the proper development of the child


  • Step by step development of the child in the womb by week
  • The first manifestation of the activity of the baby
  • Preparing for the birth
  • Magic prenatal process and its completion

We offer you an exciting journey of small groups of cells that nine months after it turned into a wonderful, vociferous baby. This is nothing like the development of the unborn child from conception to birth.
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Step by step development of the child in the womb by week

His development of a small cell, which then becomes your child begins about the third week, dropping down the fallopian tube into the uterus. The length of the future embryo is less than a millimeter, but now it starts its active development, reversing the life of his mother.

Third-seventh week - the time of active development of the embryo, which is still a little like a real man. From a set of cells begins to emerge a living being, the developing nervous, circulatory system, brain. Gradually increasing the simplest organs: lungs, liver, head takes the familiar outlines. Fetal weight at this time - only a couple of grams and the height - 12 mm. But it is now a living entity that is characterized by the ability to feel.

On the eighth to eleventh week of fetal development baby is like a man, his appearance is actively formed, but the internal organs are still in their infancy. His heart beats, the brain has not yet commenced its active development, are just beginning to emerge bones of the axial skeleton, skull.

Feet are trying to do the movements, like running, but very weak.

  • 12-13 a week - it's the middle of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage disappears. Try to determine the baby's sex as the reproductive system begins to form. The child begins to perceive the taste of the food that has a mother, light, sound. Weight is rapidly growing - 15-20 g, height - 60-70 mm.
  • Week 14-16 - your future baby begins to manifest itself, it responds to the substance in the amniotic fluid, the light and sounds. The formation of the heart is almost finished, there are the first blood leukocytes. On the surface of a body formed by fluff, which later disappears completely. My mother at this time increased vaginal discharge, but it is perfectly normal. Himself a baby begins to write more, emptied his bladder every forty minutes. Weight - about 110 grams, height - 12 cm.
  • Week 17 - heart baby begins its work, through a stethoscope can discern his first blows. Begins to produce the pigment of hair, a baby begins to hear and perceive sounds.
  • 18 weeks - is the start of the digestive system, the baby swallows amniotic fluid, although the need for this. Height - 18 cm, weight - 200 g

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The first manifestation of the activity of the baby

  • 19-21 week - this time the activity of the baby when he is moving hands, legs, pushing her mother. There is the development of the respiratory system, the general condition of the baby. He can smile, play with the umbilical cord, make many other movements. The spleen is actively involved in blood formation, leather finishes the formation.
  • Week 22-23 - a crucial period in the formation of the baby. Mother at this time must pass another ultrasound, which will show whether the baby's organs have formed. Now it is possible to determine the sex of the baby, if it is his will, and not "shy." It is a time of brain development and neural connections, the child begins to develop in the intestine first feces, food kid gets through amniotic fluid, placenta. Height - 28 cm, weight - 500-510, the
  • Week 24 is considered to be the most active in recent years, the body begins to evolve rapidly kid, formed hair, cilia, the ears, the senses begin to work, the child may be discontent. At this time, we must begin to talk with the baby, showing positive emotions. Child's weight - 600 g
  • 25th week: the behavior of more active mode of the day is often not identical with the regime of her mother. Weight - 700-750 g, height - up to 33 cm.
  • 26th week: the baby's skin wrinkled, but gradually smoothed, heart rate of 120-160 beats per minute. Height - 32 5 cm; weight - 800
  • Week 27: The endocrine system begins to develop, produce growth hormone. Kid trains the muscles of the lungs. Height - 33-35 cm, weight - 1 kg.
  • Week 28: starts the production of hormones, since the brain is the kid has already established contact with the adrenal cortex. The child gradually begins to rebuild your body for life outside the conditions of the uterus. The legs are now crossed, held tightly to his chest, pulled the handle of the child-to-face. At this time, begin to form eyebrows, eyes open more and more begin to appear nail plate. The skin becomes thicker, similar to the skin of the newborn. At this time the baby is clearly defined, which hand will be the main, that is right-handed or left-handed, he will. From education, as many mistakenly believe, there is little independent. Weight is 1-1, 3 kg, height - 35 cm.
  • Week 29: buds begin their work, the baby on the day can be allocated to 500 ml of urine produced in the adrenal androgen-like substance in the blood of their own produced red blood cells. The navel is located low, but a place for the baby in the mother's belly is getting smaller. It begins to stimulate it to roll down slowly, taking the right position for birth. By weight up to 1, 3 kg, height - 35 cm.

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Preparing for the birth

  • 30 weeks - a time when the expectant mother can already go on maternity leave, to visit the doctor to prepare before birth, begin to take all sorts of tests.

The child begins to develop the brain, it is now able to store and analyze information. At this time, the child begins to slowly try to do breathing exercises, training their little lungs to the difficult first breath. Height it is at this time of 37 cm, weight - about 1400

  • At 31 weeks the baby begins its preparation for the birth. His eyes are often open, but in the bright light, he blinks, eye color - blue. Pancreas increases, the volume of blood increases, as well as muscle mass, liver gaining weight. The child actively grows stronger, his skin is bright pink, a network of fine blood vessels rayed as subcutaneous fat is not yet formed. Weight of 1, 6 kg, height - 40 cm.
  • At 32 weeks the baby has perfectly distinguish voices all sound. With his little face disappear last wrinkles on the head there is a large amount of hair. Weight quickly added, receiving immunoglobulins, the baby in the womb is not as roomy and comfortable as before. At 32 weeks the baby can begin their gradual turning head down, though not necessarily, some children waiting for a couple of weeks. The child begins to push, to be very active. This is the most hectic time for mom. To soothe your baby, it is recommended to lie on the couch, stroking her stomach. Navel woman at this time may begin to bulge, but this is normal, do not worry. The weight of the baby is now about 2 kg, height - about 42 cm.
  • 33 weeks - time to re-ultrasound, which show how the child is ready for the upcoming birth and whether any abnormalities in development. The brain is fully formed, the number of neural connections is growing. Continue to accumulate body fat, heart gradually gaining ground. Face baby already formed, gradually increasing the layer of fat under the skin of the mother the child requires more nutrients as the body it is growing rapidly. Height and weight in comparison with the previous figure does not change greatly.
  • 34 weeks - a period of active development of the sucking reflex, for which he uses a large finger. It is at this stage, the child begins to prepare for how to properly eat in their first months. All the bones are gradually strengthened, which requires the child from the mother a lot of calcium. Baby in the womb is already crowded, he begins actively to toss and turn, turns head down in preparation for birth. Light kislorod.Rost fully prepared to take the baby at this time is up to 45 cm, weight - up to 2, 4 kg.
  • At the 35th week, the baby is formed by the skin begins to gradually postpone the fatty tissue. Fluff has almost disappeared, actively developing adrenal glands, almost grown nail plate. Ears turned, they took their rightful polozhenie.V gut the child is now accumulated feces original, which will be released after the birth. Weight is 2-2, 6 kg, height - 43-45 cm.

Last week intrauterine

  • 36 weeks - a period when the baby is in good spirits, full of energy, is actively moving, as in the uterus place for him is not enough. His head is oriented downward at this time begins to actively improving the circulatory, thermoregulatory nervous system. Heart fully formed, there is only very small hole between the atria, but it will close as soon as the baby makes its first breath after birth. Taurus child becomes more rounded, fat layer begins to form, polished endocrine, immune, nervous system. In fact, the child is ready for his birth, there are only small details. The weight of the baby is 2, 7 kg, height - 44-45 cm.
  • In the 37th week, the final formation of the reproductive system occurs, it develops sosalny effect, that is, the baby is ready for breastfeeding. Now actively accumulates fat to about 30 grams per day, the body of a baby covered with vernix, all hryaschiki become very tight, reliable, strong. The child begins to gradually train the lungs in preparation for the first breath.
  • 38 weeks - a time when it begins to be lost vernix, increasing the adrenal glands, the length of the hair on the head is about 1-2 cm. The boys begin to descend into the scrotum testicles. The weight of the baby is about 3 kg, height - up to 45 cm.
  • Week 39: your baby bodies are already fully developed, they are in place. The child is ready to leave, the last reconstruction taking place in his body. Nails already fully grown, but very soft. The body length is about 50 cm, weight - up to 3 kg.
  • 40 weeks - this time just before the birth, when the baby is already fully ready to get acquainted with her mother and around the world bright. The bones of the baby at this time is still very soft, allowing him to pass safely through the birth canal in his blood beginning to stand norepinephrine and epinephrine, which will help to cope with oxygen starvation during childbirth. The sugar content of the blood also increases the heart rate rises. At this time, the length of the baby's body is from 48 to 54 cm, weight - from 3200 to 3800, the

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Magic prenatal process and its completion

Childbirth - is a completely separate process that deserves your attention and understanding what is happening. To leave the expectant mother should be prepared not only physically but also mentally, since the appearance of the baby in her life will completely change the habitual way.

With modern achievements of medicine can be up to a day to say what happens to the unborn child in the womb of the mother. This process can be called a real miracle, when one of the cells gradually developed a small man, from the very first days of its excellent all understand and feel.

The development of the child in the womb - a real magical process that takes nine months, during which the baby gradually increases in size at this time actively formed his body, started a small heart, the child acquires the ability to feel and hear. No wonder many experts recommend to communicate with your unborn baby, constantly talk to him, sing songs, read stories.

 Prenatal development of the baby from conception to birth