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Prior to the beginning of the school year there is not much time, and you need to have time to buy notebooks, rulers, pens, and the other for school supplies and other school items for children. Many parents think that when everything you need to be purchased, the preparation of the child for school is finished. In such confusion and hurry parents even do not know that prepare children for school - it is also the emotional state of the child, which is very important for him, especially if the baby is in the first grade. But the family's role in preparing children for school overestimate impossible.

Let's talk with you about what you need to do to the child went to school really well prepared. After all, this will largely depend on it, with which the child will desire to go to school, and hence its performance. What are the recommendations to provide child psychologists and educators?

The child's daily routine

It is highly recommended to all parents very seriously the regime of the day. This is extremely important - together with your child to develop the necessary conditions so that he can further distribute itself time to study and play, and walks. Try to make sure that the child knew from the first day of study that lesson home - it's a demanding job that you can walk only when all the lessons are done.

Make it easy enough. About a month before the start of classes in schools children should be transferred to the new regime of the day. If a child went to kindergarten - will not be any problems. But if the child was at home, or he is no longer a first-grader and the heart rested on vacation, to get up at 7 in the morning it can be extremely difficult. So teach him beforehand.

In the morning, it is recommended to take a child something useful. This will help to develop his sense of responsibility. And when it comes time to go to class, for him it will be a fairly painless. But do not forget about the weekend - the child is also a full-fledged person having the right to rest. You do not want to work seven days a week?

In the afternoon, plan and Recreation child. But be sure to leave one - two critical tasks. So you smodeliruete situation with the need to do their homework. And, of course, do not forget the timely discharge of the child to sleep - otherwise, awakening in the morning will be an ordeal for you, the parents, and for your children.

 preparing the child for school

Psychological preparation of children for school

Do not forget about such an important aspect as the socialization of the child. Proper psychological preparation for school will help faster and easier to integrate into the school team, and adjust to the society. Especially if the child is in first grade and did not attend kindergarten. For all the shortcomings of preschool preparation of children to school in kindergarten invaluable. And socialization begins in the manger.

A home is much harder kiddies. Think about it - for a very long time it was the world of his native people - mother, father and grandparents. Well, at best - friends from the playground. And then he falls into a large and noisy children's collective. And pay special attention to - the child ceases to be the center of attention, to whom he used to be my entire life. Moreover - he will have to obey certain rules. Heavily he will, is not it?

That is why many of the recommendations relate to child psychologists is psychological preparation for school. If you spend some time, will benefit all - both you and the baby. Kids will know in advance what awaits them in school, they will have no tears, and negative reactions. As a rule, these trained children seen in the children's collective right - they are quite self-confident and absolutely calm, in contrast to peers.

If the child goes to school unprepared, his response may be inadequate, for example, often occurs a situation that the child just simply tired of sitting in the classroom. And he can gather their belongings and go home. And that's not the only problem - the children's behavior at times can be quite predictable.

And do not blame the child for his antics, because often blame the parents, too lazy to make the necessary preparations for the pre-school. Parents need throughout the summer gently tell what awaits him at the school, it will be interesting to learn how to read and write, how many interesting things waiting for him at the lessons that he has made new friends with whom you can walk in your spare time.

How to win the child's absent-mindedness?

Many parents are interested in the question: how can you win distraction? It is not surprising - after all distractions is often the main obstacle to progress in school. A similar phenomenon in recent years in children occur very often. As a rule, the parents very quickly noticed a similar problem from their kids. Such children confused the real world with the world of fantasy, they do not notice anything around him.

While in no way be confused with autism distraction. Scattered child is fully pin, just time to react he needs a bit more than the rest of the baby. He may not be the first time to respond when you call him or to carry out your request immediately. These kids may differ forgetfulness or inattention.

Experts advise not to give it much importance, do not give up on your child, and in no case to scold him for carelessness. Just your child more developed another brain - right. The problem - not psychological. Typically, around 10 years, this phenomenon disappears completely without any outside interference. Until then, parents need to help their child be more organized. And this is achieved banal control. And be sure to pre-notify your teacher of your child.

In addition, it is necessary to engage in the development of the brain of these children. With this task to handle the power of all the parents, it would wish. To both hemispheres of the brain working at full capacity, it is necessary that each finger simultaneously perform some work. For this very useful variety of finger games, lace, modeling, finger paints. Just 15 minutes a day of such training - and the result will not take long.

Proper psychological preparation of children for school is also in the fact that the child realized that going to school - not less responsible than working fathers and mothers. This will enable him to feel like a full member of the family, not just a supplement to the father and mother. Believe me - this awareness will allow the child to cope not only with the distraction, but laziness. Incidentally, laziness - it is normal for anyone, not only for the child. So do not blame him - better to help cope with laziness.

 training children for kindergarten

Child Health

Preparing the child for school, in any case, do not forget about such an important issue as the health of the child. The first thing you need to pay attention - this is on the child's immune system. As a rule, pre-school institutions - Garden - pay close attention. Hardening, physical education, vaccination. In the same case, if the child is at home and do not attend kindergarten, all these concerns fully lie on the shoulders of parents.

First, watch the way of life of their child. For children it is much more useful as much as possible on fresh holiday than sitting watching television or playing on the computer. Of course, do not completely deprive the child's favorite pastimes, but they should be limited. And in order that there was no objection and resentment, parents will have with the child to get out for a walk. Believe me, it will not only benefit you and your child, but also to a large extent will strengthen your relationship.

Pay attention to the child's diet. Most buy baby vegetables - they contain vast irreplaceable substances - vitamins, minerals, micro and macro. And do not forget bananas - they are an essential food for the brain. In addition, it is worth making the child any multivitamin complexes. Ask your doctor to help pick up the drug that best fit for your child.

Do not forget about vaccinations - in 6 - 7 years on the national childhood vaccination schedule is performed the whole block. As a rule, the local doctor or nurse call themselves parents with the child to the clinic for immunization. However, hope is still not worth it - kids in the area a lot, and doctors can just simply forget about you. Do not be lazy, go and find out for yourself whether you need any vaccinations your child.

The nervous system of the child

All parents want their child to grow up calm and balanced person. And a lot depends on the parents. Thus contributes to this and do not pull it over nothing. Of course, permissiveness should not be allowed in any case. However, thousands of useless restrictions in what good will not result. Quietly teach a child to a certain share of freedom and responsibility. Responsibility for their freedom, words and deeds. Schoolboy is oh, how handy. And the strength of parents to help their child in this - thereby increase the child's psychological maturity.

It is also good for the baby refreshing douche. As, however, and any other water treatment. They not only quenched child, but also remarkably and effectively stabilize the nervous system. This is an extremely important part of preparing children for school.

Preliminary studies with baby

Very often parents last summer before school reading and puzzling problem accounts. And ask for help to various tutors or in the centers of early development. However, teachers are the very two ways. Some teachers advocate for the child to come to school already knowing how to read and write, and sometimes even give advance assignment. And these jobs are often not simple.

And others are asking parents to not teach this child to school. They believe that all those jobs that use tutors, just knock the child astray. So try to find out in advance what the requirements of the school in which you plan to enroll your child. And remember that the program of teaching children to read at school has not been canceled. Teach a child to write to the school or not - it's up to parents. The maximum that they may be required of the teacher - is to take note of their recommendations, but no more.

And if your child is no longer a first-grader, the task in front of the school is a compulsory part of training. And start by reading - for all children, without exception, for summer jobs are for literature. During the summer, monitor the reading process, and to the school itself, check whether all read and understand the child. Do not forget about other things - give your child a small job for the most basic of them. This will help your child to gather and organize. However, remember that a child - even the most conscientious - just a kid. And without control of parents is often impossible to do - he needed psychological support.

In any case, preparation for school - work very, very serious. And approaches parents need with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. Indeed, as mentioned above, the psychological role of the family in preparing children for school is very high. And no one else but the parents cope with this task can not.

 Preparing children for school

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