A wide range of water filters available on the market for cleaning equipment. Innovative technologies allow to remove from the water a variety of substances. It would seem that what could be simpler: buy your favorite model and installed. But where is the guarantee that in such a case treatment will be effective? When selecting a filter it is important to choose a model with the features that you really need.

The study of the chemical composition of your water consumption will help to find out what pollution present in it, and what you need to get rid of. The most popular are the salts of contaminants and iron, but can contain water and other impurities variety. When cleaning is not very good here may be present traces of petroleum products and biologically active substances. Each system is able to deliver water purification Aquaphor from all sorts of pollution. In order to avoid having to purchase multiple devices, it is important to know that there is in the water. Experts prompt what treatment system to cope with assigned to it a specific task.

Another important parameter to which you should pay attention to is the performance. The higher it is, the more expensive device. But is it worth to pay for the option is more suitable for industrial cleaning at low water consumption in the home. Having estimated the daily expenses, you can select the optimal filtration system cost and performance. Filters for water for the cottage is certainly worth considering to purchase this option. Somewhere where a cottage, especially if the water comes from a well without passing through the treatment plant, the filter is simply irreplaceable.

Many companies offer water treatment systems Aquaphor cottages, ready to help its customers in identifying pollutants and calculation of water consumption. These additional services creates favorable conditions for the selection of a suitable filter. You do not need to go on the summit laboratories and counters to keep track of how much water is wasted per day. Specialists take over these concerns. You just have to choose from the options is the best for yourself in all characteristics. Today Aquaphor products are characterized by a great variety of high quality water treatment systems, so making the right choice is not difficult.

In addition to the simple selection of equipment, the company realizes many Akvofor filters help you select individual schemes of water purification. When introducing them to the life of the equipment collected Aquaphor individual systems that allow you to best purify water in the presence of an individual source of water supply. Such systems are well suited for the private sector. The apartments are increasingly used the standard scheme. Excellent proven system Aquaphor reverse osmosis, which benefits over other popular systems are obvious. By installing modern water filters Aquaphor, you can be sure that only pure drinking water, which is beneficial for your health. Eat it can be without boiling.

 Preparing to install a filter from the company Aquaphor


"Girl's best friend - it is diamonds." However, modern women, learned to appreciate the proper time, can argue with this statement. They are best friends - "smart" devices, which greatly facilitate the life of every woman.

All appliances present in the house, divided the women into three conditional categories:

  • very useful;
  • just desirable;
  • optional, but very useful.

It's worth noting that at the request of the hostess, or in connection with its short-term mood, or that the device can at one moment to move from one category to another. Women - very fickle creatures.

So, with no household appliances are not comfortable life? The most important thing - "a sweet couple" - a cooker and a fridge. Behind them is a washing machine, because a modern representative of the fair sex would not be pace yourself many hours of hand washing. These three household appliance never go out of the category of the most important and very necessary.

It may surprise many people, but in the category of highly desirable technique modern lady put the computer. This device has successfully replaced the landline and even mobile phones, for ladies successfully talk to friends on Skype or communicate in social networks.

Take lovely ladies and buy a vacuum cleaner online store, because it helps speed up the cleaning of the apartment or house, and this point is very important for the fair sex. Elegant woman may not feel comfortable surrounded by dust and dirt.

It is desirable technique and iron. Without this lady assistant simply can not look stylish. Dressing should be carefully ironed.

Hostess simply do not represent life without "smart" helpers in the kitchen, and to the category of highly desirable technique, many of them are almost all kitchen appliances. Starting from the microwave, ending Aerogrill. Therefore, these units should speak separately.

Finally, it is very necessary tools, but they dream of many of the fair sex - it's mostly little things for themselves, favorite. E-book and aypad, the tablet and the player - they were recognized not only for men, but ladies steel demand. This category also includes darsonval and router (nails should be ideal), the appliance and massage footbath. Ideally - if the house is a massage chair, in this case the woman is fully satisfied.

 The best friends of the modern woman - a "smart" home appliances

 Plastic window

High-quality PVC windows are not cheap, especially when it comes to installing them throughout the apartment. That is why it wants to save money, while professionals such as company VEKA, suggest that it may be a good idea too. However, choose a good window and save quite real. The main thing to know on what elements of it can be done without damage. Let's start from the beginning.

Actually, plastic profile - it can not be saving as a defective product is easy to come into disrepair from our climate: cold, heat, sudden changes in temperature. This can lead to rapid deformation. To this did not happen, it should be checked with the manufacturer the suitability of the profile for the local weather conditions.

Hardware ensures tight closing windows from it largely depends on noise and waterproofing, the ability to withstand the wind load of the window, to protect the room from drafts. Even if the window with cheap furniture does not fail, the difficulties with opening and closing will be enough. Therefore, to save here and not quite appropriate.

Further, we can not say about the installation. Installation must be done experienced master, most likely it will be a specialist of the company where you make a reservation. If the window is not installed correctly, it will lead to regular condensation, drafts, the strain profile and other undesirable consequences. Manufacturers do not recommend using this service to small contractors and third parties, as in this case, the product warranty does not cover, and the highest quality profile can be damaged directly during installation.

So on what can still be saved? In the first place - by design. Simple, no decorated profile white without additional optional items will cost much cheaper. In contrast, the presence of a special glass, application of protective films, color frame and other features can make the window much more expensive.

In general, we can say that every customer expects trouble-free long-term operation of PVC windows, no effects on human health, so the first thing should be guided by the concepts of quality and reliability, the credibility of the manufacturer, and only then - price. This will help avoid disappointment in the purchase, as well as a waste of money.

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 Plastic windows: how to save

 Hand care in the autumn

It is often said that the true age of the woman know just - just look at her hands. It is really so: they give our years, because your skin is particularly susceptible to stress environmental factors. The fact is that nature gave her a little protection: in the skin of the hands is almost no sebaceous glands, and very moisture IPC (5 times smaller than, for example, in the face).

This natural "vulnerability" leads to the fact that the skin on the hands are often formed sores, minor cuts and microcracks. Daily skin of the hands brings a lot of damage household chemicals and hard water from the tap. In cold weather, the situation is aggravated due to weather factors, sleet and rain, wind and low temperatures, dry air from the space heating.

In addition, in October - the harvest suburban area and prepare it for the winter. Poisonous fertilizer and hours of work "in the fields", of course, do not add the skin of the hands of beauty and health. She often occur irritation and itching, the skin begins to peel and coarsen.

 soft skin of hands

To maintain creaminess and smoothness of your pen, do not forget about the simple rules of care.

  • Do not lose sight of even small irritations - try to use the cream with healing properties at the slightest discomfort.
  • Do not forget the gloves when going outside: micro-cracks and redness often occur on the hands just after hypothermia skin.
  • Massage pens at least once a day massaging motion will establish circulation and relax muscles.
  • To improve the blood circulation, it is also possible to wash your hands with warm water, and in the end - a cool rinse.
  • When processing garden necessarily protect hands with special gloves so they do not fall fertilizer.
  • Apply hand cream at least two times a day: in the morning - to protect the skin, in the evening - to provide it with food.

A good means of care for the cold period can be integrated hand cream NIVEA, which has both a protective, moisturizing properties there. One of its ingredients became buckthorn - a rich source of vitamins. This berry is an excellent antibacterial, nourishing, protective, healing and soothing agent. In addition, it helps to rejuvenate the skin, restoring its beauty and velvety.

 How to protect your hands from the autumn weather