cooking duration from 4 to 12 hours, followed by retaining heat. Dolgovarka like fine for cooking different meats and game.

Generally it can be said that the electric cooker of different kinds in our world today are indispensable. It saves time, making our presence in the kitchen minimal. They can cook almost everything, while maintaining all the vitamins and nutrients. A pressure cooker will speed up cooking in your kitchen, save time and money. With a pressure cooker, you can cook for a couple of any products, cook stew. Producing pressure cookers of various sizes. Steamed makes a part of the pressure cooker - pressure cooker. The kit includes a multi-level grill cooker. At each level of the lattice can be simultaneously simmer and cook different foods.

 Pressure cooker - irreplaceable thing in the modern kitchen

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 that take a hike

Summer - time for leisure, holidays and entertainment. Each year, many people have put the bulk bags, in order to go on holiday, for example, by the sea. But a campaign is much more complicated. What to take a hike to get the most comfortable vacation with a minimal set of things? Let's understand this together.

If you are going to go in the campaign is important to consider the basic requirement of a backpack should be as roomy and comfortable as possible with minimum external dimensions. Capacity hiking backpacks is measured in liters. The ideal in this case is a backpack, capacity of which is equal to 50-70 liters. Backpack should be made of strong dense tissue, its bottom should be sewn and shoulder straps must be securely fastened.

Before you decide that you need to take a hike, understand one rule. Items must fit in a backpack as follows:

  • Heavy should be laid down or middle, as close as possible to the back.
  • Soft - only to back.
  • Brittle and volume - up.
  • Essentials should be expanded in the pockets of a backpack. Moreover, it is important to remember their location in a backpack to quickly reach them when they are needed.
  • Things should be stacked so that walking does not rattled.

Experienced tourists are recommended to first lay down a backpack in a folded mat to shape a backpack and a plastic bag to protect the items from moisture. After that, better to pack a blanket or a sleeping bag, then the rest of the large and soft things. Then add up the food - canned goods, cereals, sugar, etc. and then - things are basic necessities. Things for personal use should be spread out on a cloth or waterproof bags.

Adding the necessary things in a campaign, you should wear a backpack on your back, to see how comfortable he is sitting on his back. If the bag is laid correctly, it will fit with the concave side to the back of very tight. Large items should not be to fasten the bottom of a backpack or outside. In some cases, it is of course impossible. For items such as a tent and a sleeping bag quite difficult to fit in a backpack, so they should be pre-wrapped in waterproof cloth, tightly tied to a backpack.

Before proceeding to the immediate collection of a backpack, you need to write a list of things needed in the campaign, and think it should be very careful not to bring along too much and do not forget the right. To begin to negotiate with the rest of the campaign, one that carries out common user items, so as not to duplicate the items and not to drag the extra load. That is, it suffices to one of the whole group to take a tube of toothpaste, soap, etc. One If properly discuss who it takes, you can get rid of the 2-3 extra kilos of cargo. You can also do with food. It should discuss in advance what kind of food to take a hike to each of its participants. And now you can start writing a list of things needed in the campaign.

 what to take camping list

Putting kitchen utensils

So, first we understand, what dishes should take. Beating the dishes with him to take should not be. The first step is to take a mug, a knife, a spoon and a bowl. And for a hike is best to choose aluminum spoons - they weigh little, and they can be used repeatedly. Mug would be preferable to choose from plastic food - it is not only easy, but also does not get hot like metal circles. Bowls should be taken as a spoon, aluminum. You can, of course, and plastic, but in field conditions such dishes is difficult to clean out the fat. Also among the participants of the campaign should be one large bowl in which to prepare a salad for the whole group. If you go to a campaign of 10-12 people, the entire group should grab no more than 3-4 knives. And the knives must be packed in a case, to avoid accidental injury and damage backpacks. Also, do not forget to take one ladle at a whole group of people.

In a large group of people (10-16 people) need to take at least two boilers. If the group is small (3-4 people), it is possible to manage and one boiler. In addition, the boilers can be replaced by aluminum pans, which handles should be cut off, and in their place to drill a hole into which the cable will need to vdet metal. The length of the rope should be half the perimeter of the pan. In a small group of people will go on a 2-D and 4-liter pot. For the middle group (6-8 people) need a 5-liter and 7-liitrovy boilers. But for a large group, you can make pots of cans of 10 liters. It is important that the cans were made from food-grade aluminum.

What to take a hike of more dishes? Of course, a frying pan. Due to the presence in the group of the pan you can cook not only more tasty soups, making her zazharku, and fry a variety of pancakes and fritters. It is best to take a hike in the frying pan with Teflon coating and a removable handle.

Putting first aid kit

Compiling a list of what to take a hike, we should remember that in the campaigns sometimes there are accidents. Someone could break something, someone can cut someone to eat something, and someone might just catch a cold. In this case, it is important that the group was the first aid kit with all the necessary first aid.

So, what to take a hike: a list of the necessary funds in the medicine cabinet:

  • Sterile and non-sterile bandages.
  • Harness.
  • Elastic band.
  • Iodine.
  • Bactericidal plaster.
  • Plaster on the roll.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Vata.
  • Potassium permanganate.
  • Panthenol.
  • Sofradeks or sulfacetamide.
  • Validol.
  • Citramon.
  • Baralgin, analgin, spazgan or ketorol.
  • Suprastin or Phencarolum.
  • Bellalgin.
  • No-spa.
  • Scissors.
  • Activated carbon.

In addition, going camping, you should know all of the participants, they carry these or other medications or not. If someone has an intolerance to any medications, it is best if he acquires it for a hike suitable means.

 What to take a hike

Collect food for a hike

So the basic things needed in the campaign is already prepared. Now it's time to think about what you will eat. Perishable foods, of course, take in any case impossible. But a variety of canned foods - what you need.

Before you decide what kind of food will take a hike, explore the trekking route. This is very important because the quantity and range of products depends primarily on whether during the campaign on your way to come across villages with shops. After all of the products you can buy there. But if the trekking route passes through unpopulated areas, you should stock up on food for the duration of the campaign. Moreover, the longer you plan to hike - the more food should be taken. In addition, each person from the group must have "emergency reserve" in case the calculation will be incorrect and the food will end early.

About home food for the campaign should be forgotten, because people do not go camping to have. The food in the campaign is needed primarily for the restoration and maintenance of forces. During the campaign, it is important to replenish the body's carbohydrates. They are rich in cereals. Therefore, you should take with cereals such as rice, buckwheat, barley, pasta.

You can take and meat products. It can be cured, dried, or canned meat. Ideal - stew. You can also grab and sausage, but smoked, which is packaged in vacuum packaging.

For vegetarians can take peas, mung beans or soybeans in the ready or dry form. Of course, it is best to take dry foods because they more nutrients.
Also from the dry products can take dried vegetables, dried fruit, dried mushrooms and fresh herbs, nuts, milk.

So basically from the fact that you need to take a hike from the products specified. Now it is possible to think and about what to take to a campaign of "vkusnyashek." You can bring your sweets, biscuits, condensed milk. Also it does not hurt to take mints or sour candy. A good camp is honey sweet.

So now let us consider briefly what is necessary to take a hike for a week of food, per person:

  • Krupa (any) - about 1 kg.
  • Beans - 0, 2-0, 3 kg.
  • Meat - 0, 2 kg. If the meat is dried - the 0, 1 kg.
  • Muesli - 0 3 kg.
  • Dried mushrooms and vegetables - 0, 3 kg.
  • Milk powder - 0, 2 kg.
  • Sweets - a bit of everything.
  • Tea leaves or coffee - according to human needs.
  • Salt and spices.
  • Dried fruits and nuts - 0, 3 kg.

And, of course, the most important in any campaign is water. Without water, nothing to cook - no soup or porridge or tea. On the long walk does not take a lot of water, so a route must be routed in such a way that on the way across the natural sources of drinking water (eg, springs) or village where you can replenish this valuable liquid. To hike is best suited plastic bottles, in which the water should be poured.

If the water in the campaign is over, and the next place to resupply still far away - in any case do not replace the water in alcoholic beverages. This may cause dehydration.

 you need to take a hike

Other necessary in the campaign

In addition to all the above, take a hike even be such a thing as an ax and a saw. Thanks ax can chop wood for the fire. But drinking is useful to easy to saw block of wood, which successfully replace chairs by the fire. And the ax and the saw should be carried in a case, to avoid injury to any of the participants of the tour.

So we looked at all the main. Now let's talk about clothes, and other trifles.
We now define what else to take a hike: a list of other things that are not as important during the campaign, briefly presented below:

  • 2-3 sets of underwear. It is best to take the underwear, because often the nights are quite cool.
  • 2-3 pairs thin socks and a pair of warm 1-2.
  • Very warm sweater.
  • T-shirt. It can be two, but no more.
  • Shorts.
  • Warm sweatshirt. Moreover, it is important that sweatshirt was hooded.
  • Jeans.
  • Windproof jacket.
  • Rubber boots.
  • An old sneakers.
  • Headdress (cap or panama straw hat).
  • Camera.
  • Personal hygiene (toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper).
  • The remedy for sunburn.
  • Wipes (including those for personal hygiene).
  • Chapstick.
  • Towel.
  • Swimwear (bathing suit). Useful if the campaign takes place in the heat of summer, you can swim anywhere.
  • Fishing rod. If trekking route has a pond, lake or river, then you can go fishing. Ear on a fire - it
  • awfully tasty!
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Guitar. Sitting around the campfire in the evening to the sounds of a guitar - wonderful memories for a long time.
  • Flashlight.

Here, in fact, and everything that you will need in the campaign. Good luck the rest!

 What to take a hike? List of needed items

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