proper preparation for pregnancy


  • Rules for women in preparation for pregnancy
  • General rules for women and men

The decision on the birth of a child - a very important stage in the life of every couple.

Therefore, when planning a pregnancy is very important to carry out some rules that will help to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. In addition, it will help a woman prepare your body for pregnancy. In our time completely healthy people - a rarity. Therefore preparation for the conception of the child must begin at least 3-4 months before the desired date of conception, and best of all - for the year.

 a visit to the dentist
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Rules for women in preparation for pregnancy

Ideally, prepare to conceive should both spouses, not just a woman, after all, her husband and a wife equally depends on how healthy baby later give birth to a woman. Let's start with the rules relating to women, and then see what the rules are common to both spouses.

  • Failure to high physical loads

And this includes not only a ban on lifting, and too active, power and contact sports (bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling, etc.). If you can not live without sports, perfect swimming, fitness, pilates, yoga, ie those sports, which differ smooth, soothing effect, the softness.

  • Arrange mode of the day

It is important to organize the daily routine so that there was a balance between exercise and rest. Even if you are used to watch movies until midnight, be sure to go to bed on time (at 20.00-21.00 hours) and up (no later than 9.00 am).

  • Provide nutrition

Nutrition - an important point for a woman who is planning a pregnancy. Therefore, make sure that that it is diverse, and the food - how to more environmentally friendly. Do not abuse coffee.

  • Talk to your doctor

If you have any chronic disease (eg, diabetes, hypertension, disorders of the endocrine system, varicose veins, problems with the cardiovascular apparatus, and so on. D.), Be sure to tell your gynecologist to know the possible scenario of further pregnancy . The doctor will give you advice on precautions to avoid potential complications.

  • Go examination by a physician

Even if you feel good, serious illness you do not, you still go through a routine inspection at the therapist. He will direct you to the tests, chest x-rays - take them. In any case it is better to know that everything is in order than in the most crucial moment of the accident to find out some problems with health.

  • Do not self-medicate

Even before pregnancy, try not to take the medication without a prescription. No one is immune from the disease - in this case, consult your physician or gynecologist. The therapist does not forget to say that planning a pregnancy.

  • Visit the dentist

You probably know that pregnancy affects the condition of the teeth. Therefore, be careful with that, to prevent the possible consequences, and go visit the dentist. If you have cavities and holes, they seal the physician than hinder tooth decay. Remember that during pregnancy you can not do dental treatment.

 giving blood for tests
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General rules for women and men

It is important that in planning and preparing the child to conceive man was an ally of women, because of it is also very dependent on how the fetus will develop and how healthy the baby is born later. There are some rules that are common to men and women, which should adhere to.

  • Refusal of bad habits

From the moment the decision to prepare for conception and ending with a period of breastfeeding, a woman must give up all bad habits. This implies primarily exception of cigarettes and alcohol. Men should give up bad habits before conception, but not later than three months before.

  • Abandon saunas, spas, hot tubs

For the female organism is harmful. In the case of a male high temperature influence on the quality of sperm.

  • Pass the tests for infection

Even if you do not disturb any unpleasant symptoms, be sure to hand over analyzes on sexual infections, because they can cause infertility or inability to bear a child, and still negatively affect fetal development. If an infection is found, you will need to undergo treatment.

  • Enrich the body of folic acid

This is an important element that is essential for normal fetal development. Take it should be the woman regularly until the 12th week of pregnancy, the man - until the moment when conception occurs. This is especially important if someone has a spouse already have children with abnormal fetal development.

  • Cancel contraception

When you have completed the above steps, it is time to abolish all forms of contraception, that you and your husband use.

 Preparing for pregnancy: the rules for men and women

 Conception girls


  • Medical methods of conceiving a girl
  • The methods based on human physiology
  • Some intimate details
  • Unscientific methods of how and when it is best to conceive a girl

Having children has always been associated with great joy. In general, it is not important who will be born in the family: a boy or a girl. But sometimes I want to plan the sex of the child to know for sure who will soon join the family.

That is why expectant mothers and fathers have resorted to various methods of planning a child. Conventionally, all of these methods can be divided only into two groups, and non-scientific research.

It is necessary to consider both categories, so that everyone can learn for ourselves something useful and necessary. So, check out the tips - how to conceive a girl.
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Medical methods of conceiving a girl

There is no doubt that this group belongs to the scientific category. First, let's understand how to conceive a girl techniques, which are based on a scientific approach. This takes into account only the physiological aspects of this issue, as the conception of the child.

Today, you can select only one way that gives almost one hundred percent guarantee that the child will be female. This in vitro fertilization. In this case, a so-called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Sex of the floor has been known before it is transferred into the woman's uterus.

In vitro fertilization can be carried out such a procedure, as a branch of the X and Y-chromosomes. It is known that X-chromosome determines that the fetus is female. For this manipulation takes the father's sperm, which is placed in a special machine (centrifuge), where it is the necessary separation of the chromosomes.

However, such a procedure is in vitro fertilization is performed strictly on the testimony. Therefore, if a woman has the ability to conceive a child without this intervention, then, alas, I have to say good-bye with an absolute guarantee that the child will be born of the desired sex.

Do not define, but to know the sex of the child at a very early period can be using a procedure that is called invasive diagnostics. Thanks to her, in the seventh week of pregnancy, you can find out the sex of the fetus. This is done by a special blood test, which determined free fetal DNA. The accuracy of this assay is approximately 98%.

But do not worry, because there are other proven options to conceive a girl. Although they do not give an absolute guarantee, but it's better than nothing. These are not empty words, because they are based on facts related to human physiology.

 medical methods of conception girls
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The methods based on human physiology

This group can also be attributed to the scientific, because all of the proposed methods therein are based on human physiology.

So, you must have at least a minimal understanding of what a man's sperm. As mentioned earlier, it consists of X and Y-chromosomes, where X is responsible for the female child, and Y, in turn, gives the embryo belonging to the male gender. At the same time, each type of sperm has its distinctive character.

For example, sperm with Y-chromosomes are more mobile and promptly in terms of penetration of the egg. However, the duration of their "life" very low. Sperm cells die quickly in this group, especially for their destructive alkaline environment. But for the sperm with the female chromosome is just what you need.

The sperm with the X chromosome have less mobility than their counterparts. However, they have one advantage: they are for a long time can live in the female body. It is these physiological facts are based further methods of how to conceive a girl.

One such option is associated with conceiving girls ovulation date more precisely, from its beginning. A few days before the arrival of ovulation should occur intercourse. Thus the egg itself, without which, in fact, conception is impossible, is not yet ripe. Thus, the sperm from the male chromosome just quickly perish. Meanwhile, with the female chromosome copies will wait for maturation of the egg, and then fertilize it.

Sexual intercourse should occur three days before ovulation. Calculate ovulation is not that difficult. For this fit the measurement of basal body temperature, a special test for ovulation, and the calendar method. Here is the way how to conceive a girl of ovulation.

 Conception girls ovulation
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Some intimate details

There are a number of features in the sexual act, which can increase the chances of getting pregnant girl. It is thought that an orgasm during sex helps to ensure that the sex of a child with a high probability of being male. The fact is that after the female orgasm, Wednesday in her vagina becomes just be what is needed to conceive a boy. Also, muscle contractions during orgasm have the ability to push the faster the sperm into the uterus, and it just will be the most "masculine" items. As mentioned earlier, they move very fast speed is much higher than that of the female. So if you want to conceive a child is to give up so much as an orgasm.

In addition, the penetration of the penis male during intercourse if you want to conceive a girl should not be too deep. Suitable leisurely sex without deep penetration, because the deeper will be the penis into the vagina, the easier the Y-chromosome to reach its goal, that is, until the egg. And because of their speed advantage may occur conceiving a boy.

Another detail of the sexual act: before conception girls better for a while to abstain from sexual intercourse. This is due to the fact that sperm accumulated much more sperm that contain female chromosomes.

 special diet to conceive a girl
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Unscientific methods of how and when it is best to conceive a girl

Finally, it's time to talk about some non-scientific ways. The first of them - a Chinese table or a calendar. They placed indicators such as maternal age and the month of conception. By checking these indicators on the calendar with her, a woman can assume the sex of their child. It is important to remember one detail to get everything right and fast. In China, a person's age is counted not from the moment when he came out of the womb (ie not in a civil calendar), and since then, he has appeared in the form of fruit.

Therefore, the existing age should add months will be needed in a particular case for carrying. This will provide the most accurate and truthful performance according to the Chinese calendar conception. By the way, such a calendar is very popular with the female. In a certain way the calendar will tell you when it is better to make conception.

Next a very popular method of how to conceive a girl - a special diet. By the way, it will have to comply with both men and women. It is believed that in order to conceive a girl, you need to choose a diet that includes as much as possible of magnesium and calcium. This especially affects the composition of the male sperm. The diet should include the following components: boiled meat (lean), shrimp, mussels, squid and other seafood, yogurt, milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, eggs, tangerines, apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, oranges, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, cheese, pasta, rice, peanuts, almonds and raisins. Active feeding these products to begin no later than one month before the alleged conception. As already mentioned, such a power must adhere to both parents.

Here is the basic ways of how to conceive a girl. They are quite different. Some of them are more rational and reasoned, some less.

Finally, you need to add a simple, but very wise idea. Conceiving a child of the desired sex should begin in the minds of his parents. Of course, good to know when to conceive. But the people themselves should as much as possible brighter and clearer is the fact that they have finally born daughter. Mental attitude and faith in their strength and capabilities, commitment to the implementation of the dreams - important components, without which hardly anything happens. So you need to tune in a positive way and to strive for their desires. And most importantly, that it is necessary to understand: the greatest joy - when the child is healthy and happy. And much of it is sex - will decide the fate ... and his parents!

 How to conceive a girl?