burgers for kids

As is sometimes difficult to make a baby to eat, they know almost all parents. Yes, and especially children's digestive impose certain requirements on the children's menu. So my mother must constantly show the wonders of imagination and ingenuity to feed their child. And we'll help her with that. In this article we will tell you how to cook chicken and carrot cakes for children.

In principle, all children's nutritionists advise kiddies who have not attained the age of three, burgers cook only a couple. However, doctors - pediatricians say there is nothing wrong to occasionally indulge kid cutlets with a crispy crust. But, of course, abuse them still not worth it.

Chicken cutlets

As a rule, almost all kids enjoy a special love chicken burgers for the kids. To prepare them is easy, and the time it will take quite a bit, which is very important for young mothers, which every second counts. So, to cook burgers, you will need very simple products.


  • 500 grams of chicken breast.
  • 1 small carrot.
  • 1 egg.
  • 1 small onions.
  • 100 grams of milk.
  • 3 tablespoons flour.
  • Salt to taste.


It is necessary to mince chicken, carrot and onion. The milk is pre-soak the flesh of white bread. Which, in fact, and must be mixed with the meat will get. Stuffing must be how to knead, if necessary, add a little flour to the viscosity.

Next - even simpler form the patties of minced small, sprinkle with flour and fry as usual. On a garnish to cutlets such as the perfect cereal and potatoes, and pasta. Cutlets can be the perfect dinner or dishes.

 Carrot cakes for children

Cutlets of carrot

Cutlets of carrot can also be a favorite food of many children. And they also can cook perfectly every mother.

To prepare you need the following ingredients:

  • 500 grams of carrots.
  • 50 grams of cream.
  • 1 tablespoon semolina.
  • 50 grams of dried apricots, can be dried.
  • 1 egg.
  • Crackers for breading, salt to taste.


Carrots need to grate and how to stew in cream - about 15 minutes on low heat and under the lid tightly closed. Once the carrots will be very soft, you must fill in the pan semolina, stir and boil for some time for a few minutes. The resulting mass is necessary to put on a plate and cool.

If fresh apricots, cut it into small pieces. If dried apricots, it must be pre-soak for a couple of hours in the drinking water. After carrots cooled, it is necessary to mix with eggs, sugar, salt and dried apricots. Mix thoroughly the resulting mass. Form small patties out of it, dip them in the breadcrumbs and fry on low heat for a few minutes.

Cutlets Carrot-apple

Experienced moms offer another recipe is very tasty meatballs that all children, without exception, adore - carrot and apple. It constitutes a very simple - so you can cook burgers all year round.

To do this you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 medium-sized apple.
  • 6 small carrots.
  • 100 grams of milk.
  • 2 tablespoons semolina.
  • 2 tablespoons butter.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • Crackers for breading.


Apples and carrots need to peel, but also from apples cored. Carrots, like in the previous case, you need to grate and slice apples very thin strips. Carrots need to stew in milk until soft state, then add the butter, semolina, salt and sugar to taste.

The mass must be cooled, add the sliced ​​apples and the egg. To form patties, roll them in bread crumbs and fry until golden brown. All burgers are ready, you can bring to the table. These burgers are very, very tasty with ordinary cream.

 Prepare kids - burgers for kids

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 what vegetables you can give the child up to a year

The first solid foods, which is administered in the diet of the kid - it's vegetables. And vegetables remain the same very important part of the diet of all man throughout his life. However, despite the fact that this type of feeding the very first, the parents almost always interested in - what vegetables can give the child up to a year?

And it is quite reasonable - in fact, not all vegetables are suitable for baby food. This is what will be discussed below. So the lure - what vegetables are suitable for this, how to give them, in what proportions - this is what will be discussed below.

Little Secrets

So, your baby has grown enough so that in addition to mother's milk, receive an additional lure. Of course, it is necessary to start with vegetables. And please note - all of the vegetables the child should be given only in a shabby, puree consistency.

And very often young parents prefer to follow the path of least resistance, and buy ready-made fruit purees industrial production. However, even doctors - pediatricians agree that fresh homemade vegetable soup contains more vitamins and nutrients. But also purchased vegetable purees also have a right to be.

There are a few general rules of administration in the diet of baby vegetables:

  • One week - one vegetable

In no case do not enter into the diet of a child more than one species of vegetables for one week. This requirement is only fair and reasonable. In that case, if the child starts an allergic reaction, or disruption of the gastro - intestinal tract, without you - or the difficulty in determining what kind of vegetables has led to a less adverse reactions. So, you can easily remove it, simply - simply excluded from the diet the newly introduced form of vegetables.

Nor can we forget the fact that the introduction of the menu baby vegetables will inevitably increase the burden on the digestive system. And accordingly, each new vegetable carries an additional burden on the digestive tract. And so, by introducing vegetables one by one, you have this load is distributed evenly, thereby allowing the stomach and intestines baby gradually get used to new products for them.

In addition, parents should be aware that the baby's digestive system is immature to about one year of age. And that's why the baby are developed, not all digestive systems, and their number is not so large. This means that food, having in its composition of several components, the child can not digest so simple, in contrast to that food, which consists of a single component.

  • Carefully grind vegetables

In that case, if you decide to cook vegetable purees yourself thoroughly ground vegetables. In no case should not be allowed to remain in the vegetable puree large pieces of vegetables - firstly, a child can choke on them, and secondly - to digest large pieces of food to children's digestive tract is still very, very difficult. Incidentally, in this respect, it is much better than store bought sauce industrial production - their consistency is flawless.

  • Clean vegetable foods

It is also important to monitor and to ensure that a child puree manufacturing in any case there were no extraneous additives - no spices, no rice or rice starch. The only thing that should be in a good children's mashed potatoes - it's vegetables and water. This structure ensures that the risk of digestive disorders, or any - or allergic reactions will be minimal.

And in case you cook vegetable soup yourself, in any case do not repeat very widespread mistake - do not add in the preparation of mashed vegetables of all foreign products - from oil and sour cream or milk. Otherwise, indigestion is almost inevitable.

What kind of vegetables to choose?

Absolutely all the products are divided into several groups nutritionists - with the low activity of allergens, secondary and higher level of activity. No exception to this rule and vegetables. And it is quite natural that this factor must be taken into consideration when choosing vegetables for the first feeding of the child:

  • Products with low activity of allergens

The very first lure vegetable vegetables should be the ones who have the least allergic activity. These vegetables include squash, zucchini, pumpkin, light color, turnips and cauliflower.

It is with them should begin to introduce vegetables in the diet of the child, just one - one and a half tablespoons, not more, increasing the daily dose by approximately 10%. Very carefully observe the body's reaction to the introduction of baby foods. At the slightest sign of stomach upset and allergic reaction, immediately stop the continuation of introduction of complementary foods, and try as quickly as possible to show the doctor crumbs.

  • Sredneallergenye vegetables

Once you have entered in the child's diet the least allergenic vegetables, you can begin to introduce the next group of vegetables. However, note that between these events must be at least two weeks. For the next group of vegetables used in infant formulas, are: green peas, corn, green peppers, potatoes.

Terms of introduction of complementary foods is almost the same as in the first group - no need to enter more than one product per week, carefully watching the reaction of the child's body. If you get an allergic reaction or an upset stomach, complementary foods should be deleted.

  • Vysokoallergennye vegetables

This group of vegetables doctors - pediatricians are advised to enter at the very least, it is desirable to have after a pipsqueak will celebrate its first birthday. Moreover, the introduction of these products must be taken very seriously - they cause a variety of allergic reactions are very, very often.

You might ask about why in this case to introduce them to the children's diet. And really - perhaps better to abandon them? However, these vegetables contain a huge number of very different nutrients and vitamins, which are essential for normal development of the child's body. This group of vegetables include carrots, celery, beets and tomatoes.

 Useful vegetables for children under one year

Features some vegetables

What wholesome vegetables for children under one year are essential - an indisputable fact. However, there are a number of features of various vegetables, about which parents in the preparation of the diet in any case impossible.

Thus, vegetables that are bright - green color, a very negative effect on hemoglobin levels in human blood. This happens due to the fact that the substances contained in these vegetables inhibit the absorption of iron in the body, bind him and quickly removed from the human body.

Although these vegetables is a great amount of iron, they also contain polyphenols and Fiats. It is because of them the iron is absorbed very poorly, in fact - even the iron, which enters the body of the other products are also displayed in the case if the child uses too bright - green vegetables.

The most highly similar properties differ spinach, dill and parsley. And despite the fact that all very widely publicized alleged exclusive benefit to the child's body, it should be completely excluded from the diet of children to avoid the child's development of iron deficiency anemia. If you are concerned that the child does not get enough vitamin C, it is better buy a multivitamin complex - to get rid of iron deficiency anemia will be much more difficult.

Choose yours!

It is also very important to talk about such features as territorial affiliation. What is it? Vegetables for children under one year should be chosen taking into account, where crumbs. For example, for a child from the southern countries as a first vegetable is perfect quince and green peppers.

But for crumbs, born in the northern regions, the best vegetable for the first meal will be potatoes. Incidentally, the same thing applies to the following fruits - for the African baby orange, or a banana will be the ideal choice, but our kids after such fruit as the first foods can be treated long enough and hard.

In any event, before the introduction of vegetables in the diet of the child's parents should consult with your doctor - a pediatrician child. After all, the doctor is not only well versed in all the features and secrets of children's nutrition, but also very well aware of all the individual characteristics of the body of your child. And he will be able to predict the possible complications, and take all measures to avoid them.

And during weaning parents should try to keep in touch with your doctor - a pediatrician. In the event that something goes wrong, the doctor will be able to respond quickly to the situation and to provide necessary medical assistance to the child.

 Useful vegetables for children under one year

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