the proper development of the child


  • 4-5 weeks of fetal development
  • 6-10 weeks of fetal development
  • 11-13 weeks of fetal development
  • 14-19 weeks of fetal development
  • 20-23 weeks of fetal development
  • 24-30 weeks of fetal development
  • 31-40 weeks of fetal development

Almost every woman has faced or will face in the future with such a pleasant event, as the carrying of the baby! And extend this period for 40 weeks. Getting pregnant is usually considered the first day of the last menstrual period. This is where you must begin to learn intrauterine development of the child for weeks.

In total from the beginning to the end of the fruit goes through three periods in its development:

  • blastogenesis - it lasts only 15 days
  • embryonic period - lasts up to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • fetal or fetal

After fertilization, the egg merges with a sperm and zygote is formed. It is only a single-celled embryo. Within 30 hours the first time the cell divides.

And then every day takes one more division.

For six days the embryo is doing a great job. He already consists of more than 100 cells and reaches the uterus. On the seventh day begins the process of embryo implantation. And this, he will spend 40 hours. Closer to the day 14 begins laying of internal organs.
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4-5 weeks of fetal development

The embryo becomes an embryo. Already formed two layers of cells: the endoderm and ectoderm. Moreover ectoderm subsequently converted into the nervous system, tooth enamel, hair and skin. A endoderm give rise to the digestive tract. The size of the fetus is 0, 4-1 mm.

In the fifth week, there are many changes in the state of health of women and the development of the fetus. Expectant mother takes engorgement may increase fatigue. And the fetus is developing another layer - the mesoderm, from which then develops the circulatory, muscular, excretory and reproductive system. At the end of the week it is already possible to distinguish mesoderm notochord, and ectoderm - nerve cell. Neural tube is formed. The fruit has already reached 1, 5 mm.

 ultrasound during pregnancy
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6-10 weeks of fetal development

This period is called organogenesis. There is a tab and the formation of organs and tissues of the fetus. Begin to develop arms, legs and head rudiment.

On the seventh week of fetal life lays the liver, kidney, pharynx, primary gut, cartilage and bone rudiments of the axial skeleton, striated muscles. Closes the head end of the neural tube. On US can distinguish fetal heart. A toddler sizes have increased to 4 mm.

Become discernible eye sockets and mouth. Developing respiratory system. At the heart of the camera is already there. Formed the veins, arteries and gallbladder spleen. The kid has already reached 8 mm.

On the eighth week there are already hands and fingers can be discerned. Develop the ears, upper lip and nose. If you measure the fruit from the ground to the top of the ass, its length will already be 13 mm.

In the ninth week the baby developing neck, eyelids appear. Skeleton though also consists of cartilage tissue, but in the hands of the bone tissue forms. The placenta can perform its function of nutrition and excretion of metabolic products. Child length is 18 mm.

At the tenth week disappear membrane and disconnected fingers. Almost tail disappears. The boys begin to produce testosterone.

Ends embryonic period.
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11-13 weeks of fetal development

It is believed that the baby has passed the experience of the mother. The baby's head is quite big, eyes still set far apart, and the ears are low. Legs short kid.

The kidneys are beginning to produce urine. Liver reaches 10% of the total body. And the length of the body already is 8 cm, and weighs the baby of 8

At the twelfth week of life, your future baby with ultrasound you can see how the baby is moving actively. At this point, already provides for all organs and systems. Their development will continue after birth. The fruit reaches the size of a hen's egg. His height of 6 cm and weighs about '14

At the end of the thirteenth week of the first trimester of pregnancy. The kid gets all necessary substances through the umbilical cord. It is already fully intestines in the abdominal cavity. The fetus is now a length of 7 cm and its weight - '30

 examination during the second trimester pregnant
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14-19 weeks of fetal development

Skeleton child already consists of bone tissue. Hands are proportional to the body. Kid actively tumbles in the amniotic fluid can yawn and suck his thumb. Its length - 8, 5 cm, and weighs '45

During the 15th week, the baby compresses cams actively developing bone marrow and bone. Viewed through the skin blood vessels. And the movement of the fetus become more active. Weight was 78 g, and the length - 10 cm.

Since the neck is already well developed and the head is held higher. So, at the sixteenth week, the length of the legs becomes proportional to the body. And ultrasound you can see the movement of the eyes. Once the baby starts to grow nails. The kid has already reached 12 cm and weighs 110 g

At the end of the seventeenth week, the baby already weighs 150 grams and is 13 cm long.   With the help of special glands produce vernix. It protects the baby's skin. The body forms a primary slim down, called lanugo. Laid fingerprints.

The facial features become clearer. The baby can hear sounds. The girls are now 5 million. Eggs and the birth will be only 2 million. The length - 14 cm, weight - 200 g

The kid is growing more slowly. Begin to lay the subcutaneous fat. There is a development of the lungs. Child with eyes closed distinguishes between light and darkness. It has already reached 15 cm and weighs 260 g
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20-23 weeks of fetal development

Weight is approximately 320 g, and height - 16 cm. The girls in this period completed the formation of cancer. Fruit is actively moving, sucking fingers, yawning, and even playing with the umbilical cord. On the 22nd week of life has already been formed swallowing function. There are the beginnings of teeth. The kid is 17, 5 cm and weighs 390 g

At week 23, Mom can already feel the baby's movements. On the head the hair grows, and it is possible to distinguish between the eyebrows on the face. Weight - 460 g, and height - 19 cm. You can already listen to the baby's heartbeat. He is now gaining weight greater than increases. Now the kid has dreams. Active eye movements contribute to the development of the brain. Growth of the baby is 20 cm and weight it added up to 540 g

 birth of a child
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24-30 weeks of fetal development

Actively developing organs and muscular system. Big changes are taking place in the lungs. Terminal bags already formed at the ends of the capillaries. And, thanks to the development of sulfaktanta, capillary walls covered with foil pouches, which makes easy to stick together during respiration. Now the baby weighs 630 grams and up to 21 cm.

In the 25th week, the baby has reached 725 grams, and its length is 28 cm. In the intestine formed meconium - original cal. In the 26th week, the baby is still active moves by the fact that even small. He has developed taste buds. He reacts to sounds and a change in body position. His skin is wrinkled and red. The weight of the baby is 820 g, and height - 23 cm.

It begins the third period of pregnancy. Actively developing organs and brain. The 28th week is interesting because the child can open his eyes. His hair reached 5 mm. Subcutaneous fat is poorly developed, and the whole body is covered with vellus hair. The girls have not formed until the end of the labia majora. But the boys had not yet descended into the scrotum testicles. The growth of the fetus has reached 35 cm, and weighs between 900 and already in 1200

The following period is characterized by the appearance of the tooth enamel. The developing immune system. The kid can hiccup. Its weight - 1150 g, and height - 37 cm. At the thirtieth week of the baby's lungs continue to develop rapidly. The fetus reacts to bright light. It weighs 1300 g with an increase in 37, 5 cm.
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31-40 weeks of fetal development

The kid has a head may roll down. His subcutaneous fat layer becomes thicker and smoother skin. Weight has 1500 g, and the growth has reached 39 cm. Pupils can be narrowed in response to light. In the brain there gyrus.

Already more difficult to move, because the space becomes smaller. If the baby does not turn over now, it is likely to be born "booty forward." Height - 41 cm, weight - 1900 Subcutaneous fat is already 8% of body weight. The skin becomes pink. Tiny 2 weighs 100 g and the growth is 43 cm.

The child may hurt themselves with long fingernails. He already weighs 2300 g, and the height is 44 cm. The hair on the head is actively growing, while down on the body thins. In boys, the testicles have descended. The cartilage of the nose and ears are sealed. Weight fruit reaches 2500 g with an increase of 45 cm.

The child is already capable of spontaneous breathing. He can shout. He has a sucking and grasping reflexes. He now weighs 2700 g, and the growth is 46 cm. The kid is ready to be born. He descends into the pelvic area. Its weight is 2900 grams and height - 48 cm.

Knees rest on the chin. Hair can grow up to 3 cm. It weighs 3150 grams already during the growth of 49 cm. The intestine is filled with meconium. The kid barely move because of the tightness. At the prenatal development of the child for weeks on end. And then my mother is already beginning to be considered the week of life !!!

 Prenatal development of the child from conception to birth